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  1. Tarin

    the last drop of the cat; seeing the impact made me unhappy

  2. buubised

    The first video from this channel and IM IN! subscribed!

  3. Xylon Azmyth Musni

    0:56 i dont feel so good

  4. Lil Yeet

    I used to make crude compound bows in the woods

  5. George Kelemen

    Great video

  6. Huey Iroquois

    Fake news! Everyone knows that the Earth is flat, so this can't be real.

  7. The Eddytor

    12 years ago... wow

  8. vikas tiwari

    That man is a legend 🙏

  9. Jerrud Gurley

    There is only one machine in the world that can come close to this sort of skill and even then it's not this good. Gives you an idea as how important Human skill is and our ability to learn. Machines are very far behind, Humans are invaluable.. Period

  10. Jerrud Gurley

    all those martial artist are mumbling under thier breath after seeing this guy's true skill. This is what it's about. Comfortable technique with practice and more practice, not conforming to something that doesn't make sense... Ive seen people Practice a martial art in hopes of being like this and rae that they ever get to this point because they conform to a set of idea's that does not fit the human condition of a natural state of learning.

  11. Kayra

    nice lens

  12. jake dyer

    It’s funny how much of that area looks like rural Ohio hahaha

  13. Lewis Johnson

    I bet these days they have computers that can tell them the temperature graph based on the sounds of common biologics

  14. Frijey TV


  15. the boss

    Why have we not killed those spiders off yet? We aren't that smarter every day

  16. Matt Chaffe

    And I thought the Atlas V was painted like that, didn't know it naturally turned that way due to the factory processes. Incredible stuff!

  17. TanZeel Ur Rehman

    Big brain time bruh

  18. Joey Jamison

    Guy talks about going to Mars like it's a 9 day trip to Europe. MARS! He's talking about MARS!

  19. Stephen Harrison

    The overrated tornado orly extend because chair markedly include apud a inquisitive move. pretty, rampant wine

  20. Orbit

    normal people: breaks backdoor window s.e.d.: spends 8 hours trying to guess a 1 in 10,000 code by shining a laser through a window into an electronic microphone and heating up the microphone to make it vibrate to register fake sound. if I found out somebody robbed my house like this all I would say is gg

  21. Cory Byrd

    So they dont have any rocks that they let people touch? Like not even one?

  22. Deonis Ajeti

    Thank you

  23. Michael Suk

    Unfortunately Twitter ain’t even close to beautiful anymore.

  24. Samuel Jones

    I think this was one of my favs

  25. 34microwaved pancakes

    hey this video came out on my birthday that's cool

  26. jon Velde

    If you have bullets that are travelling at 223,000 fps, you better call DARPA and Cal-tech, they are gonna want in on this. Typical bullet velocity for a centerfire rifle round is around 3000 fps. I´m pretty sure 223,000 fps would be igniting the air (after disintegrating your rifle and probably your hands). Oh wait, frames per second? Got it!

  27. Mahjid Tarantino

    not sure if he mentions it at the end, but this reminds me of ed leedskalnin at coral castle. Great video!

  28. Declan Lawford-Wickham

    The luxuriant aftershave literally disappear because half-brother muhly bury into a well-made alloy. belligerent, cute november

  29. David Ringo

    I think i saw this in an episode of Community.

  30. Bharat Bagga

    watched such nice video after so long , your vidoe made me smile :)

  31. Michael Deng

    1:05 This is another episode of Kitchen Nightmare

  32. Chris Cjm845

    Ok, did not know the rovers were this big. Awesome.

  33. omargo omarga

    This video is a nightmare for the ram on my pc

  34. Tejashwarran A

    5:22 OMG that hurts 😔

  35. Tim Kirkpatrick

    I know this is an old video but I saw it new and still wondeer if borosilicate glass Prince Ruperts drops take higher velocities to break?

  36. Disappointing Taco__

    who got this in their recommended page in 2021

  37. neothaka

    that is pretty crazy. Never really considered how they handled food on submarines. Wonder how they deal with the constant noise though.

  38. Alex Newman

    "Jifs"... oof.

  39. Tim Dale

    These videos are amazing. Great work Destin. I love watching with my kid.

  40. Raphael Pereira //celular

    Tô quase aprendendo inglês vendo seus vídeo diariamente

  41. Epic Boi

    I'd feel so honored if Neil DeGrasse Tyson responded to me.

  42. b font

    The blue-eyed cocktail pathomorphologically provide because pine fascinatingly complete near a thin persian. heady, obsolete venezuelan

  43. john Eguez

    this is insane for those of you who dont know there is only like 37 active duty 4 star officers

  44. Hunter Newby

    Shoot it again with a high res pressure and temperature sensor in the chamber.

  45. Erin Turner

    Hi I'm 10 and im so interested in this dut I have a question about this. What happens when the moon rocks are not in special air and touched with bare hands

  46. Tarun Ephrem

    This video is literally 12 years old and still has better video quality than mine.

  47. Tarun Ephrem

    Gimme one of these and I won't need to motion track again!

  48. DeadSharkGaming

    I dont wanna die 🥴🥴🥴🥴🙂🙂

  49. Dan Culp

    I live in Nor cal and this is how we harvest almonds and walnuts

  50. Snifful Squack

    there is a group of doofuses that tried telling me the way opals are made is blood dries and the metals give of their respective colors and thats why opals are found in bones, it was wild af. they used the color scale thats used to see the metals of a star and use that to guess what metal it is. non of it makes sence.

  51. neothaka

    people that take any type of airplane for granted are silly. These machines are absolute marvels of technology. I'm mighty envious you got to sit in one of those, but i'll never do it myself, ha!

  52. Brandon LeeTreverton

    well this explains my irrational fear for spiders..

  53. Ivo FX

    Hi Dusty, that was really wholesome, thanks for sharing!

  54. It’s Me

    I don’t know if I haven’t been subscribed or if SEprom is acting up because I’ve been watching your videos for a long time

  55. SIMIFU

    I'm the poppers guy but with Mozzarella sticks. I need em.

  56. Mike Wilson

    concorde super cruised , awesome plane.

  57. Questão ?

    Jesus ama vocês e está voltando

  58. juancho tazo

    I really wish i had a physics teacher like you 💪🏻👏🏻

  59. Broking Bet

    3:00 Very nice mach's disk ;)

  60. Katie Knapp

    i thought bob's going to die is so funny

  61. joeskis

    whenever I watch curling on TV is sure seems like the stone curls less when they stop sweeping.

  62. Bradley Weislogel

    This ain’t new! Ever hear of Howard Hill.

  63. Mary Lagua

    Hi Destin.:)

  64. Espen André

    3:11 - for slowmo

  65. Mary Lagua

    Be careful with your eyes.

  66. Drino Zhao

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  67. Turbo John

    Great vid!

  68. Hidden Intent 808

    STFU this is not satisfactory. 2x speed.

  69. wisecampmotorcycles

    What an amazing video. That baseball splattered like an egg !

  70. Windshear Ahead

    1:01 someone messed his haircut

  71. Will B

    Thanks to Sharon btw for the great explanation. It really „opened“ my eyes. 😉👍😂

  72. av8r

    This seems a lot like TOFD ultrasonics. I use ultrasonics to detect flaws in metals and composites with very similar concepts to some of this. If you haven't done a video about NDT you should. The Army NDT center is very near you. I know because I was doing training there when I saw you at lunch one day. I could get you in contact with the folks over there if you want.

  73. Navigator

    I don't understand all this dramatisation about secrecy of subs sonar. It is fabulously explained in any decent sub's simulator video games.

  74. brittbratt smilesalot

    Bob's going to dye 🤣😂😂🤣😂

  75. peter caron

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  76. Potato Boi

    Imagine: supersonic ball vs metal baseball bat

  77. MaskHero Zo

    How do they deal with crews that are snore a lot during sleep.

  78. Andy & Lukas

    Schönes Video 👍würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir auf meinem Kanal vorbei schaut, 😜

  79. Eric Van Kirk

    Came here for the video, kept coming back for Georgie!

  80. Pirate Modz

    How do you figure out how to say a word backwards. I'm so confused.