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  1. anon ym

    "Welcome to Austria! 🤓" 😃🇦🇹

  2. Antonio Caire

    it would be so awesome if you guys could fly something with a mecanism like that

  3. S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷

    jarretts hair is a crime, shame on the parents... sheldon watch out

  4. Mr. Tibbs

    Where do they get those wonderful toys?

  5. udotf2

    @SmarterEveryDay (Theory) fire from air being trapped in glove and compressing to combustion pressure/ which wouldn't happen on other glove as it has space to escape? as air is ignitable under pressure

  6. Faith returns

    Yeah... Sorry, Steve Irwin was a moron. Now he's a dead moron!

  7. Matty Scallop


  8. B Rhodes

    Best dad ever!

    1. B Rhodes

      Mom is awesome too!

  9. Matty Scallop

    Wow. Dumber every second.

  10. Bryan Marquez Villegas

    i have no idea what they are saying lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. SharkBeret

    4:54 *SHINEI, KAKOIN!*

  12. Virg Demp

    So I guess I’m the only one who thought this was a blue bird in the thumbnail

  13. Jacob Barr

    Can you all shoot it through a car?

  14. Adele Dazeem

    There was a big thing about Hello Fresh in my community lately. A family was given rotten fish and they all ended up in hospital because of it. NO THANK YOUUU

  15. Ryan Robinson

    Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all , who delight in them.

  16. Adele Dazeem

    I'm really curious... when in slow motion... are you making your own sounds for it? 6:19 for example. Does it ACTUALLY sounds like that in slow motion

  17. MidnightTypeR

    3:54 the part you are looking for

  18. Cody Pridg

    Why did I watch this

  19. Joash Bergman

    Imma big red! TRUMP 2020!

  20. Mean Green

    Like many others, just couldn’t stop watching. Love your vids, thanks for doing this and for sharing.

  21. Gregies Pot

    Awesome guys ....we designed a 6 cylinder Chrysler side valve to run on petrol vapour and it operated efficiently and virtually no emissions.....it’s on you tube if you want to have a look ....cheers

  22. Ganjack Bogle

    They let this Jon malkovich stoner guy into space nice

  23. Paul Lally

    You need to talk with my friend Stellar Fairbairn, she sings in 432 Hertz which makes files of blood stay alive for 15,000 times longer outside the body. Look up Stellar 432, this lady has traveled the world, been to the pyramids and sang in the tombs, sound water and vibrations are immensely powerful.

  24. TheUnholyFrog

    dawg that doesn't look like a pouch

  25. Paul Lally

    Water has memory, I can't wait to see what memories it contains. Amazing !

  26. 你好senji

    make it bullet sized

  27. Rich Silva

    More weight on the bat will give you more power

  28. ELON the best


  29. light saberAddiCt

    The guy that operates the reactor is called a Nuke, which is a very important thing. But there was a saying my dad told me (he was the Fire Capt. at one of the places they train nukes), is "Once a Nuke, Always a Nuke". I guess after all the training they put in it, the Navy doesn't generally like to transfer you to another role.

  30. Spray paint boiz

    hi destin (i think thats how you spell your name) but anyway i love your vids watch them every day along with mark rober's vids

  31. Ofek Asulin

    you know what can make it better put servo/step motor and make it do it again and again

  32. Randomaker

    What about table saws? They have WAAAAAAAY more kickback than circular songs.

  33. elfo182

    Do it with a car

  34. uNDERpAR

    "What are we doing, if not trying to do it right"? Great Quote!

  35. Ron Outdoors

    Huston jones bring it on lol

  36. K. T.

    ** i have one coment. Obviously this was not the lab that had a moon rock stolen 🙄 🤣 lol.

  37. rebl vln

    I’m glad you don’t live by a Karen

  38. John Elder

    Thank-you. Very interesting and touching. I went to school for 8 years with the daughter of the late Bruce Halstead, also an authority about venomous fish in his day.

  39. gypsy

    Absolutely wicked!!!!

  40. Ray Gunawan

    At CAlPoly, we have to take machining, welding, casting, forming, sintering, classes.

  41. HiopX

    Who went here after Stand-up Maths' banana puzzle video?

  42. BigT_Rex_2000

    winston mains:

  43. bgdavenport

    CAn you do a video showing your wife's method for teaching children how to ride bikes?

  44. bgdavenport

    Puts to rest the silly movie gun fights where the guy goes flying after being hit.

  45. Ecktor

    I wonder if you can fit a tracking device in the ball

  46. PureMacedonian

    What I learned from Obama: -Good man -Stupid Politics

  47. Vito's Vids

    Man to think the chefs have so much stuff to keep track of. Mad respect to those folks. They heart of the men is in their stomach, the morale has never been higher. I can now see that pizza will be in space sooner or later.

  48. Hamish Lindsell-Stewart

    Watching this in 2020 - seriously, Blue, Red, Left, Right....let's work together please.

  49. Omniscient Dan

    Please the trigger discipline at 6:15 that was eating at me I had to say something about it. Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are going to fire your weapon.

  50. Matt Faubert

    Bob pourquoi t'es pas a la redbox?

  51. Carson Londer

    Your smarter in the water stuff lol

  52. Douglas Croghan

    I would love to see you skip the ball across a large body of water.

  53. Nathan Cook

    This channel has given me more respect to people at force than the little we all know that goes on around these places

  54. Gary Gelini

    All things must come to an end, unfortunately so does this video, two years late but the impact is the same.

  55. Kevin McKalister

    Lmao. Def not one of Destin’s better video. No explanation about how the punch punctured the stomach lining? No explanation about what surgery could have been used to save him and why it was too late to act on? He goes to a Taekwondo master and spends 20 seconds there learning how to throw a punch??? Why did he spend a whole 30 minutes on this video and then turn it in lol. 😂 I definitely don’t feel smarter after watching.

  56. bgdavenport

    Very interesting!

  57. Rômulo Menelli Cardoso

    So.. when science cant resolve, get a rifle.

  58. Picasso

    why do people break sphagetti to cook it don’t you like the łöñg noodles?

  59. Andy Jame

    The skype professor looks/sounds like a Bond villain enjoying retirement

  60. Andy Jame

    I thought this was going to be a bike where you'd have to pedal backwards to get it to move lol

  61. bgdavenport


  62. Kevin Comfort

    With the multiplication of force at the other end of the rope. What happens to the tensile strength of the rope itself? 2 pound input, 4 pullies, 8 pounds output. If you surpass the ropes strength will it become immediately noticeable or do the pullies increase the strength somehow? Seems like it would be easy to overload a rope/cable and create a dangerous situation very quickly. Some kind of math and physics is needed but im not that smart lol.

  63. bgdavenport

    Every episode is excellent. This one is "more" excellent!"

  64. Pics2Flicks Dennis

    Destin, enjoyable video. When I went through basic flight training at NAS Pensacola in 1979, we had to extract ourselves from a forerunner of the device shown in your video, the 9D5, cleverly called the “Helo Dunker”. However, in the spirit of “when men were men”, and “when I was a boy we walked to school uphill, both ways”, the last 3 of our 4 dunks were performed blind (wearing opaque goggles), and without any supplemental oxygen. I’m not a strong swimmer, but this isn’t about swimming; it’s about controlling instinctive panic, as you found out, and like much of my training in the USN, it really worked.

  65. Hakan Fieldman

    - Coolest ever ... !!!

  66. Techno Moxington

    Fire a go pro out of this thing and record it

  67. Assyrian-Athlete

    Who’s watching in 2020

  68. morry271

    I love the way Amercians say submariner, “sub-mar-een-er” ! It’s so cutesy and quaint lol. Over here we pronounce it “sub-mar-in-er”. That doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as easy but it has a classier feel.

  69. TEYRIS01

    A fleshlight review.

  70. Gabriel Pinheiro

    Works like I would have guessed it

  71. Jay H

    By FAR! 2nd coolest video ever. 1st? Ak underwater

  72. Pritthi Saha

    The actual footage you want to see starts from 15:00 Thank me later.

  73. A3dr01d

    I've acutally never seen this

  74. Wbzh Wnjs

    *K1 and camera closes torpedo door* “Hey HEY THATS NOT FUNNY! “ K1 and Camera man: hahahahaha... ok let let him out- *red light turns on* “all hand we are experiencing weight distribution problems. Now flooding torpedo tubes to compensate” *camera man and K1 look at each other* Get him out! GET HIM OUT!

  75. joaquin simons

    2:50 this part looks like it is from a flyingkitty video

  76. HMCI - Hidetaka Miyazaki Cosplayers Italia

    One of the best video on youtube ever made. Thank you!

  77. ninja legend

    13:22 Melon boom

  78. GangbangNeverDies


  79. William Crawford

    That handlebar thing for the bike is bigger than I realized until I went over the handlebars as a teenager. I'm super lucky that I have great balance, and I actually landed on my feet and walked away, but if I hadn't managed that, it would have been my face hitting the concrete very, very hard. Later in life, I did this again at a slower pace because I stupidly had something in my other hand. This time, my wrist took the impact. I was very lucky not to break anything, but it was close. Guardian's breaking system sounds amazing. I hope to see something similar in all bikes eventually.

  80. Owen Christians

    Aye fooker