160TB Server with Linus! (From Linus Tech Tips) - Smarter Every Day 222

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    45 Drives - Customizable, economical, high density storage servers
    unRAID - Safe, protected data storage, based on Linux, configurable
    Seagate - 5 year warranty, vibration-resistant, data-recovery warranty
    Linus's video when he visited the US Space and Rocket Center
    Standard Raid Levels:
    How Unraid works:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      If you'd like to weigh in on this video publicly I will now attempt to trick you into following me on Twitter. Here's the original tweet: twitter.com/smartereveryday/status/1043578289288355841

      1. Jack

        @Matty’s Calculator well he knows more than enough to setup a great at home server.

      2. SuperShad98

        shouldn't you use tape storage in your case?

      3. knyazhe films

        Oh man ! Look!!! ))) They were building servers(!) to store what I've brought you today on a small memory stick in my pocket? Can you believe this? They didn't even have a built-in memory chips in their heads back then. Sooo funny ... those. old days... . (Message from 2030)

      4. Ahman Millener

        Destin here's a little bit about people who build computers. We all get a thrill about building computers. Before, During, and After! It's all about positive success!

      5. Scuzz Glass

        SmarterEveryDay YOU SHOULD SEE STEVE-o stash he has enough to create a whole library 😂👌

    2. Amir – a mirror

      I can see A27 right there lol too funny

    3. Danny Mckenzie

      Twomad had a good episode

    4. IrmaHamster

      top 10 anime crossovers

    5. Arthyu Alagao

      Destin: has a spreadsheet of all his drives also Destin: has never added up the capacities before buying a server

    6. Feriztio Januar Abda'u

      LTT feat SED = Super Artificial Intelligent

    7. Angelina Cruz

      *****You have got like, 4 monitors!*****

      1. Angelina Cruz


      2. Angelina Cruz

        There's like, 15 slots!

      3. Angelina Cruz

        You're just packing them up/in?

      4. Angelina Cruz

        What are you going to do with it?

      5. Angelina Cruz

        That sever is MASSIVE.

    8. Andrew Last

      So how long did it take to slurp all your data into the 45drive server?

    9. MysteriousKyle

      after linus said parody bits dustin gave a look of sheer confusion, ngl computers are above my pay grade

    10. Ram Sundar Radhakrishnan

      Both my favorite SEpromrs in one video!

    11. Porfirio Ruth

      Destin: has a spreadsheet of all his drives also Destin: has never added up the capacities before buying a server

    12. javen43

      I know I'm late to the party but Linus should check out Stevo's hard drive collection, he would have a heart attack

    13. vinayak varun

      @smartereveryday Sir please do a video on your room setup 2020

    14. Son Goku

      I love the setup on carpet. lol =)

    15. The Mangle Dangle

      A27 is literally shown by camera guy while he says it

    16. heavyq

      Watching this in 2020 with Linus not having a beard feels like this is from like 2012.

    17. Marvin Joosten

      9:40 Never saw Linus smile like that. Very wholesome.

    18. John Campbell

      Are you still using the Server, i assume its full, and you need more!

    19. Bobibiko

      RAID...... shadow legends

    20. GENINC

      A rich SEprom guy gets free stuff from companies; that's why rich people get richer. Everybody else scrapes together some coins for an HDD. What a heart warming video.

    21. Sean Fan

      This is more than Justine. Oh no Destin. Grey is ready

    22. Check Your Closet

      6:07-7:44 It looks like Destin has been literally disconnected from reality because Linus is talking Spanish

    23. Tacticool Millenial

      Destin, Are you a Ham. I noticed the Walkie Talkie on your computer desks.

    24. Love Kush

      External HDD much safer than Internal HDD

    25. Miguel Angel Alvarez Feria

      We want the rest of this !

    26. Phill B

      Has this now been filled up ?

    27. SpaceCityCowboy88

      Dustin rocking the old school sauconys. OG‼️💯👍

    28. SpaceCityCowboy88

      From a computer programmer from Alabama. My favorite youtubers in one video 😂♥️💯

    29. GreenStoneGecko

      "THIS IS AN 8TB DRIVE TAPED TO 2 OTHER DRIVES!" That was the sound of genuine disgust and agony lmao

    30. Leyren

      When he started to bring out boxes full of harddrives.. that hurt man. That hurt me physically.

    31. TheAssening

      if I had two ducks I would name them Dustin and Linus

    32. Chester Boi

      I just realized that there are a total of 180 tb instead of 160 tb 15 slots X 12 tb. each =180

    33. Pablo Castillo Quezada

      2:42 there is A27 in the C container HDD lol

    34. 김다희

      Linus: OMG you tripped over the hard drives! Also Linus: I almost made an apple computer explode in my face because I cant check power sources properly.

    35. TED_

      How safe is the server? Any risks of being hacked?

    36. Enderger

      2:50 - Linus, you drop 10 of those a week.

    37. FireZilla2000

      This video was sponsored by R.A.I.D.

    38. Blackside Polska

      Linus tech drop tips ???

    39. ThePieMonster

      That's actually not a good solution that was implemented. You should be using RAID 6.

    40. BALJIT147

      Hey I have the same Logitech speakers. They are really good.

    41. Andy Jame

      I will be continuing the kino der toten round 115 challenge on black ops 1 in around about an hour at 4PM GMT

    42. A27M Cromwell1

      I AM A27

    43. Erica Murphy

      linus:"gasps, you dropped it..." linus internally: that's my job

    44. Ernie Peters

      I've watched this when it came out a year ago... had to te watch it for some comedic relief. Lol

    45. Nathan Enos

      5 :25- "Ahh, look at tha- ooope!"

    46. Mubasshir Hossain

      Destin: has a spreadsheet of all his drives also Destin: has never added up the capacities before buying a server

    47. Tommy Nguyen

      Just saw Gavin's colab. Poor Linus

    48. Asbjørn Olling

      Shucks.. Linus mixed up Raid5 and Raid6...

    49. Le Viet Thanh

      Destin really knows how to connect with people, he seems like a really cool dude to hang out with

    50. jonki leshi

      Linus seems to have forgotten the era when he stored piles of hard drives in a bathroom...

    51. MajorRowe

      Im surprised it wasn't all on LTO Tape drives.

    52. DeathGun

      Can i get some Drives pls

    53. Apocalypse Cow

      Seagate used to have extremely reliable drives and I used to swear by them but years ago they merged or bought Maxtor which made the worst drives you could possibly buy anywhere. The quality went down and failure rates went up. I don't know how they are these days but that was a bridge burned for me, the company I worked for had to RMA dozens and dozens of their maxtor/seagates. When the merge happened I switched to Western Digital exclusively for my platter drives and I've honestly never had a failure. For SSD I've been using Samsung EVO's because they get amazing reviews and never had a problem with them either.

    54. Bob Shezuki

      Destin: has a spreadsheet of all his drives also Destin: has never added up the capacities before buying a server

    55. fellpower

      U make sooo much money with your videos - and have your files on this drives? thats fake!

    56. Delta Force

      CONGRATS 🎉🎊🍾🎈 YOU GOT YOUR NEW SERVER THING FROM LINUS I ALSO WATCH HIM ALOT FOR INFO SO THATI CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT ME PC although i am still 15and still in g10 so some of the stuff he talks about kinda confuses me

    57. Peter Bvbk

      Haha.. everyone I know, knows LTT but SED they don´t know about!

    58. Jacob Marciniec

      Is this a legitimate colab between Linus and Destin about data storage... or am I dreaming?

    59. Duncan

      I really feel like he should have a secondary backup offsite via BackBlaze or something. These drives have 10 years max of life before they are going to start having issues or at least have a high chance of it. That or tape and store those in a vault in a well secured (from fire and ice) storage facility.

    60. Tim Murray

      "I've watched your channel for a long time!" "He does this thing where he puts servers in peoples houses" OOF

    61. Agora Sage

      I would still somehow manage to use that much space.

    62. John Linnard

      To simplify the raid thing even more think of an puzzle, if you lost a peice youll know which peice it is so you can recreate the peice that has been lost

    63. 6code codin' crew.

      where did you get all the hard drives?

    64. aaron budd

      I used to degauss(magnetically destroys data) and destroy(Via crushing) and Replace 800TB a day for a living. I miss this kind of work :/

    65. DJ Anniss

      Do a video on data parity and storage (volatile and more importantly non volatile) :) i think you'll find it interesting

    66. mike hunt

      Steve-o has more hard drives

    67. Nekotaku TV

      Carpet and shoes... Americans...

    68. wayne raab

      Never work on electronics on carpet like that. Linus should really know better

    69. Drew Sprayberry

      I first watched this having no experience with LTT. I thought Linus seemed like a smug little douche. Almost a year and a half later, Linus Tech Tips is hands down my most watched channel on SEprom and I realize what a goob he actually is. My appreciation for this video is exponentially greater now having built a gaming PC and having jumped into the deep end of the computer hardware world.

    70. Shabab Haider Siddique

      he is quite organized

    71. Matthew Magee

      wow iv watch both of you for years and never knew you did this together.

    72. Kaleb Bruwer

      I don't care that those are external drives, it hurts me that you're packing them out on a carpet edit: it gets worse

    73. Bruce Poindexter

      Linus: "I'm sharing your cool experience!"! Destin....Ummm....Roll Tide! Ugh! Seriously, this was a great video to watch and I DID learn!

    74. OneFlame Gaming

      Destiny ur wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s 1024 terabytes in a petabyte

    75. Daniel Hwan

      6:09 you mean raid shadow legend, right?

    76. Deviated09

      Two of my favourite channels in one place, Love it!!

    77. Guillermo Sanchez

      5:25 jump scare

    78. Leo Beaumont

      how is this going? could we get a update video about this?

    79. TJand08 DOES GAMING

      Saw the NASA video that your talking about also im glad to saport you!

    80. Ray Miller

      Thanks Dustin, I’ve been interested in a storage solution for a while, and this looks like a great application for you. I’ve also subscribed to Linus, more tech tips to come.

    81. That Guy

      Linus now has well over 3 petabytes of storage.

    82. Donn Buchfinck

      So the whole idea about setting up this storage is to get Linus to do it for you because Linus will get the companies to donate anywhere between $4 -$12 thousand dollars in equipment.

    83. Dyanosis

      Technically, a Petabyte = 1024 Terabytes. Anything that deals with bytes is 1024 to the next byte (aka 1024 bytes = 1 Kilobyte, 1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte, etc). I'm sure you, of all people, should realize that 24 Terabytes could make ALL the difference.

    84. Ron Paul

      Linus is THE BEST!

    85. some dude

      The use case here is cold storage. Building an always-on server with spinning drives seems wasteful to me. Actually the guy's original solution wasn't too bad I think. This whole thing just smells like a commercial.

    86. Oniji

      09:16 "Even in the event we did lose more than two drives, because it's on raid, you only lose the data on the drive that physically failed". Would that not also be true if you didn't even bother with raid? i.e. you lose the data only on the drives that fails.

    87. FriendlyYoutuber

      Loving see my two favorite youtubers in the same video!!

    88. Oliver Solheim

      Please make a follow up video

    89. catay 360

      Why not just get 16tb drives ?!??!

    90. Spacey Griffin

      2 channels I love together. lovin it. also trust me you will love your seagates. they are the best

    91. Skynse

      Destin really knows how to connect with people, he seems like a really cool dude to hang out with

      1. yunocS

        @Randywm01 depends on the person Linus is dealing with. Just look that the one „building her first pc“ video from him. But I can fully understand it in that case. I am sure he is one of the most interesting persons to hang out if ur a tech nerd.

      2. Randywm01

        Same with Linus, teaching without condescension.

    92. DrJay Craft

      How much for harddrive of 8 terabites

    93. Zein Naja

      I love my unraid server!

    94. Muhammad Ali

      AWS. You need S3

    95. Tuffpunch

      I like how Linus always drops things with force. 512GB disk *drops with force*

    96. Ventus Vero

      8:13 that look on Linus's face! Hahaha

    97. Niko

      And I thought an 8TB storage drive on my PC was impressive

    98. Spencer Gibson

      Quick question, what happens to this set up if the drive with the parade bits dies?

    99. Eric Marcus

      What is it with people that don't know to much about computers call the Harddrive, memory? The harddrive is called STORAGE and the sticks that click into the slots on the motherboard are called RAM = Random Access MEMORY! lol, it really grinds my gears when someone askes me "how much memory do you have on said PC" and I'll think he is talking about the actual RAM and say "16GB". Then they look at me like I'm retarded and have a slow crappy PC. Then after about 10 minutes of explaining the difference and tell them I have 8TB, the conversation get back on track.

    100. HiTTs

      meanwhile me and my 500gb hard drive watching desperately