250,000 DOMINOES! - The American Domino Record - Smarter Every Day 178

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    See the fall down here:
    ● US Domino Field Record (12,450 dominoes)
    ● US Domino Structure Record (12,780 dominoes)
    ● US Domino Record (245,732 dominoes)

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    1. Hevesh5

      It was so great to have you here at the Incredible Science Machine!! You brought so much energy to the team! Thanks for highlighting our event and doing this study - it was super fascinating to watch :) This is exactly what I would have predicted: the bottom of the domino slips backwards more on surfaces with less friction and the domino line topples faster. I did my AP physics project on a similar concept and found that a smaller spacing on sandpaper (frictional surface) was SLOWER than a large spacing on sandpaper. What's interesting is that my original hypothesis was the exact opposite. From experience, usually a larger spacing is slightly slower on a normal wooden floor, but I didn't account for the floor surface when I made my hypothesis. A slippery floor surface (and also domino material, hence the color to speed variation) such as glass makes the dominoes fall faster. You're right though that this is more complicated than we think, and having an unexplored area of domino physics is super exciting :) Can't wait to see what you discover in the next experiment! Also a suggestion for starting the dominoes... I feel like we need some sort of motorized toppler that very, very slowly moves forward hitting the center of the first domino near the top. If you use a small spacing, the first domino may just lean against the next domino and not topple right away, but this would allow the bare minimum force required to topple the line. You're also right that a longer line is necessary so that the speed of the dominoes can reach terminal velocity. I'm not 100% sure how many dominoes that is (this could also vary with spacing), but I'd recommend maybe 50 in the line to be safe. Thanks again for coming! And now to watch the behind the scenes :D

      1. Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin

        @SmarterEveryDay I'm Enjoying To Watch The Domino Falling With You!

      2. Mangus875

        Something gives me the feeling you had to write this entire.... *ESSAY* for school

      3. Sebastian Salazar

        Ты можешь посмотреть видео

      4. Parnikkapore Prompt

        Use the H5 Auto-toppler! W00T!

      5. Engineering Student Jodhpur

        sed trigger them with a small blower of air for 1 sec

    2. Mary Lagua

      Physics and Science. Smarter everyday. :)

    3. Grenald Alves

      3 years too late but would an electromagnet from an old school doorbell work

    4. Dave and Faith Haverkamp

      you could use a pendulum to trigger. On a base plate that holds the mast for the pendulum, set a wall that is locked in to a set distance from center of pendulum pivot point, with the opposite end of base plate slightly inside the distance of the opposite wall. This should give you a consistent force and velocity as the base plate then locates the first domino. You might have to account for difference of weights of different dominos when setting this first domino distance so that you could achieve the absolute minimum force to cause it to topple to remove that variance in your equation. Good luck!

    5. fictional25m

      rounded edge with a rib/spine on the back of each domino so as they tip there is a greater reduction in friction but perhaps being slower is desired so it can be seen better

    6. Cheung Andy The White Pumpkin

      Domino Builders, Childrens And People Are Cheering Each Other! Hooray!

    7. mine yoo

      I legit thought it’s so weird for Destin telling her daughter to stay on the right lane. Why not staying on the left?!? Then hey I just realized he’s American🙂

      1. mine yoo

        I’m an Asian and we always stay on the left lane 😂

    8. Mary Lagua

      Really nice.

    9. Chubminemaster

      Make a pendulum lifted to the same night. That would give you an accurate reading. Hive this helps🤗

    10. ClayZ

      A pendulum strike to start the falls.

    11. Coldplace CP

      3 words come to mind; servo actuator piston. The rotation around the point closest to its center of mass will always be the fastest one, since the torque is distributed most efficiently that way. But then i wonder if they would move the fastest when placed in a chain in orbit... edit: VERY interesting stuff, we throw them down all the time, yet we dont understand their entire process. One word comes to mind; nutshell.

    12. Gavin Nichols

      Use a pinball machine launcher with a softer spring! Constant and repeatable toppling of the dominos

    13. Brendan Brendan

      a vertical seesaw would be the best controlled way to do it. then you can get a wall to put the dominos on so it is more centered with the seesaw. Obviously, if you want the most controlled enviornment, you gotta make sure all the dominos are the same in all ways

    14. R3V3RB

      I'm a bit late but a gentle pendulum would be a physics-y way to trigger the dominoes

    15. Matt Temple

      If you can rig something to drop a pendulum from the same height every time, that should do the trick for a trigger right? Of course, height and weight must remain constant but it shouldn't be impossible.

    16. Fletcher Thomas

      To determine the difficulty of the math ask yourself; are there an abnormal amount of Greek letters?

    17. Jayesh Patel

      Ask Mark Rober to help you.

    18. Wolfgang Brügelmann

      10:45 Ask Mark Rober

    19. gms sona

      Stand on the right. ....

    20. Dirk Bastardrelief

      Dear Dustin: You said you wanted feedback, so... My girlfriend said she wouldn't do you, but she's pretty picky.

    21. Ivar Ängquist

      "There's a LOT more Greek letters in the math now"

    22. Dirk Bastardrelief

      Who's Laminar? And does she need a pamprin?


      good dad nice kids

    24. TheMightyCreeper

      You could make the starting pressure more consistant by using a machine which is engineered to put out the same amount of force each time

    25. AzurezeroArt

      get mark robers button press to do it, since it has a consistent output

    26. Jesus Christ

      Use a motor to move the dominos

    27. Flat Earther For Life.

      Imagine if the earth was actually spinning, those dominoes would fly all over the place.

    28. Umakariharu

      What happens if an earthquake hits before they get to set it all off though?

    29. D Prowse

      Rc servo to trigger?

    30. Kyle mcconnel

      If the dominos are on a grippy surface, the moment of inertia is ML^2/3, if it is rotating about its center it is ML^2/12, roughly. So the center of masses fall the same height regardless so the PE->KE has the PE per block as the same value, whereas the KE=1/2*I*w^2, so for a domino that rotates about its center of mass would expect omega to be greater at any point in time, making the domino contact the next one quicker. The overall picture is certainly more complicated, but this would be the simplest explanation that pops into my mind.

    31. Michael

      pinball on a pendulum dropped from consistent height

    32. Johnny's Videos

      Attach a hammer on a pivot point like a pendulum and release it from the same height because gravity is a constant force

    33. Will Couch

      I love your videos man. You make learning new things so interesting! I like falling asleep to them haha

    34. Wes

      I watched this video 2 years ago. Last weekend, my family traveled to Michigan for a wedding. My 11 year old daughter had never flown before, so it was a whole new experience for her. We were hustling through the Detroit airport on the way to the baggage claim. Out the blue, my daughter says "hey Dad, isn't that the fountain with laminar flow." How awesome is that? Thanks Destin for your great videos. They're always informative and fun.

    35. Christopher Elven

      I haven't read all the comments, but I'm guessing that it was the late night that made the back row going faster difficult to understand.

    36. matthew klien

      Why don’t you do a collaboration with mark rober and he will build a robot that tips the dominos the exact same way every time so you guys can do a in depth video of the science and math of domino fallings

    37. Alter Kater

      Alone the manufacturing costs of those useless dominos could feed some hungry chlildren elsewhere on this world - for years.

    38. Finaltits

      So... essentially apply the Griswold "sled wax" from Christmas Vacation onto glass and set the dominoes up in a vacuum to break the sound barrier *In before everyone says you can't break the sound barrier in a vacuum. It's humor ;)

    39. Jason Wills


    40. Saim Shaikh

      The most soothing sound 7:30

    41. Mark Kurzava

      To get a better average speed for the dominoes falling, I think you need a longer "fall" to let them get "up to speed". Your fall is so short, it's barely getting started. You may get a more accurate result measuring a fall over a longer distance (or at least a longer "lead-in").

    42. KC Roberts

      Using some actuator like a piston that can be regulated seems like it would deliver the same force every time..

    43. Félix pellerin

      You could have a marble roll on a ramp to a stick that pushes the domino with constant force and speed

    44. Karl Gutowski

      You shouldn't stand on the right. Stand in the middle, unless someone is trying to pass you. While polite, standing on the right side of a conveyor or escalator creates uneven wear on the bearings and tracks underneath, leading to more frequent failure and maintenance needs of the system.

    45. Dojando

      pff... American record... we have the world record with 4.8 million domino's 😂 but it's still totally awesome, I couldn't do even 1k without messing everything up.

    46. Jonathan Hall

      Go to bed. sheesh.

    47. Jonathan Hall

      Okay! Nobody leaves until all these dominoes are picked up !

    48. Robin

      I have seen the Domino Day world record in Europe 20 years ago and i think they said that stop to accelerate after 1,5m but im not sure and can't find any TV recording.

    49. Ben Bloom

      Hey destin, have you thought of trying this under water perhaps a different fluid medium would help you undress the friction/motion change happening?

    50. Fast Line

      I think if you can trigger it without touching it with anything that's what missing. So why not put two small magnets facing in different direction on both the first Domino and attached to the stick. So that you have a constant repelling force that doesn't require you to add any initial forces.

    51. Patrick Bryant

      Drop a wedge for your trigger.

    52. Neil Drummond

      ok to get the same speed and not have the dominoes accelerating you would first have to find how many it takes to reach full speed and measure segments of when its going at top speed. That could be a lot of work but you can do it!!

    53. Steve White

      Use an electromagnet to trigger it. Set the first domino in the same place every time.

    54. Steve White

      Im going to make a domino field that takes 5 years to sit through. It will only take 157,680,000 dominos.

    55. ixovera

      I think that you should make a simple machine to regulate the push of the dominos. I also think that the surfaces with more friction cause the dominos to take longer to get to max speed. I think when the bottom slips due to low friction, gravity and the weight of the dominos increases the forward velocity faster than the dominos on a higher friction surface. Perhaps you can also set something up at the end of the dominos so you can better gauge start-end points of your measurement.

    56. Curtis Barkes

      Nevermind. I found it.

    57. Curtis Barkes

      Is there a follow up to this video?

    58. Benadryl


    59. Dona Harrell

      OMGosh! I am flabbergasted!

    60. Andrew Medine

      A mark rober colab?!

    61. 3rdPinEye

      You can trigger it by using a rod attached to the servo. Using this, you can adjust height, speed of pushing, friction (you can use different materials for the rod.) etc. Search for "Servo motor push rod" on the net. It's mostly used in RC aircrafts and rarely on cars.

    62. Paul Benedict

      Why not make a competition and race groups of domino's between two competitors over a distance?

    63. nightskycyanide

      This is amazing yall can stop bragging about this domino day thing and enjoy the video uwu

    64. Dr. Doppeldecker

      250k is the us record?! "Domino Day" laughs at that number...

    65. Best name on This platform

      I can’t do 5 dominoes in a row

    66. Will Saunders

      Use a solenoid to trigger the fall, should yield consistency I would think

    67. Carlos Millan

      Awesome Domino video! Watched it yesterday. I think you should revisit the oscillating/twisting effect as they topple. Just to see if it wasn't causal to the initial uneven push, which seemed biased towards one side, possibly starting the chained oscillation? Or whether the oscillation is intrinsic to the wave-like energy propagation from an overall even push. If it's not an artifact introduced by the uneven push, then the oscillation is eerily similar to a descriptive electromagnetic propagation. Give it a more controlled environment!

    68. Jacob Godin

      Well the acceleration at the beginning can be explained by the fact that when you push the first domino with the stick, that gives less energy than the dominoes falling onto the next ones further on. So at the beginning its building up energy until it somehow gets consistent

    69. Seamour Butts

      I know why the heavier dominos move faster. If the force it is pushed at is the same. The mass affects it because Force= Mass *Acceleration. If the Acceleration is the same ( the force of which the domino is being pushed at ), mass is the only variable, so if the mass is greater, the force will greater as well so the speed at which the Lego moves is greater.

    70. Mark Hadfield

      Use some sort of piston to topple the dominoes at the top speed of the dominoes.

    71. AppleCider

      3:50 1512 hours is 63 days. 7 days (24 hours) times 12 hours is 288 hours 7 times 12 hours is 84 hours which is pretty cool.

    72. RoyalMela

      5:13 Haha... everyone counting was a second ahead.

    73. Jed Jade

      "Sorry boys, you'll have to share this one. Things will get easier when the next Casper sponsorship comes through."

    74. supersmalls

      if the domino reaches a constant velocity, then work out the distance it takes and start this distance off cam so that once it gets in frame it is a reference point

    75. Tobias Mattsson

      So guys, we did it. We reached a quarter of a million Dominoes

    76. Kaiwen 1010

      Maybe use lego EVE technic bricks, to program it to push the dominos and add a timer

    77. İbrahim Tayyip İşler

      As for the consistent triggering, you can make a long enough line of dominoes and make sure that they reached the steady state speed at the actual triggering end of your setup.

    78. agerven

      Hi Julien, fascinating (I'm a physicist too, as well as a fan of Hevesh#5). Lili does know something to get a reproducible start of the toppling. In some of her videos she has a little motor, rotating a vertical axis on which a small lever of wood is mounted. That topples the first domino in a reproducible manner. Would love to see some more results of this investigation, as well as a comparison with the sonimods, a Lili invention, where the dominoes topple backwards while still giving a forward domino effect. Thanks for this video, in which two of my favorite youtubers combine their presentation and skills. Really cool!

    79. Jrezky

      If they slip MORE, I would predict they would move faster since the top is actually moving faster since the bottom slips out in the opposite direction. To trigger the dominoes, just use a spring-loaded gage block or ramp for a roller to slide down which you can start at a fixed point each time.

    80. Fun With Reefing

      Try knocking the dominos toward the bottom.

    81. shrek !


    82. Roberto Flores

      Hey I know one of those guys in there and he is in my bible study group! Im impressed I noticed him lol. Joseph Naberhaus

    83. danthor45

      i stil want those domino pieces (The trasnparent once)

    84. Syncringe

      I wish they put like a party popper aimed to go off at the last domino. So when Game over finished we get a pop. Proper finale in my book.

    85. eyesontoast50

      I've never been more nervous watching a SEprom video!

    86. Epikification

      Your son sounds so exasperated with you teaching him fluid dynamics.

    87. larhule

      To trigger the fall maybe use the syringe from the vortex ring project.

    88. Soujanya Ray

      Hey @SmarterEveryDay Hit it with a pendulum with equal distance, each shot.

    89. Lunsar

      frikin nerds in this comment section

    90. Rocky Atlantis

      That girl is making funny faces behind the dad's face!

    91. Michael Mosseri

      Use a linear actuator to start

    92. Lillian Hendley


    93. Cheese Cake

      1:50 *drops camera

    94. Maths is Magic

      Try a servo motor. It may give some consistent results

    95. Holycraposaurus

      I laughed out loud at "Smarter every ... Midnight". It reminded me of times when I get really sleepy and I start to think everything is funny. I wonder why that is. I've heard other people speak of such situations, so I'm pretty sure it's not just me. But what's the cause? Not sure if this is the right channel to ask about mind phenomenon. Maybe I'll google a bit.

      1. Holycraposaurus

        Ok. I googled. I read. It wasn't a very interesting subject. Back to the slowmo dominos! :D

    96. Hanadi H

      7:25 - 7:50 SOOOO SATISFYING

    97. reghunath raja

      Destin: Stand on the right. Daughter:*decided to stand on the right and changes her mind*

    98. mattyao1111

      Detroit? Really?

    99. A Dalke

      The dominos that pivet on the gravity center and have low friction will go faster because they hit the next domino before because of the piveting.

    100. Discordian

      Pedestrians always go on the left here, you go against the flow of regular traffic for safety reasons.