.38 Special vs Prince Ruperts Drop at 170,000 FPS - Smarter Every Day 169

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    I'm going to walk it up until I can find the limit.
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    I shot a .22 Magnum and a .38 Special bullet at the Prince Rupert's Drops made by Cal at Orbix Hot Glass.
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    1. PeteBeast

      I was left open-mouthed at the first shot... then the second, I just copied the link and sent it to my friends. Keep these coming Destin! You've got fans in Venezuela!

      1. Andrew Johnson

        Not for long

      2. ·.· ·.·

        should he be skipping over and picking that thing up...

      3. Taylon Haldane

        PeteBeast hhh

      4. Chris

        Can they afford youtube videos in venezuela?

      5. MarCov

        PeteBeast is it true y'all Venezuelan niggas eating rocks for food

    2. Mike Waters

      The music tho

    3. Chicken Noogets

      Hate guns hate this, and the bible thumping at the end is unnecessary religion has no place in science, goodbye

    4. sekitto joseph

      No just no.

    5. Ron Disanto

      How hard is a Prince Rupert compared to a diamond? I asked this on another one of your videos too.

    6. Santix

      Nokia: you Want to challenge me?

    7. HKGoldenMrA

      1:44 .22 vs PRD 3:25 .38 vs PRD

    8. First Last

      That’s incredible footage, unreal the bullets just shattered against glass.

    9. Mureithi Kivuti

      I can hear the prd laugh as Destin brags about the full metal jacket

    10. おれおれお


    11. Chainsaw Circumcision

      my jaw dropped when the BULLET shattered against the prince rupert's drop

    12. ЯЏSSЇДЙ ДҜS74Џ

      Could a drop be made in a vacuum and it be perfectly round

    13. Cristian

      I saw the miniature as a rat

    14. Kod Adı TÜRK


    15. Zachary Kaleb

      I have no words to explain this.

    16. Jack

      man's got skills

    17. Libby so2


    18. Bruno Ortellado

      Que onda todo bien jaja un pive hablando español

    19. codeGoblin

      I love "Prince Rupert's guitar theme" :D

    20. maral2014

      m1 abrams secret composite armor has finally been found!

    21. NeMolodoy

      Кто из 2020?)

    22. думать иначе

      I am being like a flat earther: even with images that prove it, I still can’t believe it

    23. Vatsal Sethi

      Imagine Rupert drops as ammunition for handguns.

    24. williamlee0

      A mattress advert? Are you kidding me?

    25. Jose Alejandro Llanez pulgarin

      would be useful as a bulletproof vest is very resistant

    26. pInk leAf iS hoT

      Is it just me or does the thumbnail smoke look like a hamster?

    27. Big Solid Boss

      .22 magnum,what an ironic name.

    28. Malte Almroth

      Feet per second... yeah can you say that again but in real measurements? like kilometers per hour or meters per second... you know real stuff

    29. Ciaran_oneill

      4:30 you can see the wheels turning

    30. Заебись Вода


    31. Flargarbason

      Who would win? A solid piece of lead traveling 1700 MPH Or some glass that was dropped in water

    32. Vov4ik- TV

      Пуля в лепёшку, да ну нах... 😳

    33. udonwadon

      what about the distance destin? could it have broken if you had let the bullet travel further and achieve it's maximum acceleration?

    34. 마뱀일상

      다른건모르겠고 저유리가지고싶음.

    35. Peter Bardum


    36. Vermillion Stallion

      The bullet just break... (put on sunglasses 😎) LIKE GLASSES...

    37. Sofia A

      You didn’t take your hat off coming inside house and you didn’t take your dirty shoes off even standing on the bed. Do you think it's hygienic

    38. Mario C

      This is the stuff. This is why science blows my mind. It is quite literally the study of the unthinkable.

    39. Аман Садыров

      Наебом попахивает

    40. FOG Music

      Ruperts its hack!

    41. Merix Style

      Should try Underwood Ammo and see if which of the projectiles will break it. XP or the XH should do it.

    42. Егор Лисовой

      Пиздешь или нет?

    43. ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

      Toughest sperm ever

    44. Алекс Вэйн

      Its a MEGA drop of prince Rupert

    45. murty dasari

      Next nokia phones will be made of prince Rupert's drop

    46. Jupiter One

      теперь ты обязан выстрелить в неё с 50 БМГ

    47. ALiEN Men

      Спасибо за перевод (за сабы) кто бы ты не был))

    48. Arturo Salgado

      Lol aren't those grey things that look like strings are for the woman to go in there py not going to say it. I'm not trying to be rude or any of that just saying because my friend showed me one and I fought it was just a string so he showed me where it goes and I was like your so fcking disgusting.

    49. Nikolay Zagorov

      You should try cooling the drop in oil and then shoot it

    50. The Lazy Crazy Brain

      I think Cody Don needs a Prince Ruperts Drop to dissolve the tail to see if it would shatter but he wasn't able to make one.

    51. Can O' Tomatoes

      Steel armor? Nah. Kevlar? Nah. Baby armor? Nah. Good but good enough. Prince Rupert’s drop armor? Now that’s some real armor right there.

    52. Mauricio Moreno

      How dangerous is that for you considering the bullet shatters? Could a shard fly back and strike you?

    53. Allen Yudistira

      what the dog even your dog can make my day better

    54. Kostas Kostas

      Not an original Ruperts drop because the tail snapped but the bubble did not explode

    55. NiKiTa_ BrAwL

      Кто русский

      1. kerambit найс

        Комент был оставлен 8 месяцев назад

    56. Диана Кучма


    57. Frosty Yt

      Русские лайк

    58. название потом придумаю

      Это не фотошоп я видел это в горах краснодарского края

    59. Игрок Free Fire


    60. Олег Ярошенко

      Больше похоже на сперматозоид руперта

    61. ッSaviorッ

      Tanks using this as spaced armor

    62. SoraWisdom

      now shoot a lead plate at a prince rupert drop

    63. Carrot

      Soo glass is stronger then a bullett

    64. Mike Johnson

      Your videos are fantastic - I wish they weren't because I have things to do.

    65. Arsenal Arsoona

      Hmmm. Is this rupert using the long stail from big head like the matter of some item to Fk

    66. Khanes

      Prince rupert's drop looks like a sperm hahahaha

    67. The Imperfection

      Im not doubting the legitness of this video but how come the drop didnt shatter after the tail broke multiple times

      1. The Imperfection

        nevermind they explained later on. I love this channel.

    68. Mach III

      according to a hydraulic press, the bullet would have to exert over 30 thousand tons at the head to break it

    69. Ry Ry The Science Guy

      Prince Rupert drop body armpit vs prince Rupert drop bullet

    70. Octoslav Productions

      I feel like these could be used instead of Kevlar

    71. Clark Superman Krypton

      This should have some military application no doubt. The question is how.

    72. Michael Reynolds

      Wow, they are so hard.

    73. Максат Галимжанов

      Whale sperm vs bullet

    74. Suvadeep panthy

      Can you do a slowmo video of water hammer effect

    75. Я Я

      надо такую каплю, впаять в кончик пули

    76. Evan Yoohoo

      "Why don't they make bulletproof vests etc. out of this stuff?" "Because it's too heavy. 1 gram of prince Rupert's drop weighs something like 15 grams."

    77. Anakonda The RainWing

      N I C E . Dad recommended me this channel, saying you were funny and actually teaches me stuff. He has proved to be correct. 🤓😎😁

    78. Exttendo Beats

      Bullet proof glass should be made of this , would be way more efficient

    79. OTM DAMIEN

      Looks like a mf sperm cell

    80. Lars Wust

      How to beat any game: Step 1: Make a crafting table Step 2: Collect 24 Prince Rupert Drop ingots Step 3: Make Prince Rupert Drop armor Step 4: Profit

    81. rhythmandacoustics

      Well I'll be. Who would have thought that a regular glass can be stronger than a bullet. I thought only bullet proof glass can stop bullets and not regular glass.

    82. Bill Kinsman

      This is so very interesting! Thanks for the really nice work!

    83. 三軒茶屋寧世

      ガラスや鉛の破片土の上にまき散らされちゃうんじゃないかな これ敷物敷いた室内とかでやったら実験として結果に悪影響あったのかね

    84. pup •

      1:44 3:25

    85. Артур Пирожков

      До 3:26 пиздежь

    86. lonelyPorterCH

      0:32 wtf, they have very flat heads... the ones that I shot (swiss army rifle and pistol) were very pointed / very round for the pistol

    87. Воль

      Это было охуенно !! Лайк однозначно)

      1. Белов Константин

        Воль согласен

    88. WJS

      Ramping up the calibre slowly isn't really the best way to find the limit, although it may work better for a video series. If I was just trying to find the limit though, I'd probably go with something more like the bisection method. ...Actually, that makes me think, have you done any videos that go into mathematical methods rather than physics?

    89. Donald Deng

      Y didn't the first drop break from the tail break??

    90. Vincent Robinette

      I wonder if it's possible to make a perfect sphere, with no tail using the same principle. A glass ball, that can literally be used to drive nails. Without that fragile tail, I'll bet a sphere like that could withstand just about anything short of an armor piercing round, or perhaps, even that!

      1. WJS

        @Sebastian Stark Well, the trick is cooling the outside before the inside has a chance to shrink. Being in orbit is just the same as freefall, hitting the water at speed would be the important part. In space you'd need to quench the whole thing quickly some other way.

      2. Sebastian Stark

        @WJS what about doing it in space to make it easier for surface tension?

      3. WJS

        Probably in theory, but in practice I don't think you could get the cooling uniform enough. Perhaps if you dropped the molten glass off a high tower so surface tension had a chance to form in into a sphere before it hit the water?

    91. Mehmetşah Sert

      Prince rupert was like YOU WOT M8

    92. Douglas Starliper

      What in God's name is a prince ruperts drop?

      1. Omgwtflmaololrotfl

        A molten drop of glass rapidly cooled down in water......

    93. no 1

      melt a ruperts tail head on the head of a bullet and shoot another ruperts tails on the head- but be prepared for a nuclear explosion

    94. Axel Gieck

      ian mccollum should get behind this.. google „Gun Jesus“ he should have some things to say about this

    95. Markiyan Hapyak

      It's like outside of this world......!!

    96. Scott Pike

      You earned it, my sub. Well done. This is cool.

    97. Aditya

      what happened to all the energy of the bullet?

    98. Jaysoddfutr

      Full. Metal. Jacket.

    99. Bill Kinsman

      This is bad to the bone! I can't believe it. Nice shot and nice camera work!

    100. 거스름돈

      와 오지네