.50 Cal vs Ballistic Window HARDCORE Slow Mo - Smarter Every Day 187

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    1. The Slow Mo Guys

      Slower Every Day!

      1. Maulana `A

        And smarter every days!!

      2. Seba Elizalde


      3. scuba Steve

        How you support the glass has a lot to do with its reaction to the projectile.

      4. 竹井茂


      5. Devin Reyes

        @8d6 how come we all see the same video

    2. The Silent One

      try this with same thickness of cell cast acrylic

    3. Mellany Gomez

      The anti-material weapon, broke the material. Who would've thought!

    4. Andrew Sciba

      6:42 - Destin reveals to us that he's right-eye dominant

    5. Juan The Gamer

      5:22 the bullet touching your body!! hahaha

    6. Respect ma authorita

      After watching the slowmo sound editing video i feel totally cheated now when watching his slowmo footage lol

    7. James Berry

      When you try to explain the flat earth society to scientist. 2:05

    8. Oldjohn52

      There is absolutely glass clad polycarbonate laminate that would defeat three rounds of AP .50 cal in a 12 inch triangle. I assembled thousands of them in varying sizes and shapes.

    9. Miguel Henriques

      caught the frame when the 50 cal. bullet created a bit of plasma right on it's tip when contacting the glass... amazing!

    10. Tsunami! :o

      0.30 Dear fellow hooman. To stop eating your nails, you should file them. As soon as I started smoothing those ugly boys, I suddenly stopped bittin' on dem. I'mma pretty sure It'll work for ya da same. zey soon becom beautiful!

    11. Billy W

      I have a new respect for how fast a .50 cal is

    12. Bobby Hempel

      Would the crystalline structure of the glass create visible "lightning" upon being fractured? If so you should do this experiment in the dark.

    13. Steven Criscione

      Frustrum effect and flow dynamics next! Shoot same object in a circulating water tank!

    14. WA Harris

      You need to collaborate with demolition ranch for some awesome explosions with different materials and the science behind it.

    15. Raphael Hüther

      Omg this Clips are so epic

    16. Raymond Ha

      .50 cal the home defense gun for when the intruder is behind the refrigerator In your neighbors house

    17. BUGSYGb1 [GANG]

      Sub to me lol for watching all these videos xD

    18. Sanjay Badri

      i just came here for the guns and distruction

    19. John Thomas

      5:57 you can see it both ways but If you put the play back speed as slow as it goes, you can see the spark right when the bullet hit.

    20. John Thomas

      I paused it perfect at 2:07 and it looked like a black hole lol (accretion disk)

    21. John Thomas

      I had a pretty realistic target with these beast. Called the terriost target. Shoot them in the chest, splits them in half.

    22. Ron Simpson

      The matter he called 'ejecta' coming off the back of the acrylic is called spalling. Spall are flakes of a material that are broken off a larger solid body and can be produced by a variety of mechanisms, including as a result of projectile impact. Spalling is just as lethal as a bullet piercing the armor or an explosive.

    23. Gigster C


    24. D0P3Y

      5:36 dudes just tryin to act cool lol show off 😂😂😂

    25. Funk Kyno

      5:25 using magic to put the cartridge in the chamber.

    26. Kerry Baldino

      The mirror breaking after the bullet went through it too was as cool an effect as the ballistic glass.

    27. Mystic Fallout

      That .50 cal looks sooo FUN!!!! You should have tried a .500 S&W also lol

    28. ChrisCHD - Funny Moments & More

      this just makes me see you as a cool guy now, you handled that .50 cal lol

    29. Michael Stein

      .40 ? >45 probably not ... what amazes me is that the bullet had already hit the target before your hands and arm reacted to the recoil.

    30. The_ Mysterious_Gamer

      Super hot! Super hot!

    31. J Greenseed

      Its going to be a real testament to see if his kids turn out ok or if raising them in the media fks them up

    32. alp eren

      Wow, I never thought seeing guns shooting in slow mo was satisfying.

    33. Oregon Patriot

      *Slow the SEprom video playback speed to .25 for **_'frame by frame'_** viewing.* Amazing!

    34. Conner Monsjou

      Wheres the link for the sniper asking for a friend 👀

    35. GGG

      Is that the barret m107a1?

    36. Gnol Dedneb

      Or you are already subscribed to both because they both make awesome content!

    37. winder zhao

      .50 cal "Excuse me comin thru" "Where can I get a beer"

    38. Xarosai

      The ending reminded me how awkward a perfectly symmetric face is visually haha

    39. Kalla H

      We usually use polycarbonate for safety, not acrylic even though it`s cheaper and harder to scratch. It`s all about surface tension.

    40. Sassafras Official

      Wait, this isn't a fullmag video

    41. adeeb

      1:16 that's funny lmfao

    42. Grey Matter

      Sonoluminescence at 5:59 moment of impact.

    43. Power Surge

      It was very interesting that with the 50 cal, there seemed to be 2 destructive moments.. One where the bullet entered and left the material. Then there was a moment of quiet, and then the entire slab of material exploded. And that was AFTER the bullet had left the scene for a while...

    44. Fusion 360

      People focus on the bullet Me that barrel roll back when you fire It

    45. Diwakar Koirala

      7:55 yeah it is saving Private Ryan.

    46. Christopher Parker

      I love how you can see the spin on the bullet of the 50 cal

    47. David Glenn

      You should’ve done this with demolition ranch

    48. Thomas W. Sparks

      Still a great rewatch though the 50 didn't hurt :)!!

    49. Military Update

      Wow that amazing bro

      1. KhakiPeach67

        wow bro

      2. Trey Cantu


    50. Thedjmaster7_playsyt Y

      2:05 you can see the bullet

    51. Dorothy Miles

      7:03 Jokes on you Destin, I'm already subscribed to both channels.

    52. Benjamin Curley

      slo mo guys X SmarterEveryDay= im watching this video 10 times

    53. Ben Tv Howman

      I found the slow mo guys years ago in another collaboration. I want to say Cause but it could have been Physics girl

    54. Andrew Lau

      videos like this are why i wont go trekking in America

    55. Patricia Y


    56. Stanley Okazaki

      Tim Ferris ain't fooling anyone

    57. CJ Silva

      I'd love to get a supercut of these collabs, with all the content from each channel in one vid.

    58. Starter Pack • 50 years ago

      This new battlefield game looks epic

    59. 887Bingo

      Whoever said there was no beauty in destruction was a liar.

    60. mr.soltytears

      why didn't your guys use traisers

    61. Annanth zone #gamezone


      1. Annanth zone #gamezone


    62. Andrew Zenon

      Ik this is an old video and it's irrelevant but your supposed to squeeze the trigger not pull it. Love your vids man lol

    63. Terel Quinata

      0:08 before that look at lower left corner I did not see that it was a glass in front.

    64. Pigeon

      2:19 if you're high

    65. Joseph McDonald

      Amazingly the slow mo guys led me to you

    66. Miguel Limbo

      Dang that M107 BARRET is powerful

    67. ult_surge

      this is called cool science not that bill nye stuff

    68. Aidan Russell

      I wish I had a girl that would do this to me :(

    69. Gabriela Ross

      Next: do this test on in-laws. I know a couple - and they're see through!

    70. Gabriela Ross

      Slower Every Day!

    71. grovermatic

      I believe How Ridiculous calls that a "Coney Joney".

    72. Seba Elizalde

      Us viewers can also put it on 0.25 speed

    73. Paul Alexander Helbig Rojas

      2:24 "This is what dying feels like"

    74. Stupid_Jax

      put playback speed at .25 and go to 5:40

    75. Kurt Williams

      I actually laughed out loud when the 50 cal obliterated the glass 😂

    76. ToastedToe

      That bullet is huge 💀

    77. Dan McCollister

      focusfirelensllc. com Find out why many seasoned shooters are using this lens.

    78. Justin Birchfield

      I love these collabs with other famous amazing youtubers

    79. Barney Stinson

      he has so much things he wanna do do a Long Long time it's Long Long times to think about how Long he wanted it 😂

    80. Johnny Mark

      You wanna buy gun hit up cashmain on wickr

    81. Roblox Gaming

      Bro are you ok??? Because the very hot Carthage hit your arm

    82. scuba Steve

      That was beautiful!

    83. Jepoy32

      New friend lodi,m8 ... .. Ganyan din me ,tulungan t u ..... .... ,,,,

    84. cunin stunt

      can you science the "how ridiculous" lads dropping glass balls from 44m! the damage to each ball looks like the frustum cone survives but the rest gets the damage! cheers for your work guy

    85. Jake Marren

      Outstanding video 😎🙌🏻

    86. Muck

      Roll Tide !

    87. Murk3y Doge

      Hey man, Nice Glock

    88. Carson Cornell

      Love Destin and this channel, checking in in late 2020, almost 3M views, wow, man!

    89. scott left

      First one's a lot like when i use a 3 pound hammer on a tungsten tipped punch (pointed chisel) at 90 degrees , same divot, same splash.

    90. Terry McKean

      That was cool, thanks for sharing, SmarterEveryDay and Slo Mo Guys. I'm reminded of some old military training films that show how that half-cone phenomena is 'counted on' in naval warfare when an armor-piercing projectile is fired through the armor-plated bulkheads of a target ship... not only does it pierce through the layers and explodes, it also creates those half-cone fragments out of the armor plating which can travel along and break through the layers deeper inside the target ship.

    91. Dany Audet

      that was so satisfying😩🔥🔥🔥

    92. Thrinder


    93. RYC3N

      a big reason why i will never go to america. them and their freakin' guns...

    94. Oskar Żółciński

      Imagine getting your shoulder dislocated from such a kick

    95. sreelers country93

      What if we are already subbed to both?

    96. The Walls

      Weird Bible reference to stripping off skin I imagine due to the spent shell striking his arm.

    97. Seraph

      Coolest gun

    98. Seth Cuzzoni

      I can tell SEprom didn't like this video

    99. odero saddler

      Freeload a few fleets of those to me right now and more