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    Bickering stinks. Let’s do something good instead.
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    No one paid me to make this. I just think it’s a good idea.
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I wanted to make a video about working together, education and computer science. I really love the fact that there were a ton of different opinions and political viewpoints in this room and yet everyone worked together to do something good. Ivanka is super smart and nice and we had a really fun off camera conversation about balancing parenting and work. 3 more things: 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 2. Get coding in your schools by using this link: code.org/yourschool 3. If you choose to read the comments, be nice!

      1. Fred Culbertson

        @Forrest L Oh the little brains out there. All he did was recognize a funding plan for further education. The real sociopaths are the ones who have so much TDS they can't see past their own stupidity.

      2. Forrest L

        Wow, he lended credibility to this sociopathic con artist family. There is no working with them, you only feed their lies. I knew I didn't like this guy. Laminar flow sucks.

      3. Fred Culbertson

        @Mark Martinez You should unsubscribe. This channel is way out of your league. If you are so toxic you can't even watch a video on allocating money for education because you saw Ivanca, you have bigger problems to contend with.

      4. Declan 6914

        I have been saying it for years, that tribalistic politics gets nothing done. Especially in America. People would rather wallow in their indignation to the detriment of others and themselves. I don't give two shites about a source of funding, as long it is in good faith and it helps those genuinely in need. As long as that reflects back into society and perpetuates more, it can only address the problems causing those divisions in the first place.

      5. Declan 6914

        @Mark Martinez Bye bye, the point sailed vlear over your head.

    2. Dave MacDonald

      Who decides where the money goes and what schools will get it? 500 million seems like a lot on paper but in reality it's really not a lot of money.

    3. Joash Bergman

      Imma big red! TRUMP 2020!

    4. Hamish Lindsell-Stewart

      Watching this in 2020 - seriously, Blue, Red, Left, Right....let's work together please.

    5. Colin Carter

      yikes, did things do the opposite. I thought in 2020 we was polarized but this is from 2017. ouch. we gotta make a u-turn. Destin on the money here; Lets agree to disagree and find common ground

    6. MarkMash17


    7. bryan mclean

      but your point stands, still a good thing they done tbf.

    8. bryan mclean

      bet they all pay less than $50m in taxes

    9. baron ashler

      Wouldn't it be easier to have free and public education? It is incredible that with the monstrous GDP of the USA (20 trillons) they do not do it, incredible and evil! PS: oh! but we spend between 1 and 2 trillion for defense.

    10. Chris Worthman

      Really Ivanka Trump. Stealing from charities, shady real estate deals, and all around grifting is a poor example of a person that as you stated in the beginning " to do some good for society".

    11. Josh Hoodrat

      Interesting how this guy puts Bible verses at the end of his videos , and sits down with politicians who legislate that it’s ok to kill babies then say he isn’t into politics . Disingenuous ?

    12. Elijah 2000

      You are an excellent ambassador for motivation. You might not realize this but this video with 1.5 million views at the time of this post has probably impacted many lives.

    13. Ta Tum

      Ivanka is much different from the rest of Trump goons. She will sure become the first woman to become the president which is both breathtaking and scary.

    14. Dbars19

      if i had 500 million dollars i would pay off everyones student loan in ohio.

    15. SoullessMeatVehicle

      Wonder where all this money actually went.

    16. lokanand baychu

      I wish this message would reach you. The greatest wealth or resource of a person is feelings. With feelings, he can use his skills and other resource to the best of benefit to the world. Feelings is violated when we support industries that violate feelings because of demand. Animals have a personality and feelings. If we violate their feelings, we are indirectly or directly affecting our ability to reciprocate feelings to others. Hence objects of life will matter and not life itself.

    17. arsonist_1

      Ivanka 😍

    18. Reid Maulsby

      If you don’t like to play games, then you are accepting that both sides are doing basically A right thing. I don’t know how you could possibly believe that. Guess what. Choose which side of history you want your children to see where you stood. Ready? Go...

    19. Supreeth MrDeeDs

      Say whatt u want shes a class

    20. Daniel Fisher

      This video really needs a larger audience. I think a lot of people could really benefit from the things you've said here. Especially today, with the political climate in the country.

    21. Kashmir

      Of course they're investing in teaching computer science to kids. The hourly rate of a software engineer is ridiculously high, they want cheap labor.

    22. raedtrab

      This is going to be AMAZING! Sooo amazing! Probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot (a Trump talking lol)

    23. raedtrab

      I wonder if Ivanka is as liar as her father and actually give much much less of those 500 millions

    24. MockingBert

      can't like a video with a trump in it

      1. MockingBert

        @Pharrzide 77 not in general no, but if the cow keeps giving sour milk, i'm gonna stop milking. i'm glad the cow is retired now

      2. Pharrzide 77

        @MockingBert cause you automatically dismiss stuff when it's the other side

      3. MockingBert

        @Pharrzide 77 why ?

      4. Pharrzide 77

        and you are the problem congrats

      5. James Collier

        Good NPC

    25. Early Access Gaming

      Just snakes that bite the hand that feeds them lol. Joke

    26. Steve 82

      The Trump Administration did a lot of great things... the media refused to cover it though.

      1. Pharrzide 77

        you arent wrong but the trump administration did terrible things too

      2. James Collier

        That's The Truth

    27. Cryptos Cryptos

      why is everything about women and minorities though? Is segregation and gender/racial dicrimination cool again?

    28. Max König

      I'd spend everything in nature, 100% not in people 😂

    29. truffleshuffle

      Now trumps lost the election they can let us see this stuff..

      1. James Collier

        Lol. Hmmm

    30. justin brackett

      Maybe getting a crook who is banned from running a charity organization to talk about helping others is a bit hypocritical and a bad thing. There is a line. I don’t thank a thief for wiping his dirty shoes off before coming into my home and steals from my house... and I don’t think Ivanka should get credit for anything as long as she is part of such a broken system that has negative effects on human well being in general. Don’t take money from cons, it comes with a price.

    31. Ben Kutenets

      Unfortunately, you would never see something good like this on the news.

    32. Haiden Geary

      Hey look something else being handed out to everyone but the white kids. Welp, looks like we'll just have to earn it. Also, we barely had PAPER when I was in school. What a rip off.

      1. Pharrzide 77

        no they arent banning white kids from getting the stuff they are just targeting poor neighborhoods which are predominantly minorities

    33. Hieronymus Bosch

      I loathe Donald, but I stan Ivanka. She is poised, eloquent, measured and smart, everything her father is not. 😁

    34. Tony Chenh

      Ivanka 2024

    35. Clap Trap

      Watching this in 2020 knowing where this money actually went.

    36. s.swathi sree

      I think his sister is coding with jupyter notebook or spyder in python

    37. Nite & Day

      You know what they say about wearing a color, it is a mind game.

    38. Tomas Roggero

      Ivanka is not Donald. You cannot compare a civil with a president.

    39. Panda Power

      Trump admin did legit garbage for public education.

    40. thomas Burke

      You lost me a minority's... why.. because this just highlights the divisions created by educational systems failure to educate children at the ground level.. if this is such a short fall the industry leaders would not be offering money but actual solutions to educational institutions to break and outdated and out moded systems of teaching .

    41. Shoham

      Hi, Do we know if (and how) this program performed? How much money was allocated (gov. /private)? What percent of was actually spent and where?

    42. CyberWolf 5 7 8

      i heard the beginning part about politics and had to check when this was uploaded🤣🤣

    43. LinkinPark4Ever1996

      I wish I knew that I should learn code... too late

    44. TheDoctor


    45. krvnjrcbs

      None of those intent on bashing the trump administration just for the sake of it would ever acknowledge these kinds of things. Lots to think about.

    46. krvnjrcbs

      I had the privilege of graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in automotive in Detroit in 2008 when the auto companies all went belly up. It took me two years to get a career going!

    47. joe vise

      I have to be honest here. I saw Ivanka in the video and never gave this video a chance because I'd rather not hear/see anything political. I just watched it and I'm so excited and happy about this. This is really cool! I wouldn't have heard about this anywhere else because I stay away from the news channels and all that jazz. This rad! So cool!

    48. id3m

      Masters have always given resources to educate the next generation of their slaves.

    49. CraftedGadgetMC

      Title: 500 million dollars Me: hmm interesting...

    50. Shneebzzz

      i hadnt watched this video before this but i recently got an early offer for computer science! this really gives me a bit more confidence in my career

    51. LiftOrGTFO

      Ivanka and that dude got it on after the view shoot.

    52. horn hunter21

      What do you think about Bitcoin??

    53. la7zy

      Is there any reporting on how this promised spending has been implemented? Seriously, if anyone knows, please provide a link. I can't find anything, apart from the fuss around the initial announcement in 2017 - you think they'd all be referring to it constantly if it had produced the desired results. I'm not a US citizen, but it would be incredibly disappointing if it all just turned out to administrative incompetence and/or PR hot air. It would be great if Destin could do a follow-up piece - I'm all for peace, love and understanding, but at the end of the day transparency and accountability is the real measure.

    54. Joe Sunder

      Lmao diversity in the work place. What a joke. How about pick the best person for the job? Simple as that

    55. Sign O Thee Times

      Didn't learn to code get censored by twitter? That's messed up probably had something to do with this

    56. JWF


    57. AJS gaming

      Just found this and want to just say how much I apriciate you just going to this and just doing it without political motivation, just doing it showing how just because people are meant to be bad doesn't mean you can't agree with them for a good thing like this

    58. Aboufatax Youssouf

      Thank you for this great content destin.

    59. L. J.

      Isn't that the amount Trump owes?

    60. Steve Masaki

      is your thumbnail background a vault?

    61. Mary Lagua

      Great causes!!

    62. SegaWalker

      F polical parties...

    63. Jakob Doering

      More people need to watch this video.

    64. Crusader1815

      Once again WHITE MALES NEED NOT APPLY!!! This is all about hatred for men of European descent. It's ALWAYS about disenfranchising men of European descent... they don't want to empower the men who got us to the moon, they want to empower Puff Daddy and Trayvon, and have the competent white men train them as their replacements.

    65. C Maria M Soto

      Muy de acuerdo con usted. Mis respetos para usted.

    66. alex rogers

      Sometimes you're a little too naive or well intentioned for your own good destin. These businesses that donated money are mega corps, their goal is to make money and not much else. So when they donate money they expect to get something out of it. And in this case they're hoping to expand the coding work force so they can drive down wages and salaries for coders. Donating 50 million is nothing to them compared to the amount of money this may end up saving them in payroll in the long run.

    67. 3Umphbywill

      This has got to be one of my favorite video of yours and I've been following you for quite some time now! Well done, well done indeed!

    68. Khaba Australia

      Standing in a volt, I wonder what was around them. Millions

    69. J Dubi

      Thank you, Dustin.

    70. Jordan Fourcher

      And 2 years later, companies are refusing to hire white people and men. This diversity stuff starts with good intentions but it's logical ending is the opposite of meritocracy.

    71. elpapiangel

      for president!!

    72. Gary Pylant


    73. AWARHERO

      1 thing i have to say... They all give this money because it came from the GOVERNMENT in the first place and by government i mean THE PEOPLE who actually pay TAXES.

    74. Travis Harger

      Keep doing this good thing. 🖖🏼

    75. Pablo Garcia

      What about boys huh

    76. Gruntslayer 35

      It kind of bugs me that there are all these groups promoting coding to like girls and minorities, because when I was in high school, like just two years ago, there were no programming classes and no emphasis on code for anyone. In my experience as a young person there aren’t many resources or programs that teach coding to *any* young people, so by funding coding for girls style events and competitions it kind of excludes young boys. I get the intention is to diversify the group of coders in the workforce downstream, but doing it this way kind of leaves young boys in the dust upstream. I had my first coding class half way through my mech e degree and I’m actually really good at it, and I would’ve taken a class in it or joined a club for it had there been one at my hs, but now it feels like I’ve missed out. Idk don’t leave the boys behind is all I’m saying, coding is severely lacking for all young people, not just minorities

    77. Evan

      Take this all with a grain of salt, these are all leaders of companies that want cheap labor and more coders mean cheaper coders

    78. Justin Goodwyn

      500mil is almost half of my districts budget. I think I’m realizing how much money is where.

    79. Trey Leeper

      We use a cyber charter home school here in PA called PALCS. They start coding as an elective in kindergarten. My boys are starting their 4th and 6th year of coding at school now. 3rd and 5th grade. Oh and foreign language the same.

    80. Lee Davison

      Ivanka is very coherent and on the right page here. Fair play to her for this! Collaboration is what we need :)

    81. justgjt

      So the way I see is from a supply / demand point of view. Current shortage of computer science graduates = high salaries and low choice of quality candidates. Flood the work force with computer science graduates competing for positions will lower salaries with a higher level of candidate choice as there are more choices on the bell curve.

    82. Ryan E

      Don't want to play the game... while wearing all blue...hmmm

      1. Ryan E

        @alex rogers I’m only joking, I don’t care what political party he’s with. I love all his videos and he seems like a great guy.

      2. alex rogers

        Don't kid yourself, hes a guy who believes in god who grew up and lives in the south. He's somewhere on the right

    83. Jason T.

      Waste of money if you ask me. Nothing more tragic than choosing a career based on need rather than actual desire/passion. A parallel I can draw in my life, keyboarding (learning to type) was forced in my high school. It is a terrible convenience of which has benefited me professionally, but Ive never connected with an individual with an email the way a human can with a hand written letter. A cold, connected, and lonely world we're building.

    84. Karl Wilson

      Blue team FTW

    85. Salandar


    86. Trevor S

      Your obviously on the blue team with that outfit lol

    87. Raed Bourne Layz

      I feel so bad for Ivanka being a Trump...

      1. James Collier

        That's because you are in a media bubble

    88. Blazing Curve

      Wow. I wish politicians would be as positive about things as you Destin. The ending of your video is honestly what all politicians should be talking about, instead of throwing blame at each other. Very good video and actually gave me hope that not everyone is thinking left vs right. Need more of this. For sure.

      1. Connor Hillam

        Agreed. I also think with social media and news media out there to get clicks, a lot of the good news and stories either don’t get reported or get drowned out, which is a shame because it makes the world seemed like it is doomed all the time.

    89. Mr President

      the fact that this video is 30% actual video and 70% explaining why he´s doing it is what is wrong with the world , not just the US. Society is so divided right now and seems like good things are relative to which group does it.

    90. Joshua Phillips

      If the Trump's were the Hitler family - you might get the problem. Sorry Destin, you're definitely wrong here. "You can't be neutral on a moving train."

    91. puppy034

      This video really made me take a step back and realize that alliances can be formed for the greater good, even with your adversaries.

    92. Chris Johnson

      I believe that computer science is important but a great way to supercharge our software future would be to implement more software engineer degrees (with a balance of computer scientist) , Focusing on large software will allow us to build out more complex software faster with better design. I'm personally a computer scientist and would do it again.

    93. James B

      Destine run for president!

    94. Gustav Lindberg

      Not gonna lie... i was expecting to see a pile of money breaking bad style when i clicked this video

    95. Dakota Martin

      Wait, trumps administration is behind this? The news says he hates minorities

    96. Hip Hop Nation

      All of this is irrelevant with Betsy Devoss being the Secretary of Education.

    97. Eric Highsmith

      Ivanka Trumps boobies 🤤

    98. Brendan Bonamie

      I couldn't say I'd put it past Ivanka Trump to treat your SEprom video like a press conference before I watched and still can't after

    99. EclipsE

      If i wouldn’t have seen this video, i would’ve thought Ivanka was dumb just based off the bias media and how they portray everyone. She seems like she really knows about this topic and what the goal is here...not only impressed but my mental barriers and thoughts on her/the administration are lifted as well.

      1. Leon C

        @FoxRcng708 I mean those r qualities u need to lead people. regardless what is there to be cynical about?

      2. FoxRcng708

        Obama was a smooth talker and a great speaker...how'd that work for America?

      3. EclipsE

        BdonKulouS Games Seriously lol. She was an awesome speaker, would’ve been nice to hear more of her during the presidency. This should’ve been main news as well and i hadn’t heard about it till i saw this video.

      4. BdonKulouS Games

        One of the good things about her is she didnt pick up her dads demeanor and speaking patterns. She speaks eloquently and you can tell shes informed..She should teach her dad to speak like her LOL

    100. SpaceCityCowboy88

      My favorite video. I am from Alabama and went to school for programming. Now I code for NASA!! Very inspirational!! Thank you as always! ♥️