AK-47 vs Prince Rupert's Drop (at 223,000 FPS) - Smarter Every Day 170

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    Behind the Scenes video of smashing Life Savers
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    1. William Kelly

      And now........ Reading Ready Player One again.

      1. Doug Baird

        chew the same Wintogreen Life Savers in the dark, and you see blue sparks in the mouth , no you do not feel it

      2. Something Someone

        So was not expecting that at all

      3. frank smith

        Doc Egerton would be proud.

      4. Mine Crafter5837

        I watched ready player one good movie

      5. sans

        I see The Martian

    2. Jared.P

      Aww man, I wanted to see what 7.62×54mmR will do to a Prince Rupert's Drop, especially the big one

    3. Michael O Neill

      I bet that chicken has stopped laying 😱

    4. Michael O Neill

      All them guns, I wish I lived in America

    5. Tomas Connor

      This channel is fantastic

    6. I'll_Steal_Your_PB&J

      The sparky candy looks photoshopped so bad and it hurts because I know you wouldn’t lie about that, so that look is real

    7. ???

      This is the most American thing I’ve ever seen

    8. Jarthen Greenmeadow

      This is....amazingly hard. I'm honestly shocked. I didnt know glass could be so durable even if for a very short period of time.

    9. Pinguin

      glass armour - rare nonmagical item will prevent all damage, just once, after which the entire suit harmlessly explodes in a beautiful fashion. Shards are too small to be utilized after the fact.

    10. ibeal goody

      5:06 is what you came here for

    11. ibeal goody


    12. Corey Monday

      They teach the lifesaver trick in boy scouts at night just put it your mouth and chew

    13. Simon Canning

      YT algorithm is almost as odd as the content 😬. Wtf is a Prince Rupert drop?

    14. bab loo

      Where did the bullet went after hitting it ,OMG HOW?

    15. Amir Haiqal

      That's meant Thor Use the candy

    16. albinoman13bt

      2:38 Apparently Destin is worthy.

    17. Fleet R3finishing

      Lets go buy life savers instead of fire starters

    18. Cliff Hartle

      But per Adam Savage if you write stuff down its science otherwise you are just fooling around.

    19. no see

      I'm scared.

    20. James Cox

      What’s crazy is how fast that explosion happened even in slow mo

    21. Max Herzberg

      Lol to this time you gibt knowe that ITS have a Fil ready Player one

    22. mark hughes

      5:28 Why does a counter-reaction approach the reaction coming up the tube from the bottom?

    23. PoliceManHat

      9:05 Gave that chicken flashbacks to Nam

    24. dee dee

      are we supposed to know what a prince ruperts drop is or

    25. adonian

      I used to do that to lifesavers waaay back when I was a kid. I would wait in the dark in front of the mirror until my eyes could see in the dark then I’d just crunch lifesavers to see sparks in my mouth 😂

    26. Ravikumar G

      Conspiracy theory : Thor is made up of polo mints

    27. Lucas Weaver

      Theres no telling what knowledge has been lost or forgotten throughout all of history. Sure makes one wonder, doesn't it?

    28. Black Orchid

      Isn't supersonic shrapnel more dangerous?

    29. Darren MacDonald

      I remember back in the 70's, there was a big deal about Wintergreen Lifesavers that would spark if you bit them in the dark.

    30. Lloyd Emmanuel Avelino

      I actualy tought that the prince rupert drop was a candy

    31. k3ntro

      What state does this man live in 🤨

    32. mike Lagana

      Thats crazy that she sent that letter too adorable lmao

    33. KuruGDI

      4:50 I think I just shot one. Let's get away before anybody notices!

    34. Nulapon love

      Wow a 183 series mini14, those are hard to fine.

    35. Unit

      Mosin basically fires older version of 7.62 nato... and AK basically fires something between that and current 5.56 right? Games and movies glorify the Mosin and AK but it's still just an iron tube containing a charge and projectile.. and you can chamber any weapon with any of these if you so choose

    36. seven7ns

      Pnewnm10 has a nice theory about the breaking starting at the tail. My first thought was that the severeness off the bullet hitting the head caused a high frequent vibration that rushed true the material and at he moment it hits the tail end it maid brake it. Not expected that the bullet would shatter like it did. In cases like this the weakest gives the most.

    37. Amos Newton

      why you dumping millions of shards of glass into nature?

    38. Le Lemon

      Umm just wanna know, what is the prince Robert drop

    39. h2s

      Its called sectional density

    40. Michael Deleted

      That was a rooster!

    41. Gaston26

      2:31 Thor's hammer

    42. Don Wright

      Shout out to camp green meadows for showing me the life saver thing in 5th grade

    43. Andrew Saenz

      wait i dont get it did the other guns not work at school my adivce go with the AK

    44. Lissandro Bassani

      Hi. I enjoy your videos, and technic + science backing it all up. However the last shot clearly (to me) did not hit the drop itself, it ignited that tube below the drop (8:40-8:42) - I even played at youtube's 0.25 speed to be sure - and also, the projectile seems to have barely touched the tube also, and then an explosion directly from the projectile hit itself... I found this very weird (did not want to say "suspect", however...). Is this the case? Some extra pyrotechnics / other for sake of visual? An optical illusion? All previous impacts seem to be OK, however, this last one looks "fake".

    45. Maarten Berendschot

      I may be a bit late, but there is one question stuck in my head. It should be possible to cut of the end of the Rupert's drop during the cooling in the water right (so getting a tailless drop)? This way, withouth such long vibrating tail, is the droplet unbreakable?

    46. abijith g.p.y f. m

      Yo man you just blew my mind with that candy

    47. Ba Lu

      What an unbelievable nice guy♥️

    48. Andy 8583

      3:00 jesus christ, I'm crying over that candy being smashed.

    49. Stephen R

      I feel like this wasn't mentioned: The 2nd shot did not destroy that PRD, the PRD destroyed the bullet and then the PRD broke but from the tail, most likely because the sheer force of the bullet hitting the PRD caused a flex I the whole PRD and it have at the weak point. E.g. If you held the PRD in a vice by the tail and just tapped the ball end it'd still break FROM the tail but because it's being flexed there from forces elsewhere.

    50. Sankha B

      When you see Lightning in the sky, its just Thor crushing Jawbreakers

    51. alejofox10

      Is because of Thors hammer.

    52. Henry Savage

      It’s scary to me that a ton of Americans just have ak-47s in their backyard. What if one of those people decided to go to town and shot it up? I know you Americans won’t like or accept my proposition but please, please have stricter gun laws!

    53. Me And The Boi’s

      That is so cool I did not know that some candy makes sparks when you smash it

    54. Stamatis Taramas

      The first prince ruperts drop shot with an ak started shattering from the tail so I think it’s the fragments that knocked the tail making the whole thing get powderized so it survived technically

    55. Obilwe wufuh Mubufu Oulou

      Certs advertised their mint sparks.

    56. Kyle Alexander

      Wtf. So sugar is literally energy?

    57. Adam Lynch


    58. Gabriel Divine

      4:08 .. check what it did to the bullet .. must be really hard :)

    59. Mohamed Abdulla

      7.62x39mm. The Beloved AK47.

    60. DubiousN00B

      I was thinking about the bullet after your first shot. that thing just ate the bullet

    61. Fedora TheExplorer

      The scientific community is still thanking Dustin to this day for the incredible advancements he made possible by shooting a can of tannerite with some glass on top at point blank range

    62. Koralr33fer

      2:38 Wonder if that's how Thor's hammer works. Maybe its made out of a super dense hard candy? LOL

    63. aztekkthundergod

      Thor has resorted to crushing candy during the lockdown. Too much free time on his hands.

    64. neal cantrell

      5:08 a shock wave came from the bottom to meet the one from the top. WTH Kinda like lightning

    65. hgrenold bob


    66. Rusted Gears

      dang that hammer coming down on that candy like the fall of the berlin wall

    67. T J

      2:40, pretty sure they did this in an old search commercial where people bid into them in the dark and they showed the static electricity coming out of it

    68. juiceFORfunNOTyet

      В Российской Федерации за то, что ты делаешь на камеру, садят на 4-8 лет.

    69. Daniel Malek

      2:06 - Nono, he clearly invented bacon, nothing else matters!

    70. william mitchell

      I dont know why I expected anything else to happen lol

    71. Hatim Salim

      I swear I heard the chicken replied ; I think you’re deeply crazy not only just a crazy 😜

    72. Abbos Imomov

      thor candy

    73. Rouniy

      What about create something like ball from the liquid glass and putt it into cold water. It should be very strong glass ball without tail.

    74. MXNV

      The sparks look dope-

    75. Cynthia Booker

      Russian Mosin Nagant 7x39x54

    76. Mike Dandurand

      More like 2300 feet per second.

    77. Philippe Damerval

      I'm not sure how sir Francis Bacon came to be known on the internet as the "father of the scientific method". He was an Aristotelian philosopher and did promote it, but by the time he was alive it had been a standard of science for 600 years. I think it is an amalgam of Francis Bacon, 16th century philosopher, with Roger Bacon, 13th century scholar and monk who read the works of Alhazen (10th century Arab mathematician and scientist) and who spread widely the anti-Aristotelian notion that we cannot trust our intuition to arrive at correct observation, instead laying out the basics (hypothesis-experiment-control-result) that would later be picked up by Descartes and Pascal in the early 17th century to arrive at the scientific method we know today. Francis Bacon spent half his life as a barrister and, while he promoted the scientific method, neither invented it nor defined it in any way. He would have read about it in Alhazen's works on optics, and sung its praises to his readers, but in the field of philosophy and science, it was already old news by his time. I know there are many sources across the internet that describe him as the "father of the scientific method" but I think it is important to note that all those sources are American or British, while sources in other languages all point to Alhazen instead. It is a pity that what can be described as anglo-centrism leads to wiping away important aspects of our heritage, including the Arabs who made decisive contributions to mathematics and science, including giving us algebra and the number system we use today, and the Indians, who literally taught the western world including Romans and Greeks how to write, made ceramic, and make steel.

    78. Daytruin ziaos

      hopefully she got to do the experiment.

    79. Rett Gibbs

      whenever it gets shot it looks like a thanos snap

    80. Robert Smith

      Some fool playing with his lethal toys covering the ground with glass dust for other creatures to ingest.

    81. crzy11000

      AT 1:20 it looks like the drop actually shatters at a faster rate than the bullet is flying.

    82. MasterAlucardGV

      not sure if breaking glass in the open is good for the environment

    83. Philip Brooks

      5:18 what happened here? Both ends exploded and met in the middle.

    84. GS Allen

      F-ing awesome!

    85. Scott Baxendale

      Sound doesn’t automatically get reverb when you slow it down. I wish we could hear the real sound rather than the fake sound design?

    86. G sonu

      at 5:21 when the bullet hit ..why the crack came from the end too???

      1. 2 Bird dogs and a Wolfdog

        Shock wave. Same thing happens on long pieces of steel. If you hit it, you can hear and feel the wave going from end to end until it loses momentum. Steel cables are even more noticeable.

    87. Ron Disanto

      How hard is a Prince Rupert drop compared to a diamond?

    88. John Cristopher L. Muñiz

      Most american thing i ver seen

    89. Graham Brobst

      it hurts every time he says AK round it a 762 by 39 only gun people will understand this

    90. Fusion Cold

      What if you make armor out of it

    91. Other


    92. fixento

      Other than the fact the AK 47 is a POS for accuracy, the bullet travels a 2330 fps. I assume you are referring to the speed the glass shattered. That is not uncommon for glass, so other than bravado what was you hypothesis?

    93. tanvirt scientist

      this was awesome!

    94. G-Rat Stickler

      What'd you do to that poor mosin nagant?

    95. Redhotlugnut

      Dude, the Mini 14 was the gun of choice for guys on the A-Team TV series.

    96. The Tanker

      Smarter: Francis Bacon is the father of scientific metod Galileo Galilei: Am I a joke for you?

    97. Pierce Sutton

      Found the candy thing way more interesting than the Prince Rupert's drop stuff.

    98. Virgil Mize

      Could the sugar be acting like a piezo electric crystal to generate the light?

    99. DIY TWOinCollege

      What is a prince ruperts drop? Glass, candy?

    100. Tasha Sams

      Love the video, but that last shot with the Tannerite was pretty pathetic. Your phantom couldn’t do any better than that? Gavin would be ashamed.