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    Publicerades den 3 år sedan


    1. Christian Cepel

      Who's on the mando? Instrument of kings!

    2. Seth

      Thanks for not recommending SEprom XD time to listen to all the podcasts though

    3. badvock1

      Hi Destin. I learned to drive a fork truck, many years ago and the first time I took a corner at speed, I nearly fell off it. (because of the rear wheel steering) It takes some getting used to! I saw your reverse bike, recently and wondered if a rear wheel steering bike is possible to ride. Your thoughts?

    4. Alfred Clement

      I got the same USB condenser mic !!

    5. Bobby Walter

      Born and raised in Wyoming. In my opinion, no better state.

    6. Elof Wecksell

      Hey Destin, great channel! I have something for you, it is chemistry/physics. How to get rid of carbon dioxide out of soda really fast? Stir it with a raw wooden surface spoon or stick! Warning, dont fill the glass when attempting this, it creates bubbles fast! Youll see that in seconds, you soda will become flat! That you be an aweesome video to see you research.

    7. J.P. Morgan

      My son and I love your channel. can you do a vid on the double slit experiment? I understand it's not really your field but you really have the influence and capabilities to raise theories out of expert minds and I admire that. You have have the "gift of gab" per say.

    8. Momo

      I have the exact same audio setup

    9. Edward Pierce

      Destin - I've finished "Ready Player One" - this is inline with Neal Stephenson with "Diamond Age" and really inline with his other book "Snow Crash" with the same underlying technology context. Can I put a book on the list? "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation" by Steven Johnson? I'd love to talk about it with a greater audience. Let me know!!!! Ed (ps - to generalize me, I live in NJ just outside of NYC (pinko land yes) but am all about reaping what you sow; teaching a person to fish so they can feed themselves for a lifetime; firm believer of 2A; and believe in independent thought but to ensure that we can coexist, need to come to consensus on the framework in how we live together (yes, laws and taxes but with specific accountable goals - remember that our military as outlined in the constitution requires taxes so it can be funded); among other - :) )

    10. Jary giron

      I left a message on your video about water phenomenon. hopefully you read it.

    11. Leon Eriksen

      Can you explain in a video what the science behind using a mac/pc trackpad and just slightly touching it. Does electric currency go through your finger tip? or how does it recognize a click?

    12. C M

      Found this while looking at Smarter Every Day for somewhere to ask a question, so here goes. I just finish watching a TV show that said that the heat in the core of the Earth was: A. Residual from the formation of the planet and B. Generated by the decay of radio active elements. But I have to ask: The Earth has a MASSIVE magnetic field. Since molten iron (the core) is not magnetic, is it possible that this spinning magnetic field would be generating electrical current? Or the moving (spinning) electric field generating a massive magnetic field? Either way, wouldn't all that current in a poor conductor (not copper or graphene) create a lot of resistance heat? Just asking. P.S.: Today dumb has taken the connotation of being foolish, but the original intent of the word 'dumb' was it can't speak. The only dumb question is the one that's not asked.

    13. M

      There is a Destin, FL. Thought you should know.

    14. Dwayne Myers

      How come? How come when I am doing exercises in the swimming pool, and it is time to hold arms straight out and make little circles with me hands, I always make counterclockwise ones with one hand and clockwise ones with my other hand. Then when I tell myself to make them both the same, it will work, if I turn my head and look at one hand, or bring that one hand up front, to the edge of my vision?

    15. Szabó D. Tamás

      Hey great podcast, Please don't compress the sound so much! The first 3 ones were just fine, when the sound of speaking is so compressed it can really aggravate the ear. I think you should do what you want, cuz the first three were awesome, listened to it 3 times, the 4th podcast was a bit different, a bit forced.

    16. Mantas Palšis

      There is no such thing as DUMB question. Its just not enough knowledge.. Dont use word DUMB... its not for you...

    17. Jacob Udall

      Do you do requests? Do you think you could do a video on how tesla could make music? Thanks'

    18. Jo King

      Dumb is a spectrum; opinion

    19. Matt

      Why dont you do a collab with backyardscientist??

    20. Akin Turhan

      ok how does a balloon filled with helium that is a few days old, so it only floats a few feet off the ground, float higher it you put it over a higher plane like a couch or table than it does on the ground, I have taken a helium balloon that has lost some helium due to time and seen that it floats at 1 foot or about 30cm high, then placed it above a couch and seen that it floats about a foot or 30cm above the couch. Destin can you explain this.

    21. Rayna Phillips

      Yeeeaaaaa, so excited you are doing Podcasts now. I can finally listen to you on my to and from work! :-)

    22. John Diefendorff

      your now down one subscriber over the fifty fifty video... Goodbye.

    23. 404 Not Found

      I use to sub to your channel until you tried to claim a video used by another channel as your own while it was, in fact, public domain, sorry but that turned me off...get smarter bro

    24. BasicallyVenom

      714th noobssssss

    25. Zack Lujan

      So far I like the podcast, but you need to cut less out. Or at the very least, make the casts a bit longer.

    26. Dean Brady

      Sweet mic! (Have the same one!)

    27. Katrina Eames

      that's really cool, I'm super excited to listen to the podcast

    28. Evaneos 22

      Still waiting for a new Episode ...

    29. MattacksRC

      first three were good ready for the next ones!.

    30. Leonardo Netto

      bom demais

    31. Hikari


    32. wilmer Betancourth

      I don't kow if this may be the way to answer a silly question but, What happen when you throw a cilinder that has been vacuum into a a pool? Does it sink?

    33. David Naranjo

      How do homing pidgeons find their home? I need to know it!

    34. Zack Diebold

      can somebody link me to the clock shown on the corner of the map at the very end of the video

      1. Zack Diebold


    35. Fabio Martins

      I loved it, Destin! When's the next update coming up?

    36. alitlweird

      Are you also the guy on TWANGnBANG? (SEprom channel)

    37. Keenan Tims

      Watched the whole way through hoping you'd get to telling us what the podcast would be about or what format it would have...left disappointed. Your name gets you in the door, but I need something to go on before I commit to an episode.

    38. Antaine Ó hÓgáin

      I've been liking it a lot! Are you guys also going to add a Facebook page? There are two groups with a similar name, so it could be helpful to have your own presence there in order to avoid confusion with the other groups.

    39. Pedro Contipelli

      Where can I find more music like this? This sounds beautiful (1:36)

    40. Edouard Dubois

      Oh! I got a good one. In your personal opinions, is Snowden a hero or a traitor (or somewhere in between)? Also, if we ever find an intelligent alien race, and they tell us that they've never heard of Jesus Christ or of our religions, would that have an impact on your personal faith? Because... I think we can all agree if it was the other way around and they told us that, yes in fact they do know about Jesus, that would turn a lot of people onto Christianity. lol

    41. brent847

      I was curious about quantum physics and this duality of light. I keep imagining a pane of glass or membrane. and that photons pass back and forth through this barrier. on our side light stays below the speed of light but on the other, it doesn't have that limit its essentially everywhere at the same time. and weather it stays on one side or the other for any duration or zig zags in and out of this subspace. or weather it is a single photon or a twin or a shadow. on this side of the barrier it is limited possibly because of some minute interaction or observation adds something. like it is changing form like water into steam. its been something ive been turning over in my mind .

    42. Jake Boss

      im wondering, should it be called something like no such thing as dumb questions? because the channel is called smarter everyday, kinda makes me think of like you don't want to answer dumb questions and think people are stupid, or am i over thinking it?

    43. Nicolas Cage

      Hi! I heard the second ep. of the new podcast, so I'm giving you some feedback. I don't mean to be mean, it's just my opinion. I thought that what you said quickly and like it was some geeky stuff nobody cares about (when you were talking about digital cameras and lighting) should have been the main atraction of the episode, and i would have liked to hear more in depth imfo about that. The prank should have been a little side dish, in my opinion. Anyway, thank you for all the great inspiring and interesting content. Also, I would love to see more about how those tuned tesla coils work. Saludos!!

    44. FroidEsprit

      Is this considered one of them: How do I start a Podcast?

    45. LGD Jackal

      Listened to the first three episodes and loved it. Can't wait for more as I literally binged it all at once.

    46. Tooth Frame

      I can already picture how internet is going to ruin this and ONLY ask dumb questions

    47. kangourouuu1

      That metaphor was 100% the dueling banjos scene from Delivrance. :p

    48. Jen Racine

      Destin, you have personally touched my life and the lives of my children. We are so blessed to get smarter everyday as we seek God's truth. Thank you for you unique look at our beautiful world.

    49. Evan Yap

      Am listening to the episode 1 of the podcast "Are we too similar" and did I hear correctly that Destin said "Did you get it over hangouts?" Are they referring to google hangouts?! If so, finally I'm not the only one XD!

    50. Ramiro Romero

      I've already heard the podcasts you've put up, I really enjoy them! keep em coming!

    51. seanywal1

      At the beginning of this video is it 2:03pm?

    52. Aerodoc78

      I totally did the podcast! I'm from central Oklahoma and would like to hear you guys talk about Mars mission possibilities and the one way trip option.

    53. Happy Thoughts

      Should be interesting. One piece of advice I would have is to make video podcasts if possible. Doesn't have to be fancy or animated, but I've noticed that video podcasts get significantly more views and likes across platforms than regular audio podcasts. I can see why that's true, because if you aren't actively doing something, like driving or working, a degree of visual stimulation can definitely keep my attention longer than the audio alone.

    54. Maayu

      I'm a little late :/. BUT I'M SOOO HYPE! :3.

    55. Luiz Felipe P. Souza

      I love the idea!!! That's so cool.

    56. Cihad

      It's 2:03 Am for Destin?

    57. Alex Martini - Comedian

      A pastor? Nuff said...

    58. Rowan Lee

      Why don't you just steam it on youtube?

    59. Slobbo

      Could've used a better title but OK.

    60. black man nathaniel

      Hey I have a question for you, do you like president Trump?

    61. Initiate of life

      I bet your sponsors won't let you investigate flat earth.... your bought... and they pay your bills so.... sooner or later if not now you'll have to lie the same as the rest of the pawns in the deep. sorry man, but whats the point if science is a schism splitting reality from our conscious awareness

    62. Intelligent Horse

      Here's a big important question, was 9/11 a false flag operation?

    63. Will Ware

      Very cool. Been looking at Matt's stuff on and off since you pointed out his channel on Facebook

    64. Jessie Bullock

      Why does this video have so few views?

    65. Jeremie Doiron

      Hey Destin, are you the one playing the mandolin and guitar? sounds great!

    66. Nicolás Táppero

      Im excited about this! I hope religion doesn't play a part though (cuz of the pastor thing)

    67. Scott Sweet

      YESSSSS!!! Sub'd via Downcast.

    68. Jenard De Bozh

      Noticed the time at the beginning and end of the video. I see what you did there. :>

    69. Haleh Damirchi

      I just finished listening to the last episode and I really enjoyed it. I liked the way conversation between you two goes from topic to topic so fast and it gets better and better.

    70. Madison Ainsworth

      Hey Destin, How do you like your ath-m50x's?

    71. Frankly

      Cool! I'm definitely going to check the podcast out.

    72. Chris Kankiewicz

      I'd like to subscribe using Google Play Music but it's not available there.

    73. amilom007

      why well water temperature is constant summer and winter?

    74. Jacob Causey

      please post to Google play music! that's where I get all my other podcasts. I'd hate to DL another app just to listen to you guys

    75. SAI Peregrinus

      There are no dumb questions. Only inquisitive idiots! That might be a bit too cynical for this channel...

    76. Elliott Collins

      Looking forward to it!

    77. cody heiser

      please post your podcast to google music and or Spotify. I'd love to listen because I enjoy furthering my mind. but I don't want to download another app and have to remember to seak out the podcast every week. Google music it will alert me when a new podcast is up from my subscription and I can stop my normal music and go right to that.

    78. Chhitij Pahari

      Its 2:04on his clock

    79. crowman943

      Destin, do you record the podcast from separate locations? If so, how do you get high quality audio recorded from both sources into a single file?

    80. Rui Portela

      Hi, About your second podcast episode, would it partially solve the light problem if you turn on two tungsten light bulbs to different power sources in such a way that the two light flicks do not happen at the same time? In this way you would not get a complete temporary blackout but just a less bright light.

    81. Karmantina

      Hello from *Russia* ! Can you show us *when bullet ends its flight* in different directions? Thnx

    82. Kongolox

      idk why.. but this annoying to me..

    83. Twizted TV

      How does a rubber band act in space?

    84. Parker D

      Here's a question for you: Since when did people start caring more about respecting other people's beliefs than finding the truth?

    85. Harry The Cat

      How did they rig Building 7 in a day? How come no one speaks of this smoking gun? Now thats seems like a smart question dont you think?

      1. Harry The Cat

        Love the videos Destin 👍

    86. André Moraes

      Loved the music!

    87. P .Barr

      sounds like a Great idea for Democrats and liberals to me. they are "acting stupidly " to quote the previous president.

    88. ThomasHaberkorn

      Hey Destin why are you not the POTUS? #NoDumbQuestions

    89. flyingdutchy01

      It looks like you're about to sing Chocolate Rain

    90. Dave Hughes

      There are no dumb questions is very true but unfortunately if you are speaking to a religious person there are no questions at all! They have all the answers in a book so have no need for questions or rational thought. Where as a science orientated person knows they don't know anything and will ask questions to find the answers, while also knowing those answers may well change in the future.

    91. Fred Kurdoff

      Bullshit podcast! Dislike it a lot

    92. Ethan _ Ayotte

      Hey I have an idea/question for a video, if you took 2 balls of the same mass,material, everything was the same, except for the color, one was white and one was black, and you rolled them in a vacuum, where no air friction would apply, would they roll at the same exact speed, because the black one attracts more heat and therefore more friction which would theoretically slow the ball down over time ?

    93. cwuzii

      20 minute long podcast about music? That's disappointing. Podcasts have to be long and focused on conversations.

    94. Lou Cummins

      How did they build the pyramids?

    95. İbrahim Halil UÇAR

      I have typophoby and your logo has some circles reminds me this . I'd like to you care about it and make it triangle or cube instead . thank you very much . and love you you are such a cool man

    96. Aziez Nugroho

      A communication error occurred: "Connection reset by peer" The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time. :(

    97. PierreDolphin

      Could you please upload the podcasts to this channel or a new dedicated channel like Hello Internet?

    98. Ethan Tardio

      Looking forward to listening very much! You've been a major inspiration for me to pursue science and I can't wait to see all the great things to come.

    99. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

      Destin, so you're the science guy and he's ... "humanitis"? You said he's a pastor, but the other thing i can't understand.

    100. Adam Laney

      "No Dumb Questions" Reddit "Submissions restricted"