Announcing ThinkerCon! - A Celebration of Online Educational Content

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    A panel of educational content creators has been working on this for several months. We're finally announcing it today, and hope to see you there! Around 100 top tier educational content creators will be in the room, and we're selling 1000 tickets to the room. Podcasters, SEpromrs, Artists, Writers, etc. I hope to see you there!

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    1. Ryan Butterly

      Whoops I missed that one. I meant subscribe!

    2. Mary Lagua

      Thanks Destin.

    3. Waterpaw

      Is there plans for there to be another ThinkerCon?

    4. ThrobbinHood


    5. LeoTheHuman

      Any chance this will happen again?

    6. onafixedincome

      Okay, so that one went great, when's the next one!?

    7. Echo Smyth

      I'm I the only one who felt a shot of Irony when Malik came on camera? Someone who knows education and critical thinking is so important in our world today and yet he is also aware that SEprom is chalk full of hundreds of thousands of misinformation videos. (ridiculous conspiracy theory videos)

    8. codybell87

      Hope this is annual. I like 45 minutes from Huntsville and just now saw this.

    9. Kinley Patterson

      I live really close to Huntsville

    10. Leah Howard

      I missed this please do it again

    11. XularusXIII

      Will there be one this year?

    12. James Terrell

      How did it go? Just saw your announcement

    13. Alex King

      Who’s here because of Mark Rober?

    14. Montana Pepe

      also what a sad state of affairs for this video to only have 90k views. science isnt really popular among children and the youth, not as much as fortnite and esports. I hope you continue making videos Destin. You're one of the few good people left that wants to change the world for the better.

    15. Montana Pepe

      can you imagine what will happen if youtube deletes pewdiepie's and all the 10 million plus subs video games lets play channel and push everyone to subscribe to science channels like destin's. in the next 20 years we wouldve gotten flying cars and holographic projectors.

    16. Passed High School Physics

      Destin yesterday was December 25th, I’m wondering if you celebrated the birth of a highly religious man who’s life has affected everyone since his birth. I’m talking of course about Sir Issac Newton. We all have Sir Issac Newton to thank for demoestatrating what the characters and Bible was teaching was wrong. (And the church was having people pay for this fake science news). Just think Destin, it were not for Sir Issac Newton proving the Bible and what religious leaders were teaching as wrong you would not have a job, you would not be able to make videos, there would be not computers and there would be no Internet. So did you celebrate the seeker of truth, Sir Issac Newton’s birthday? Or the other guy?

    17. Jay Dezi

      😭 It's sold out!

    18. Paul Riggs

      This makes me happy. I see that many of my favorite people will be there!

    19. Adam Horton

      Thank you for doing this Destin. I had a fantastic time and met some amazing people.

    20. kmccravy

      ThinkerCon was awesome. Thanks!

    21. James Sharp

      I’m driving to Huntsville in a few hours. See you there.

    22. Thunder Duck

      Why is there is no contact info for this event? No phone number, no address, just an email that no one responds to. I have several questions about accessibility, allergies and the menu. I'd love to bring my family but we'd rather not be embarrassed.

    23. Thunder Duck

      Does anyone know if there will be a vegan meal option? I sent a message through the website but no one responded. We'll just happen to be in Huntsville next week and we're considering Thinkercon. We really don't want to sit there and pretend to eat. Any info on this greatly appreciated.

    24. Unknown Australian

      No the main goal of SEprom us our money

    25. Pierre Odendaal

      All I know is that Geography Now is going to be there. Go Barby! Woohoo!

    26. Void Concept

      I'm not sure how I missed this 3 weeks ago...I'm seriously thinking about going (assuming there are still tickets; website didn't kick me out), but I'm on the other side of the US and don't know if anyone I know would be interested in going...

    27. dotails

      @smartereveryday when you say attenders can hang out with the creators what will that look like?

    28. terry hughes

      It's like a Flat Earth conference for people who think.

    29. ozz

      I wish I had known about this sooner, or I would have tried to go. It sounds awesome. Have fun y'all.

    30. juancastrov

      Will be there live streaming of the event?

    31. Ryan D.

      Roll Tide!!

    32. David Garcia

      You should do a video about a toucon cleaning their beak in slo mo

    33. Tyler Cenci

      So cool I’m going to ThinkerCon and I am so excited. Hope to meet you there.

    34. Phillip Spengler

      PLEASE, do a video about quantum computers

    35. MT Knives

      Thanks Destin and SEprom for putting this together. I will see you there! :)

    36. MaD MaX

      For people who can not participate. Would like to get back to watch SED educational content back those days. For the rest good luck.

    37. 119gavin

      Can you do Dzhanibekov effect? Please?

    38. Rider's Road

      Do a video on the ice vibration skipping rock phenomenon PLEASE!!!!! idk why it makes that sound !!!!!!

    39. Nehmo Sergheyev

      Fireworks should not be promoted by a socially conscious organization or person. They may be fun (to some) by appealing to their pyromaniac tendencies, but the damage they do to wildlife, particularly birds negates that pleasure. Take a walk on the morning of July 5th in some town in America. Dead Birds. The birds get confused and disoriented. Something happens to them, and you can easily find numerous bodies. If July 5th is too far for you, try New Year's Day. Moreover, the celebration leaves thick clouds of smoke pollution, and kids lose eyeballs and fingers every year. (Plus, fireworks cause house fires.) We need fewer fireworks - not more. Destin is allowing the kid in him to hijack his common sense.

    40. Rafael Couto

      where to buy tickets?

    41. Zeref Dragneel

      This maybe dumb but could you do a video about atlantis.

    42. CiCiDiaries

      Aw darn it. I was super excited for this until I saw the price. I REALLY want to go, but there is no way my family would be willing to spend 500 dollars just for the 4 of us to go to a 4 hour event.

    43. Scott is incredibly slow on the device I use SEprom on: an LG 2017 TV. Not sure if the site is getting hammered, or Wix made a simple site overly complicated. Doesn’t reflect well on Wix.

    44. Mark Slot

      I love your channel!!

    45. Jared Tabor

      I wish that I could come but that is a little too muchPS. love the vids and you inspire me to keep working for mydream job, an aeronautical engineer.

    46. Bennett Sanderson

      According to Closed Captioning you are announcing "Pinker Khan"? Sounds lit.

    47. 4lifejeph

      No Con is a "Con" without Diresta

    48. Adam Cannon

      I have an idea for a future video. I work on aircraft powered by the Pratt and Whitney PT6-A turboprop. During engine start it is common to start with the 4 blade Hartzell props “feathered”. What is interesting to the naked eye is what happens when they come out of feather and increase RPM. When viewed 90 degrees perpendicular to the engine and directly in line with the plane of rotation of the blades, a noticeable “wobble” takes place as the blades begin to spin at speeds where the propeller takes the shape of a disk. This all occurs as the prop settles into idle speeds. Imagine it similar to the wobble you see in a child’s toy top spinning. I’d really like to know what is happening during this phase of operation. Is it the change in blade pitch I’m seeing? Are the blades actually bending as they change speed and angle of attack? A slow motion video would be amazing!! Just an idea. Stay well! -Adam

    49. aman bhargav

      Hey Destin I am very much into your content and i like your video very much. Unfortunately I dont have much money to buy" audible" subscription . I really want to have it and listen to all the books you talk about. Can You help me have a subscription?

    50. Dan

      Oh, man. I want to go...

    51. Michelle P.

      You look like J Roc from trailer park boys.

    52. Speed99 09

      Dang, I wanted The Action Lab and Vsauce to be there, no luck :-( Have fun in any case!

    53. Robert Lowery

      What is going on with the rocket in the background?

    54. Steven Kronenberg

      Just bought my ticket and can’t wait to see everything and meet some cool people. I run the graduate programs for a college of business and want to think outside the box on how we can offer unique programs. I’m also an aspiring voice actor and would love to collaborate with some people on cool projects. See you soon!

    55. Braden Cuttler

      Just bought tickets! Me and my roommate are roadtripping it and camping in Tennessee to cut costs. We'll have CGP Grey face-spoilers, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

    56. Wander

      Dang, this is tempting. SEprom Education is one of my favorite things. I follow at least half of the creators listed.

    57. Randy Almajose

      hi smartereveryday! have you seen the falcon 9 launch? can you make a video explaining what is the light/smoke that's circling behind the falcon 9? it makes me think what happens there... thanks

    58. Nathan King

      Can you do a slow motion of airbags with your extremely slow motion cam?

    59. Ken O'Donnell

      This is amazing. Won't be able to get to America but if ever in Europe I'm definitely there!

    60. Gergely Feldhoffer

      Funny, my subsciption list is ~40% covered by the collaborators of the event. Some missing like vsauce, Mathologer, Thunderf00t or Technology connections, but still, nice fit.

    61. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder)

      Just bought my tickets for me and LOML.... I really regretted skipping the 2014 event, and I'm looking forward to this.

    62. Stephen Benner

      Did you ever hear the Rich Mullins song that uses a piano version of this ending music as the intro to the song?

    63. mike stanfield

      If only we had much much more and more people such as yourself alive...

    64. xgozulx

      tell me youtube is streaming this

    65. Andrew Canavan

      Fun fact A-curiosity landed on my birthday B- I slept under that Saturn V the night curiosity landed and got to watch it live in that amphitheater

    66. Espen Johansen

      youtube is not focusing on eductation, they are focusing on making money and acting like dicks towards most of their content creators. but nice try though.

    67. Claudio Taveras

      This is awesome!! I missed that 2014 event i will definitely try to make this one!

    68. Nakul Detroja

      I wish SEprom create dedicated Education section just like they have for SEprom Gaming.

    69. Wynchesster

      So bummed, I was at the first event and it was amazing, but I just can't make this one, and I wanted to bring my daughter this time. Hope to be there next year!

    70. Boter Bug

      Jeez, can you get any more last minute? No way I can go, hopefully you guys can do one next year and can get us more advanced warning! (Sorry if I sound sore because this is AWESOME and I REALLY WANT TO GO but can't justify it on such short notice.)

      1. Boter Bug

        You know what, I'm gonna amend that. $130 for one evening is crazy. Not in a good way. Full weekend conventions are rarely over $100. Even a single day - FULL day, not just evening - at PAX East was $53 this year. AND you have SEprom as a title sponsor. That's insane. I wish you the best of luck but that's... yeah. Sorry.

    71. Chordeiles Major

      Hey Destin, this sounds awesome. sadly as a working person and being from germany does make it impossible to come on such a short notice. Did you explain the part about the german bit btw? did i miss it? whats up with that german meal? i love this. hopefully there will be another thinkers con! i would love to go!

    72. Mikes Science

      I wish I had the time to go and get a ticket.

    73. 1024

      C'mon, guys! No Cody?

    74. Salty Steel

      I would love to come meet you at this event Destin. Big fan of yours. I work in Huntsville for the largest aerospace company in the world. But I will admit that these tickets are outrageously overpriced per person. I drive by the Space and Rocket Center everyday and I rarely go there. Maybe we'll get to meet one day. We probably live less than 30 minutes apart from each other. Lol Edit: Maybe I'll see you at the Veteran's parade in Huntsville on November 12th. Should start around 11:00 AM. I'll be driving my HMMWV M998 Humvee in the parade.

      1. rachel

        Salty Steel 130 dollars is less then a cheap ticket to a concert. How do you work for a huge company like that and not have 130 dollars. I’m 19, I live alone and I have that.

    75. Jonathan Crowder

      Aggggh Tom Scott is going to be there!?

    76. Rae Holcomb

      So wish I could make it... if only it were after final exams!

    77. rtbchef

      Hope this happens next year as well, then I might have funds to fly across the atlantic

    78. Marcin Samojłowicz

      And these are ideas worth spreading :)

    79. rabinator33

      Anyone from or near Atlanta going? I'm a Georgia Tech student who wants to go, but I need of a ride. I can bring snacks and gas money!

    80. John Cox

      Is this open to anyone who can buy a ticket or is it only open to content creators? I'm guessing the former, but given the limited ticket count and the website's lax on specifics, I wanted to ask.

    81. Driving with John John

      Is Captain D gonna be there

    82. SirNate

      Wow looking at the creator's list just makes me really sad I can't go.

    83. Manny Obinero

      Hey Destin. Think you could take a slow mo of a Euler's disc? Big fan. Keep it up.

    84. TheMTrider16

      Wishing Destin and all you thinkers the best. The more ideas you can promote and encourage the better the world will be... and maybe You Tube also.

    85. Christopher Burnette

      It sounds really cool to be a part of a community like that.

    86. nandafprado

      You were in Rio??? were there any meet ups? Please come back

    87. Mudak The Multiplier

      My first thought was "huh, that sounds neat" then I saw the speaker list and I was more like "AAAAAAGGGGGHJHJHHHHH!!! I want to go..."

    88. Tim McComish

      Growing deer tv needs your help! Please check their youtube channel!

    89. biaroca

      Hi! This is a great idea, I really wish the event would be awesome. It would be a good idea to in the next editions to have some kind of livestream (it can be paid, no problem), so people that are really far away and cant go because of work and well... money can watch it too. Also, I hope you make some kind of digest of this time so we can see what kind of awesome talks went by. About the fireworks: I cannot not remember of prof Poliakoff!

    90. skarrambo 1

      Assuming the German food and Saturn V link is Wernner von Braun? Cue Tom Lehrer

    91. Brandon Donovan

      Will it be live streamed or recorded?

    92. jcnash02

      Gotta get Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography

    93. Rrrose Carbinela

      So awesome!!!!!!!! Wish I could go!

    94. Tyson Gaylord

      Hey Dustin what a great event you guys are putting on!!! P.S. What's up with the rocket by your clock in the background? What makes it move?

    95. Chris Daniel

      This sounds incredible. Thank you. I would love to learn a little of your magic under a moon rocket. See you in Alabama!

    96. Phil Gough

      So jealous of those who get to go!

    97. Valio keys

      " of the top-priority of SEprom is education" Yeah, right. Just ONE name.....LOGAN FREAKING PAUL. Good bye!

    98. Rafael Santos

      In a way it's a good thing I won't be able to go, cuz I'm not sure I'd be able to handle so many awesome people in the same room :D

    99. Rafael Santos

      wait, was it 5 am when you filmed this or did I read your clock wrong?

    100. Dustin Harms

      Whoa. Man, this is awesome. I would LOVE to go. Perhaps one day after a few raises and vacation days I'll be able to come to a future one! :)