Bird Taking Off at 20,000 fps (213 milliseconds) - Smarter Every Day 197

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    Look at Figure 5 in this document. "Wing and body kinematics of takeoff and landing flight in the pigeon (Columba livia)"
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    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I hope you enjoyed my cornses.

      1. Andy Su

        nevermind the cornses, you have lots of sunflowers (ladies) in your life!!! 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Carolyn Diana Winterhof

        SmarterEveryDay I love it 😻

      3. Infinite Adam

        This is one of my memories watching this little guy jump in slow motion. I watched almost all of your videos, you are a good dude. Thanks for the quality you bring to SEprom and entertainment in general. Its great to learn new things everyday...I sometimes wish my brain gave me the option to forget things selectively so I could watch again like the first time. Ive been through a journey with you in a way, im a different person than I was when I first started watching just months ago. You made me think and thank, I really appreciate the way you view life, it has inspired me to be more zestful twords life. You are like the brother that tries to cheer me up and gets through to me. Bless you bro, thank you!

      4. Jonathan W

        HAHAH this made me laugh so much

      5. Divergent Droid

        @TheHopelessEngineer I dunno man.. i'm more prone to coming for melons than birds any day unless your just out of the closet and don't understand proper etiquette yet. LOL

    2. Sam Smith

      We just love this GUY... Well don't we.

    3. Mangoking

      Cool bird

    4. ethan.coom15

      What’s the song ☹️

    5. Tumbleweed

      Great video. I'll offer some quick agronomic advice for your sweet corn patch. Corn does not compete well with other grass type plants and the grassy areas along the sides of the rows and close to the base of the plants are doing damage to your corn. This area is also very low on nitrogen and that is causing the bright yellow streaks on the lower leaves. If you can come up with a way to reduce the grass pressure and increase soil nitrogen content you will grow some awesome corn!

    6. Pebble and Leo

      Anyone here an ornithologist i morking to become one

    7. The Villain

      You should find a falconer and do this again on schlieren!

    8. Chris Santora

      It would’ve been so cool if it pooped too

    9. Mary Lagua

      Beautiful sunflowers

    10. Deep Pro

      do a slo-mo with a woodpecker plez!??!

    11. TBoy205

      nice melon

    12. Logan Park

      I like your mellon

    13. Steve Reynolds

      Love it - Genesis 1:20

    14. Steve Reynolds

      Wow 😁

    15. Bu Jin

      That is absolutely beautiful footage!!!! It's amazing we live in a time that people can get this sort of content!

    16. joseph jackson

      Genesis 1:20: And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.” I say a very fitting verse for the video! 4:19

    17. joseph jackson

      Does the title really say, "Bird Takes Off At 20,000 Feet Per Second???

      1. DerpPickles

        no, frames per second

    18. estudiom142

      love birds too, also melons!!! cheers

    19. TheChosen One

      Sunflowers for your mom and daughter?Sweet Home Alabama

    20. Random SloMo

      This is incredible. I love birds too and I have been wondering recently about this exact thing. I figured birds probably propelled themselves up before starting to flap. It's so cool to see it in slow motion. I wish my cat could watch this video too!!

    21. Deepan Doss

      This is absolutely stunning, also I can see the shadow of the bird in your palam while flying

    22. ShroudedPanda

      eViL HuMan ImPriSoNs BiRd foR TwIsTeD sCiEnCe eXpeRiMenT

    23. David P

      That bird is on V-TOL mode

    24. MSF

      I wondered how you missed the camera angle.. Being that it was always going to fly ... UPwards

    25. Gary Ha

      I put a cat in front of a bird video, he walked away and so did I, I came back and he was watching intently. After awhile he checked the back of the screen, he's an engineer. Then he tweeted about it

    26. Michael L

      Pic every 50 microseconds?

    27. James Hallam

      Negative AoA on tip feathers is most interesting. See recent papers on bell-shaped lift distribution to reduce induced drag, and why we might have been designing wings incorrectly for decades. See Bowers, Prandtl

    28. dayeeoliver

      You don't need a slowmo cam to see birds use their legs to takeoff Edit: thanks really enjoyed the video 🙂

    29. Ali Mohammad

      Destin had one shot, and one opportunity, and he captured it, he didn't let it slip

    30. Greenknight

      I subbed cause I like the melon

    31. Nathan Goddard

      100 years of powered flight an we are not even close to this yet. Amazing.

    32. rdwolf11b

      Destin, bad habit biting your nails. I do it too, LOL!!!

    33. Mong Ta

      nice melon :)

    34. Harixav

      Love how the bird retracts it's legs to avoid drag just like airplanes do with their landing gear on takeoff.

    35. S Ott X

      What kind of sparrow was that?

    36. J S Rocker

      Very cool!

    37. Marcus Burt

      I like cantaloupe, but never really loved them. Until I grew my own. You’ll never have a store bought Mellon like growing your own.

    38. Chase

      Birds are just air fish

    39. karim th


    40. Mr ThuGamer

      This is ok because this is a adult bird. But i would recommend to never touch baby/young birds, because the smell of you will cause the mum of the youngster to reject it.

      1. Rockefeller the Xmas Owl

        This is not true.

    41. Rockefeller the Xmas Owl

      Little birds can take off from a stand by jumping into the air. Medium-sized birds like crows can do this too, but you can see that it's a big effort. Heavy birds like waterfowl need a running start and sometimes even a headwind. Either way, they need to do something to get into the air before they start flapping. Also, what they do with their wings is more like swimming than flapping and it takes some practice for them to develop that coordination. Sometimes you see baby birds just out of the nest flapping furiously but not achieving very much.

    42. Anthony Wolf

      How’d I miss this video?!

    43. YouRegolo

      I sincerely do not know if we should prefer you giving us videos from inside a jet at 7gs or getting excited in your backyard about slowmo birds and a melon. You are just a cool dude man, we appreciate you.

    44. Adam Norvell

      I used to ask a lot of questions about science and stuff like this. Nobody around me had the same mindset. I often wonder how different I’d be today if I had found someone who thought similarly to me. I asked my teacher in 4th grade if a baseball is going 100mph and I drive a car 100mph next to it, could I reach out and grab it without feeling any force? Obviously the answer is yes, but her response was “don’t worry your mind with such nonsense” so I thought thinking like that meant you were stupid and I stopped asking questions like that out loud :(

    45. Sujit Kumar

      How do you keep weeds in check? Nice garden though.

    46. Christopher Larime

      I know this video is almost two years old but you really should do some videos with Amy @Falconry and me. What a cool collaboration that would be. Thank you for all the inspiring videos!!

    47. Gavin Bond

      Great short video

    48. Bryce Gillam

      You said "oh he's scared"

    49. Cyd

      That a lot of girls Dustin. That beatiful they all are and were that you make them grow in your garden for the sun.😏 Just kidding😂

    50. Thom van Damme

      When a giant hand wants to grab you and it says to calm down

    51. A Chatterjee

      You're just a proud parent. Love your videos. Especially like how you speak wanna see my sunflowers? Man, that's everybit a proud parent if I have ever seen one. Way to go !! Also, you've got a nice patch of farmland

    52. Aadhi Arun

      Hey, I think you missed the main reason why its tail feathers were facing down. The tail feathers can be considered as a rudder or aileron, so, when it facing down, the angle of attack increases, giving it an way better lift when it hops. And this is just coming from my basic knowledge of airplanes, so i can always be wrong... P.S Your videos are awesome

    53. Rydal S

      I went in a cornfield today.

    54. Rydal S

      2:00 is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

    55. Tiny Ford

      You have a nice piece of land man, I’m saving up to also get that

    56. Юрій Семенов

      best slomo ever!

    57. FOCV

      2:02 Just majestic.....

    58. r4y2

      Nobody: Birds before 1903: *hah! See those filths... Can't enjoy this beautiful world from sky*

    59. Surgical02

      "What your hands do" -Bob Marley.

    60. Keagan Cook

      2:05 is such a wallpaper

    61. Forza Life

      I like cornzez

    62. C Brown

      How'd that melon taste? 😋

    63. Aver

      Imagine not hitting record

    64. Ricardo Moreira

      And we could even see his frontal teeth from his big smile when the bird felt free 😂 😉. Amazing shot! Well done! 👌 You are a great guy 🤗

    65. aah a

      Thanks for making me smarter everyday

    66. Robert Byrn

      Fun little garden activity. Score words or names into young green muskmelon or cantaloupe. As they grow the natural ridge pattern will grow with the letters clearly defined. Its very cool to give someone a cantaloupe that literally says "BEST ONE" or their name on it and tell them you found their melon on your vine.

    67. King Sparta

      Subhanallah. Allah is a beutiful creator

    68. Shane Kelly

      Hi, This video is so beautiful. Would i be able to use this footage for a church video i am making? I'm happy to pay something and acknowledge it's your footage to give you the credit for it? I'm the pastor of a small christian church plant in Ireland and this video is perfect for what i need :)

    69. Joseph Reneer

      Bigger birds take off slower, might be able to learn more

    70. aliaschaleco


    71. Immanuel Bute

      That's a bad looking melon bro

    72. Thông Quốc Minh Trần

      this is a nice bird but he is very scared

    73. Paul M Cherubino II

      More garden n farming videos!!! Please😚

    74. DIY BOY

      That's a beautiful farm...thank your ancestors who bought it or built it so that you can get smarter every day!! Isn't it!

    75. The Coastal Cardician

      There’s a pet store near me called Woofmeow, and they have this amazing bird room you can enter and freely handle all types of birds they themselves hand raise. I was going through a really, really bad time in my life, and one little Sun Conure took to me. I went every day for nearly two weeks to see him. He changed my life and ended up going to a good home. Birds are wonderful.

    76. Mohammad Al Khalid

      This is why I love Destin

    77. fathima MT

      Looks aaaaaaawsome!

    78. Sparti2000

      Hey Destin, ROLLING SHUTTER at 1:40 on the Phantom's cooling fan!!!

    79. Turtle Dandy

      This was incredible i love birds

    80. Jake Barringham

      How much is that camera worth ?

    81. Paul Nord

      Playing with the high-speed camera a couple of years ago and noticed that birds often make multiple hops to get going. Fun observations.

    82. Daniel Condran

      That. Is. Beautiful. Amen for super slo mo! I hope your garden grows! I have one pineapple but I think I need more. Merry Christmas cheers 🍻

    83. Rain Sender

      Cool video!

    84. Vizo Media Group VMG

      I was born in Athens Alabama not far from Huntsville. Most of the world calls it a cantaloupe. My family from Alabama calls it a mush melon.

    85. B VW

      Look at thaaaaat , 2:03 moment of glory , of freedom, of spreading those beautiful wings and taking to d skies , the flex and smooth sweep of air the wings make in one perrrrrfect synchronous motion is beauty to the eyes.Thanks for the great vdo 👍👍👍👍👍☺😊☺😊☺ Destin := the transition from vertical takeoff to horizontal flight , reduce the drag by keeping the tail straight at the ground with the AoA being very steep in to begin with and the air density being xyz and the air temp being x degrees +the angular momentum of each of those 10 secondary feathers being crossing and ....and...and .....☺😊

    86. Joshua Borem

      good video! I especially like that it is 4 minutes. Not that I don't like your longer videos, but man, "everything" on SEprom is 10 minutes these days... "aint nobody got time for that"

    87. Audrey Thompson

      I love yo cornses!,😍😍😍😍🌾🌾

    88. CBeast3

      since you showed off your veggies, you should take a look into hydroponics

    89. CS Ghost Animation

      SEpromrs: Wanna see my lambo? Wanna see my super hot Girlfriend? Wanna see me do something stupid to be famous? Destin: Wanna see my garden?

    90. Kenny random

      You just help me save time of my animation project

    91. Mark Bisson

      430 cats disliked this video for letting the bird get away. I'm not a cat. 😉👍

    92. em sa

      To the bird it’s probably like us humans getting abducted by aliens

    93. Henry G.

      that poor birb in the beginning

    94. Jonathan Hall

      Spontaneous bird video. It works.

    95. J Maxwell

      Thank you Destin...for all you shoot. That was too cool.

    96. Cody Cottingham

      Song sounds like it should be in a cruise ship commercial. Love it

    97. kieran heath

      That camera is so loud

    98. Robert l

      How did u call the bird and catch it?

    99. keith Obando

      I need to know the song that you used for the take off it was amazing!! So dang acoustically pleasing 😫

    100. Gregory Hamlet

      When I 1st read it!.. I thought it was saying 20k flaps per second ( fps ) and thought you are joking.. By bad lol