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    **Note 12/28/19: The lock company notified me that they've updated their software to lock the user out after 4 incorrect attempts to enter a PIN.**
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    This work was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Electro-Communications in Japan. For more information check out their website or contact them at
    Here's one of the microphones on DigiKey
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Thumbs up if you got an ad for some kind of always listening device before the video. Thank you for taking time to watch. When I read the paper I knew I had to make a video about this. I hope you enjoy it. If you feel like this has earned your support, the Patreon link is here and I'd be grateful.

      1. Michael Griffiths

        @Inanimate_ Object It's their own house

      2. Inanimate_ Object

        Wait that’s illegal

      3. Michael Griffiths

        I have a ad blocker so no ads today lol

      4. Hoverboard2525

        My entire house...

      5. Potwheelz

        Lasers can be pointed at a speaker in order to hear sounds from your TV or Phone even though the power is off. You could hear everything on your phone without software hacking. Old Tech from WW2 to send messages by laser beams.

    2. Mega Tron

      Am not upgrading. Staying w the good ol lock and bolt. Thanx.

    3. ___


    4. faasd fer

      LockPickingLawyer is laughing in the distance

    5. Collin E

      65 IS WAY TOO MUCH or am I just canadian with celsius

    6. Wbzh Wnjs

      Which duo is the best in the NFL?

    7. Riddham Manna

      As someone has rightly said.. the “S” in “IOT” stands for Security 😂

      1. Wbzh Wnjs

        In terms of how light can trigger the mic, this sounds like basically how photoacoustic spectroscopy works. When you rapidly vary a beam of light hitting something, it induces momentary localized heating which produces sound waves as the material relaxes. With photoacoustic spectroscopy, you have it be a constant blinking basically by repeatedly interupting the beam, and then you listen for how the test object releases sounds in response and it can tell you all sorts of stuff about the material being tested. With this it's the opposite. You inducing the heating to produce a specific sound. That's my bet anyway. Cool and terrifying video! Not that I needed a better excuse to never get smart home stuff, but this certainly is added to the pile.

    8. Serai Resana

      3:43 “Hey google, we’re about to shoot you with a laser” The google assistant on my shelf said something about “not being able to find the laser” so now I’m concerned it can shoot lasers.

    9. clonetrooper1023

      14:30 did you get Jenny's number?

    10. Octoschizare

      Seems like a lot more work than a lock-picking kit or a good old-fashioned crowbar. While it's an interesting high-tech vulnerability, it nowhere near the highest probability of threats to your security compared to simpler thief methods.

    11. Enea Ferrari

      You saying “Hey Siri” activated on the device I was watching the video on, I got scared but then I heard you say it. 😆

    12. Snappity

      2:31 caption error “I wast to say” lol, still enjoyed the video!

    13. Cometzfordays 20

      Oh yeah hacking home devices is easy, i remember this thing where you could hack someones wifi through xbox to boot them and stuff, instead people would use the WiFi connection to controll home products such as lightbulbs locks and speakers, so people would hack these and mess with other people this way Edit: To be clear, I've never done this but I hCe run into people who CAN do it, i have a friend who did it to show me just how easy it is.

    14. Brazen Speculation HashTag DeepThoughts

      He said, “What have they seen in your house?” So Hezekiah answered, “They have seen all that is in my house; there is nothing among my treasuries that I have not shown them.” - 2 Kings 20:15

    15. Zwahm

      Well a capable locksmith , which are more common than those lasers, could get into your home alot quicker

    16. FuriousEt1

      My Alexa picked up when he said Alexa😂😂😂

    17. AnEverydayZombie

      goddamnit the reminder thing actually activated my google home

      1. AnEverydayZombie

        weirdly enough I had my headphones on, thought with one side slightly exposed

    18. Tom the Cat

      Sometimes just a good ol’ fashioned key and lock is the best security.

    19. Groogle Van Dyke

      How would MacGuyver beat these modern systems?

    20. Spillerrec

      While they might have fixed the infinite password attempt, anyone working with password systems would know to not allow this in the first place. It just shows that security with these kind of devices isn't a priority. Even if you have to know the pin, the user is saying it aloud each time it is used and an attacker would have several ways to go about that. And while not practical yet as far as I know, it is possible to record sound through glass by recording items vibrating inside the house with a high speed camera. (But with a device in plain sight for a laser, you could just read the numbers displayed on the screen if they happen to use that device to unlock the door.) It is highly unlikely anyone would go to such lengths to break into a random house. But that doesn't apply for targeted attacks. Two-factor authorization is moving away from SMS because there has been so many cases of it being bypassed by bribing workers in the phone companies that it is no longer considered secure.

    21. JanoschNr1


    22. Sajal Chuttani

      this was so satisfying thanks for making me smarter everyday

    23. Andrea Mariani

      One good way to make life a bit difficult would be the ability to change the trigger words. You cannot do it with Google Home for instance and they aren't apparently planning to change that any time soon. And of course, I would change it to "Hey Jarvis"

    24. Daniel Cisa

      "When we design things with one intended purpose, sometimes they have other featueres we didnt know about" It's called HACKING baby!!!!

    25. dominichokage

      You could put a timeout on the lock, but then you'll end up with a bunch of users who are locked out of their homes because they keep entering the wrong PIN. Quite literally the access VS security dilemma rears its head again.

    26. Harshit Bagaria

      Every morning 9am Alexa always says "Subscribe to SMARTER EVERY DAY" you have set a reminder

    27. Flash Tech

      IR cannot passthrough glass. It will bounce right back. Only reason why laser works is because the voice gets digitized into machine codes which then translate into packets and gets send through laser as packets. You can capture those packets with laser receiver. MEMS are very sensitive devices. You should look into the frequency spectrum on the MEMS and match that with the frequency of the laser.

    28. Jonathan Mendoza

      The photo-acoustic effect may be coming into play here.

    29. JackFlashTech

      FYI: I built some apps for a microcontroller to interface with Alexa, Google, and we were supposed to do Cortana and Siri, so I did some of the research for them. The Siri system was significantly different from the other two, and allows for much less non-voice app (like Phillips or whatever) monitoring and snooping. They still do the voice-to-command parsing on their servers, but everyone else then sends messages to the creator of your device.

    30. Adam

      Impressive! :)

    31. Sean Doxtator

      This is eye opening for sure but the work alone setting up those lasers is a pain it’s self but, plus the money to get the gear, but still people will do what ever for anything these days at the sane time

    32. Gr33nlntrn

      I still dont understand how the laser can send different commands. I understand how it can possibly activate the microphone. But how does the laser give smart devices a command like open the garage and then shoot the same laser and give the device a different command like raise the thermostat? mind blown.

    33. UltraGamer969

      0:07 you fool... I’m wearing headphones... I have outsmarted your outsmarting.

    34. Burned Noodle

      Hey Cortana slap SmarterEveryDay because he never mentioned you. Sent from an iPhone.

    35. norman 23

      Is it _just_ a laser, or is the audio recording being used to modulate the laser beam - as in an AM radio transmission? In effect, the high laser frequency is filtered out - because the microphone material cannot vibrate at such a high frequency, and we are left with the audio frequency signal that is received and interpreted by the microphone. I remember seeing, many years ago, a design for using audio to modulate car headlight beams to send 'secret' audio messages between ... maybe camp sites, teenagers' rooms at different ends of the street. You can do something similar by adding a short message - say 10 seconds - to a 2' 40" minute audio track. That is, slow the 10 second message down so that it takes 160 seconds to play. Add it to the 2' 40" minute song. The recipient plays back the song at 16 times the normal speed. Most of the 'song' content will be too high to hear, and what is left is the 10 second message.

    36. BGilbert85

      I think it would be gnarly to run into you in the HSV area. I moved here right around the 50th year anniversary when you and Linus did the video at the Space and Rocket Center. Even more excited to know that the company I work for (i3) was able to partner up with you on the 3D print project for the local hospitals during COVID. Keep doing what you're doing!

    37. nicholas harris

      Until you can minimize that giant laser it doesn't seem like much of a vulnerability.

    38. Matteo B.

      Please everyone, stop with the “we’re about to shoot you with a laser” joke! If you’re thinking to write it, you’re al least the thousandth person to do it. This comment section is getting annoying.

    39. Dylan Thompsen

      Why wouldnt they go to great lengths to listen to us whithout us seeing lol

    40. zero80473

      This is why i dont use a centrlised system

    41. Reese Davidson

      Why did you do this to my alexa

    42. Dexter the AMV DJ

      So if .01% of people who watched this video and actually tried this is around 400 people!!

    43. Kelly Boys

      those microphones look like the inside of an induction cooker

    44. Alexandre Martens

      Has been patched and doesn't work anymore. Now it recognises the voice of the owner only or registered members that have a superior access to sensible connected devices like the lock, thermostat, ... . You need the exact voice frequency of the owner (admin) to be able to access these devices. A stranger voice won't work. Nice video thought

    45. Upsidown Dummyz

      U started my Alexa

    46. jomar undertun

      My security is the dog and my trigger finger

    47. Faseel Mansuri

      The moment he starts his laser attack for setting the temperature to 70 degrees and google responds I'm like hoooollyyyyy shhh. I mean... It's like he made the microphones his b**ches and can control em whenever he wants. Like for really hoooolllyyyy shh

    48. KrazyBoyz6590

      He set my iPhone my echo dot and google home off lol

    49. Mr. Kent

      Okay Google, tell Siri to grab Alexa too and put all of you in the trash where you belong.

    50. CoDMw2hunter

      My girlfriends Alexa just set a reminder, thank you for that

    51. richystar2001

      My home devices uses voice recognition to verify command...if it doesn't recognize the wave form of my voice or of my family it will not activate smart home devices. But it's not flawless. Maybe using a personalised address to the assistant other than ...Siri Google or Alexa.. like "Hey sweety" or something else.

    52. ridgelon13

      IT manager for 20 year, do not have one smart device in my house besides my phone and never will.

    53. William Paine

      When👇 he said Alexa my Alexa turned on LOL like if yours did to

    54. Marina Simmons

      Hey Google “I’m about to shoot you with a laser” Google: “Sorry I don’t understand” Smarter Everyday: PEW PEW PEW HAHAHA

    55. Dichotomy & Balance

      I turn off all voice activation feature on my Android... but I'm still not confident it's not listening to me.

    56. Mark Golvani

      I was watching this video at 1 am and when you said “Hey google” it woke up my whole family. Thanks.

    57. Roger Foster

      7:09 You can transmit sound waves and radio waves through laser beams. We did it in a college physics class in the early to mid '90s using a "regular" microphone, I think it was an electret.

    58. Zareth Wilson

      the laser was "surprisingly low-tech. He fixed it with a soldering iron" *laughs in laser hobbyist* this is typical, Destin.

    59. Eazy E Awake

      just buy a curtain lol

    60. David Murphy

      Egad and little fishes

    61. matai Turner

      great stuff haha like anything in the wrong hands anything can happen

    62. WackyModer

      uhhhhhhhh my brother used this video to message me from my computer, to my phone, and he changed my ringtone, IN SCHOOL for a incomming message, i hate him now it has a MEMS voice thing btw. (it uses the cortona voice tone or whatever thing)

    63. Govind Yadav

      iPhone more secure👍 Not by technical advantage but by sensible design 😎

    64. rumblfmp

      Just looking at the title I was thinking this was about using a laser to capture the voice. This is so much cooler. Good thing I don't use any voice assistant - especially not for controlling my home. My smart home is not connected to the internet. It's my private environment and it should stay private as much as possible. I am an electronics engineer and have used MEMS devices from time to time. Never thought of using a laser to trigger the microphone. This could actually be a good idea for testing devices with a MEMS microphone during production testing instead of injecting sound with a speaker.

    65. VIPER410

      This is why I don't use smart devices on my home. All locks are mechanical, I have a swamp cooler without electric thermostat and all lights are toggle no smart plugs.

    66. Susan Urso

      It's fascinating that you used light to sound not light to sight .very interesting thank you for notifying oh everyone .Most would think to use the camera to break in and hack to see the system and passwords and not just using light to talk to the entire system without hacking into the entire system leaving no print of any outside intrusion because the mic transmits your voice command ..the future ?

    67. Sebastian Mizzell

      Thumbs down just because the few few seconds of the video.

    68. Ean Moody

      Next time you do a video about smart devices that use a mic, you might want to consider distorting or bleeping the "hey google" part. Tried to watch this, but closed it halfway after the third time you set off my phone (which mutes the video!)

    69. BELSPR

      Holy $μ¡ฯ it turned the light blue because its a blue laser!!!!! A green laser would have been a different result

    70. Finn McCarthy

      "Sorry, we couldn't recognize your voice"

    71. A Z

      "What did they see in your palace?" Why that choice ?

    72. Johnny Widner

      I subscribed because at the beginning of the video you activated my google home mini and set a reminder to subscirbe! nice work!

    73. Mary Carroll

      3:43 “Hey google, we’re about to shoot you with a laser” The google assistant on my shelf said something about “not being able to find the laser” so now I’m concerned it can shoot lasers.

    74. Cruising Colette

      seems kind of fake

    75. Slip7000

      WOW keep up the good work and research!!!

    76. Bob Mieknob

      all people or manufacturers need to do is put a simple tab in front of the microphone that wouldnt allow the light to vibrate the microphone enough to be 'heard' it would seem. the tab wouldn't 'cover' the microphone just bein front of it with a space that would allow sound through, but not a laser

    77. GamerBro9000

      Nothing made me more confused than when you triggered my siri 11:40

    78. Melbcity

      What about a filter or polarized film on the windows?

    79. Snug Breezy

      I love your content, Destin!

    80. 360 Gameplay Vibes

      SmarterEveryDay: You can unlock Smart Homes with a laser Robbers: Wow Thanks SmarterEveryDay

    81. Mrculz

      jokes on you im wearing headsets

    82. Robert Bob

      What is wrong with you, why did you do that

    83. Berend van den Akker

      Haha, I was wearing headphones, didn't work!!!

    84. William Titmus

      Sayin all that stuff he said I’m the beginning is basically a crime nowadays

    85. M3GA GIANGI

      I know it’s so scary when u said Alexa hey Google and hey Siri they all heard it I’m scared

    86. Enzo Fitzhume

      The first 16 seconds of this video terrorized my Alexa and Google home !!

    87. Arthyu Alagao

      “Hey Google, we’re about to shoot you with a laser” “I don’t understand” “You will” That is the most threatening thing I’ve ever heard. You would be the perfect villain.

    88. i cant think of a name

      don't forget about magnets. a lot of smart locks can be opened just by using a magnet.

    89. Kevin Frack

      You forgot to mention that you can aim a laser at a window and turn the window into a microphone by decoding the reflected laser into sound

    90. Mad Cuber

      8765, hmm, I'll remember that What, no! I didn't do anything!

    91. BadDaddy

      How do you not make money without patron with over 8 mill subs?

    92. Lucas Lohn

      I was watching this video at 1 am and when you said “Hey google” it woke up my whole family. Thanks.

    93. HK

      Hi Destin, we love your content, your videos are life changing! What microscope do you use please?

    94. Erik Stilley

      He literally set off my Alexa to remind me to subscribe. Lmaoo

    95. Michael Griffiths

      How about you guys look at the app and look at the "Alexa command history" And look and see if the sound is different.

    96. GODMODE ON

      Omfg when you said hey Siri it frickn activated my siri

    97. Michael Hardin

      What a missed opportunity. “This video is sponsored by Simplisafe.”

    98. Mark Cisewski

      Liked video, Thanks for the good content. My comment is only for education with my setup and ones like it I have august lock and alexa. With voice you get only couple 3 times to try a pin then it disables that function till you reset it in your alexa app. So unless your lucky or come back multiple days you can't get in that setup with brute force. Since I do not open mine by voice often. Maybe if open for someone here and I am busy or if my phone died and i somehow didn't have my key . So it might be month or more before I notice I can't open by voice. then I could renable it. by that time the hacker be trying someone else. and in the alexa app there is history to see that information in the voice Activity. it will show 3 failed and when it happened and that it disabled it. On a side note also I have a camera .. Now if I used the voice code from yelling at my window outside, which i did one day. I had to keep running to the door cause I could not hear the alexa response or the door chime from outside unless I am right at the door. (so with my voice outside my house I can open my door if I yell loud enough) but I get 3 attempts and have to walk to try the door 3 times (i know it is 3 times) but maybe a hacker will walk up more then that getting a nice alert on my door camera multiple times .. smile !



    100. imetlannette

      breaking into a smart house with my voice 1,000,000 dollar idea