Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop at 150,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 165

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    1. Brazen Speculation HashTag DeepThoughts

      Great are the works of Yahweh; they are studied by all who delight in them. - Psalm 111:2

    2. Edward Villarreal

      What if the molten glass were dropped into liquid nitrogen instead of water?

    3. OBWAT

      Goggle up. Science is about to happen.

    4. Alex Edwards

      Great video! Amazing how little the drops move after being shot. Also, would the drop survive better if it wasn't suspended by its weak tail? Perhaps glue the drop's head to a string then shoot it?

    5. Samson Gonzalez

      OK, now stick the tail on an energy absorbing material.. double down on the science weirdness and stick it in oobleck. If it explodes, it triggers an explosion of devil's toothpaste.

    6. Stephen Harper

      Video: Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop What I saw: Classified papers *MONSTER LONGEVITY"* WTF did those Brits from 1640-1740 know that we didn't??

    7. M R

      Watch this video at 1.75x speed, ur welcome

    8. jayson kanga

      amazing, glass is stronger than a bullet.

    9. Tasnim Hossain

      what if it had no tail? i think it would be much stronger?

    10. Darrell Stevens

      I wish i was as smart as Keith

    11. S Bloodstains

      5:40 와....

    12. Samuel nyanjui

      Best video

    13. Mary Lagua

      I enjoyed it.

    14. Calder Wishne

      What’s the official definition of the place where the tail ends and the bulb begins?

    15. Iron Crab

      I wish the head librarian had his own youtube channel. I'd listen to him all day. Anyway, unsubbed, and resubbed, lol

    16. ScornfulSix

      Imagine like indestructible armor made from this tech

    17. Mark Day

      It was amazing to see the bullet just shatter. I really enjoyed the shot where the bullet fragments fly out in a circle moving one direction, and the shock wave in the glass is moving in the other direction.

    18. Z Shieh

      this is what americans do

    19. Azraei Azman

      He missed? That's why it didn't break? The tail didn't get much vibration to shatter?

    20. Rupert Baker

      what a cool name.

    21. Redline Ls

      So if I have enough Prince Rupert's drops I should be bullet proof?

    22. Giuliani

      Ok, I have skimmed through all these video's and I still don't get it. What is the big deal about a drop of glass? dunno. But it is pretty cool when it just shatters.

    23. Kas1122


    24. Gremlin

      I would be curious if it be the same with a faster round. 223 or 6.5 or 243.

    25. Greg

      Do a 50 cal

    26. B O

      Why was there a door in the background

    27. Ricky Gonz.

      Hit it with a 50. call😈

    28. Alex Tamborski

      I'm sitting here gassed just jamming out to the music

    29. Надзиратель Вселенной

      маленькая тайна -чтобы капля выдержала даже ядерный взрыв нужно поместить её заднюю часть в неньютоновскую жидкость

    30. corey sadoski

      Could you make prince Ruperts drop in spave? Would it be the same with the lack of gravity?

      1. corey sadoski

        Would probably be weak ....maybe

    31. Klams

      SmarterEveryDay: *150,000 fps* Slow Mo Guys flex camera: *sadness noise*

    32. Hans Jacob

      What if you do something to neutralize the shockwave?????

    33. Raghavendraa Goswami

      This is what 007's car's glass is made of.

    34. Serdar Kahraman

      What if you cover the tail with a shock absorbant material and shoot it again?

    35. Noble Shirley

      Should’ve tried higher caliber rounds, .22 rounds carry so little energy

    36. HitechProductions


    37. C28 The DJ

      We need to make hard drives that do this. Whenever classified information is about to be discovered, y’just make the drive stop existing.

      1. Rexy Axy


    38. Артур Аветисян

      Это очень круто! Не понимаю вообще, как я оказался здесь в 23:50, рассматривая как незнакомый чувак с другого конца планеты стреляет в капельку пуленепробиваемого стекла, но я сейчас стал чуточку эрудированнее и это то, за что я люблю интернет. Тема!

    39. TTV_sliceric

      The bullet did nothing the tail vibrated breaking and shattering the rest with a bang

    40. Melissa Dodson

      50.bmg green tips highly explosive tungsten core vs. drippy glass

    41. Иван Пиг

      мля, куда делась пуля?

    42. New Jargon

      I wouldn't believe it if I didn't witness that AWESOME footage. Thank you.

    43. patu8010

      It's like the bullet is the one made of glass

    44. Jason W

      Remember, safety 3rd!

    45. Yuen Chan

      Why dont you use 7.62 mm bullets instead of .45

    46. Han Solo

      How sharp are the fragments? does it break like safety glass or do you now have millions of little needles

    47. Святослав Кудряшов

      And what about usual glass? Maybe it will destroy a bullet, too.

    48. А.С.Перин

      Капля остановит метеорит. Надо только послать её на встречу.

    49. Brian Halstrom

      As requested I unsubscribed. Ohh and I did resubscribe because I Love your channel.

    50. Аслан Виситаев


    51. Nathan Henry

      So could you break one of these with a tuning fork on the tail?

    52. Аркадий Качан

      bla bla bla...3:33 - 3:45... then bla bla bla

    53. Главный Наливайко

      стеклянные танки - это круто

    54. rachm06

      What really surprise me is that all the momentum from the bullet is almost entirely transferred against itself and shatters it. Look how steady remains the drop and its debris after receiving an enormous amount of m*v

    55. Richard Tomkins

      A smarter person would have positioned the high speed camera off to the side by 90 degress from te trajectory and then placed a mirror at 45 degrees in the trajectory of the bullet to make the shot. Sheesh,. It would ave been real cool to see you destroy the camera.

    56. Shenaniganiser

      Prince Rupert will be turning in his grave seeing you shoot his droppings in that way.

    57. chukfunk

      I feel like I have glass all over me now

    58. Maximus Domini


    59. Jedi Pat

      That just blew my mind!

    60. Datz Skunk

      If only you could somehow dampen the vibration the bullet creates. Little play dough aught to do the trick.

    61. Jason Lackey

      Why is there a double ring in frame 5:31???

    62. Christian Wilkinson

      The world needs more videos like this. AWESOEM JOB

    63. Ali Casey-Wilburn


    64. Max Nguyen

      Imagine if it is droppings of a real prince called Rupert. Would it be as hard as this? LMAO.

    65. David Wheatley

      The shock wave travelling back towards the bulb end is travelling WAY faster than the bullet. Explain?

    66. Sascha Vogt

      Astounding, that the shockwave coming back from the tail seems to move way faster than the flying bullets.

    67. Hammond

      Why is he handling that book without wearing gloves???

    68. Z J

      I love how the bullet was compressed to a little coin

    69. Nikko Belvis

      Your gun is pathetic. Shoot it with real rifle.

    70. Me Me

      UNSUBSCRIBED! (no worries. Resubscribed:)

    71. Glenn Peters

      You have definately earned an unsubscribe with a side of re-subscribe backed with a notification bell my friend. I am not sure that people in general are generally aware of how much dedication , technical knowhow and hours of literal chair time it takes to shoot , edit and post a decent video much less a cohesive , stays on point , highly interesting video such as yours. I Recognize and respect. I have over two hundred original songs That I recorded in which I play all the instruments and do the production/ engineering on. One song , heck , even one single track on occasion can take untold hours to get right. Then there is the whole engineer pallete you bring to hosting/narration facet of your wide range of subject matter. Thank you for all of your time , insights and talents. In closing I am also compelled to make you aware that your work in His vinyard is not in vane. I have reached for and opened my bible AND read the verses that you gently guild your videos endings with. I had not picked it up , much less opened it to read , in more than a year. I say all of this not to gain favor with you , I say it because the whole of the law and the prophets is expressed when I do for others what I would have done for me. I would like to know that my creative efforts touched or moved someone more deeply than surface level. Your channel is the first and only that I clicked the bell on. Peace. GP

    72. High Plains Drifter

      Did old Prince Rupert produce crystal babies ? What a guy !

    73. עידו זולטי

      לייק אם באתם מאלון

    74. Privacy Lover

      The cat is walking out there with all the glass shards everywhere 😨

    75. Francisco Cascalho

      Psalm 111:2 Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.

    76. Utkal Sahoo

      Why is there no spark when the bullet hit the prince Rupert's drop

    77. FearNoProject

      @4:42: Perfect shot! Amazing. If you slow your play speed down to 0.25, you can clearly see the bullet hits the glass head-on, does not glance off, but instead pulverizes against the glass. The glass does not even chip. The shockwave has to go to the far end, which is too weak to handle the load, and cracks, sending the reaction throughout. If there was a way to absorb the shock just behind the bulb section, it would be truly bulletproof. Strops are a beautiful example of science by accident.

    78. DeathXUnnat

      1:58 the action begins thank me later 3:10 2nd shot

    79. Bari Chin

      Can you tie the PRD by the head instead of the tail? the vibration, whiplash, and where it has tension will break the tail which is where it is tied to, the tail. But if the tail is free to vibrate with at an external force ,the string, will it survive better?

    80. Deb Barua

      Prince Rupert's Drop is pretty much Chuck Norris. Like Chuck Norris, only it can kill itself.

    81. D V

      It seems to me like the staging. Will there be enough air resistance so that a piece of glass suspended on a thin rope can destroy a bullet?

    82. # INDIAN #Jai Hind

      Hay bro Gun name plz

    83. stylianos maimaris

      music track name ?

    84. Provençal Le Gaulois

      Hey Dustin, what kind of bullets are you firing at the drop with here?

    85. NOMASAN

      Platinum bullet vs prince rupert‘s drop... NO: Prince Rupert‘s drop bullets!!!

    86. Braedon Cottrell

      It shatters the bullets, just wear a bunch of those and never worry about getting shot again

    87. Michael D

      Can you mold the tail of the Prince Rupert drop in a resin to prevent it from shaking/bending when shot? Try just leaving the tip of it exposed for the bullet impact. It would be interesting to see A) If it implodes and B) What happens to the resin when it does.

    88. Thakur Nilesh PrakashSingh

      What will happen if you tie a rubber string few inches away from the drop and ground it ?

    89. PiffleToster

      4:04 Mr Stark, i dont feel so good

    90. Lorenzo Guimarães

      imagine this in 4k resolution

    91. Rick White

      This is *_A W E S O M E! !!_*

    92. Marchel Andersen

      i get confused association to the big bang nice music

    93. Hollow Monarch

      So unnecessary It’s like shooting glass instead of throwing a rock at it! Wait...

    94. SabayZone

      Thats is really dope sugar ads

    95. Nidhin George

      Can you tape the tail and then shoot it so the tail won't break ,and we could know the real power of the drop it self

    96. Karan Nagpal

      Please make a insanely long prince Rupert’s drop. Can it’s absorb the tension?

    97. Ehsan Almassi

      You have definitely earned my subscription

    98. Twisted agent

      7:07 lmao he put on safety glasses just to look at one of them then took them right back off hahaha

      1. Anderson Parra

        Because that thing can explode if you hit that little tail accidentally

    99. 001Unamed

      Would have been interesting to try out different bullets

    100. uhhh uhh

      Y’all over here watching it in normal playback speed but I’m over here watching it in the lowest playback speed