Circular Saw Kickback Killer (We used science to make tools safer) - Smarter Every Day 209

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    Technical details about what we're doing:
    We're working on a time-series problem called a Sequence Classification. Recurrent Neural Networks called Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks are good for that. It’s what they use for natural language processing because it can remember context from the sentence you’ve just spoken. In this case its used to analyze not just the current timestamp of data, but what has been happening for the last 20 - 250 ms, which helps to reject false alarms.
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    1. Chad Green

      Also, #gonadularregion is safe!

      1. Grampa EJ Murphy

        @ramzekeleviathan It can become a projectile, if the blade hits it.

      2. eskaylation.

        Do you sell this?

      3. Byron Jin

        What did you use to make your modification? Do you have a list of the parts you use? Like was it a rasberry pi or something? I really want to get into making projects like this myself but I'm not sure what to buy.

      4. David Henderson

        @MadSam ! The problem with that is the blade HAS to be turning BEFORE it starts cutting the wood. If the blade is in contact with the wood and then you start the motor you will burn up the motor. I know this for a fact. My step father used to try and use a saw like that. Stick the blade into the wood and start the motor. He burned up saws all the time doing that. He did chain saws the same way. He was all the time having to get the clutch on his chain saw replaced.

      5. ramzekeleviathan

        @Sailor376also yeah I've been told this multiple times the 10 months this video has been up, but thanks!

    2. Randomaker

      What about table saws? They have WAAAAAAAY more kickback than circular songs.

    3. Momoto

      just hold your saw nice and firm!!!!

    4. Kelvallontan

      While I watch you channel pretty often, I've discovered this gem just now. That is really awesome, and I wish manufacturers will be interedted in this. There's still a lot of work to do to turn this system (with a very sensible captor) into something robust enough to last on jobsites. Cheers from France and thank you for such a usefull research.

    5. Anger Tone

      I don't get it, the saw is not being applied any pressure in these test of course it's going to fly off way fast and way more likely without someone holding it down. That pressure while holding it would severely impact the reaction time needed to do something in most cases kickback is the piece your cutting that flies because you're actively holding the saw.

    6. Ben win

      Humm The clutch seemed a little tight

    7. Sean Peacock

      I keep thinking that by using proper planning and caution this type of invention would not be necessary, and then I remember my dad, who taught me about power tool safety, has cut his thumb on his table saw. Twice. He knows how to use the tool safely but sometimes something happens, a distraction, hidden nail, or something and suddenly you see blood everywhere and you are short a digit. My dad did not loose his thumb but now has two scars from the same table saw.

    8. Dubstepmonster Gaming

      My skilsaw turn the other way so no problem if she kick its foward

    9. Ricky Redd

      Why iare you pulling the saw the wrong way???!!! Use it correctly and you won't get any kickback!!

    10. Andrew Sterling

      I love how it starts with mutually assured destruction (mad)

    11. Quentin Reid

      I get that the kickback can make the saw jump out of the wood. But why wouldnt maintaining consistent downward pressure on the tool prevent this? Keeping both hands on the tool with arms extended and downward pressure applied should help keep the blade in the wood while also keeping the blade away from you if it does come out anyways. Having the kickback be simulated with the tool just dangling from a chain doesnt seem to consider these extra forces in a real world situation. Far as i can tell the cutting capability is gained more from the speed of the blade supplied by the motor and less the torque of the motor. Im no expert or long time user of circular saws so Im really on speaking from speculation though.

    12. James Bond

      my saw has a safety or something it won't start under stress and stops when that happens

    13. Zackaddict

      Could you just use a kerf blade ie that metal blade behind the saw like in a table saw? Couldn’t that stop the board from pinching on the blade

    14. Alan D

      I guess I've been really lucky but I've never had a kickback incident with a circular saw. I tend to stay pretty much in a 1930hrs position to the saw while firmly pushing the saw downward into the work with both hands on their respective grips. Best of luck to you guys for getting this out there for woodworkers.

    15. Alex Wood

      Bosch and Mafel claim they have kickback detection in their track saws. It monitors the blade speed and if it suddenly changes, they kill the motor. No idea if it works. I own a bosch saw which claims to have this feature, but I've never had it kick back on me, so I don't know if it works.

    16. El Quordo

      Why isn’t anyone noticing that the saw blade is spinning in the wrong direction normally it should spin clockwise so it pulls it self down and not pushes it self up if you can’t hold it and on a safe powersaw there is a shield around the blade that’s getting pushed back by the wood you are cutting and if you take the saw from the wood it immediately goes back and prevents the blade from cutting anything else.

    17. xXBedaXx

      So why does this need to have sensors and algorithms when my seatbelt does something very similar mechanically?

    18. windyboy78

      I find pulsing the trigger through tricky cuts helps. Essentially the cut occurs only during deceleration of the blade. This sensor technology though would make kickbacks less puckery!

    19. Dreamingrightnow

      why not just a small plow like attachment on the "deck" behind the blade the same width as the blade that keeps the cut board halves from moving together?

    20. Robin Lomax Bjerke

      I'm 99% sure my circular saw rotates the other way and therefore would kick away from the user...

      1. zapa1pnt

        Just take a look at which way the teeth are pointing. That is the direction of travel\cut. Chain saws, table saws and chop/radial saws cut downward, in the direction of travel\cut. All, hand held, circular saws cut upward, in the direction of travel\cut. If the teeth, on your circular saw, are pointing to the rear, you need to flip the blade over.

    21. eHudsonification s

      So glad I stayed up till 2am watching SEprom videos. You guys rock. I hope a manufacturer like Dewalt or Milwaukee pick up your invention. Good luck!

    22. Richard Greene

      How about a micro switch on the bottom plate of the saw the would activate Dynamic braking when the saw lifts. It would not require microprocessor and reduce the cost of the saw.

    23. Bo Harris

      Chainsaws have anti kickback breaks

    24. Loopy Mind

      Did any manufacturers contact you guys about this?

    25. Kim Chi

      Kick back on a table saw and chain saw are absolutely pee inducing. I had a 2x4 launch through the air on my table saw and it was cool and scary!!!!

      1. zapa1pnt

        Put the blade guard back on the saw and don't trap cut-offs between the blade and fence.

    26. Michael Utley

      I would love to have one of these saws. Using my handsaw as much as I do, I get kickback a lot.

    27. Michael Harrison

      Just who the heck disliked this video?!

      1. zapa1pnt


    28. loves pyrotechnics

      If people knew how to use a skill saw and knew how to prevent kickback they wouldn't have a problem

    29. Mason Krcmarik

      Milwaukee fuel technology does this

      1. zapa1pnt

        Milwaukee Fuel has, Absolutely, Nothing to do with this.

    30. Maxym Orzeszko

      SAW 7: Kickback Killer

    31. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    32. Chris walker

      Could I suggest a low tech solution...... Change the rotation of the cutting blade. Make it cut on the forward rotation. Any kick back would cause the saw to press down into wood.

      1. zapa1pnt

        Where you from, dude, Arkansas??? If that would help anything At All, the manufacturers would have already done it. I suspect it would cause more danger, because the saw would want to run away from you.

    33. David Endres

      This could also be applied to drills. Modern brushless power drills can really mess up your wrist if the bit gets stuck. It wouldn't even require the same complexity/number of sensors as the saw - it just needs something to say "Uh-oh, the drill body is starting to spin (with too much force for a human to handle) instead of the bit... we must be caught up on something. Pump them brakes!"

      1. zapa1pnt

        A simple accelerometer would work, for that.

    34. Roland Riviere


    35. Kollin DeWitt

      "Gonadular Region" should be a pair of underwear you sell haha

    36. Live Wake

      I mean there is a spring loaded gard on every circular saw

      1. zapa1pnt

        Which, obviously, does not react fast enough.

    37. Empty Places 長崎

      I had a skilsaw kick up and catch my shin, luckily it got tangled in my jeans.

    38. ematti89

      Maybe a three-position switch in the trigger would also help, when you tense up when kickback occurs

    39. ematti89

      Can you do a follow up video?

    40. Jon Turner

      I'm aware this video is coming up on a year old and my comment will be lost in the echoes of so many others, but please talk to sawstop. If any company will have interest in this it's gotta be them. Thanks for the content Destin.

    41. Pitbull Gamer81

      I've been in construction for 35 years now and never once had a kickback not saying they don't happen but if you watch what you're doing and know what your doing you should not have that problem

    42. Sami Hawasli

      What a well disguised ad. Took an expert in software to combine 2 sensor outputs?

      1. zapa1pnt

        I didn't hear them trying to sell me anything. The fellow who came up with the idea just happens to be a software expert. He used 3 sensor inputs: accelerometer, magnetometer and gyro.

    43. Tony Hussey

      Interesting video but you are looking the problem from a tech position.. you need to look at the problem from a Carpenters position..or Physics.. the question should be.. why it the blade sticking and what can we do to Prevent it... Blade is can I make the saw safe after the kickback...

      1. zapa1pnt

        The non-tech solutions have been around for decades, yet it still happens far too often. 10,600 times per year. Mostly to professionals, who use these tools every day. The next step is tech, to stop the blade, when it does. Excellent solution presented. People used to object to seat belts: "You want to keep your face out of the windshield? Don't have an accident." Yeah, that worked well.

    44. Tony Hussey

      Why doesn’t the saw have a riving knife by standard... that’s why you get kick back to start with...

      1. zapa1pnt

        Not practical. Easily damaged.

    45. dan

      you guys not have riving knifes on your saws?

      1. zapa1pnt

        @MrSlowhands27: My apologies. I have since found it is the saws in the US which do not have riving knives.

      2. MrSlowhands27

        @zapa1pnt nonsense. Most U.K. saws have riving knives. I know this for a fact because I remove them.

      3. zapa1pnt

        No circular saw has ever had a riving knife. Not practical, easily damaged.

    46. bentboybbz

      When I cut I grip with both hands(there is two handles on my saw) but the trigger hand I only grip with 4 fingers and trigger finger is not part of my grip on the saw so if anything goes wrong it’s much faster and easier to let go of the trigger. Also properly securing the material you are cutting is an important step I feel most do not do and is dangerous. When making a long cut backing up and going forward also cuts some of the material away as it tries to close together. Worn blades are another mistake I see a lot. Some blades also have a sort of non stick coating on the sides of the blade to help prevent it from grabbing. Setting the correct cut depth is important. There are many things you can do to minimize your risk when using a saw just like driving a car or walking down stairs. Be safe folks having all of your body parts still attached and not bleeding out on the floor is way better than saving 60 seconds rushing.

    47. huub meyer

      If you have a rivinging kinfe behind the blade kickback is also reduced

      1. zapa1pnt

        No circular saw has ever had a riving knife. Not practical, easily damaged.

    48. Serhan Uygur

      How far along is this project?! Copy this for an update!

    49. Jeremy Baldree

      I'm a carpenter. This is simple physics. On of the first things you learn

      1. zapa1pnt

        And forget, resulting in 10,600 injuries per year.

    50. Ed Chow

      Should be able to use the same approach with table saws and use a current transducer on one of the motor leads to track motor load. I thought it was overkill to use ML, but after watching, it was definitely a good and smart application of the tech. Bravo!

    51. krvnjrcbs

      The major issue here is there’s no redundancy. What if you’ve got a bad accelerometer or a bad wire. A false sense of confidence is often more dangerous than having the system in place because people stop using their brain.

    52. Justmax 411

      @Lets-Bastel, du solltest dieses Video sehen.

    53. Justmax 411

      @Letsbastel sollte sich das angucke

    54. credit crazy tv

      The virgin dusten v the Chad chad

    55. Viking Van Man

      Nice ! Skål 🍺 🍺 🍺

    56. sean simpson

      As a joiner there are ways to help prevent kickback. Make sure the guard is properly fitted and works. When cutting sheets or timber cut in a way that prevents pinching. Maintain good control by using both hands. Do not cut awkwardly by over reaching. If that saw wants to kick it will but thinking about how to and using ways to help prevent it. But this is a really cool idea and I would definitely pay more for a tool with this tech in it.

    57. John Snuh

      I've had this happen while cutting fiber cement trim and its really scary if you aren't always prepared for it. This should just be standard and its surprising this isn't already a standard. My dad even told me about a guy that had this happen and the saw literally hit his leg and climbed up all the way near his shoulder! You can definitely avoid kickback though if you're cutting table is setup properly 👌

    58. Josh K

      But what about the safety cover that comes with it ?🤔 I notice you didn’t have it on?

    59. Jose de Los Angeles

      This is so cool. Is it out yet?

    60. Brenden

      2:17 guy literally could be entirely blind right now. glasses sitting on your hat arent helpful.

    61. G H

      Glandular region!?

    62. Love Trump

      Great Stuff! Sad that our Manufacturers have not bothered to ever do this in all the many years they have made products that do this. Smart fix for a very dangerous problem! KUDOS SME!

    63. Blah dI Blah

      You guys are doing good work. Thank you for this.

    64. Brad Kaboord

      I will be thinking about this the next day after watching it. Wow!

    65. Nuclear Rc

      Couldn't you just put a spring loaded guard on it?

      1. zapa1pnt

        Every circular saw has a spring loaded blade guard. Mostly, to protect the blade.

    66. Kevin Alrigieri

      This is neat. But I like to remind everyone who doesn't know how patents work: there already is a patent with doing this same mechanic without machine learning (making it more reliable and more predictable). Machine Learning and other AI trends have been flooding the patent office trying to replace patents that already exist to avoid infringement. Source: I'm paid to do this. Machine Learning is trendy and people tend to buy into it more even though there's been countless studies proving it to be not as nearly as practical as people think it is.

    67. CG

      What if u just make the blade spin the other way?

      1. zapa1pnt

        The saw would be difficult to use, because it would want to run away from you.

    68. Theron Fordham

      Put a Cain on the back and on the back of the board and the Same with sides put the chains on the celling

    69. Justin Bryan

      Much respect guys. Very impressive.

    70. Johnston Hunter

      No carpenter would ever use this

      1. zapa1pnt

        Why??? Do you think carpenters are to stupid to like unobtrusive safety?

      2. HoboGrifter

        Why not?

    71. Prorrido

      What a chad

    72. Dylan Sahanggamu

      From now on I will chain my saw to the ceiling

    73. Ric Owen

      Good concept.

    74. StinkySQL Sixpence

      Nobel Poplar Award !!!

    75. Michael Howe

      Is there any way you could use the draw of power that the saw is pulling from the wall because I knew notice that the Saw will sometimes tripped the breaker when you are putting a large load on it

      1. zapa1pnt

        Kickback does not produce a high draw, to trip a breaker. (or anything else)

    76. James Romeo

      Was wondering if any tool manufacturer ever contacted you, or was interested.

      1. zapa1pnt

        @Ibu Bezi: Then, how do you account for the Saw Stop system?

      2. Ibu Bezi

        @James Romeo Yup - as long as they don't charge $100 extra for some 'revolutionary feature'.

      3. James Romeo

        Yea, get that, it is sensible, but still curious. After all, the 'saw stop' basically banks on being more because it won't take a finger.

      4. Ibu Bezi

        @James Romeo Because he commented on a comment (Shawn Blanchette) - so now his' is collapsed and can't be found with 'ctrl-F' (YT is not 'perfect'....). Per @Brunsy1990: "This will likely be something you'll see available as a 3rd party device that can be added to any saw. Because lawyers. If a manufacturer adds this feature and it fails to stop a kickback that results in injury, the tool manufacturer is liable. It's the primary reason you don't see safety features added unless there is some related safety mandate passed down by the gov"

      5. James Romeo

        @Ibu Bezi Even sorted by 'newest first', I see no Brunsy1990 comment.

    77. Jay Time

      Ive had this happen to me a part of the wood shoot out & stabbed me in the chest I was not only bruised but cut in the same spot took months to completely heal. Kick back can happen at any time

      1. zapa1pnt

        You are talking table saw, this is for circular saws.

    78. Eric Whittaker

      How is there not a success story follow up on this video? This seems like something that should sell very easily into the Dewalt or Milwalkee tools. It's probably only a handful or two of extra dollars to put into each saw if he embedded the chip into the handle. I hope it sells! I've been building a shed this summer and have had a few kickback events myself recently. Seems like a cheap, simple solution to prevent injury on jobsites.

    79. Kristof Hidasi

      Where can I buy this?

      1. zapa1pnt

        You can't, yet. When you can, you will see it touted loudly, by the tool makers.

    80. Marco Polo

      Outstanding! I just had hand surgery from a nasty kickback accident.

    81. Roberto Ronci

      Try it again with the guard in use 😏

      1. zapa1pnt

        That can't be done, without someone holding the saw. Not a safe situation, for tests.

    82. Jack Payne

      A great way to prevent a kickback is knowing how to use the tool correctly and how to cut the material correctly to prevent a kickback all you have to do is have half of the board or sheet of ply wood either put something like a 2x4 underneath so the other half of the sheet falls and doesn’t pinch or in this case when ripping a 2x10 as long as you have a firm grip and know how to use the saw it won’t kick back like not binding the blade or trying to move the saw left to right while cutting and this is kinda not to accurate of an experiment because the reason the saw kicks back everytime is because that’s the way the blade spins so when there’s no counter pressure like your hand it will kickback every time good idea and cool video tho

    83. Cleas Berg

      dont now where you come from never happen for me we have a sharkfin behind the blade to help you to not happen security were i come from in eu next time buy it from there suprice you use a saw like this in the film chain saw have brake on the handle from eu dont need your electronic thing if you work in eu ok i am from sweden but still in eu

    84. notdirtyflics

      We don't need any more safety features on anything the more safety featuring we get the Dumber our population gets

      1. zapa1pnt

        @Will Asproth: And yet, there are 10,600 circular saw injuries per year. Mostly by professionals. (in the US alone)

      2. Will Asproth

        Humans are both smarter and safer today than any other time in history.

    85. notdirtyflics

      Why doesn't your saw have a blade guard

    86. Eric Andersen

      This would have saved my finger tip that I lost 2 days ago.

      1. zapa1pnt

        It does have a blade guard. It was fixed open, for the tests. To have the guard in place, someone would have to hold the saw. Not good (safe) in a test situation.

    87. jay Parker

      Only ever happened to me once, you sense it comming and react accordingly

      1. jay Parker

        @zapa1pnt obviously not that professional, how many people own and use them daily? I don’t know a single person who’s had an injury from kickback, there are simple things you can do to avoid it

      2. zapa1pnt

        Yet it still happens 10,600 times a year. Mostly to professionals.

    88. EngineerSean YouTube

      Really? It is up to the user to provide force to control the saw while it is cutting. While I have experienced this type of resistance, it's just part of working with a circular saw. If you do not have adequate safety training to use a piece of equipment, you should not be using it.

      1. zapa1pnt

        @Will Asproth: He, more than likely, doesn't use his seat belt either.

      2. Will Asproth

        Why would you not want an additional safety feature?

    89. Broseph

      Milwaukee needs to contact you guys

    90. James

      I have been a framer for 20 years this should be installed I almost cut my chest open with kick back and also lost the tip of a finger due to kick bsck

    91. Dreaded Raider

      More importantly what if you bevel the blade?

    92. J4000x

      Fantastic work guys, but at the 8:00 mark, is that blood on the ceiling|?

      1. zapa1pnt

        LMAO!!! I saw that too. I think it's from a cat, in another experiment.🤣🤣🤣

    93. mads2a

      Please have this device installed as a standard in ALL brands of circular saws. One life saved, is worth it.

    94. mc2161

      Or you could just respect the saw and use it properly

      1. zapa1pnt

        An idiot.

      2. HoboGrifter

        Who doesn't want this extra safety feature?

    95. Isak s

      we actually had kickback protection in our angle grinder and battery powered drills at work. they are made by bosh and it honestly work great. i can't count how many times a drill have gotten stuck with the pevious drill machine made by Dewalt and having in try to rip my hand off and this kick back may not be perfect and have triggered without a kick back have greatly reduced the number of times that it have happened and the few times that i have felt it have it greatly reduced the severity of the twist that the drill induced on my hand. same with angle grinders but even more important. i had an angle grinder get pinched and it turned out of my hand and cut my thumb. but thanks to this stop did it just cut a small hole in my glove and slightly scrape the top layer of skin and no blood was drawn. that in comparison with a different angle grinder in almost the exact same situation only that i was holding it with my left hand this time. it turned and cut a deep groove on the knuckle on my left indexfinger down to the bone. i was lucky that it didn't hit any critical area of my finger and only cut skin but there was a lot of blood this time.

    96. realitynowassigned

      Of course the smartest thing to do is properly use the saw and not cut your leg off

      1. zapa1pnt

        Yet circular saw accidents happen 10,600 times per year, in the US alone. Mostly by professionals.

    97. Andrew Pierce

      That is genius. Those brakes will be on all saws in a few years.

    98. Mr person

      @dewalt @milwaukee@ryobi@kobalt

    99. or sapir

      are there any circular saws in the market with a similar anti kick system?

    100. Edgar Fruitier

      My 60v dewalt already have something that stop the saw when she’s stuck. Maybe not good as yours but the technology is already here for more than a year