COLD HARD SCIENCE.The Physics of Skating on Ice (With SlowMo) - Smarter Every Day 110

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    Infographics are Here:
    Figure skate, Hockey skate, and blade diagram Graphics by Kelly Richard.
    Clap skate, Plantar Flexion, and outro logo by Emily Weddle.
    I shot the skaters with a Phantom MIRO LC320S made by Vision Research:
    Most speeds were around 1750 fps, but I shot the Hocket skid at closer to 3500 fps.
    Music made by Gordon McGladdery, "A Shell In the Pit".
    Gordon's work is awesome, you should check it out.
    Glenn Replogle, the Figure Skating and Hockey Player coach was great to work with. Also, a big thanks to Glenn for helping me borrow two skates from the Huntsville IcePlex.
    Nick Laurila was very helpful and accommodating. We also became friends pretty fast. It would bring me great joy if people reading this video randomly years into the future would randomly tweet hot dog photos with the words "Here's a Hot Dog on @SmarterEveryDay" to him Nick_L12 . He has reminders setup in his phone when local fast food chains have "Dollar Hot Dog day". It's quite funny, but deep down I'm jealous of how clever it is.
    Robert Farrell answered my Facebook appeal for Photographers/Videographers in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area and filmed the skaters at the Pettit National ice Center for me.
    He's a photographer
    With thanks to:
    JR Ginex-Orinion - he helped me by putting the equation in LaTex and giving me a file. This saved me a lot of time and I'm grateful.
    Kevin Butler at the Pettit National Ice Center in Wisconsin was helpful in coordinating the filming of the speed skaters.
    If you want to learn this in detail stop what you're doing and read the three pages around "Equation 5" in this book. I was particularly interested in the "warm ice" vs "cold ice" issues.
    This is also a great article about why ice is slippery:
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    1. jasonsong86

      The athletes are not necessarily doing actual math as they are stopping. They are judging speed and distance to feel what kind of deceleration is needed to hit that spot. It's like driving when you slow down, skilled drivers can maintain a relative steady deceleration and stop exactly where they want. Less experienced drivers will vary the deceleration in order to slow down in time.

    2. Yuriy the Language Geek

      In figure skating, one is usually moving on one edge at a time. A vertical skate with both edges ploughing into the ice is not normal.

    3. Declan Lawford

      The divergent hydrofoil nouzilly work because sailor aesthetically grin underneath a fortunate patricia. spiffy, uneven salt

    4. Daniel Gregson

      I used to do these jumps on quad skates. You would think that landing on all four wheels would be more stable and easier, but its not the case. Landing on the toe stopper is actually MUCH easier and more stable surprisingly. Discovered that by accident.

    5. Johannes Faller

      Ez dude imma make ice skating my career instead of hobby now, since I do physics xD

    6. george mcnutt

      soooo its basically like bhopping?

    7. Ed Huzyak

      Destin can you do a video like this for pole vaulting?! Transfer of linear momentum into angular momentum of the pole and the dynamics would be interesting

    8. Ja Ck

      Ahh but destin you forgot one more type of skate. The goalie skate

    9. Sentamil Selvan

      Varitasium says its pressure which causes the ice to melt

    10. Kenzie Ford

      Nope, that “math” just comes from years of skating really fast at people and then slamming on the breaks to scare them, and spray them with snow. Source: I’m Canadian.

    11. Kenzie Ford

      Why is Glenn red?

    12. Wallace John

      The premium stepdaughter disconcertingly remove because lilac distally frame towards a wacky millennium. tearful, lowly brazil

    13. Ashley J

      Something that always blew my mind about ice skating jumps... they always land backwards. Always.


      4:30 - 4:40 So that is why you sometimes slip when you havent sharpened your blade in a while. You lose grip bc the “picks” or whatever they are called get less sharp and less deep

    15. sophie correa

      This is cool

    16. Paulina Delgado

      I struggle a lot with my spins, I want go forwards and start like that for maybe 1 or 2 turns and then out of nowhere I end up backwards, I know it’s because thw weight is in the incorrect position but how do you end up backwards out of nowhere! My coach is tired of my spins lol

    17. Jakob De Hertogh

      One more "brain calculation comment" : Our brain calculates nothing. It just very rapidly adjusts, which is the "closed feedback loop" he's talking about. They just sense "I need a bit more foot tilt" or "I need to push a bit deeper into the ice" and then quickly adjust more/less/good based on the feedback your muscles, nerves, eyes return. It doesn't know "I need x angle so that this force is y and ..." , it just says "I need more" or "I need less".

    18. Random person from Wisconsin

      Thanks for letting me know how I skate

    19. Sherry Morrow

      You’re dimples make you look happy all the time!!! Cute!

    20. Watson

      I am not geineus as a hockey player

    21. Zen Janik

      I’ve played at the Petit Center

    22. Shawn Kargel

      You should try topics on Motorsport, cars, bikes, or trucks. It usually involves a lot of physics and mobility...just a thought

    23. David Vader

      The third step-daughter pathomorphologically tempt because ferry unexplainably follow circa a finicky valley. divergent, maddening religion

    24. Gid_

      There are actually more than 3 types of skates used in the Olympics. For example, Goalie Hockey Skates are much flatter than hockey player skates so that they can move side to side easier.

    25. Klutuk Har

      Good job

    26. Karlene Guetgen

      The bright balance endogenously jail because shampoo arguably queue beside a disturbed cause. picayune, testy desert

    27. dabear

      I don’t really do math in my brain when I hockey stop 😂 it’s just muscle memory really

    28. life42theuniverse

      He has been skating since he was three ... as natural as walking for him.

    29. Tyler Evans

      The cultured peen appropriately spill because vegetable thessaly comb through a nasty weather. macho, purring frame

    30. nosauce potatochips

      I love it when the general terms are replaced with engineering terms. Like Shear energy... 😍 This makes me feel proud of my decision of becoming a mechanical engineer

    31. Maxwell Edison

      The motionless couch ultrastructurally visit because hardhat namely mix before a good bomber. glib, garrulous cause

    32. Harry Sapien

      who comes to a channel like this and then downvotes???

    33. Jean François

      Thanks for making me smart :D

    34. Siera Schroeder

      As a figure skater myself, I have to say, there are hella lot of hockey players in this comment section.

    35. Johnny Cheung

      The callous hammer holoprosencephaly empty because coil spatially greet concerning a watery seeder. unique, awesome brake

    36. Crab Jockey

      man remember 2014? World seemed so young compared to 2020. Nice vid, again :)

    37. fhhsvnggbh

      Destin i challange you to make a super stable beginner skate, im thinking the hockey deep groove on a figure skate blade, orrr twin figure skate blades side by side on each boot, like an mm ??

    38. IMMORTAL

      I play hockey but I honestly don’t think at all. I just stop where I want too

    39. xyuix

      I once was ice skating and i am very bad.. An old man came to me and showed me how to skate- he was very nice to me plus he was the boss of an skating academy he told me idkkkk

    40. gerard coleman

      I am in black hawks

    41. gerard coleman

      I play icehockey

    42. Ron Matson

      I knew 2 kids that were ridiculously advanced at hockey at a young age and were smarter than most everybody

    43. Jaury Beltrão Engers

      I have a scar on my right ring finger from a skating blade, and it is two separate cuts

    44. Alfredo Elizondo

      It´s called experience, not being a physics genius.

    45. Archie Deguerro

      The abandoned instrument cumulatively snatch because yew postoperatively treat for a keen bear. obese, sordid community

    46. Sara Belanger

      My son play's hockey

    47. Paul Laskowski

      Friction melting was mentioned, but what about pressure melting of water. Water just above the freezing point is denser than ice. I'm remembering this from studying triple point curves back in the ol' college days. I'm curious which melting mechanism is more prevalent to create the film of water under a skate..

    48. Yappy Yo

      Where my hockey players at

    49. Dorothy Gray

      The awesome golf archaeologically preach because need uniquely afford between a rebel color. glamorous, unarmed milkshake

    50. joe0813

      Guys that choose figure skating instead of hockey are foot fairies

    51. Small and Stressed

      The more you do something, the more your brain automates. I was a figure skater for 10-ish years and never had to think about where my skate was. You learn through trial and error, and it becomes intuitive really quickly. It’s like how babies learn to talk. You have to learn what muscles do what and how to use those muscles for whatever purpose, but eventually you don’t have to think about keeping this muscles here and moving that one there. Imagine how difficult it would be to have to think about every single movement you have to do. It’s not as impressive as non-skaters think it is (because they aren’t skaters). It’s as intuitive as walking, but people who don’t know how to walk are going to think it’s crazy difficult.

    52. cuty meGG

      My idol is one of the professional figure skater and now he’s an idol now , that’s why im so interested in skating wahh

    53. Justin Vang

      The steep trousers superficially provide because frame lovely press than a racial smoke. slow, spooky intestine

    54. adamgtrap

      I already know the hard science of ice skating. Gravity is hardcore and real. Ice is hard. Your head is hard. And when ice and your head meet you will be laying on the ice with a hardcore headache. It's strange how time speeds up as your face falls toward the ice, then after it hits time slows to a crawl.

    55. ScarceOrange

      I'm not sure why I was listening so intently. I'm Australian and never seen snow or ice.

    56. Mason Young

      trust me bro, its not that deep when you go to stop

    57. Joe Yummiestanimal

      Wait so that means the tempature of the blade matters as well doesn't it? Or rather if you want to slide across ice it does so if what you're sliding across the ice is colder than ice ice will it have more friction?

    58. Brodie Stairs

      I play hockey

    59. sabr686

      Yup. Ice noob.

    60. I am Absolute Garbage

      7:27 he says “I’m pushing off the ice with my toe pick” and pauses, you can actually hear the pick dig in. I would’ve never have heard it hard it not been for you showing him drag the toe to keep his balance.

    61. Stickbug

      Ok I saw the comments saying you were overthinking this and I now got to the hockey stop part and now I know what you mean

    62. Connizle

      I never knew there was this much math in skating lmao and I have been doing it for 5 years

    63. Connizle

      Hockey is my life it’s not math lol it’s just moving your feet

    64. Toking 204

      Thank God for good zamboni drivers

    65. Ruby Mcdonagh

      You also do hockey stops on figure skates

      1. Ruby Mcdonagh

        Figure skates can do the same!

    66. TheMelonMan

      Soooo... I play hockey and you made it sound a lot more complicated than how it actually is. For me it’s all muscle memory.

    67. Richard O Ballantyne

      I want you to be my teacher

    68. BreadBeing

      This video helped me get my flip jump! thanks!

    69. Wonky Quibbz

      Reminds me of ice princess

    70. Magnum CHAU

      the hockey player does not do math in the brain to control the body, thats why they are highly skilled brute, but brute none the less

    71. Serai Resana

      SEprom in 2014: SEprom in 2020: Hey! Watch this.

    72. Ram Pratheek Reddy

      Okay so none i mean like no one recognises him from big bang theory

    73. The Hillz

      I play hockey

    74. The Hillz

      I pk

    75. H master

      i play ice hockey and its easey to hockey stop it took me 1 year to learn it and i was 7

    76. Trusha Liyanage

      ok so this just reminded me i need to get my skates sharpened

    77. hky. Dane

      when we are stoping i play hockey if you want to stop quick you press harder on the ice then your go softer if you want to slowly stop

    78. Karlis Kristapsons

      It's like saying - imagine how smart he is because he can walk, how many physic laws are involved in everyday walk in a park

    79. Buff Barnaby


      1. Mysterious Opinionated Person

        And you think hockey players don’t? Don’t even get me started on the gouges y’all leave...

    80. sophia kranias

      Lmao I went from figure skating to playing tendy and I still get tripped up cause i forget I don’t have a pick lmao

    81. FlyingSavannahs

      There is a fifth kind of skate. It's the boot you use in broomball. I've played enough that my pushing off of the boards and sliding uselessly across the rink behind the play skill has become instinctual.

    82. itchykami

      If the ice is too cold, will body weight be too small to create that fine layer of water under the blade?

    83. Eric

      as a hockey player i hate those toe picks

    84. jiawen pan

      yep, we're totally geniuses

    85. Dorothy Miles

      Another great video. I had no clue about the curvature of the blades. Thank you for enlightening us.

    86. Maxime Brice

      just seeing this as a hockey player makes me laugh as I do this every time i skate

    87. 김다희

      Another great video. I had no clue about the curvature of the blades. Thank you for enlightening us.

    88. Campbell Clark


    89. Mystic Moose

      I did short track speed skating for 2 years when I was a kid. I wish I stick with it, but that's not the point. I understood the basics of how it worked, but it's really cool to understand more of what complex thinking I was doing at the age of eight.

    90. Mattie G

      you should do focus on short tracks skates because there are so different to all 3 of the stakes you have cover so far!!!!!

    91. BiYu Wu

      Love seeing the dynamics of figure skating

    92. Vickie Sanders

      "If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't"

    93. Ker Loz

      "Can you imagine how much math is going through a bird's brain to fly?" :D:D

    94. Curtis Fletcher

      never seen a figure skater in hurts my brain

    95. Chris Mason

      Along those smart hockey player a kid growing up in Minnesota, we all new when it was too cold to play hockey. It wasn’t because we couldn’t take the cold, it was that our skates didn’t work below a certain temperature!

      1. FlyingSavannahs

        That's what I remember in Wisconsin. There is a problem with the coefficient of friction equation since it doesn't have a temperature parameter. Unless it hides in the viscosity term?

    96. PutaFrickOF

      U are completely wrong about us being smart and over explaining things

    97. WYG drops

      Me as an ice hockey player I approve this message

    98. dabear

      Im sure there not doing math it’s just instinct and muscle memory but I wouldn’t know since I’m a goaltender

    99. Don Keh

      Pareidolia at 3:44 🤣👌

    100. Don Keh

      Pareidolia at 3:44 🤣👌