Crawling Down A Torpedo Tube -US NAVY Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 241

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    Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
    Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
    There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
    The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
    Here's a video about loading and firing a harpoon missile from the USS Olympia (I filmed the impact):
    Read more about torpedo tubes here:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      When I boarded the USS Toledo I did not know I was going to be given the opportunity to crawl down a torpedo tube. Honestly I was thinking I would have a conversation with someone about the periscope or something but it did not occur to me that when you are under the ice you cannot use the periscope. When they asked me if I wanted to see a torpedo tube I didn’t realized I had no clue how they worked. Most people overlook this seemingly simple system, but when you take a moment and analyze it you will realize it is quite complicated. I hope this is the level of detail you were hoping for in the submarine series, because this is what gets me excited. I haven’t decided which video is next but I’ll tell you this, I did not know one of the methods they use on board to make oxygen. Anyways, thank you for watching the series and please consider subscribing if you feel like this is worthy of your time. I don’t know if you’re the type of person that likes to share videos with other people, but I would appreciate it if you could pass the submarine series on to a friend or two. As always, I would like to express my gratitude to people who support Smarter every day on Patreon at . I am thankful for the support, and the next video has a special surprise for you, the Patrons.

      1. Shabana Moses

        When you asked the guy can I go in the tube I thought he would say “No sir,” (I wanted to say u are unworthy but that would be mean)

      2. Christy Martinez

        ''If you dig a 6-foot hole, how deep is that hole?'' Nobody: BeetleJuice: 16:17

      3. Rob Waddell

        Crawling the torpedo tube is 90% as terrifying as crawling a boiler. It's the same shape, only you are one of 3 people in the engine room, and nobody is opening that boiler up again to check it for potentially, 3-4 months.

      4. Bertrand Yeung


      5. Bertrand Yeung

        @The Faceless Man z

    2. Dick Teaford

      * Sees too much sensitive information* Navy Officer : Why don't you checkout the inside of this tube

    3. Wbzh Wnjs

      *K1 and camera closes torpedo door* “Hey HEY THATS NOT FUNNY! “ K1 and Camera man: hahahahaha... ok let let him out- *red light turns on* “all hand we are experiencing weight distribution problems. Now flooding torpedo tubes to compensate” *camera man and K1 look at each other* Get him out! GET HIM OUT!

    4. Red Dead

      Jesus there is A LOT going on with just the torpedo door. The minds that went into making these submarines....

    5. Jaydengoeswild121 saintbien

      These are how babys are made

    6. Ozzy06 V8

      Thats scary asfk hahah good video, really good information how its works thanks for sharing, stay safe guys

    7. Nina Feenstra

      I would be so scared that they wpuld closed the door, and ready me for launch. First i would have to hold my breath, After that i would have the pressure of an eliphant standing on me And i would be launched in the cold arctic waters

    8. Ryan Cochran

      Inside that torpedo tube would be terrifying. Knowing that the only thing between you and the freezing cold depths of the ocean is a little metal door. No thanks

    9. Red Crewmate Gaming

      Suddenly the door closes then you hear, "prepare for fire." Every one in side the torpedo hole: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ guess ill die.

    10. Showtime Camarski

      When the water fills the tank it’s like if you go into a body of water with a vehicle, you need to let it fill up completely and then the doors/hatches can open because the water level is even, making the water pressure not push against it as much as if it didn’t fill.

    11. Bertha Huhn

      "yessir!" xD

    12. N04h 123

      13:38 this is the part where I don’t go through with it after learning about it I’m terrified!!!!!

    13. Spartan120

      Captain: Don't fire the torpedoes! Homer: Fire the torpedoes! Enemy Crewman: Sir, we've been hit by an officer! Enemy Captain: If they're going to fire on us, then we'll respond in kind! Fire! NOT ME, A TORPEDO!

    14. Grae Calfee

      yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir

    15. Lizard


    16. Aussie Rheinhardt

      They should name any torpedoes new or old after the person who clean the torpedo tube everytime. Just a small tribute for them though, knowing the torpedo are in good tube to be launch out from a sub.👍👍👍 ROLL TIDE!

    17. Mustache_man7

      Plot twist: they fire him out of the torpedo tube

    18. Cooper Herrell

      I can imagine that another country was attacking them and a torpedo needed to be launched while was in the tibe

    19. Katherine Poindexter

      I just found your channel!.. I love your channel..wish my dad was alive. He was a WWII Navy vet..he would love this. He was on the USS Dour, a mine sweeper. If you have not done anything on those would you please..

    20. wake up

      You can bomb the world to peices But you cant bomb the world into peace

    21. HAHALOLXD29

      You should watch a real rewiew of raycons

    22. Philip Richardson

      What would happen if you tried "launching" a human out of the torpedo tube? Would they kinda just swim out, drown when it gets filled with water, get crushed by the changing pressure and make a mess in the tube or simply die and float out when the outwards doors open?

    23. MrWacko _

      Holy Toledo

    24. Wes Thompson

      Is he in the ocean or just in it at the dock?

    25. awakaxis' alt

      wow, it took me until this episode to realize the "deep dive into nuclear submarines" pun...

    26. Connor

      As someone with extreme claustrophobia, and thalassophobia that torpedo tube with on,y one hatch separating me from the unfathomable depths of the ocean is literally my worst nightmare.

    27. Samuel Salgó

      Imagine the captain being like fire torpedo 3

    28. CrippledAvacado

      imagine if he got launched from the tube

    29. Insane_antics

      imagine they jettison him in the tube

    30. Luke Hanna

      Video starts at 14:55

    31. GolaithGoku

      Very much interesting, helpful I guess, and very good for future US Navy.

    32. Mr Gamer da 1st

      I would not crawl in there because I have a fear that the door will close behind me and it will slowly start to fill with salt water.

    33. Lightning Dash Productions

      my question is how the torpedo keeps going onece it's out of the tube? So like the presured water pushes it out of the tube, i get that part, but don't torpedoes have a propeler thing at the back that keeps them moving a certain amount? when does that thing start up and how does it know when to start?

    34. Raymond Morehouse

      Human beings go to such remarkable lengths to simply kill each other.

    35. Vapor Wave

      everyone gansta till the torpedo gets loaded

    36. Jump2218

      How long does it take a trained crew to load a torpedo?

    37. Rachel Carlan

      I know he wanted to close the door :)

    38. Benke

      just seeing this makes me claustrophobic

    39. Sole Ice

      Torpedoes fascinate me in the same way that rockets and nuclear reactors do.

    40. Dark Star King

      They are going to shoot Destin onto enemy ships to make friends with them and bring world peace.

    41. shimstaekwondo shimstaekwondo

      Crew: Sir we ran out of torpedoes... Captain: hmmm... does that journalist still on board?

    42. Curry Boy

      1:42 how long do u think that took comment below l I V

    43. I dont wanna use my name

      What if they fired him out of the tube

    44. k r

      what is that tetris clock thing on the right corner of the video?

    45. Maxwell Edison

      Which Apple Silicon Mac are you most excited for?

    46. Parker Teeter

      Destin alone said "Torpedo" 39 times.

    47. Audrius J

      9:46 nope... they can make air from seawater.

    48. Logan P

      I don’t care if the sub is in the middle of the desert and has no power, I ain’t ever going in a torpedo tube, that’s just foolish

    49. Zack Haviland

      2:03 Destin's thiccer brother

    50. João Vitor M. Roma

      I could bet they would close the hatch, simulate an emergency torpedo lauch or something, to prank first riders

    51. Null3xity

      all fun and games until the tube closes behind you

    52. Bruh sound effect 2

      Yes sir

    53. Axeldoes ROBLOX

      Destin is now a torpedo

    54. mati

      Torpedo tube crawl = creepy.

    55. Sami Amir

      Where lunch cod

    56. Flogger _88

      These guys r decoys!! Im sure about this, they talk like noobs. They are acting for the actual submarine staff

    57. LionblazeTheWarriorCat

      you typed "meed" ... im starting to question your nickname... XD

    58. Mike Candella

      They make you a Bluenose?

    59. Mike Barrows

      Dived the tubes with a bucket and a greenie a couple three times.

    60. Maximilian Kulec

      Russian navy : *Pen and notepad*

    61. Larry K

      Brings back memories. That was my job from 1977 to 1985. Crawled down many a tubes and loaded many MK-48

    62. Brady Finn

      just imagine your him crawling through this pipe and when you get all the way in it gets dark and you hear the crew yell "SHUT THE DOOR!" and they close you in and start filling it with water

    63. Conner Monsjou

      What about seaweed or fish or something, do they have strainers at the equalizer gate? Oh and wont it get blocked and not allow water in?

    64. Gary L

      Ex Navy here, I cringe every time you call it the bottom floor! The thing you are standing on is the DECK! LOL!

    65. Bob Ross Ultra Instinct

      It's sad all this training is to fight others who are doing the same thing

    66. Jan Groen

      yes sir

    67. Harriet Ramos

      * Sees too much sensitive information* Navy Officer : Why don't you checkout the inside of this tube

    68. Andy gamer 55

      Fun fact: the first torpedo was made in Rijeka Croatia, it was made by the company called torpedo and that's how it got its name

    69. Chris Lister

      2:20 guy checks to see if they actually do have 4 torpedo tubes I’m dead 😂🤣

    70. Cliff P

      Love love the smile at 14:57

    71. Cliff P

      You shouldn’t be swinging around a live torpedo around like that! I can see the yellow ring!

    72. Cliff P

      Stop touching the torpedo!! Please SIR!

    73. Cliff P

      How about give him 2 seconds to say no you will burn your self or no it will give you too much radiation or yes.... you can touch it. Sounds like my dates in high school!!!

    74. Cliff P

      I guess you might have had the same clearance as some of these guys in your job? Was it military?

    75. Thomas bowie


    76. GamingGunnar_

      My grandfather was in a submarine in the Vietnam war

    77. observer

      heck no

    78. leonardo

      everybody gangsta till the hatch closes and someone says launch torpedo

    79. Morgan West

      Please stop rimpac

    80. Watsonega

      not gunna lie, at 1:40 it seriously looked like a whale was smoking a spliff.

    81. Hatred

      Wow... this is the video I didn’t know I needed to watch. Badass.

    82. SullyPlaysGaem

      I wonder what they used for the sliding surfaces back in the old days, polished brass?

    83. The Minecraft mobile Guy

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Him: YeS SiR

    84. niclas_deleeuw

      yes sir

    85. trx

      Captain-fire the torpedo Seaman-but sir there’s a human in there Captain-I don’t care what you call the torpedo just fire it. Seaman-well ok.

    86. Vivek R

      Think of the torpedo after going out of sub Into arctic ocean Mamamaannnn itttttssssssss kkkkkoooolllddd oooouuuuuttttt hhheeeeerrr

    87. † endless[3cho] †

      I subbed after viewing a submarine video. The puns will write themselves.


      You lost me watching the video when I saw that you tried to say they have to surface for air, mind you it's a nuclear submarine they make it their selves

    89. He Hy

      Funny if you compare a modern torpedo against a WW2 torpedo its like comparing a modern jet against WW2 jet

    90. Pepper Spray

      Is that breech brass or the lighting making steel look gold?

    91. Kayle Fallcne

      "So this is the torpedo" D: "IM GONNA TOUCH IT"

    92. gtrskyline19

      Wouldnt it be easier to find a way to load the Torpedo through the tube?

    93. Schoolish

      I'd be full blown panic attack in that tube...made me feel closterphobic just watching.

    94. SoylentHolger

      Fun fact: (one of the) the predecessor(s) of the Torpedo was a long stick with an explosive charge at the tip on the bow of a ship. (Spar Torpedo) fun fact 2: the name torpedo comes from the latin word for electric Rays. (The Animal)

    95. SoylentHolger

      As a german, i never get tired of recommending the movie „Das Boot“ to everyone who likes submarines.

    96. Christopher Perez-Blanco

      All I here is yes sir not trying to be rud

    97. SCRT091605

      17:42 Lol “Sliding services so it does damage it” Yeets it at another ship lol

    98. Pappy

      I'm guessing rapid fire is out of question?

    99. Raven Player

      14:52 "Oh yeah, is this a good time to tell you that im claustrophobic"