Delta IV Heavy Pad Tour, (with CEO Tory Bruno) - Smarter Every Day 199

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    My thoughts on this visit:
    Delta IV Heavy
    United Launch Alliance
    ULA's page about the Parker Solar Probe Launch
    More Detailed Interview here:
    Dr. Eugene Parker's 1958 Paper.
    Checkout the instruments of the Parker Solar Probe:
    University of Chicago announces the naming of the Probe:
    Incredible media made by NASA Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio
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    1. Bruce Eaton

      Only 4 minutes in and I am already SO envious. Thank you so much for sharing this! Also: ULA CEO giving a shoutout to Kerbal Space Program, that warmed my heart :D

    2. Nicholas Nugen

      That is one thing many people don't understand. It is much much harder to get close to the sun. It's much easier to go farther out in the solar system.

    3. Serai Resana

      00:47, "I'm gonna have to be very professional..." 10:00, "And I went and eavesdropped in there..." 😂

    4. Respect ma authorita


    5. Mary Lagua

      They are having a great moment talking about technical.

    6. Kbls Kables

      "I have all of my fingers" I want to hang out with people who understand how amazing that feat is.

    7. iThinkThonkThunk

      Like manned moon landings back in 69’ - the ONLY THING going to the sun from earth is mans imagination. COOL STORY though guys!

    8. Sean Maloney

      [Talks about rockets] Me: YES [Mentions Kerbal Space Program] Me: YASSSSSS

    9. gernaneering

      One of the best if the educational channels on you tube, and a really nice guy great personality too. Tory Bruno came across as very nice guy too, boy i learnt so much about rockets, his wife was incredible too, and her sons also will be rocket engineers as well wow !!!. Seems to me that our children's future will depend on incredible able people like these for the future of mankind, This video talked to me like a adult to adult intelligent fun conversation. FANTASTIC !!!

    10. Asbjørn Olling

      The nord vpn ad is blatantly false. Using a vpn will not encrypt your data "all the way to the host that you're trying to contact". A vpn does not give you end-to-end encryption, the tunnel only your to the vpn gateway server encrypted, and the gateway proxies it out to the internet.

    11. Kushal Amruthraj

      I think tory Bruno has unsubscribed after watching the falcon heavy video on smarter everyday's channel

    12. Mohan Yeramaneni

      at 3:25 why is the rocket wobbling ,something is up with the camera sensor.............look closely the rocket seems to jiggle

    13. Casey Smith

      Next, you need to try to get a tour with Elon around SpaceX!!!

    14. J Ice

      It's interesting (and confusing) to me that it's harder to go towards the sun in space. I would think the gravitational pull of the sun would make things easier.

    15. Mary Lagua

      Thanks Destin!

    16. SHN Vlogs


    17. Kramer W

      I'm obsessed with Tory

    18. Ean E

      Cool rocket... Where do we get the hat?

    19. Healing Today TV

      Blood,Sweat and Tears

    20. circusmonkey28

      "...and I got all 10 fingers" xD



    22. vijay kumar

      I dream some day i can do what you do. It is amazing to see the rocket, it is so much more to stand near it.

    23. C S

      Destin you are so good I feel guilty skipping through your ads.

    24. Terrie Dabest

      Hey Destin, are you related to Mona Lisa? What happened to your eyebrows?

    25. Gilgwath

      Tory Bruno is awesome. I'd want to work for a guy like him :-) Sadly I am just a computer scientist... not a rocket scientist. Also very cool: Bruno walks through the tower and everybody is just going on with business as usual. This speaks of good leadership.

    26. Oscar Tango

      Cork in a rocket. Who knew?

    27. Dapper Genesis

      Northrop Gruman ATK is in my home county Cecil County, Maryland.

    28. Oscar Tango

      Destin, I love aviation and aerospace and your inspiring messages through your videos have been nothing short of positively educating material. If I can extract one of the messages from your videos it would definitely be You can. God bless

    29. Cosmos BFN

      Thanks for the close up. ISRO never lets us to watch their behind the scenes. They r super bad at it.

    30. Cosmos BFN

      I would just sign my name on that rocket if get too close. 😂

    31. xerakis

      This has to be the coolest CEO of all time.... what a badass.

    32. James Holt

      so we are flying at 67,000 mph around the sun while spinning at 1,000 mph on our axis?smh

    33. youme1414

      Tory Bruno looks like a very nice person to me. He is passionate about introducing the whole concepts of Delta IV to you. You are lucky.

    34. You Have to Live It

      Looked up "cowboy hard hat" and they're only $20. Definitely never wearing a normal one again

    35. Venkat Raman

      Is it just me or does the CEO look like Scott Manley ? 🤔

    36. Jim Burley

      Destin, I love your videos that you make. I would love it if you would do a video on flat earth vs. round earth (aka science). Please Destin, make a video on this. Thank you for your time.

    37. 3dprint-tech

      I have no extrordinary interest in spaceflight but this must be the fifth time I watch this video, it's just super cool to see two people who know their stuff and are passionate about it hang out. Apologies for my English, greetings from Belgium.

    38. Oliver MJ

      We'll get out of your hair....*Ironic*

    39. Adrian Dayrit

      Kerbal Space Program is so great a CEO from Space Program played it. This video couldn't get any better than that.

    40. Charistiaan Harmse

      Envious does not even begin to cover it!!

    41. Daniel

      have you done Mtech

    42. Kilo Lima

      Any chance Mr. Bruno might be interested in running for President, of the United States?

    43. Giuliani

      Watching this and the factory tour for I forget how many times now. Love this and those video's, though the 2nd channel is better. Mr Bruno is awesome.

    44. Soviet Russian

      Well Bruno try to understand my stations phisics

    45. Subhash Vundavalli

      I am new to this channel I like the way you link your vedios with Bible verses

    46. DJ Braun

      Germany my Country. Love

    47. Azri Zain Zainal

      Tory Bruno wearing a cowboy hat next to a rocket - reminds me of Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove - I was worried/hoping he'd ride the rocket at the end of the video. Good stuff, thank you for the knowledge!!!!

    48. Tim Holyoake

      Mind blowing. From start to finish and all the way through the middle. Absolutely mind blowing . 😊🤔😄

    49. RichBoyz ✝️

      My dad helped build the TPS for the PSP.

    50. Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

      You know someone is good with rockets when they mention kerbal space program.

    51. aljaz mesec

      Elon Musk: im the best CEO in the world Tory Bruno: hol up

    52. ginggur17

      This guy I find fascinating. Yet another great collaboration

    53. Matt Allen

      Omg how did you not touch it? I would have wanted to just touch it. And it was so great to see that he is just like everyone else. You two are exactly the same.

    54. KingBobXIV

      I love how excited Tory gets to nerd out with Destin. Especially when he references something and Destin clarifies and follows up on it or finishes the explanation. The shared knowledge and background is probably a major relief compared to his usual experiences with press events :P

    55. Alex Landherr

      “Stinkin’ Excited”; is that what a zoologist with a bias towards skunks say when they’re excited?

    56. Not Me Not Me

      You can never have too many struts and boosters

    57. Aktivly on the road

      Another Awesome video. Thank you.

    58. Skeptomaniac

      Does Scott Manley have a long lost brother per chance?

    59. Jojo Baluntang

      He is a smart CEO

    60. black horse

      Biggest fish in the lake? 2nd "Elon Musk"?

    61. RetroLife10

      I'm 32 years old, a mechanical engineer for NASA, and Tory makes me feel like my career is so unsuccessful.

    62. Mark Thompson

      Down voters: "The earth is flat"

    63. John Smith

      Both these men out here living my dream

    64. Paul Park

      Dustin are you being paid by ULA?

    65. Paul Park

      Sorry Dustin, but your pandering to ULA cannot be dismissed. The Delta and Delta Heavy are dinosaurs that will be discontinued due to inefficiency and bad design. They have ripped off the American taxpayers in the time of $400 million per launch while SpaceX $90 million.

    66. That motorcycle guy

      Watched a few of these videos now, the tour of the rocket manufacturing facility was amazing. Tory Bruno is such a cool guy, a true Steely Eyed Missile Man. I would love to work for this guy! You can feel the inspiration when he speaks, he kept his childhood fascination of rocketry, but really put in the work to make these spaceships a reality.

    67. rare bootgaze 7 inch test press OOP UK anarcho oi

      hold on, is that cowboy hat also a functional hard hat?

    68. PA Nilsson SM3TTZ

      Awesom! You rock Destin!

    69. Gord Reddy

      I could not be more impressed with both of these gentlemen I am a total fan!

    70. pugmanick

      I can't click 'like' these video's enough. Great people. Amazing work. Thank you.

    71. Mel Clifford

      I want that ULA hard hat SO BADLY!

    72. Nesabor Ali

      I love your channel..and thank you so much for making such a wonderful knowledge gaining videos

    73. Chris

      Great channel... I really enjoy it... Is there a Video of the actual launch?

    74. kepler240

      you can see this man just beaming with pride, and who can blame him.

    75. Maxi

      YAY KERBAL FANS RISE UP oh I'm one year late...

    76. Brad Turner

      You know the story is going to be good when it starts off, “when I was 9yrs old I found a box of mouldy 80yr old dynamite....” you have me all ears at this stage.

    77. Shane Humphrey

      Good job on this show.

    78. L Touitou

      I like the human side. Nice!

    79. SavedByFaithInJesus

      I love being 1.5 years late to the party...

    80. Games TV

      You lucky bastard 👌👌👌

    81. criyi12

      Such a great presentation, thank you from those of us that love space and science.

    82. Dee Neyugn

      The sun is easier to find.

    83. redfish337

      Came back to this video... and... what, this was a year and a half ago!?!?! Dang. Where'd the time go...

    84. Todd Anonymous

      Great video. I would love to see a video biography of Tory Bruno. What a brilliant and inspirational man. A modern day Wernher Von Braun. Lucky for the space program that his rocket experiments in grandma's back yard were sucessful .

    85. Simon Stricker

      Tory! you are awesome, of corse you too destin

    86. Jake Finzel

      My name is on that probe!!!

    87. Arash Moghadam

      Tory Bruno is a cool guy, very polite ,and also he loves and knows his job well.

    88. Michael Law

      Great interview, enjoyed it to see so many people loving their jobs.

    89. Armastat

      One word... Dedicated Internet use only Debit card. refill at secure locations (Banks, Kiosks,etc) and fill only with limited amounts u know ur going to use soon. avoid exposing your main card. Its not Rocket Science (lol ... I had to reload the page and add that - too juicy to pass up)

    90. amresh yadav

      that's great stuff indeed... america continue to live the dream.

    91. Daniel Nackovski

      3:56, this guy is telling the owner what he can and can't do LOL

    92. ThrobbinHood

      NORD? ..not very smart..

    93. Christopher Gaul

      You called Parker the fastest man made object, but you meant second fastest. After the Pascal B manhole cover. 😉

    94. PointSpecial09

      Really cool to watch this AFTER seeing the SED video where Tory Bruno walks Destin through the factory where these are made!!

    95. Psych0play

      3:22 yes exactly. Just imagine we would actually study this stuff in school.

    96. combatcello

      11:20 now that's a transission :D

    97. jcadult101

      "ok, well we'll get out of your hair". "Did you just call me bald?"

    98. Niklas

      Its up in the universe right now

    99. Ryan Payne

      Squad is Brazilian, IIRC, not Mexican.

    100. 003 : A Milkyway Story

      sorry bud u built rockets when u where 9 i was doing ion lift engines.....get on my level