Disinformation on Reddit & How We Beat It Together - Smarter Every Day 232

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      First of all, I hope you and your friends and family are safe, and taking measures to minimize contact with other people at this time. Secondly, I find it interesting that the social media manipulation series are among my most down-voted videos of all time. I wonder what's going on there.... 😏 I see these videos as some of the most important content I've ever made. If the general internet population can understand the principals presented in these videos, we will progress in unity. This series is my attempt to shore up society's defenses against the massive disinformation war currently being waged against us. We're on the battlefield whether we like it or not. The other videos in the series can be viewed here. SEprom Algorithm Manipulation: seprom.info/clone/video/lLN8n56Eo5x3xGw.html Twitter Algorithm Manipulsion: seprom.info/clone/video/uZBmhM6JYaWns2w.html Facebook Manipulation: seprom.info/clone/video/qbyUgNqHZ4N71JE.html The Future of War and how it affects you: seprom.info/clone/video/1LKJi82blH6kun0.html Thank you for watching these videos, and more importantly.... helping others understand them. If you'd like to support Smarter Every Day, the best possible way is to become a Patron. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you, I love you all, Now go wash your hands!! Destin

      1. Colt 604

        Generally, people who value personal freedom also find censorship advocacy abhorrent.

      2. tjbtech

        What you call "unity", critical thinkers call group-think. There is plenty of disinformation out there, but no one is fighting that "war" harder than corporate and entrenched political interests with stakes in silencing dissent and discontent. Instead, they focus on breeding an environment of division, where factions of us common folk angrily point fingers at each other or at nebulous, villainous foreign agents, while they continue to plunder and make real war in the name of all that is good and right. This is America...

      3. Mars Erolin

        Hey Destin! Thought I’d revisit this series you have on social media especially after watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already contacted the creators of that documentary and started on a new video. But if not, can you please make a video on the subject to continue this series? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks and God bless!

      4. Tony C

        They are down voted because you are siding with the propaganda machine and ignoring facts. Spez LITERALLY changed comments and admitted to doing it. They ban you from political boards if your post is pro Trump or conservative.

      5. Gmail X

        You are "social media manipulation" Promotion the toxic left's politics of hate and division.

    2. ianh16

      Great video, my only issue is that you seem to focus on Russian trolls/users causing issues in the US, you make it seem like other countries don't do the same. The US definitely do, as do most other countries in the world. Its a cyber weapon that is easily automated and at a low cost, the same way major news companies prioritise stories that will guide viewers in the direction they want.

    3. Demetri Johnson’s siren videos!

      11:58 Cool, you kept the smashed golf club!

    4. Rappolt

      I guess you wouldn't really get the honest answer of "Oh, yeah, we edit or remove almost anything high profile that we dislike - both posts and entire subreddits."

    5. H8 GU

      What a load of BS from Reddit. So many words and so little said.

    6. Ash Hill

      How have so many people disliked this video? Everyone ought to be more like Destin! Thank you!

    7. Stewart Mackay

      I find it ironic that at the end of this interesting video you made about problems with trolls & manipulation, you openly advocate a VPN company & plainly say that you don't like ads being served on you based on your location. Well, I'm not against VPN's, I used one myself sometimes, but they are commonly used by trolls to shield their location & disguise their IP addresses. Serving ads based on your location simply makes ads more relevant to you, the individual user. Why would I want to see an ad from an ice cream shop in New York when I am walking down the street in London? One of the main problems online in the 21st century, in my view, is complete anonymity. It allows many underhand activities. Lastly, one quick point that was made in your video. It certainly IS ok for someone to disagree with you, that is perfectly fine & just because someone does disagree, even strongly, that doesn't make them a troll. I'd be more worried if I went through life & everyone always agreed with me. However, it is also good to be pragmatic and use your own common sense. If you see something you are not sure about, try to check it out for yourself, whether you agree with it or not. You may find what you have read or seen is not actually the case. The point I am making is that in the digital age many people are too quick to believe the first thing they see. Sometimes it's worth just pausing and thinking for a moment.

      1. Colt 604

        He's been in the SEprom machine too long. He's just another shill for oppressive tech giants now.

    8. Jason Knox

      In light of the last six months, I would ask you to revisit this issue. I heard the terms "State-Sponsored ACtor" and "Bad ACtor" mentioned. It has become glaringly obvious, to me at least, that the platforms themselves have become what they protest against. I don't want the platform to present me with a conservative OR progressive view... I want honest neutrality You Tube's ( Google ) war against firearms is an example. We are hobbyists trying to learn something, not terrorists. ( Insert Right-Wing Militia in Jackboots image here. ) I watch those channels as well as YOURS to learn interesting things. I do NOT need a bunch of technocrats in California to decide what I may see. Facebook's "Fact-Checking" is itself an outrageous farce. We're supposed to be intelligent adults... ( STOP laughing!) We should be able to make up our OWN minds! Dustin, I LOVE your videos. They are intelligent, well-produced, and informative. I suspect we are kindred spirits in that we both like things that go BANG!

      1. Jason Knox

        @Colt 604 Yeah, you're probably right....

      2. Colt 604

        He's a newly minted shill for Reddit, do you think he's truly pro-2A? I'd probably hedge my bet on no.

    9. Jules Concolato

      Thank you for making these vidoes to educate us more about. the danger of socialmedia and how to avoid them.

    10. Sir Wesley

      I honestly can't with this video. The last guy was the only person that didn't look at all of this with rose colored glasses. These people talk like racism, hate speech, and intentional segregation isn't something that happens on a systematic basis. These systems only punish retaliation. Therefore the abuser is always going to be on top.

    11. Deftones Dsm

      Reddit downvotes are used to hate on stuff you do not like. Only like twice have i had discussions on reddit. Usually its downvoted 100 times or argued AT not with. Very rarely is there a comment trying to see/show a different perspective. They either downvote it or just move on

    12. Hopesedge

      "You have been suspended for upvoting hateful content" Reddit is all about censorship because it has an agenda, if you want a platform to freely share ideas then it can't moderate things that aren't illegal, anything legal should be left up.

    13. Charles Yeo

      VPN does nothing to hide ad trackers...even when you have your location service off. People need to realize that VPN is not some kind of magic bullet. Ad tracking is so much more complex than that. For instance Google knows where you are even when you turn off location service from the wifi you are connected to. Your phone, apps, browsers will collect data on your usage. It's all thanks to ad trackers that were built in. All VPN does is make your activity obscure to ISP. It won't magically stop ad trackers.

    14. Charles Yeo

      11:09 they have been at this since 2015/2016. Only then in 2020 did it all get mainstream

    15. Alan Carroll Jr

      Reddit is a giant echo chamber known for massive censorship. Why spend any time on it?

    16. Turtle maniac

      Lol I have covid

    17. Keovar

      7:00 - Seven upvotes to every one downvote is pretty close to the Zipf's law, which describes how things often break down to an 80%/20% split.

    18. Polilla

      I hate reddit and I never browse it. it is controlled by a bunch of authoritarian pricks.

    19. mrmiyagi5

      Don't use the website. That's how we beat it. Garbage site.

    20. Gray

      For everything non politically related, Reddit is great. Once you get into politics, you'll notice a double standard for certain perspectives and the active censoring of voices that dissent from the information the site wishes to promote. The moderators are a large part of this problem and many of them work in information publishing services that are subcontracted by the DNC. This segment, is in itself, propaganda. You'd be better off not watching it.

    21. Disinformation Handbook

      Disinformation is all around us. Join us in dismantling it 🔨💥

    22. cravinbob

      "moderation" is manipulation. "Politically correct" is nothing more than compelled speech or expression. Let the free people speak and they will reveal themselves but it is up to you to figure what you are really seeing and reading.

    23. altgenesis

      What makes you think they are Russians? Because the MSM told you? The FBI told you? What if an American firm is doing these attacks and making it look like it came from a Russian hacker? The CIA can do just that. Who stands to benefit the most from interference in the election and has the might of the MSM, DOJ, CIA, facebook, Google, YOuTube, behind them? Demon-Rat party is the one who benefits. Who is now trying to censor legitimate accounts, not the Russian trolls. The Demon-Rat party. Wake up. You are being manipulated and it ain't Russia. There are trolls everywhere trying to make money mostly and a few larpists out there. But China and Iran are serious about attacking us ever since American Military attacked their nuclear centrifuges with the stuck virus or what ever they called it. China and Iran have their own intranet. They aren't stupid enough to be on the internet in their country. China and Iran don't want Trump to win. They want the Kamala Biden crime family to win. Why do you see so many calls to censor legitmate doctors who come in front of the whitehouse not anonymously risking their career to tell us the truth and they are censored. The anonymous ones are the ones telling the lies. Stop listening to these anonymous posts as gospel and stop listening to the MSM and listen to these doctors who put their real names out there and risk their career on the line. Protest in front of CNN and SEprom for censoring the truth or we are all doomed .

    24. altgenesis

      I'm sorry but Reddit has rules and the community knows what those rules are and the person kicked off knows why they were kicked off. SEprom just kicks you off no explanation or they only enforce the rules on conservatives and not Demon-Rats or you think you know what the rules are but they change the rules and invoke mystery rules at any time. Same with twitter and facebook. Now people go to bitchute and PayPal banned bitchute. Censorship in the real world. Welcome to Orwell's 1984 Ministry of Truth that runs every aspect of a person's life. It's here now hiding under all this "noise". Soon you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. It will start with airline travel, then trains, buses. And you want autonomous cars? What makes you think they will let you travel at all without the mark? Then the barriers will go up like in Israel. It's coming slowly. I now have to have my ID scanned at the liquor store before I can go and buy liquor. They don't want to just see it, they want to scan it. They want my picture and upload it into their database. They say it will be deleted after 30 days. What about the next visit? Another 30 days? Why do they retain it at all for that long? Aren't they just comparing the data to see ..... what? They say it is for theft deterrent. But they let people steal without stopping them. They are slowly turning up the heat until it is too late for the frog to jump out of the pot.

    25. RiPandtear

      How you beat it is on the individual. Make an effort to be informed and look at everything from a neutral perspective. Form your own view but also admit the possibility you may be mistaken. Swallow your ego and make an attempt to not attack others for not sharing your view on something.

    26. Economist from Hell

      Brilliant post - keep it up!

    27. Michael Stocker

      The best thing one could possibly do for one's mental health is deactivate reddit. They are manipulating us with social media induced dopamine hits, and then try to keep us at each others throats to increase "engagement". It's pretty disgusting. The same applies to you tube, but at least here you don't have to label yourself with flair (AKA a target), or have to be a member for over a year to make a post. The creators manipulate their audiences as well to create large groups of people with similar ideologies to create bubbles. Research has shown that groups of social media users who hold similar, exclusionary views are extremely easy to manipulate.

    28. Logan Swepston

      Its funny how you said you can express your opinion on reddit

    29. Stephen Bridges

      you can die from CV. if you're 79. or you have bad luck at 1/10000, same as driving a car

    30. dubbeliga scheisshausmugg

      stupidOnThisDay! Destin this isn't smart at all! censoring doesn't lead to anything except war, against citizens or others, psychological or deadly!

    31. tjbtech

      I have an idea. Let's package Reddit propaganda contrary to all experience and reason as a friendly, "we're just looking out for you" video and encourage the disturbing trend of censorship and group-think by social media sites.

    32. Preston Warren

      Not to be a troll - but this series need to be expanded to the news media. From MY opinion, other then FOX news (to a degree) - the news media has a politically liberal agenda they are pushing. News outlets should survey and report, period. But they don't, seemingly ever. They pick, choose and spin stories to influence their audience. I find this much more damaging to the American culture than Facebook, Twitter, SEprom or Reddit.

    33. kona25

      Is that barbecue sauce that show's up on your chin at 23:26? Wow, I've been watching SmarterEveryDay too long, I'll let myself out.

    34. kona25

      Can we all stop and appreciate Destin's freaking adorable little giggle at 23:48.

    35. Tim Walters

      Trolls are real people, kind of like hecklers at a comedy show - annoying but completely legitimate. Should not be confused with the real abuse this series was mostly focused on..

    36. Kinky Bastard

      Not a single word about how you all decided these were exactly Russian trolls.

    37. Sir McGurrgles

      “You have been banned from participating in....” “Why?” “You have been muted for 3 days”

    38. Matt Smith

      awesome series destin

    39. Matt Majcan

      "how do you combat misinformation while still maintaining reddit as a place for free discussion?" You DONT. the 2 goals are completely opposed and incompatible. Reddit isnt responsible for educating people or keeping them safe. People need to EDUCATE themselves and learn critical thinking skills. And if they cant they shouldnt be using social media in the first place. We need to stop thinking that social media sites need to control free speech. Thats so wrong on so many levels. Combatting misinfo is the responsibility of the individual who consumes that info. "there are things that hit the front page that shouldnt." that right there is manipulation and pushing a certain agenda. THAT is misinformation. You dont fight misinfo with more misinfo and censorship, you fight it with education

    40. Matt Majcan

      And thinking that reddit is hands off is a hilarious notion. its extremely controlled and targeted to create echo chambers and promote certain narratives. Look at r/politics for 5 minutes and you'll see what I mean. And if you make a comment that gets downvoted, you'll have a limit set on you to not let you post more than once per 10 minutes which can sometimes last days especially if your post is in a popular topic and continues to collect downvotes. Its literally creating a horde of brainwashed people. I'm on like account number 5 because subreddits hand out bans like candy, if a mod sees a heavily downvoted post they'll just immediately ban the account and that will be that, no explanation given, no warning, no reason why other than to preserve the narrative they are pushing.

    41. Matt Majcan

      ghislaine maxwell was one of the most influential content creators and moderators on reddit. I wish more people realized this. That should give some indication as to the shady kinds of things going on behind the scenes. social media isnt just fun and games, its literally a competition for global domination

    42. WRHobba

      everyone that voted for trump is a Russian bot, a reddit user's guide to political discourse

    43. WRHobba

      reddit use their platform to edit peoples opinions and ban those who don't conform, ie. thedonald

    44. Et V

      Reddit has become a propaganda machine. Don't believe me? Try offering a well-reasoned and elegantly expressed critique of something which goes against the site's prevailing views and count the number of minutes it takes for the wannabe NKVD to delete it. Promoting a biased opinion or view and then censoring all criticisms of it is what Reddit does best. Well, maybe second best after knowingly spreading misinformation. The Reddit of the past was "a place to freely exchange ideas and opinions", but that has not been the case for a number of years now. Reddit today is about as reliable and trustworthy as Russian or Chinese state media.

    45. Ass Whole

      Hey Destin, a VPN is not a magical switch that you turn on to get anonymity. There is a lot more to it than that. You are selling snake oil.

    46. danpat72

      Chris from Reddit even looks like a SJW

    47. danpat72

      It is NOT free to express ideas! Reddit is severely controlled by the left progressives and democrats and if you question or debate anything that goes against their narrative then your account gets terminated

    48. Lasse Lahti

      Imagine how this is here at the "eastern border of the west", Finland. :D In here this does not limit to internet, it is all over the politics, like we had many "Trumps". Ok in US there´s alot goin on on the streets also, I´m not saying that polarization is not seen in US outside internet, deffinetly it is. But it seems the way that "trolling" on the internet has kinda same mechanisms but the "attacks" from outside are not so much the "maingear" here, but still we sit kinda in the middle of the hybrid war(s). (pointing to east and also littlebit to west, we are not a NATO country also, but still not at least Russian country) What I´m saying is that it seems that here in Finland the disifnormantion has spreaded differently. Instead of few "main troll pages" we have trolling everywhere, even in the prime ministers Twitter wall (Sanna Marin). Can there be another reasons for "different feeling" here that here in Finland we have whole eastern boarder towards Russia. OFC we have samekind of alt.right movement here also, but even that spreads differently, we dont like have KKK or that stuff, but in ppl´s minds we still are "im bunden with Hitler" and other kind of BS. I tried to explain this as not political towards any direction as I could so please be gentle on commenting.. (see I already have assuming that trolls are coming to this direction when I comment, but phew this was not a Finnish channel... :) Thanks for great and important video! _Peace, Lasse, Finland_

    49. Sagar Prasad

      Once while using reddit I saw someone state 5 years old facts and insulting my country so I corrected him with a source and told him to stfu . He received over 100 upvotes and I received over 40 DOWNVOTES . I stoped using reddit.

    50. John Doe

      17:17 - "It's hard to win a war without a map." - Jeremy Blackburn, iDrama Lab

    51. Lorie Fernandez

      Thank you so much discussing, clarifying, and informing me on this topic. You're doing a great job! And, I thoroughly enjoyed all the videos in this mini series. Thank you!

    52. snteevveetns

      your body language throughout your interviews with Reddit people is very telling (arms crossed, leaned back in your chair) tells me you were not open to what they were saying... LoL I love your content Destin! I also love your realization of how you treat people, you remember the 2nd commandment - Love thy neighbor as thyself. Stay safe friend!

    53. Retloch

      Thanks for making this series, Destin. Very entertaining and informative.

    54. Cerebral

      I wonder how much they pay Destin to make these apologist videos for these companies.

      1. Colt 604

        Remember when this channel used to be about science? Now it's about staying monetized.

    55. Miqu

      Thanks Destin for making this video. This basically explains my point of view on life, that being never not check both sides of the coin and the side of it. By that I mean never let one side take you over so you cant see the other opposing side. That and just being you not a persona (for example) on the internet, cause whats the point if its just gonna result in people being more paranoid about who theyre dealing with. If youre someone that likes making people laugh and you do it under a persona go for it, it wont hurt anyone if you admit its just you trying to make someone laugh (for example)

    56. Dan The Red

      Dude you're a breath of fresh air. This is youtube gold.

    57. Nomad

      Nah. Trolling is human's nature. Russian didn't organize it. Russian did that naturally. And Reddit will be screwed if Chinese speaks English and have access to it.

    58. Michael Walako

      YOu actually had some interesting videos. Now it's just leftist trash.

    59. QuantumBullet ✔️

      Also depends on if you government or president listens to sources like that.

    60. Paul S

      personally I'm only active on 1 sub, and occasionally see a random troll, but it's a sub that is fringe to mainstream Reddit. On seeing a troll, I'm 2-3x more likely to flame the troll and logically break down their post to point out inaccuracies and mistakes, but seldom does the troll ever revisit the post, making me think they are just trying to farm karma and/or are a bot. world news and headline reports don't gain much attention in our sub tho, due to it's content so bots and trolls don't gain hardly anything by posting in our sub and may actually receive neg's and be reported. at the very least, they get flagged for the boot

    61. GeorgeBonanza

      Reddit is against disinformation? They want EXCLUSIVELY disinformation, are you serious?

    62. James Goodman

      The evolution of this series is note worthy

    63. real s states

      For all social media sites, I don’t want to see opinions or comments from other countries. Wouldn’t blocking international comments on purely domestic matters solve this problem? If you’re one of a few people living/traveling in another country, too bad kind of thing.

    64. UTArch1

      In many of your videos on SEprom you are sitting in a room with a map of the world in the background on the wall. In the upper right hand corner of that map is some sort of electronic device with green, blue and red flashing lights on its face. What is that device and what is it doing?

    65. MrSnapphanen

      Where is the proof that the trolls are exclusively Russian? This is insane. USA is still fighting in the cold war vs an imaginary Russia...

    66. Dj Luminol

      I don't accept that anonymity is necessary for the free exchange of information in almost all scenarios. I'd argue the opposite actually.

    67. Shawn Delaney

      16:20 - "to keep people from a common goal, to DELIBERATELY drive people apart" ... Hmmmmmm - sounds alot like what the LEFT would want... They CERTAINLY don't want people to be seen as just PEOPLE - they want others to 'BEND THE KNEE' and swear fealty to THEIR cause, no matter HOW inane, divisive and nonsensical it is for the community!!

    68. Shawn Delaney

      Ughhh..... thuh Rushins - IT'S THUH RUSHINS This is such a disappointing video. . . Why is it so difficult to believe that Americans JUST DIDN'T WANT KILLARY TO WIN? Before anyone yells at me - I KNOW about Cambridge analytica, and that would only go so far... Hillary and the DNC had a HUUUUGE amount of resources to draw from, and don't kid yourselves, THEY were using the same methods to get THEM 'over the line' TOO!! Also - reddit is a WASTELAND full of LEFTARDS... take it, the same as anything else on the internet with a MASSIVE "grain of salt". AND don't form an opinion based on one or just a few sources.

    69. Vinamra Parashar

      RIP Aaron Swartz, his message and ideologies have been forgotten by the company now.

    70. Vinamra Parashar

      Jeremy Blackburn looks like a redditor

    71. X - Force

      The "real" problem with reddit is the cabal of about 15-24 mods who are in control of 90% of the entire site's content. Now THAT is something to look into. The coordinated manipulation, unreal concentration of power .. " *_the call is coming from inside the house_* !!! "

    72. GAIMER70

      But what colour is the upvote button

    73. Emil J


    74. Pedro Vaz

      Reddit a place to freely exchange ideas?! LOL! Now i know why you get easy access to military things...

    75. Thomas Quintero

      Kill em with kindness

    76. HamSandvich

      *in the cat subreddit* Mods asleep, post dog

    77. NULL

      The good times of reddit... CCP RUINED EVERYTHING

    78. Clark Magnuson

      All disinformation is eventually proved correct. Censorship is as natural a human instinct as murder.

    79. Able Magawitch

      Reddit has lost its way . ......So many Spez-gates over the years ......

    80. love skr

      on reddit I comment on any post. My comment is not being shown to the people. Please be Anyone help me how fix this problem

    81. Broomtwo

      A big problem is not necessarily that people go into cat subreddits and get censored for posting pictures of dogs. Its more akin to people going into cat subreddits and posting the type of cat that the mods don't like and getting censored for that. You will see this sort of thing on all the most popular subreddits when it comes to opinions, you will see this in politics where only one side of opinion is allowed, you will see this in history, where they don't treat history as a conversation and up for debate, they see history as set in stone and anything against the accepted narrative is stomped out. The mods (many of whom are mods for multiple of the most popular subreddits) have an iron grip on the types narratives that they allow.

    82. Benjamin Messimer

      No wonder Redditiors hates reposts

    83. Francisco Eren

      There's some kind of weird censorship going on in SEprom as well, against conservative views and opinions. I recently made a reasonable, civil comment on a Joe Rogan video which was about LGBT stuff, and it got a 404 error in less than a minute or so.

    84. James Mulanax

      Interesting that you should say that these social media manipulation videos are the most down-voted; my high school students really enjoy your productions and they tell me they want to "Get Smarter Everyday", but the applauded at the conclusion of the first three social manipulation videos and especially your "Future of War" video. Perhaps it is an age barrier?

    85. Brian Obey

      the cave man at 8 minutes in has food in his mane, but then again im just an evil bot. hashbrown botlivesmatter

      1. SoLongSidekick

        It's a microphone, genius.

    86. Lucas Ulich

      i really like the point at the end about not assuming that an account is fake

    87. Nickster

      You're a good guy Destin. Keep going.

    88. Mack Magilligutty

      Hey guys,the same people who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction are now telling us that Russia,Iran,and China are spreading misinformation about coronachan online. They are also pressuring social media to ban 3 million people because they support Trump based on the conspiracy theory that every American who disagrees with them online is a Russian and that Russians buying $100k worth of facebook ads in 2016 changed the vote tallies of voting machines because they think you're too dumb to understand how the electoral college works. We can absolutely trust these people.

      1. SoLongSidekick

        First of all, you're insanely stupid. Now that that's out of the way, you clearly have no idea who the people are that pitched Iraq WMD. Because almost none of them are still working anymore. Your theory that the conservatives that pitched Iraq WMD are now trying to ban conservatives is super cute though. Love the persecution complex. Jesus christ I seriously hope you never pass on your defective genes.

    89. MrTnbopp123

      Dumber everyday, dont talk about spreading disinformation when you do it yourself

      1. SoLongSidekick

        @MrTnbopp123 You literally could not have come up with a response that made you look like more of a moron if you'd tried. Why is it that you whiny idiots fold the second you're asked to actually explain your triggered screeching?

      2. MrTnbopp123

        @SoLongSidekick lol

      3. SoLongSidekick

        Awww, look how cute the triggered little trog is! Take a deep breathe and wipe away the tears. Now, what "misinformation" has Destin spread? Considering that he's a science/learning channel I'm pretty sure you have no idea what that word means.

    90. Mikhail Safonov

      Dude. This is stupid. "known Russian agents"? Have you become crazy? Just stick to technology reports. Not some dumb political delusions.

    91. Rupert Psmith

      Yeah, so you're a smart guy who doesn't know that covid is mostly a hoax. Not unusual unfortunately.

      1. Arcadeion _


    92. Sergio Alcantara

      2.6k Russians disliked this video. They’re nothing but a bunch of bots. They want to drive a rift between us Americans, and A LOT of us are falling for it. It’s sad. We need to realize this before it’s to late. We’re more powerful together than we are separated. ✊🏼🇺🇸

    93. joe cool

      That's all fine and dandy, but after watching this 26 min video I still don't know whether man of clementine persuasion is still bad!?

    94. A M

      I don't have a Reddit account so this is almost like a long commercial for Reddit for me. I didn't count how many times you actually said the name "Reddit" but you said it a lot of times. It's like you did a psychological commercial. "Let's talk about Reddit, say the word Reddit a lot, and eventually people will want to check out Reddit" Btw what does post karma mean!? Or comment karma!? Never heard of it.

      1. joe cool

        Post karma is when you "post" something on a subreddit affirming, the moderators' groupthink for internet points. Comment karma is when you make a comment on a post affirming the moderators' groupthink for internet points.

    95. Edward Abbey

      If anyone wishes to delete (completely remove your presence/history from) your reddit account, there is a script you may use to do as such. Worked for me. Not a big fan of the far left or any fanatics whatsoever. Sad, as there are some really nice channels there.

    96. gracefulgracie

      I'm curious if he'll ever cover tumblr, but I love this series regardless.

    97. O3Chaos

      Reddit censors content, especially conservative content. Check your fact checkers dude. You use nothing but leftist fact checking services.

    98. Scott Kempton

      Or................ we could all just abstain from social media, as I do. I want absolutely nothing to do with social media. Don't know, don't want to know. In my opinion, on balance, social media is a bad thing. That probably makes me a bit of a luddite in today's world, and that's ok.

    99. Gmail X

      And unsubscribed.

    100. Gmail X

      This video is misinformation. A real example of misinformation are the things said about Trump. The whole pandemic response is based on alt left politics.

      1. Gmail X

        @Arcadeion _ Oh and the USA does not lead the world in deaths. Even with a porous border. Not even close. Maybe they would improve if Trump crushed immigration and removed illegals like Ardern...

      2. Gmail X

        @Arcadeion _ it has not been stopped. The propoganda you read is lies. Look up the death rates PER CAPITA. We are not in the top 25. Of course you are not into facts, just virtue signalling.

      3. Arcadeion _

        @Gmail X lol imagine being upset at your country's leader who has successfully stopped Covid WHILE praising the leader of America who leads the world in deaths. You might be dumber than I first imagined. Try moving to a Brazil or the Philippines if you like right-leaning authoritarians

      4. Gmail X

        @Arcadeion _ my country is doomed, because Jacinda Ardern is a hate filled totalitarian.

      5. Arcadeion _

        @Gmail X and yet you continue to avoid my simple question and resort to name calling. This one why your country is doomed