Diving Between the Continents (Silfra, Iceland) - Smarter Every Day 161

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    Learn to Scuba Dive. I'm certified through PADI
    Learna bout Silfra
    How seals stay warm:
    Illustrations: Bethany Gano
    Editing assistant: Micah Clem
    Thank you to Michael Janssen for helping with the animations.
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    1. Colin Carter

      anyone who hasnt dived before wouldnt understand that that is just nutty visibility

    2. LuuiV

      Your daughter is like in real life lisa from the simpsons, so adorable.

    3. Bgaming.TV

      Can u next watch a volcano erupt

    4. Texas_stone_ Stone

      Usually you just pee in your wet suit to warm yourself up a little bit. I don't think that would work in this suit 😁😁😁

    5. Michael Rossi

      Brave wilderness came to that exact spot

    6. Austin Vice

      How dangerous is it diving down there? I mean I see all these boulders sitting at the bottom of the ridge and the walls look like they’re about to crumble apart. Do you have to keep a major eye out for falling rocks down there?....

    7. Einar Kári Loftsson

      Im 13 years old from Iceland and ive snorkled in silfra

    8. Pranjal Meena

      They don't deliver to India 😕 .....love from India, sir ❤️❤️ Your videos are so awesome 😍 💕

    9. CurzenGT

      SmarterEveryDay goes ==D 0

    10. Alex Gray

      Destin, Tom Scott just called you a liar. You should call him to fight.

      1. WastedDad

        i thought i had rewatched this 4 year old video a few weeks ago but this comment reminded me Tom Scott did it

    11. Jack Mirly

      What would happen if there was an earthquake right then?

    12. Bass Mechanic

      It appears that y'all have a great relationship. Congratulations. May y'all have many great years to come.

    13. Suborno Gupta

      I wonder if aerogel is a better idea for such dives.

    14. Alex Torres

      I just lost half of that big nose guy money about an hr ago

    15. Enrique Gutierrez

      hows lincoln🤗🛸

    16. Judson Wahba

      Gods creation is beautiful He is truly amazing

    17. Fun in Taiwan

      Beautiful family. Thank you, Destin (and Tara) for helping me get smarter every day.

    18. Resilient 1996

      I don't have a wife yet, but if Jesus bless me with one I think I want to have a marriage life like yours. God bless :).

    19. Fuck You

      Just saying Iceland basically if you come here and have no days with wind and rain your super lucky

    20. Toshal Pathak

      6:05 Plot twist: somebody peed in that water

    21. Donald Pump

      Amazing Thank you

    22. Alejandro Montes

      Strengthening the foundation of family does indeed start with mom and dad. They need to be good leaders to their kids. Aside all the neat science and how you dissect it, you and your wife also bring this joy and strength to my vision. I'm sure you guys are a great team and it shows watching and listening to what your kiddos say and do. 👍

    23. RamblingDude

      I know I'm late to the party but I confess, I wondered for a brief moment if that water was potable. But then I watched Mr. D drink it, underwater. How awesome is that? To experience consumption of water, purposefully, under water just tickles me. I still like sports :)

    24. Amrablack

      Underwater color changes, turquoise . Why ?

    25. Ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas

      now on my bucket list (all inspired by you) there is Fly a helicopter, mine for opal, and swim between two continental plates.

    26. Nelius van As

      I love the verses at the end of your videos. Enjoy being married 😉

    27. APD006 Dingman

      Asked kid if they wer ever gonna get separated Son: no Dad: well I got news for u

    28. Stuart McLean

      I thought that would have been salt water 🤔

    29. Eduard Kesel

      hahahahahahahah smarter every month :DDDDD give him a oscar for this

    30. FollowTheLaw Damit

      It's kind of freaky but very amazing. You're completely submerged below the water, you eat the water. When your on land completely submerged in Air you don't eat the air. The Human body is an amazing thing.

    31. David Gotz

      Hey @SmarterEveryDay you should go back and take your wife to “inside the glacier” up north. We enjoyed it as well as Sifra. Super cool experience. Great content on your channel.

    32. Heynando

      Love you man

    33. Gihan Van Kerkhove

      this was just a good excuse to go to another country. also why are all of your commenters from Iceland?

    34. ꧁༺ภє๒ยlค tђє ๔гєภภєς༻꧂

      Y'all are such a sweet couple oml 🥺

    35. Ben4TheWin

      Smarter Every Month

    36. Edwin Dude

      Purge that suit dude.

    37. Liam Unrau

      Anyone else feel cold?

    38. Vanz Who?

      6:00 this dude straight up water bending over here

    39. Vanz Who?

      1:12 did you just friendzone your wife kek

      1. tipdub


    40. Dav Crou

      New Living Translation, The Book Of Proverbs, 5:18, Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

    41. Matthew Hart

      Destin is literally the CEO of being a dad😂

    42. Cathal O Mealoid

      Fighter pilot there in a baby gro.👍

    43. Gaming with Mister-E

      Destin a piece of advice from a fellow diver here: never put your fins on before you take a stairs. Put them on in the water 4:45

    44. Lord Farquaad

      I hate you so much, every time I see a new an interesting video I get so excited to discover a new channel with great content it always ends up being YOU! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO COOL GOD DAMNIT I NEED TO FIND NEW CHANNELS...

    45. Just Clover

      One day you should just enjoy a fun adventure and not have to worry about recording it. We’ve intruded on enough of those, so you’re free to go on a vacation without us.

    46. Alan Butler

      Destin, have you ever heard of Hydroplate Theory? Dr. Walt Brown made the original proposal. His book is available free online and is called In The Beginning.

    47. Miles Guillot

      0:55 Casually name drops the crash course man

    48. Kaysen Lopes

      Where’s his wife?

    49. Cade Miller

      That kid likes family time!?

    50. BigT27295

      Good times.

    51. BigT27295


    52. jesse de Bruijn

      That is an incradible double chin

    53. King Gamez

      Im now sad i didnt see you destin i live in iceland

    54. JimmyInKona

      about as clear as Hawaiian waters.....

    55. fumb duck

      Great vids!

    56. Andrew Sparkinson

      Hey Destin, careful, next time leave the camera at home. We are nobody.

    57. Jon Marino

      I love this.

    58. Michael Tuckerman

      Oh my goodness I'm so jealous

    59. Joshua Charlery

      You should go scuba diving in the virgin islands!

    60. James Webb, Disabled USAF Veteran, CANCER WARRIOR

      By chance have you done or plan on doing a show on cancer? Like what it is, treatments both in the past, today and the future. I am a Cancer Warrior who was diagnosed in 2013 with Multiple Myeloma (MM). In 2013, I was in my 23rd year of 24 active duty in the USAF. I was healthy, and 43 when I past my PT test in April. Being an aircraft maintainer for over 20years, lowers back pain is nothing new! Just put some heat and ice on it, rub it and go!! Fast forward 6 months and things are drastically different!!! Long story short, the pain increase and got really bad. On a scale of 1-10, I was an easy 9!!!. Chronic pain was now my new partner in life!! Somewhere between April and September my vertebrae hollowed out and my spine collapsed!!! I lost over 6 inches in height!! More to follow....

    61. James Webb, Disabled USAF Veteran, CANCER WARRIOR

      I wanna wish you and you wife a belated Happy Anniversary. Thank you for teaching us a little something every show and sharing your family with me and my family!!!

    62. James Webb, Disabled USAF Veteran, CANCER WARRIOR

      That dive is in a sea world tank right?? It is sooo clear!!! Absolutely amazing, thank you so much for sharing.

    63. Dan G. C.

      Duuuude!! First of all, what an amazing family you have! Second, what an outstanding trip! Thanks so much for sharing.

    64. O'Rion Jones

      Thank you for making me smarter every day

    65. Joel Sterling

      How in the world do you balance this giant channel, 5 kids, and a healthy marriage!?

    66. Kyle Mozisek

      "Iceland is really cold" Ya dont say?

    67. Outside

      Your kids are way more important than your wife...

    68. Thordur Sigurjonsson

      I live in Iceland prof hæ ég heiti toggi

    69. Tate Reinke

      Go to 4:29 and look closely

    70. Stephen Snowe

      Last I checked, you needed to be dry suit certified for this dive.

    71. Daniel Wiebe

      Happy anniversary! Love your videos. Thanks for being a great example and role model

    72. Cade Miller

      Why didn’t you go warm up in a hot spring

    73. Cade Miller

      Yes my 3 siblings are a handful but I’m cool That kid likes family time! spend a hour with my family

    74. Ethan Dunn

      Brave wilderness was just there destin!

    75. stevie e

      Omg Destin I love everything that you do... but this is so cool! It looks like you're scuba diving in AIR!! Awesome.

    76. Laureen

      You sure no one had peed on that?

    77. Anna Beckman

      Wife is so cute!

    78. Husk

      What did the water taste like?

    79. Romullus

      lol thats alot of buttering up. I'm guessing you are trying for a 5th kid :)

    80. MR PITTS

      Destin "you remember plate tectonics? from elemtary school?" Me, a geology major "my life is a joke"

      1. Matt Fairfield

        This comment made me laugh way too hard xD

      2. Bravo 514

        Continents dont float. They're all connected

      3. Ádám Czibere

        MR PITTS I read It when he said it

    81. Thijs Aarnink

      8:29 hahahahahahaha

    82. Julian Floyd

      I absolutely love scuba. I've been doing it since before I was old enough to get the license by using a really long tube connected to the spare tank on my father's set up. Just a regulator and a 10 foot hose lol. Now I'm a master scuba diver taking my nephew to do the exact same thing I did when I was his age. It's truly wonderful how to cycle works sometimes

    83. Mitchell Coral

      "you sure you don't like the thinker crate?" well maybe you'll be able to incorporate engineering enough in her life that she won't go to art school

    84. Daps

      6:07 weird flex but ok

    85. EXL Playz

      The I’m-Asian plate. OK

    86. vl P1LOT lv

      You’re still a family no matter what.

    87. Sebastian Nikkolas


    88. Elvar Helgi

      Joooooo i live there

    89. Lauren

      I WANNA GO

    90. Andrew Kerr

      1:52 double rainbow!

    91. Chris Smith

      That looks very similar to diving the crystal clear under water caves in Northern Florida.

    92. Derrick Anderson

      Awesome dive footage!!

    93. Hh Hh

      how those ice doing? like now XD

    94. doit ranch

      This video makes me want to just scuba dive in a lake somewhere to contrast

    95. Tyler Murray

      I did silfra with a wet suit and was so warm the whole time.

    96. Marc Kelliher

      Destin- as a Family Pastor I so appreciate this video. I love all your vids- but this one is my new favorite! Thanks for creating such awesome content that combines science, critical thinking skills, and a lot of real life Wisdom. Keep shining bright brother.

    97. Ragnar Thor

      1:19 i go to school in that light gray building in the background.

      1. The Random Tube

        That's so cool🔥

      2. Ragnar Thor

        Ibe Comhaire yeah people say that alot

      3. Vodkacannon

        badass name

      4. Ibe Comhaire

        I'm probably not the first person to ask you this, but have you seen the movie Thor: Ragnarok?

      5. Yotam Peleg


    98. Majed Jastaneiah

      Ur one fake channel, bravo 👏 stop *#>£+^< and twisting realities. U know what i mean.

      1. Hugo Animal

        Care to expand?

    99. raboox9

      That visibility is unreal! It's also unreal to be able to drink the water you're diving in.

    100. Outside

      If you prioritise your partner over your kids you are a bad parent