DNA Testing and Privacy (Behind the scenes at the 23andMe Lab) - Smarter Every Day 176

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    A special thanks to Dr. Neil Lamb at the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. A major mission of Hudson Alpha is to educate the public and promote genomics literacy. I talked to many scientists about Genotyping but Dr. Lamb's ability to break down the complexity of the human genome is what finally brought it home for me. Hudson Alpha provides many opportunities for Genomics Education and
    Hudson Alpha is hudsonalpha.org/ for explaining the difference between Genotyping and Sequencing. To contact a super smart Genomics Professional at Hudson Alpha click here: hudsonalpha.org/contact
    Genotyping and Sequencing are very different:
    The 23andMe Genotyping service is provided by LabCorp
    According to their website, LabCorp is "The World's Leading Health Care Diagnostics Company"
    No Private or Health Information about any individual was recorded or shared in the making of this video (This video is HIPAA compliant).
    A special thanks to the Lab Manager Amanda Douglas for being a complete science rock star and a great person to work with I spoke with about a dozen LabCorp Employees who are under Amanda and every one said she was an absolute joy to work for. I know my experience working with her great and I hope her boss reads this blurb I wrote down here in the video description and gives her a high five and a big fat bonus or something equally as awesome.
    23andMe provide Genotyping testing using an Illumina HumanOmniExpress-24 format chip. Here's a bit about the chip. Heads up, it's incredible technology. seprom.info/clone/video/z7l8YpqccXGr2JE.html
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    1. U.S. Militia

      This old boy ain’t fallin for it. They can literally do anything they want with those samples at any given time. Who knows what can be done with someone’s DNA. The possibilities are endless.

    2. Joey

      What is up with Huntsville and the science nerds it attracts...

    3. David george

      I hear this company destroyed several families by revealing to them that dad was not dad and things like that.

    4. alexandria miner

      Honestly I get that some people don’t want the government to have their DNA but if I have nothing to hide why should I care? It’s just for fun

    5. Raging Brainer

      I don't believe her

    6. Ilya Shevaldin

      Будущее в харчках! Кайф

    7. Tony Chenh

      Thanks for this video, give me confidence to do it with 23 and me.

    8. Neil Erickson

      So what would be the reason you'd have them store your sample long term?

    9. Pablo

      8:24 the future uses windows xp

    10. Eva Schroeder

      Spiritually is this ok?

    11. It me abrham

      window xp 8:32 from the future

    12. Mary Lagua

      Thanks for sharing this information.

    13. Bad Content Inc

      i dont know why every one is so scared of their DNA being accessed by others like its gonna make a perfect replica of you. it would have different memories be a different weight, talk different maybe not even be the same height or size and it would age normally or be incredibly deformed

    14. Justin Fleagle

      The genotyping on the chip is fascinating.

    15. Bruce Wagenberg

      Terrific topic. Great incorporating your qualified wife. Now please investigate the factory where they make soylent green food bars.

    16. Soul King

      Might seem like a great thing to have dna statistics for your doctor to look at when prescribing medicine, however insurance companies may be able to use that against you as well.

    17. Spicy Cookies

      What...what if I spit into the tube, but also mixed in like...strawberry juice and giraffe spit?

    18. B1ind B1ake

      I never actually thought about this, but whoever invented the 23 and me process is a complete genius

    19. KelseyDunnigan drang

      That elbow bump was further evidence that Destin is an omniscient being, with knowledge of future events

    20. Gibran Bedra

      Destin, I'd appreciate a follow-up video about the ancestry aspect of these dna tests. The reports give percentages of certain regions... But that doesn't necessarily mean you're say for example 64% western european or 8% sub saharan. Isn't it true they're just probabilities of the data they have in their database? If the report says I'm half German and half Irish how would the report document or convey that? I don't think the story's over...I know you did this video a few years ago, but still... Nice follow-up?

    21. Carson Pearce

      Seems like everything is in your hometown thats cool

    22. Frozenblaze

      8:21 Wait, are they still running Windows XP?

    23. Will-W

      And in 2018 California Police used the 23andMe Database to convict a serial rapist from the 1980s. Now I'm totally cool with scum finding his place in prison. But your data? Well lets just say once you give up your DNA it's there for good. The interesting thing was it wasn't even his DNA, it was a daughter or niece or something but it was close enough for the computers to flag it.

    24. Jeff Spicoli

      Super high tech futuristic looking lab...Still rocking Windows XP! Righteous!!!

    25. Jun Fu

      And 0.02% is all they need. I suppose the rest of it is either unimportant or is common to homo sapiens and other organisms. That suggests providing such samples is even more serious. All they need is 0.02% of a small portion of the population, and then they could easily extrapolate the genotypes of most of the rest of the population through ancestry records etc. What are they doing to ensure your privacy? How will it be protected from the "government". You're still providing them with your entire genome, but they're only looking at 0.02%. Even if the samples are destroyed, how safe is the data?

    26. DeepPoseidon

      They might destroy your sample but I bet everything is still recorded and kept on their computer system. So they still have it.

      1. HoboGrifter

        Then dont do it. We all know the risks.

    27. TrueStrongNorth

      @8:15 "This is like from the future" then immediately sees a computer running Windows XP.

    28. The hyper doge

      The FedEx guy is a god

    29. Honklerton

      AH YES! The testing that FATHERS are NOT ALLOWED to do (cheek swabs) on their kids WITHOUT their mother's permission! Yay feminism! MONK MODE 4 LIFE!!!

    30. Joseph Colletti

      Im 7 minutes in and already I feel like I understand now how this works

    31. arpita

      Me : Mom can i have a look at my genes?

    32. Gavin Hooker

      A huge thank you Destin for taking the time and effort to making these videos. Thank you

    33. Gabriel Franco

      Is the ELISA test im studying that on high school on Medical Intervention from PLTW

    34. pavan Kumar

      DNA is unique...how could they match with some sequence as u said at 9: 06 min.... explain this sir..thank u

    35. Ehsan Noroozi

      A lot of thoughts about privacy and that's all good, but can we plz take a moment to show appreciation for Destins wife. He is a lucky man.

    36. H Strat

      1) your data isn’t binned (the sample being binned is irrelevant). 2) over 99% of DNA is exactly the same in all current humans, so no one who wants all your information would need that 99% anyway

    37. Verschlussache

      10:40 yea OK, but I am really more concerned about the data than the sample itself. That should be obvious.

    38. The2x4

      The main thing you should worry about when doing these tests is learning things you DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR FAMILY!! My wife does tons of genealogy, and has found "undocumented" branches on the family tree, like discovering who her real grandfather was, rather than who everyone thought it was, and even today she is helping a distant cousin figure out who their dad is. Think about it you/your family could handle that type of info before you start. Haha.

    39. Peter Schmeltzer

      Love windows XP running in the lab.

    40. Alex Agiovlasitis

      This guy single handedly backdoored the machine we call humanity for (lead to believe) the sake of the good. How are you alive!? Snowdens hiding in rusia ur chillen hard af with a family and everything...

    41. F L

      So they throw the tube in the trash, but the data is retained and then it can be shared with people you don't know. Privacy is still not secure.

      1. James Maron

        but you made a google account?

    42. Ulfsark

      "this is like from the future" Windows XP pc in the background: "Well hello there"

    43. DisconnectedWTF

      Recycle please? ♻️

    44. Benny Jewlocks

      I met my twin the other day!

    45. Mr_B _HHC

      Now we have SEprom videos advocating this kind of behaviour. There was 0 evidence in this video just people saying stuff. Even if they had shown DNA samples being incinerated, that could just be for the camera. Let me be clear, I am not accusing anyone involved in this piece of scamming anyone but neither can I confirm they did not. Do not let Dustin, or anyone else, make up your mind for you - research things for yourself using many sources and learn to uncover the biases that all humans have both conscious and subconscious.

    46. James Leborgne

      The future of medicine is racist. XD

    47. Betty Vanderhooven-SchmaaSchmaa

      The fact is they've ALREADY convicted ppl from these secret results. This guy Was obviously paid off to make this video.

    48. Emmanuel Kokloku

      Your wife seems to be the opposite of your expressive out-spoken self.... Nice!

    49. allthingsbgi

      this is super cool!!!

    50. marby602

      It is a 100% guarantee that the scum at the NSA & FBI will be getting their corrupt and unethical hands on this information !! Question : "Mother should I trust the government ?" ........ Answer : NO !

      1. HoboGrifter

        Darn, people have your genome in the government. What does that give them?

    51. Gdynianin

      10:53 the woman's body language tell us she is lying.. look how she blinks ;)

    52. MyHardyhar

      amanda is cute as heck

    53. MyHardyhar

      the amount of work put into all of these videos is incredible! kudos man!

    54. Grabbearjet

      I have heard many people attempt to make the gargantuan size of the human genome more relatable for us to visualize but I never really understood until he said 80G for one human genome. That's a lot of data for a series of letters.

    55. Broken Syntax

      So if I use a disposable e-mail account theoretically they can't even link my specimen to me.

    56. Bruce Simonson

      4^600000 unique humans?

    57. Joshua Garrison

      Your wife did an amazing job vlogging. Would love to see you two in more videos. Thank you for sharing this information with us!!

    58. Prashanth Reddy

      Do you really think they gonna throw them away just became they allowed you to film?

    59. Stephen Turner

      If it was free I would. I'm currently homeless. So have no income. I wish

      1. Stephen Turner

        How do I do that?

      2. APgeneticgenealogylover

        If you've had covid 19 (or say you do), then you could get a 23andme test for free

    60. General Zod

      They will have a sample of your DNA and your name and address no matter what they do with it. They can file it later for sequencing; they can mail it elsewhere if requested by police. You have no idea.

      1. HoboGrifter

        Ok, and?

    61. Mikhail Tagallie

      Just bought ur spit on ebay. Imagine?

      1. APgeneticgenealogylover

        Mikhail Tagallie Conspiracy theorists are really something else. There have been several very powerful and prominent people such as Bernie Sanders, Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Jarrett, Bill O'Reilly, etc. who have all done these tests. Don't you think that by now somebody would have been offering frigging the spit of Bernie Sanders, who was running for U.S. president, for sale on "ebay" or somewhere else by now??? Conspiracy theorists don't think at all.

      2. HoboGrifter

        Alright, that would be a problem if you are a dna scientist

    62. sara zidi

      so coooooooooooooool

    63. Fisheiyy

      ALERT this is just a big video about them saying big words

      1. HoboGrifter

        If you understand the big words than no problem

    64. max mackenzie

      8:34 ... is that computer on windows 95?

    65. Samrat Singh

      Am i the only one who noticed that destin has covered his mac camera with a post it note 11:23, is he paranoid ?

      1. HoboGrifter

        I think his family os

    66. ZeroHour

      8:30 Oh god they are running on Windows XP

    67. Ujjwal

      imagine a covid positive patient spit saliva for test next day chaos. 💀

      1. HoboGrifter

        They are pretty safe about it

    68. allyourcode

      How the samples are handled is not the really interesting part of privacy (and security). What you want to know is how the DATA that gets generated from those samples is handled. To really understand THAT, you'd have to dig into what goes on at 23andMe, not so much Labcorp. Ideally, the only person who has an unencrypted copy of that data is YOU (and the only one with the decryption key is also you) but it sounds like that is not how this works. Then, the main thing that you need to worry about is that Labcorp well and truly destroys the initial pre-encrypted data, not just the sample.

    69. bollweevil7_3

      I believe there was a gentleman that had committed some felony and he head sent in a 23&me sample and was found/arrested🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. HoboGrifter

        Great! One less criminal!

    70. John-Michael Franco

      My mom did this. Turns out her dad wasn't her actual dad and she has a whole different half family no one ever knew about.

    71. John Taylor

      Windows XP!

    72. shubham. choudhary


    73. Kristopher Pinette

      I don't really get how the concerns of privacy were satisfied. Yeah they throw out the physical samples but don't they still have your data stored in their system? If we know anything about voluntarily giving data to corporations, we know that they almost never are responsible with it.

    74. Blackout T

      Little did we know we would be doing elbow high fives in 2020

    75. Fungkha Basumatary

      I feel like I'm an idiot....didn't understand anything 😤

    76. Alaric MTB

      8:30 Look at the monitor in the background, these people are still running Windows freakin' Xp. Even though there are a bunch of security flaws with xp and it was released in 2001. And Windows 10 was released in 2015, about two years before. I sincerely hope that they have upgraded to a much more secure system if they are going to be handling genetic testing, even though they don't have a name to accompany the DNA sample.

    77. Paude

      Well as i'm adopted I won't have to care about sharing my resoults with my family lol

    78. Jules Earl

      Ammanda is beautiful

    79. Atharva Raje

      I don’t think of science when I think of Alabama

    80. Ben Bendowsky

      Also, Christian and invisible both add up to 101. A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on. Our life is hid in Christ with God. He hides our soul in the cleft of the rock.

    81. Ben Bendowsky

      Interesting! J.R.R. Tolkien was a Christian. The passage displayed at the end, great application! Authorized version, uses the word substance. In the Hebrew, it's spelt, golem. Don't know where I'm going with it, although, a child is hid in the womb. Bilbo used the ring for a reason. Probably somebody can type it better than me.

    82. Rolf Lanzinger

      How can it be trustworthy ? Just by knowing what kind of President in America, very well known for his selfishness and replacing leading professionals with, loyalists who are interested to follow blindly his orders, to get laws and regulation dismantled as he likes. How can them be trusted, the willingness from privat institutions are shockingly, to sponsor and supporting him is extremely high, so why should I thrust them ?

    83. Michael Melling

      One can't say they in fact destroy the samples, only take their word for it. Big difference.

      1. HoboGrifter

        Yup, I can't take your word for it this is accurate "Big difference."

    84. Guru B

      Awesome, the lab is using windows xp😀😀

    85. Sean P. O'NEIL

      I NEED to know the rest of the sign, above the doorway, behind your geneticist. "Education is not the....." The WHAT?

      1. Nicholas Green

        "Education Is Not the Filling of a Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire"

    86. Dingoniner

      I don't think you've addressed the privacy issues for those concerned. Saying that they only measure .02% of your entire DNA doesn't really say much, since no one (of us commonfolk) really knows how important any slice of DNA is to privacy.

    87. Петя 10

      круто братан

    88. Abilucksan Vijeyakumaran

      We guys leave Juice straws and drinks, unwshed spoons in every resturant. And now for the same spit we are concerened more than anything else. That's awkward 🤷🏼‍♂️

    89. Simon Frankl

      what happens with the data?

    90. ____

      Your wife looks wonderfull you are very lucky

    91. bonlessyanker

      Can we talk about how almost everyone at the lab has glasses

    92. PaperTowel

      Isn't most of our DNA very similar to many other organisms, like the vast majority. So .002 is still quite a bit, especially because they're hand picking out the juicy information that's good to marketers and possibly a lot more sinister stuff. Also I could be wrong, but just because they don't check our entire DNA, doesn't mean they can't right. It's just not worth it, medicine at it's current form is a nice balance between privacy and effectiveness, this is just too intrusive for me to opt into.

      1. HoboGrifter

        That's fine

    93. djlowtek

      Of course it goes the Labcorp aka CIA lab. They have data on EVERYONE. They can match this genetic testing with old blood draw results to match people up no problem.

      1. HoboGrifter

        @djlowtek yup, you think criminals should stay in the wind instead of being caught right?

      2. djlowtek

        @HoboGrifter What a narrow way to look at it

      3. HoboGrifter

        Great, then we don't have to worry about criminals on the loose

    94. Ocean Callias

      I just watched this and I gave the saliva test to my dog.

    95. Christian Mittelstet

      When the plaque on your teeth makes your DNA 20% fungus.

    96. Ceez B

      Only question I have is why these companies have a disclaimer that allows them to sell your info? Essentially they do the same thing Facebook does with your usage information except these DNA companies sell something even more private and personal ie your genetics. This is why these DNA companies get to sell their kits so cheaply. As low as $50 per kit because they get to sell your personal info.

    97. cmdrabbadon

      Why are these people not wearing masks? Nothing to do with COVID-19...I mean because this IS people's saliva...which IS a legitimate BIOHAZARD! Not to mention there is a possibility...all be it a small one...that they could contaminate the specimen.

    98. Tiger Lilly

      I absolutely love smartereveryday. You have an awesome way of breaking down complex questions with simple answers. Always excited to watch new videos because I knew I will learn something new and exciting every time.. making me Smarter Every Day!

    99. Azrael

      DAAAANG Destin, youve got a very beautiful , smart and amazing wife. Youre a very lucky man! You guys are so cute together too! Love your videos BTW

    100. AppleHamLinken

      who says they dont store your dna after thats not 0.2 percent is only what they test for