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    Slow Motion Sound, Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery did the outro music the video.
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    I expected the hardwood to be faster than the felt because the rotational moment of inertia when spinning around the center is 1/4th that of tipping on the edge. I was wrong in this case, but I'm wondering if this would hold true on glass?
    THANK YOU EVERYONE who helped reduce the data! Names at bottom of this description. Follow the SED subreddit and other stuff if you want to help with stuff like this in the future. Here's the link and spreadsheet to see how we did this:
    Rotational Inertia of falling dominoes can be calculated with this.
    There are several papers on dominoes out there... but none really touched on the stuff I'm talking about in this video. Please feel free to point me to sources if you've found them.
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    1. 3Blue1Brown

      What a surprisingly fascinating topic!

      1. Z Shieh

        Mr Pi frog

      2. banesi kler

        *fangirls in nerd*

      3. JamesKatyHarryBea Nightingale

        Yes, yes, very, very true!

      4. Rc Xc

        @San Samman I think that's why the test was not accurate . i totally agree should have used an actuator for the push an established a set point for that first domino on both hard wood an felt to be most accurate ! Love his channel tho.

      5. Shut Your Heck

        3Blue1Brown you are straight up Seth bling

    2. Goku 4

      Felt surface feels like dominoes falling forward , Hardwood feels like dominoes falling backwards with the shaky bend effect.👍

    3. Robert Taylor

      I love your philosophy on asking questions, but unfortunately the vast majority get very angry when you ask the simple questions.

    4. Matt Uliano

      @12:31 i am so glad someone feels this way because i was taught to question everything. i always try and learn something new everyday hence watching your videos all the time. but i dont like when i ask a question that sounds silly, so i can understand something, and somebody gets mad. so glad your not that guy destin!

    5. John Jacob JinglehimerSchmidt

      smh lol

    6. Josshy TehComrade A18 TK

      I Have A Friend In School Called Hayden And Is A He. Hhmmm

    7. David Long

      what you NEED is Ben (Applied Science)'s Orthographic camera to film those dominoes without perspective view getting in the way

    8. Ker Loz

      "the physics subreddit wasn't interested in doing physics that day" Everyone wants to be a scientist until it's time to do sciency things.

    9. S C

      4000th comment

    10. AceKing

      It’s not only the weight of the one domino it’s the weight of all the dominos behind it

    11. Raijinmaru

      4:50 that's satisfying af

    12. Harriet Ramos

      0:46 "I don't understand dominoes" I was like: the pizza company or dominoes the game

    13. Ron G

      "Basic Research" is what you're doing when you don't know what you're doing.

    14. Dominic Homm

      Who would also date his cousin?

    15. Tobe P

      how do you get th slo mo sound?

    16. O'Keen

      13:00 Total green room "hotel room".. Come on, Destin.. You think people are that stupid?

    17. Connor Madden

      Omg it was a metaphor the whole time

    18. The Drink; Sustainability

      Dustin I love your videos, i have subscribed already. But you are a goofy guy. (I say that with love) i love your personaiity and enthusiasm for science. Keep it up! Have a good one

    19. Markus Lennart

      I just want these clear dominoes.

    20. Богдан Благовирний

      "There's a fine line between madness and genius... sometimes, it's dependent on the end-result"

    21. James Templeton

      Is the earth's rotation causing the twist? Any way to measure the twist of the dominoes and compare to the speed of rotation of the planet? On a non moving plane would the dominoes fall flat?

    22. snowissj

      A new saying.... the domino twist. In 2020, seems fitting

    23. Zsolt Sz

      You could have made the dominoes out of cundictive metal and take time measurements with a 20 USD arduino.

    24. Big BobBean

      do a collab with mark rober

    25. Stefan Schneider

      What a coool Video! What impressed me most: Did you see how these stones were moving within themselves, how they started to kind of shiggle (is that what you say in english? Like a wave going through them ...). You think these little bricks are totally stiff, but they are obviously not ... maybe that ads another little brick to solving the problem? But it certainly wouldn‘t make it less complex ... sorry ... have a good one out of Switzerland, in the middle of europe

    26. Bobro

      Man, you should do a video on the double domino effect!

    27. Wayne Luallen

      Very cool. Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

    28. hammerfester

      Correct me if I'm wrong. Was there a pattern in the twists? For example the first few dominos twisted clockwise, then one slapped on to the next one and then next few dominos twisted counter-clockwise...and so on

    29. Justin Tibbetts

      Me: "I love you and want to have your babies." Monty Python's John Cleese: "You can't have babies! You haven't got a womb!" Me: "I know but I just want to have HIS babies."

    30. Teresa Ellis

      The clear dominos look like you are playing with jello. Maybe jigglers that stayed in the fridge too long? 😋

    31. Gustav Knak

      4000th comment! 😆😂

    32. Jason Donald Gibbons

      Yo that's an Olan Rogers shirt, I love it! Collab in the future???

    33. C

      Moving camera or concave lens behind it

    34. Henry Chao

      the slow-motion was satisfying

    35. Mary Lagua

      Thanks Destin.

    36. crazyjock999

      It's 4:00am and my head is pickled with these dominos 🤯😂

    37. chop stix

      cow sphere, Lawrence Krauss... great lecture series

    38. Danny Phelps

      I'm just a dumb country boy I'm so amazed at what you do

    39. Anouar Ahdaf

      As he listed the problem he confronted when trying to gather data, i mainly heard that his problem was one of perspective, since a static camera couldnt give him a more "reliable" slow mo to work with. He could have solved that by installing a lens with a high focal distance on his camera and the problem wouldn't have take that long to be solved

    40. Xaracen

      you need an even toppling mechanism, doing it by hand adds some long axis rotation energy.

    41. Logaeshwaran .M

      I asked my math teacher what is 1+1 which i want to solve a complex math question that is really fascinating on how he said simple questions are answer to complex questions

    42. Galatzó

      You can somehow extract pi from the falling bricks data

    43. Kw1k S1lver

      0:26 Point 'em at dominoes Dominoes Pizza?

    44. J Opie

      Part of me can't help but wonder if part of the twist is Built-in with the initial knock down of the dominant. Does that twist get affected by the initial push? What happens if the 1st Domino was put on to a pivot, and the subsequential dominals were put in something that didn't allow for a twist. If the 1st Domino, in the next 10 didn't allow for a twist would the twist eventually develop along the line?

    45. YasshaDoom

      “Oh look, the cute little nerds set up the dominos” brutal

    46. Z Shieh


    47. Daniel Schaller

      At first I thought this video was sponsored by Domino's Pizza due to the Dominoe colors he's holding :D

    48. Java Zher

      12:58 Hey Vsauce! Micheal Here

    49. ClayZ

      Dominos - HARDCORE Pizza Mode

    50. ClayZ

      . 9:20 The oscillation seen in the graph where whole groups of dominos accelerate a little, then bunch up and slow down a little, just means that the domino spacing isn’t right. If the spacing was right that oscillation would disappear (in theory). That’s my two cents.

    51. tihzho

      Do all the dominoes weigh exactly the same?

    52. Civilised Zombie

      3:48 how many tries did that take?

    53. Casper Jacobs

      Grant sounds like Dream but older

    54. Letter Slayer

      0:10 ;)

    55. Braden Reay

      You should do it again but from top down so that you can see the rotation

    56. Lennon Biancato Ruhnke

      What if you analised the sound wave of the recording to have another way determine the rate of collision?

    57. Connor Tolman

      Destin, I noticed you put a scripture at the end of your video. How has religion played a role in helping you get to where you are today?

    58. Mike Spring

      Will the rotation change in the opposite hemisphere?

    59. Bio Blitz

      I know this suggestion is years out of date, but why not put a laser on the video tracker so the cameraman could try and keep up with the dominos better?


      I’m sorry but u know this guy is passionate about what he does because he still works at a day job while having 6m subs

    61. Izaacz

      Who else just wants to grab his domino and eat it... I’m weird bro.

    62. Duke49th

      Way too complicated to find out which is faster or slower. Just meassure the frames between the first tip and the last tip. You use the same amount of dominos and the same camera at the same fps setting. That way you have the average time, instead of the individual timings for each single domino. Which is good enough to tell which surface is better.

    63. Muhammad Ikhwan

      Is domino like perpetual motion?

    64. Human knees Against the cheese

      Why do I want to shine a laser through that while it’s falling

    65. Dallen Haven

      Wait, are you in a church gymnasium?

    66. I is a person


    67. NoxiousGrenade

      I can hear her thoughts just by her expression at 10:52

    68. Ryan D

      My mind has been blown. I thought dominoes were so simple. Thanks for shedding light on the "simple" things to help us think deeper about our everyday world.

    69. Daniel H

      Would be great to see your paper work, did you analyse a static problem to get the gap or actually a dynamic one? Bc due to the rotation it has to be a dynamic one which is more likely like an impulse due to the momentum, when its falling down

    70. jack wiseman-young

      I could just listen to the sound of the dominos hitting all day

    71. Me Lord

      The dominoes look tasty.

    72. Joe Lopez

      I would love to see you revisit this in the other channel and try to remove the variables and see if you can get a smoother plot line on the graph. You can fix the angle with a paper hinge and modify the domino to hit in the center every time. I would love to see how that data would look. Thank you for making me smarter every day!

    73. Marc Herrera

      Reminds me of a river

    74. Ahmad Programming

      23 | domino_it() TwistError: way too much twisting due to long distance

    75. Thuo Kagiri

      Holdup up dude! leave the dominoes,did you see that shot !? How many takes to make the basket ?

    76. Jareth Clark

      Ask the simple questions.

    77. Dingoniner

      It seems to me that there is a lot of flexing going on throughout the domino as it falls, and even after it falls. If you watch the very bottom of the domino, it almost seems to pulse. Surely this is taking energy from the system, does that translate to lower velocity of the wave? I wonder what dominoes of different composition would do. Oh man....dominoes are particles, but you're filming a head hurts.

    78. LJ Tees

      “Animals squirting things, whatever you’re into” Dustin December 11th 2017

    79. Shad Sleek_B

      Let's go and build a base on the moon then mars ... 😐

    80. Technikchaot

      I'm at 5:41 so it may come later, but couldn't you use the audio for timemeasurment? I mean each hit makes a sound.

      1. Technikchaot

        @Asura I asked why carefully looking at pictures? Looking at the audiowaveform would be much easier. Of course here is the audio edited but he has the original.

      2. Asura

        The audio is edited

    81. Anthony Vogt

      why is nobody talking about the backwards half court basketball shot?

    82. megadestroyer454

      Those dominoes look delicious.

    83. JC

      You can tell Destin's a baseball cap guy. Besides the fact that he's always wearing one, watch how many times he takes it off and puts it right back on while he talks. 😆👍 I know this because I do it too 🤣

    84. Jess Stuart

      I want to see the plot of how many times domino N hits domino N+1 before they both are at rest. I saw some of the dominoes hitting the next domino many times before they were no longer moving.

    85. Hayden Frank

      as a fellow Hayden, hello

    86. nat suar

      10:53 : Here lies Girls hopes and dreams.

    87. Tim S

      Still love this.

    88. Akotski1338

      6:45 his profile picture got me so confused. It took me like 5 minutes to try and comprehend that

    89. Kaytax

      So if you created a “padded” domino to reduce the bounce you see when the dominos hit. Would it reduce the twist effect?

    90. Joseph Barton

      So what would it take to make Domino's that would strike 5 with consistent velocity and time gaps? The ones that are connected on a track? An alternative material (denser, metal?) An alternative shape? Rounded on one side, tapered to a smaller foot at the bottom? What could be done to reduce the variance in falling patterns?

    91. Npc: N8

      Sounds like all you need is the patience for micro high-speed cameras.

    92. Mr Hexxic

      Think about what the slow Mo editor had to do with allll those dominoes...

    93. rangeldino

      The problem about sliding average for noise is that if you have one point that is far of it will lead to a broad maximum or minimum in the averaged data. I would always try to avoid averaging data this way, because this way the data looks way more systematic than it is, and one or two "failed" points can already lead to something that looks systematic in the averaged data. You can see it at 7:05: I bet if you keep the 12th & 13th last point from hardwood out of the average, you will not see any increase at the end anymore at all. The speed increases there due to probably some different distance between the 14th & 13th last dominos, and therefore it LOOKS in the averaged data like the speed in the whole area of 20 dominos around these two increases systematically, while its only these two. The noise can get you more information as well: In the felt data at 7:05 one can clearly see a systematic decaying noise in the beginning that looks quite similar to the curvature of an damped harmonic oscillator without sign change. Actually really good looking data as these narrow maxima could also easyly be halved and broadened if they would be shifted just like half a point distance. So I think the twist of the dominos can be described as an harmonic oszillator, and the felt damps the twist. I think this twist comes in the beginning from imperfect hit of the very first domino, and as the felt holds the dominos more, the time constant of the oszillator is higher there, it needs longer to oscillate out into an undamped oszillation (which makes also sense as one could understand gravity in this case as a periodic excitation). In the hardwood case this whole damping in the beginning cannot be seen as the time constant ist to small, so the whole damping happens in much less time / dominos, as hardwood doesn't hold the dominos so much. And then the whole damping is ofc also covered by other effects in the beginning like the acceleration of the whole system.

    94. Thomas Andreeff jr

      You know what they say about cousins in Alabama (*-*)

    95. Hannah Ulrich

      This video has convinced me that the worst thing a parent can do is tell a kid to stop asking "why" and "how".

    96. Black Jack

      It looks like the sound wave speeds on the different pressure, air/water, humidity, frequency and etc. Each condition causes different speed, especially in a micro view, but not too different in the macro view. The trigger of wonder is really important and it makes difference. You are a beautiful man and my English sucks.

    97. Keiya

      Going way way deep into seemingly trivial topics is no joke one of my favorite genres of SEprom video. This is amazing.

    98. Jaymes

      I swear slow motion helps me understand everything

    99. Eric Esquivel

      Every video I watch of his, I wonder is it just me or does he not have any eyebrows??

    100. Eric Esquivel

      Every video I watch of his, I wonder is it just me or does he not have any eyebrows??