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    Everything you ever wanted to know about grain bins.tweey me your thughts. bit.ly/GrainBins. Get started with 8 free meals - that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to bit.ly/2PGu55r and enter "smarter80"
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    Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.
    First of all, if you need to put together a grain bin, I recommend calling Danny. The man is a genius.
    His email is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
    (I've typed his email address like that so webcrawlers won't detect it and spam him. If you're a farmer you're smart enough to figure that out.)
    Grain Packing Factors:
    Fan sizing for grain bin applications:
    How to handle a grain bin emergency:
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    1. Mark Anthony Williams

      Farmer sees title: **blushes**

      1. wamsly

        uwu farmer chan

      2. cha0sunity

        My dad's a farmer and has been his whole life. Yes, a farmer will tell you they know nothing and believe it.... and then go do something you have no idea what they did and everything works the way it should.

      3. russell wulber

        @gsh341 dddffdfdffdddxddddfffddddstpalkzll"qqwetyukolmmncszzcdghgfjrhgyhtutjhjjjjjoppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppqwaqqqqqqqqqqaqaaaaaaaaaaaa

      4. wafL


      5. Barack Obama

        Yes I did blush

    2. lakeguy65616

      your "punch" is also called a "bull pin" in steel erection

    3. Fábio B.

      Amazing farmer work! Thanks to all!

    4. Yeeaty

      9:09 me starting up my gaming desktop at 4 am

    5. faasd fer

      Now you have to figure out how the moisture tester works

    6. john hendrick cosico


    7. Pat King

      "Did you get a good price?" The thing about farming is its never a good price sadly.

    8. Krish Barot

      Destin - *Drops his camera in at **8:48* Farmer - *Alright, get outta here*

    9. Johndeere Farmer

      The grain blends out as you pull from the bottom

    10. Mary Lagua

      They are smart

    11. bill jones

      Farmers aren't the backbone of the country. Blue haired feminist professors are!

    12. pedro hadad

      "Farmers are the backbone of america" Farmers are the backbone of the world.

    13. Jan m

      farmer every day .

    14. curiousdilettante

      Newfound respect for America's hillbillies after watching this 👍👍👍

    15. Lester Walit

      "Punchers are the best!" *sad snatch block noises*

    16. Lester Walit

      Never knew they build these bad boys from top to down.

    17. Veritas

      Let's be real, he's growing soybeans. Probably doing the corn/soybean rotation. And if that's the case (and that is by _far_ the easy bet for American farmers) then very little of that is making it to anyone's table. Most of it corn or soybean is headed to a press and then on to a chemical company.

    18. crazymango6303

      My dad works for a grain bin company and I worked with him so I like seeing this video

    19. William Smith

      Anyone know the cost of one of these?

    20. JSK JSK

      Thanks for the video, you do a great job of showing the un-noticed miraculous world around us.

    21. silentpaw

      What's Cornses, precious?

    22. U GONA DIE

      If only AoE2 had this kind of technology.

    23. Sam Knapton

      Farmers are the smartest people alive but farming ain’t pretty so everyone thinks farmers are dumb

    24. Dogeinator

      Me and the boys at 3am fixing the tractor so we can have some *B E A N S*

    25. Dogeinator

      We love punches

    26. Josh E

      Destin's videos are so fascinating and well made. Much better than the garbage on TV these days.

    27. TexasNight

      thought that was Billy Bob Thornton for a bit

    28. squeaker is squeaking

      I thought those were packing peanuts

    29. Nightmare Beatz

      A worker died in one of these bins a few years ago in my hometown, the grain is like quicksand basically once u get trapped in

    30. Matt Wilson

      Being From Illinois, I've always had huge respect for farmers. Thank you for the reminder and for showcasing it for the uninformed.

    31. TheCawfee

      9:10 the sound of my hdd booting up

    32. Marek Strnadel

      Yeah when my sister's water broke I took a wrench and fixed it up..

    33. Shaun Torpey

      when you ask someone a question, let them answer before you open your gob again......

    34. Kawrno

      Owning a crew's trust is a valuable lesson.

    35. King Fresh27

      I literally live on a farm and I didn’t even know that’s how bins were built lmao

    36. ¡Carajo!

      And the democrats stole the 2020 election from the farmers

    37. Merle Zimmerman

      Didn't really learn anything new in this video but your interest in ag is really cool!

    38. Sawyer Hurlburt

      I know that because I’m a farmer and I love it.😎

    39. Jordan Voth

      I know this is old but i build grain bins and liked this video

    40. Occam's Razor

      15:05 Their humility is inspiring

    41. Marky Mark

      I used to work for a plant breeders in the UK had to climb in the combine with a vaccume cleaner and get every last grain out the inside, before the next crop, we were growing grain like Apache that went on to make the seed crops sold to Farms. Student placement days.. didn’t need a gym membership

    42. charles Iniguez

      Was that built up close to North Alabama??

    43. h2recoveryteam2

      Great video. Grain bins are very dangerous. Your farmer buddy knows his equipment for sure. An idea for you. What about a tractor that plants and plows and you just sit there and watch or a combine that does the same. Not manless, you have to be present. Here is a guy to check out. He is awesome. His channel name is, Millennial Farmer. I bet you could even get to know him and ride along. They have all kind of neat computer controlled stuff.

    44. wamsly

      so thankful for all these hard working people! thank you for bringing food to my table everyday

    45. Justin Pierce

      You need a TV show

    46. 51WCDodge

      Punches are used for hitting things. Podges are used to align holes.

    47. will york

      this entire episode was so satisfying to watch

    48. Dad-Bod Steve

      At an elevator we use a specifically built drying bin that uses heated air and other fancy stuff I dont know about

    49. Dad-Bod Steve

      I feel so sorry for the poor saps that had to unload that straight truck with that little auger instead of a pit.

    50. Kelly Kowalski

      I live in the SAME CITY as YOU

    51. Kelly Kowalski


    52. Dog Soph Beast

      Drowning in corn

    53. Gabe Verkamp

      It is a lot harder when you don’t have fancy stuff to put up a grain Ben but putting up hay is my favorite

    54. Royston Pinto

      SEprom: "Ahh 2020. Now is the time to recommend this"

    55. Charlene Woods

      Farmer sees title: *blushes*

    56. Wrench_Master_302

      I don’t know why I watched this because I did the exact same stuff all fall

    57. Aftersun 20XD6

      My brother-in-law is a farmer and the technology they use these days will blow your mind. He has three combines and two of them are actually autonomous. Think of them as really big Roombas but for reaping the fields. Even in the late 90's, I was working I.T. (we called it Data Processing back then) at my local hospital. His farm had better technology than our entire department. Farmers are not dumb, they sometimes act that way because it's part of their sense of humor.

    58. Ryan McEnaney

      You should do this again but with Welker farms or Milonial farmer

    59. Bernard Nikolić

      that redstone is insane

    60. danimardani

      Great, great material! Congratulations! Subscribed!

    61. Jack

      My dads a farmer and he is the biggest sandbagger and toughest man I know.

      1. MSF gaming and tech

        @Modi Bhakt modi bhakt chutiye

      2. mitch lesinski

        Tell us more

      3. Modi Bhakt

        @Stelios Karaoglanis and slap your mum. What was that bimbo thinking giving yin a name like that

      4. Modi Bhakt

        My dad is a teabagger

      5. Stelios Karaoglanis

        @NATE COPP gtfo

    62. Mikey Mike

      Thank you to all the Farmers feeding us! Much respect! :-)

    63. dopihead

      Silos? You mean tities?

    64. Open your eyes

      Cheap exterior for a house ?

    65. Open your eyes

      And people die in them all time. Usually when it has canola in it! I guess that’s a canola bin.

    66. What's happened here?

      You don't love learning until you voluntarily do hard labour in order to see the process in action

    67. Shota Toriumi

      I laugh when people say farming is easy. Looking at your Mike Bloomberg... “The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.” - John F. Kennedy

    68. Mitch Stickney

      Moisture to bean ratio is very important.

    69. lets talk about

      Normal people: farmers are just stupid people in the province, no technology and stuff how stupid and retarded This video: I'll end this man's whole career

    70. Steve 82

      For real though, farmers should be respected as much as doctors, nurses, teachers and first responders. If it weren't for them, most of us would be dead. Make sure you thank a farmer when you see one.

    71. Alex Barbat

      we need a grian bin

    72. TheSubatomicPlatypus

      soy subsidy lol

    73. A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor

      You wanna talk about the right to repair?

    74. Creative Username

      Loved the episode. Reminds me of back home


      We can see you are a good father. Right?

    76. Braseth34

      Cool fact. At one point in my life I actually built a lot of these

    77. Señor Ravioli

      Just in: person who worked on the curiosity rover tells farmers they are the smartest people out there.

    78. The KOR

      Foo getting paid under the table lol

    79. Douglas Scott

      smarter everyday: the food you eat comes from a farm me: so i eat hot pockets...… WHERE IS THE DANG FARM!

    80. ascbeerman

      The smartest farmers are the ones who protect and nourish their soil without the use of chemicals.

    81. L M

      Just ask Bloogberg, you dig a hole, throw in a piece of corn, cover it up and tge plant just pops up out of the ground.

    82. genericfighter

      Those aren't punches at that point. They are bull pins.

    83. Kanazz 1132

      my parents are farmers and i like driving tractors so its noice

    84. Navneet Maurya

      Farmers are the backbone of humankind

    85. Tony Chenh

      America Farmer is backbone of entire world.

    86. Bryce Hinton

      Bill de blasio says this is easy

    87. Bryce Hinton

      That's a well kept 2588. Props to him

    88. Paul Miner

      If you like this, you may like Tom Pemberton Farm Life.

    89. GhostCreek

      I always marvel at how easy it is to take super complex things for granted. To be fair, your brain can only handle so much at a time, but a lot of people just never ask questions about all this crazy stuff around them.

    90. Emery Way

      My dad farmed for 60 years and I grew up working for/with him. I thought he could do anything and he amazed me at his audacious attitude about dismantling things, repairing, and reassembling them. He was a young teenager when farming was becoming more mechanized and was told by his father that he was responsible for making everything function. He learned by doing. By asking old we mechanics. Thank the Lord that a small part of that rubbed off on me. Cotton pickers. Combines. Tractors. Mowers. Trucks. Cars. Motorcycles. ATVs. He could machine, weld, fabricate, plumb, and was a great electrician.

    91. Jerry Swope

      My Grandsons first job was building bins here in Missouri . Now he's a Contractor on his own .

    92. Michael Mosseri

      So that's what the inside of sn8 looks like

    93. SovietandScotsman

      The sheer amount of ways I tried to wrap my head around building that grain bin was astounding. Thinking like "maybe they make supports, then wrap a big piece of steel around it" and other things like that. Then to see them *BUILD IT FROM THE TOP DOWN* ... That really blew my mind, and I've already seen this video when it came out... Seriously, you think farming is easy and all that, but it is the soul of logistics. You think "Oh, it's just a tractor and something attached to it". And maybe you play or see someone playing Farming Simulator, going for the largest tractor with tank treads everything and think that's really unrealistic. But then you realise, that that is probably an under exaggeration if anything. Farming is incredibly high tech nowadays, and you may think that farmers are dumb, and don't know anything about "modern" technology. But you stated it perfectly Destin, they're probably the smartest of us all.

    94. Roberto Largejohnsoneo

      Broke every CSE rule in existence.

    95. Lord Zordid

      This is why you need to support right to repair bills. Because combine harvester manufacturers make these machines more and more complicated and they do not share the schematics, how to repair it or even allow you to service your own equipment. When you call an authorised workshop it could take days for them to fix it. Time you do not have.

    96. TRex021

      i saw the title had the word farm in and clicked instantly

    97. Active Silv

      Cups go on the right side.

    98. Ricky Mariquit

      The time lapse at 5:42 of sunlight was kinda cool

    99. littlecatholicman

      Thanks for this Dustin, this made me realize how lazy and uninformed my thoughts on farmers were. I studied agriculture at UC Davis and live in a rural area surrounded by farms (my dad even has a small acre farm as a hobby), but I was still prey to the "farmers are humble uneducated country folk" trope. They have one of the hardest jobs out there, rigorous and demanding work on an unforgiving schedule while doubling as an accountant on the side, all for a pittance of a profit margin, if any. I think it's crucial that we protect them and their future livelihoods by regulating the multinational Ag and food conglomerates that bleed them dry and force them to farm in the least sustainable manner all in the name of profit that they don't share. Farmers should be in control of their own crops and prices, they deserve to be making their fair share. Meanwhile the substantial work to reform agriculture to a sustainable practice in America needs to be undertaken in a way that doesn't unfairly burden farmers or the American taxpayer, but holds Big Ag responsible. Farmers are the bedrock of Public health and American business, even if we don't realize it. They should be treated like it.

      1. Farming101

        Thanks very much. This truly means a lot, believe me, more than you know

    100. Gamer xd

      I use this channel in my 6th-grade STEM class in a densely populated area. I’ve been trying to explain rural living areas to my students who’ve never traveled north or into the Midwest. (I’m in southern Florida.) This video helped me share my Midwest heritage and my rural past in Iowa, Indiana and Michigan. I love using this channel when teaching STEM. Brilliant!