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    The Cook Museum is a non-profit. If you'd like to help fund Kale's lunch bill I'm sure they'd be extremely excited to hear from you: www.cookmuseum.org/contact/
    Dr. Christine Figgener
    Support Dr. Figgener's Sea Turtle Research Directly: www.milkywire.com/impacters/78
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    The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Stranding Response Program is a fantastic organization. Reach out to support them and learn more here:
    My visit to the sea turtle hatchery was setup by Massi at Explornatura. You can contact him at: www.explornatura.com/ If you contact him tell him Destin said to tell him "Pura Vida".
    Dani and Valerie work at the Verde Azul Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Costa Rica: verdiazulcr.org/
    B -Roll footage of the Cook Museum construction was created by Juergen Beck at Freedom Light Productions in Decatur Alabama. www.freedomlightonline.com/.
    His SEprom channel is here:
    Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
    The songs used in this video were "Manatee" and "Leatherback" and "It's probably gonna be ok"
    Visit this website and track individual Sea Turtles which are tagged with transponders: www.ocearch.org/tracker/?list
    Here is information about the 7 species of sea turtles:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I hope you enjoy this video. My thought was to not make a "SEprom video" style video.... but to make something I would be proud of for years to come. About a year ago I was presented with an opportunity to go to a sea turtle conservation center in Costa Rica. There I met Valerie, an amazing conservation researcher who has a true passion for sea turtles. When I returned home I contacted Dr. Christine Finniger who taught me more. When the Cook Museum told me about their amazing opportunity with Kale the endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, I was totally floored. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed the experience. Also, this is the first time DJI has sponsored Smarter Every Day. The Mavic Mini is going to be a great tool for upcoming videos. I've already shot a couple of things for upcoming videos with it. If you'd like to signal to them that you're glad they've decided to sponsor Smarter Every Day it would be awesome if you'd consider going here: →bit.ly/3ePEAjS ← and use promo code KLDE2Q87JZU9 to get 5% off when purchasing the DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Mini Fly More Combo. They didn't tell me to put this in the comment section. I legitimately like the product and think you will too! As always, thanks for watching and supporting my efforts to learn all kinds of interesting things. I'm grateful for you. Regards, Destin

      1. Cole Ashby

        And aaa auaaaaaaaaaaa taaar and attached resume and ey really enjoyed y u want to aaaya yaataaaaareattty

      2. Chris Clark

        My wife and I watched this video a couple of months ago. Her and I took a trip to the Cook's museum of natural history about 2 weeks ago. It was phenomenal we loved it so much and plan on going back soon.

      3. Me Too

        I can see how she thought the injured turtle was going to be stuffed. Things at a Museum are usually dead, old, stuffed, just for show. So I'm sure the rehab aquarium would be called a Rehab Aquarium or an actual name. Sorry, I just saw what she was confused about. Loved the Heart filled video, thanks for sharing. :)

      4. Mark Demell

        Halleluyah ! No teenage mutants here just real TURTLES !!!

      5. Eric Bruce

        Hi, Loved the video , I got to see a Sea Turtle Rescue release in NoCo in 2008. Your shots were amazing!

    2. Ryan Cochran

      Who thinks there is much much more mind blowing stuff in the sea

    3. Buckie Smalls

      Cant believe they returned that (man made object) straw to the wild..

    4. Taylor Trinity

      Bisexuals: *can't sit straight* Kale: 48:48

    5. WiseToLies

      Please do a vid on science labs testing viruses and just show people that they actually do wear rags over their faces and not always hazmat suits! Science!

    6. Maxwell Edison

      Just watched the whole vid and it revealed more about sea turtles that I feel I was needing to know, and Destin, THIS is why I subscribed

    7. will york

      THAT is how you do a sponser! use the sponser for your video! not just an ad in the middle, use it for what youre doing in the video!

    8. Mr. J. Fuvnthgyb

      So 'dorable and cute.

    9. Nyctin


    10. Theophilus Jedediah

      Paul is the kind of everyday hero you hope will answer your call for help. His open humility and friendliness just gives confidence that everything will be alright. Thanks for the ‘introduction’!

    11. Theophilus Jedediah

      Science exists..only a fool would deny this..yet people live in defiance of scientific proofs everyday throughout their lives to their own harm. It becomes the responsibility of the scientist then to assume the role of simultaneously getting in everyone’s face up close and uncomfortably and then pry our minds open and force volumes of information into them in an impossibly irresistible and entertaining way. We have to deny our natural impulses to be solely self-serving and egocentric and it becomes the scientists primary mission to make us WANT to! Against our natural desire to resist that which causes us to accept limitations to that which serves our every desire, you the scientist must present science in such a way that we unwittingly put aside our infinitesimally tiny attention span and delay our own gratification without being forcefully legislated or compelled to do so simply because we are interested. Science bears the brunt of our ignorance..it always has..and only those scientists who increase our understanding without diminishing our ability to remain prosperous by enriching our desire to better our future prospects of success in a way that pleases us and strokes our ego will not be frustrated and discouraged by our innate ignorance...the state in which we are most comfortable. P.s. I’m all over that drone!


      I went to Belize with my mom dad and sister in 2019 and we went scuba diving and saw a few sea turtles. my fav memory was when we were eating at the resort that we stayed at, and a staff member had a bucket and came up to me and asked if I wanted to release a baby sea turtle into the ocean with him ( he Was certified to do it so it was legal) he told me what to do and I set it right on the edge of the water and off it went. This video reminded me of this majestic moment

    13. Brian Silvas

      i love the spanish...

    14. Dr.Mikizzle Therapist

      “Can I film” - Si. “Are these babies” - Si. “What species of turtle are these” - Sea

    15. Mutant W

      looks like my granma

    16. Chris Coyle

      fFbdddddddddQdddddddddddddddHBHBHhchbhbbbhfcfhbdgw tweetewwww etwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwqywwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwydtq Dry tyrant g n Hd

    17. lazy shakah

      You'd think seeing a sea turtle is cool and all till you push off in murky waters and come inches away from a turtle

    18. kurt Mora

      My Oct/Nov video had to get pushed back because the professional athletes I had lined up for it are now under strict COVID protocols. Just means you’ll get a twofer in early 2021. On the bright side, you’ll be getting 1.5 videos in Dec :) 💨✨💣✨💨

    19. Ben Jones

      I like turtles

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      This man will be able to say he has done everything in the world in a couple years..

      1. Marina Simmons

        “I know nothing about turtles so I made an hour long documentary interviewing experts” 😂

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    22. Shivansh Verma

      Need more of these

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      Beautiful! Thanks.

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      This might just be the best content you have made and I'm saying that as someone who loves all your stuff.

    25. Trey Best

      Why is it always china trying to sell endangered species? The horn of a black Rhino which there’s like 2 left or something and they literally have 24/7 armed security in the wild needs that security because Chinese billionaires will pay millions for it. (Yeah, Billionaires from a communist country)

    26. Mary Lagua

      Kale got all the best description. Yes, definitely enjoyed it. Thank you Destin and thanks for serving..

    27. Mary Lagua

      Destin, you can speak Spanish well.:

    28. Marcelo Zerbini

      Turtles are incredible. I dive recreationally and I must say whenever I see a turtle, my trip was worth the trouble

    29. Joseph Wolf

      Amazing video man, great content as always

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      You guessed it, China. Lol

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      I love sea life but this created a special place in my heart for sea turtles. Thank you Destin for sharing you beautiful journey of learning about sea turtles and thank you everyone who helped him create this. I am really emotional watching this and some moments made me smile and tear up the same time (you know which are those).

    37. fred lonbottom

      Saw your tweet. I liked this video very much thanks for making it. Sea turtles are my favorite animals

    38. Capt Zoom

      I don't understand why did the turtle have a straw up its nose was it snorting cocaine and a big wave hit him and shoved it up his nose?

    39. Miku meow

      Is it not stressful at any point that the turtle has no idea what's happening to him being taken out of his natural habitat?

    40. Paul Markey

      My biology teacher played this video in its entirety and my class the most attentive I've ever seen them

    41. Howard

      Fantastic video, Destin. Baseball arrived this week in the mail. It will stay on my desk where I can see it. :)

    42. Hmf, Good memes

      It always feels good know the forgein language that the youtube doesn’t understand lol

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      Zoey is cute

    44. Mack Allen

      This video made my heart happy! Thank you Destin for bring us along on this journey and showing us how beautiful these creatures are

    45. zeake13

      GREAT VIDEO Destin. I hate that I waited a couple of months to watch it. Seriously great work.

    46. Koda Kincade

      This is just amazing, destin you never disappoint ever. You’re the only channel that I’ll watch with videos over 10 minutes!!

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      Love this!!

    48. Alec Ver Bunker

      47:17 "I have to admit this is the first time I've helped moisten a turtle in the drive through of a Dunkin Donuts" 😂 probably the last too 😂😂 fr though this is the attitude all aquariums should have.

    49. Mike Warbin

      Great job !!! Always enjoy!! Ever need help , drop me a line !!

    50. Tyler Conley

      Turtles have emotions unlike most reptiles

    51. Agent Strawman

      I used to go fishing with my grandad at Buckroe.

    52. LiftOrGTFO

      Bruh, your hat is dirty AF.

    53. Bullfrogerwytsch

      im so happy the turtle who had the straw in his nose was okay afterwards.

    54. Jimmy Lee

      Thank you Destin for this intuitive video of sea turtles! At the start, it feels like another scientific video but in the end, it turns somewhat emotional (or CUTE haha). We all love sea turtles but we didn't actually know much about their lives and the challenges they are having. As well as the people who worked so hard on protecting the sea turtles (huge appreciation to those who have dedicated the life for protecting the seas) I wish this video would make people know why they have to help to conserve the ocean for all the natural creatures out there.

    55. Beverly Anne

      You do know vaseline is made from PETROLEUM, as in crude oil. Which is not a desired assault upon the creatures biology. WATER & SAND, where they belong is what they need.

    56. Crosshairs19

      When he talked about how the genders of the turtles aren’t random I knew what he was talking about from octonauts

    57. B A

      Click bate!!! Sea turtle click bate!!! Shame.. jk

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    59. Bv AutoT

      you were chosen, turtles are usually very shy or scared.

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      0:42 are you sure about that *cough* Michael reeves *cough*

    61. Jamzan

      Does Kale eat kale?

    62. dark thoughts242

      I've had the privilege to experience hawks bill turtles in real life, one of the coolest things I've seen and I'm extremely humble that these creatures are being protected cause seeing a couple in the big blue right of the coast of my island province of Grand Bahama, The bahamas. Ps. They were mating so i was also a witness of the procreation and possible (hopefully) resurgence of the species.

    63. Music Is Life

      This was a very interesting story of a great animal. Whenever I think of sea turtles I always think of Crush from Finding Nemo.

    64. Pugboy35 Man

      Why does the marine bilogist look like my french teacher?

    65. Sin City Exotics

      Seconds in... Destin proves he isn’t a Biologist. The turtle “plants” their eggs” Lmao. Just thought it was funny.

    66. Addison Algar

      Kale is a real g. He does what ever he wants hahahaha

    67. The Doofus

      I just don’t understand how sea turtles naturally see the ocean and decide to go into it over land

    68. Hideyo Kusano

      You are the only kind of SEpromr that NEEDS to exist. Everyone else is just fluff.

    69. WolfricLupus

      Excellent video; thank you :)

    70. National Sniper

      Turtles are amazing. Not just sea turtles but also land (tortoise) and fresh water turtles (terrapin). They are an amazing type of reptiles. It is nice to see how nice sea turles are. Fresh water turtles are not that friendy, I have two of them. Especially my red eared slider female can ben quite aggressive, and you do not want to get bitten! Sea turtles are a lot nicer in behavior compared to fresh water turtles. Altough the male terrapin i have has a nice behaviour, he is a cross between a red eared slider and a Yellow-bellied slider.But in general they eat everything they can capture, you do not want them to be the size of a sea turtle. :) Great video. Turtles are amazing animals. And they have been for 220 million years. And I am sure they will be for a log long time. They have been gone trough mass extinctions. Survived the Dinosaurs, the ice ages, everything. Turtles are survivors! It is interesting to see sea turtles are not aggressive at all, despite the fact that they can do a lot of damage with their beak if they want to. If you like sea turtles you might want to look at land and fresh water turtles too (terrapins and tortoises).

    71. Bill Bayless

      Where you at? Oeste? Esterillos Oeste? We did this in the Am. Then the “Batman’ birds came and fish started boiling.

    72. Nikoli Streeter

      we know your on vaca because you have facial hair. :D Plus 1

    73. Richard the engineer

      They also drop scutes when they grow up. Grab enough of them you can make a shell and breathe underwater for 10 seconds

    74. Calvin Koenitzer

      This video deserves way more views. I’ve watched it 3 times and still feel “all the things.” Thank you Destin for exposing us to such wonderful things that we otherwise may never get to experience. You rock.

    75. Matt Angiono

      I have only one tattoo, can you guess what it is!? These are such fascinating creatures! Thanks for sharing Destin!

    76. brycejcox

      He lived for two years after so I hope that’s a success, and he made some babies so that’s also a succsex. Sorry, my inner child refuses to grow up.

    77. TheNikko

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      I’m going to go see kale

    79. Hoosier Patriot

      I could listen to her talk every day. she is so pretty and smart!

    80. Truth Seeker

      Again Humans trying to do something that evolution took care of. Those weak turtles shouldn't be saved since they are of weak genetics.

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      Great videos!! but the wrinkly shirt?!?!?!

    82. StoneDeceiver


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      I love all the animals and this world for such an amazing life form

      1. Dhairya Kotecha

        And life is truly amazing

    86. Hygrobiology

      We love turtles and Albert my boy is 2 years and he loves them too

    87. Honklerton

      Instead of making something ILLEGAL - they should just REGULATE IT. That way the ONLY shells that are used in production - are from turtles WHO HAVE PASSED AWAY from natural casues. This would obviously skyrocket the cost of these items by an insane amount - BUT DESERVEDLY SO!!!!!!! The countries could ALSO levy MASSIVE fines against people who go against the law - one's government can even easily throw 5-10 year PRISON term sentences for breaking these regulations!!! THAT is how you protect the species. When you just make something illegal completely - you drive the industry COMPLETELY underground - and the CHEAP products are STILL continued to be produced!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY BANNING THINGS IS DUMB (in most cases).

    88. Seth

      Incredible video dude.

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