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    In which Destin flies in a T-38 with the 560th Flying Training Squadron.
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    A Special thank you to the 560th Flying Training Squadron for an orientation flight in an Air Force T-38 trainer.
    MicaRumba poured over hours of footage to synchronize the flight views. He's got a SEprom channel you can check out here:
    Bethany Gano did the Illustrations and I really like them.
    David Coventry helped make the loop animation at the end! He and a lot of other people helped me on this Reddit thread, which I accidentally deleted. You can still get to it: www.reddit.com/r/Physics/comments/53490a/im_making_a_smarter_every_day_video_about_flying/d7q6vx1?context=3
    Seriously, I really wanted to be a fighter pilot but the eye thing was a thing back then. Fortunately for you guys, if you're young and want to be a pilot.... and are willing to work hard to get the grades to do it, you can hop over to www.af.mil and look into being a fighter pilot even if you need corrective surgery. Here's a link to get you started:
    I decided to use ALL CAPS in the title of this video because I feel like it deserves it. Tell Brady Haran if you read this.
    Learn about G-LOC:
    T-38 Flight Controls can be found in this manual:
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    1. Game zone

      Background song ?

    2. Raccoon

      ive always wanted to fly a jet, but atleast i can watch other people do it before i do, to gain tips of some sort lol

    3. Mary Lagua

      Supa , Doc, Pak ...


      This was g-enius

    5. Mary Lagua

      I am reading that book now skunk works.

      1. Mary Lagua

        And Tough as they come.

    6. UwU Hehe

      I live right next to Randolph airForce base

    7. Mike Latta

      "You have the aircraft." Is it possible to pee and get an erection at the same time?

    8. WAHM

      Ah, yes revisiting the FIRST video that I watched of SmarterEveryDay

    9. Ypmbeats

      Amazing so what about birds? Do they experience g force

    10. 5Andysalive

      T-38 look so slick and elegant. It also seems to be around forever.

    11. Dave Brown

      I hope for a day when everyone who would like to could have all of your experiences! Imagine how happy people would be!? Ah well maybe in the next life eh 😀


      Hi Destin, I love your job. Bring these questions and answer them, I love it. I am from Brazil, and my Physics teacher are talking about harmonic motion. He talked about hiperbolic flight, but not much. He told me that people take cats to airplanes and make the hyperbolic flight. I would like to know more about it but I can't find content about it on the internet. Can you talk about it? Thank you for making these incredible videos

    13. Mary Lagua

      Great ride

    14. Justin Rodriguez

      i’m in school for physics and i keep watching

    15. Johnathan Celso

      C. W. Lemoine. You can always get a waiver. The perfect vision requirement is a myth. Make them tell you no.

    16. Mary Lagua

      Very good instructor.

    17. Mary Lagua

      Very good.

    18. CCK 07

      Excellent video....At 2:33 of this video...What is this "steel braided hose" coming from forward pilot seat to the student pilot seat? Thanks....

    19. V G

      Like your videos. I really enjoy watching them. Everytime it's like I either learn something new or enjoy the experience you share.

    20. Bas De wit

      The thing is i do want to be an pilot and i want to do the g force training and some day i want to pull some 9g trick or something but im onky 12 so yea its going to take a while

    21. Ynte Rozema

      If you would study earospace enginearing then you would go to delft in holland and my brother does that study

    22. ÆR0ß!ÅŠT-X

      Is everyone stupid 😂. How can u not enjoy that epic music piece?? 1:10

    23. Space_Sam


    24. The Real

      Fighter pilot... sounds good... but I've always been more pulled towards infantry. As crazy as that sounds.

    25. z3r4xDK


    26. Marcus play’s

      Who’s watching in 2020oh and btw in barely came up on my recoomended

    27. Ainsley Starcatcher

      you should fly a blue angel

    28. 1Afly

      WTF... they let you fly... so jealous... I need to network better with some reserve guys that I fly with...

    29. UwU Hehe

      I live right next to Randolph

    30. Nik

      One of the saddest things is coming to the realization that because of something physical or mental, you'll never be able to fulfill a lifelong dream. For example, i wanted to be an astronaut but I accept the fact that I am too dumb to leave the planet.

    31. Light.

      Imagine this is all the training you had to do...

    32. Fareedh Salavudeen

      I was constantly smiling watching his reactions. So enthusiastic!

    33. William Bohmann

      Where can you buy a pilot tube Chief?

    34. Pieter Roelofse

      I love these videos. Thanks and great job.

    35. Ahmad Jan

      Bro I found out about you a week ago and now I'm already addicted to your vids. Awesome content!!

    36. Jose Madrid.

      Hey Destin. 7.2 not bad by friend.

    37. Austin Alexander

      Same situation here, Destin. I wanted to be an Air Force fighter jet pilot but my back and eyes were too poor for the job. They offered me a career in just about anything else but I settled on Computer Engineering outside of the armed forces. No regrets but what I wouldn't give for that experience you portrayed here. Thanks for the video, you rock!

    38. FrenchyJr

      Should’ve asked to fly a a10 warthog

    39. Asit Kumar Raha

      really that cool experience to fight the fear with the fighter plane -\\---+>-

    40. Ozan Irmak

      I am more jealous-er every day

    41. Graywolf Creations

      14 year old passing by on the path to be a USAF Fighter Pilot make sure to have a nice trip through the comments

    42. Keyboard - Kun

      Flat earthers HATE him find out why...

    43. Apex

      Just imagine your having a fine day then you look at and you see a fighter jet spinning and doing flips

    44. Anders Estes Jacobsen

      Yeah, you sucked. Envious though

    45. allah miya

      An engineer believing in bible. What a waste of degree

    46. c c

      The way he talks reminds me of Kara and Nate, I LOVE THESE PEOPLE, I WANT TO BE LIKE THEM TRAVELING & DOING COOL STUFF

    47. Reyescoogs Jr

      Is it me or the beeps hurted your ears to

    48. Jonas Magnus

      As always, great choice of a bible verse at the end.

    49. Gavin Schwan

      That is my favorite aircraft too I am 13 and I am in the civil air patrol and I flew my first Cessna I am on my way 💪

    50. G-Misc 59

      I too wanted to be a fighter pilot...got my PPL at 18 and similarly my eyes didn't make the grade...as I got older I realized that the thrill of being a fighter pilot was offset by my subjective opinion that killing was hardly a rationally constructive means of contributing to mankind...I still fly today and spend my time using my flight skills to help people instead of killing them for reasons which are often left unclear and/or untrue.

    51. HiAnonym

      Would it also be possible to experience negative gs (also known as airtime on rollercoasters)? That would be so cool...-2,5g sustained ejector airtime

    52. Fivess

      I can’t tell who’s flying

    53. taylor randolph

      Randolph air force base? if its spelled the same then that my last name lol

    54. ツrecks

      why does this sound so wrong when im not looking

    55. Gary Lee

      watching this again for the 3rd time actually.. just watched a video by a fighter pilot youtuber "cw lemoine" earlier today, and he was explaining and breaking down a fatal accident last november when a T38C doing a formation landing like in this video rolled over unto the ground. the accident investigation report had just been made public. According to him, they currently no longer do formation landings as a result of this accident. RIP to the 2 pilots.

    56. OWNC

      8:38 thank’s way amazing not that was amazing

    57. Legend Gamer

      If I was them I would go in space you have the mask soo

    58. levrac68

      Trump 2020!

    59. Jjijah Ocean

      i would panicccccccc

    60. Awakened Warrior

      WOW I wanna ride........... where do I get my tickets??

    61. Zoram Thanga

      When i was a little kid, my dad used to asked me "what are you trying to be when u get older" i said, a fighter pilot....but now, it's like castle in the air...lol.

    62. Holly plemons

      I loved this video, It was so interesting, im training to become a pilot right now and this inspired me even more

    63. Russell Boyd


    64. binary clicks


    65. binary clicks

      proud of you😎🎊

    66. Edmund Andrada

      oh wow! Thats really an amazing experience!!! WoW!

    67. Robert Elmo

      Get that book, my stepdad worked with those guys and told me to read it. It was really good.

    68. Kerry McCollum

      FYI, 3 1/2 years later and the Audible link still works.

    69. FBI Person

      6:35 laughed at this, hate myself for doing so

    70. Lil Devil Dog

      I wanna fly In one so bad

    71. Onasi 23

      Hey Destine....can you hook me up with a flight like that one day......

    72. Tara

      Just watching this gave me that little unsteady, gut dropping feeling that terrifies me most about flying. But I learned some cool stuff, so thanks!

    73. Hello There

      Dude you have 7.99 mil! You’re so close to 8!

    74. Deathpacito 2

      Scared of flying together at close ranges. Me: I recommend Blue Angels!


      1:03 that’s messed up

    76. David Frischknecht

      Fun fact: Roller coaster loops are also clothoid in shape. The early looping coasters like the old Flip-Flap Railway in Coney Island had circular loops, but it was discovered that they put too much stress on the human body.

    77. doel89

      thoes were F15 at the end no?

    78. Oskar W

      6:34 "It's G-neous" lol

    79. Codefoto

      That was awesome, here in The Netherlands we had the Northrop NF-5, (I think they're practically T-38's) before we got F16's.,such beautiful slender elegant planes. I build a model where I was younger, cool plane


      A tu38 I thought it was a f5

    81. Lukas04

      I saw that video and informed me a bit more about jets, and find out that the stealth technology is very complicated and it's very hard to find out how it works? Do you know or wind out how does a stealth "net" works?

    82. Alyssa Estrada

      Seeing the clouds is one of the most beautiful things you could ever see in life! Thank you for letting us experience that!

    83. D woodkamp

      Woohh looks like a childhood dream🤘🤘

    84. Zg defaulty Boi

      The instructor is amazing isn’t he derik or something

    85. John Molineaux


    86. texaslonghorns2222

      You're too G for me

    87. baseball1090

      its so funny to see people so happy to fly like this im terrified and to me I dont see how someone could be so happy to do something that I think is super dangerous

    88. ERROL M

      Man your life must be awesome!

    89. symcfy

      If I can't join the air force from colorblindness I'm not even lying killing my self...

    90. Kermit

      When the wheels dropped I thought they were going to drop a bomb

    91. adam jeffery

      wow this is truly my n.1 dream ive always wanted to fly a jet plane *gets in tears*

    92. elad nistani

      how did you managed to get into an aircraft for god sake?! i want too...

    93. Bandit 99

      Was this video recorded In Texas

    94. TheTommer777

      What about turbulent air coming from the aircraft? Like dirty air in F1, doesnt it affect both jets fyling closely?

    95. Danley Nuks

      hella dope

    96. elli003

      Those T-38's are really sweet fliers.

    97. Austin Watkins

      That jet is not a real jet .The A 10 and The raptor and a tomcat and be super hornet The jet I called Four examples are called a real jet

    98. Atom VonD

      Supa has a podcast with fighter pilot podcast, hes on episode 44

    99. Paris Saizan

      My dream. Brain tumor instead and I also lost my peripheral blindness due to the size of the tumor (prolactinoma)... LOVED THE VIDEO!!!

    100. veudeu

      Destin, I am soooo jealous of your flight. After retiring from a 30 year career in the Air Force, I never got the chance. I watched my own daughter get that opportunity in a F-15, while being both a proud pop an a whole lot envious. She is now a full time Air Force pilot after she caught the “bug”. After retiring, I now support an aerospace company that builds planes for the USAF and I don’t think I can ever shake the dream of flying. You are an unwitting mentor to all of us science buffs while simultaneously being a wonderful father and a undeniable asset to our nation. I admire your childlike inquisitiveness about anything to do with science all the while having a grasp of science that us mere mortals could only hope to achieve. You are an inspiration to us all. I love your channels, learn something every time I watch and I am always eagerly awaiting the next episode. I wish only the best for you and your wonderful family.