Handheld TESLA COIL GUN at 28,000fps - Smarter Every Day 162

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    This is the musical Tesla coil used in the video (It was a lot of fun and I recommend getting one!)
    Cameron's awesome Tesla Website:

    Bethany Gano did the Illustrations and I really like them.
    Daniel Jamieson shot the footage of the Tesla statue at Niagara falls. I think he did a great job.
    Nikola Tesla's original patent for the Tesla coil:
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    1. Uncle Verum

      As you were apologizing for the laughter, I'm sitting her giggling myself silly.

      1. Barack Obama

        This create ozone and nitrogen oxide, it’s dangerous for your health and lungs!

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    2. Genshin Armory

      looks like a weapon that would fit perfectly into the Fallout games

    3. Snow Glider

      Hey guys why don't you make courses that teach these kind of skills. I think that would be a good service for your fans. Amazing work by the way. I am a computer science engineer and don't know much about hardware. I would love to learn about it without going back to school. Any advice.

    4. Bucket Dog

      So the robot weponds are here. Is this what they will use to take the world?

    5. Rusty R3volva

      I love 'O Fortuna ', sounds cool on the Tesla Coil.

    6. Sketchy

      I feel that every lightning bolt that happens is a temporary, not strong enought to open up fully, unstable crack in time and space to other dimensions

    7. BigT_Rex_2000

      winston mains:

    8. a_i_a_o

      3:42 disappointed "This is a little bit bigger than mine". Freud would be proud

    9. chzzyg269

      This thing reminds me of the red dude from Alien Storm, an old Sega game. When the aliens come, this guy will be on the front lines.

    10. Ashebo Wotsa Wotsa

      I want to try this too

    11. נוי זכריה

      this guy in the zombie apocalypse

    12. lawrence howard jr

      funny how the nosie it makes sounds like a gun

    13. Comrade Catbug

      "You know that feeling when someone has a loaded gun around you?" No, because I'm not from the States.

    14. Japan8ln

      how do I make it?

    15. Joshwayop

      Styropyro is typing lmao...

    16. Cathy Sherrill

      That thing was a lightning powered mp5

    17. Robert Wolfstream

      I feel your smile is genuine

    18. Robert Wolfstream

      I think I was watching the wrong things I find myself a better person when I wake up and watch you

    19. Robert Wolfstream

      Thank you

    20. Robert Wolfstream

      Wow soooooooo cool

    21. Robert Wolfstream

      This guy should be are president on just his intelligence not even gonna say nothing about his attitude

    22. Robert Wolfstream

      I really think you should do self help videos you make me a better person man

    23. i shit my pants

      Thunder gun??

    24. pedro hadad

      Just imagine someone robbing a house just to be attacked by a tesla gun playing mario music.

    25. James Robers

      I know this video is old, but your enthusiasm and joy are contagious and inspiring!

    26. SjaPlayz

      Ghostbusters irl

    27. RAVENOUS 001

      Imagine mugging someone, and then all of a sudden they pull out a ray gun and electrocutes you to death

    28. Benny jetsaroundtheworld

      He should incorporate it into a Ironman villain suit... Electric man

    29. EnesYt2019


    30. Erik Welch

      Thanks for your positivity. Love the videos

    31. dominichokage

      I look at the 9 ft Tesla coil and wonder when it could be mounted on a monster truck or giant robot.

    32. Luis Huerta

      Is there a tutorial for building this weapon?

    33. Justin Pickell

      The game I think of when I see this alien storm, the feels coil gun looks like one of there's.

    34. nkaii barthlett

      now just fight the person with the most powerful lazar

    35. nkaii barthlett

      well u know ones robing yor house

    36. The Danley Parable

      - Tesla gun - -rapidly fires electric bolts in a wide spread -bolts home in slightly on enemies -uses a charge meter instead of ammo. The lower the charge, the smaller the arcs are, and the less damage they do. -charge replenishes over time

    37. Francis Casiple

      If you live in the Chicago area, you can go to the Museum of Science and Industry and they have a tesla coil that they fire several times a day.

    38. mike hill

      Was that 1.21 gigawatts lol

    39. Vinsen Widiawan

      The tesla gun sound like gun sfx from a game

    40. Gameplays Erotic0s

      Half life gun

    41. Кто Никто

      and what if we'll use a lot of supercapacitors with this tesla coil gun for send much more powerful electric current at the much less time? i think it will be more like natural lighting

    42. RooringNos

      He equipped it without *Rubber gloves*

    43. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

      2:21 Legend says that this 8s how the original theme was recorded

    44. 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

      nobody: this guy:haha Tesla coil gun go pew pew

    45. headflap C:

      and there goes your electricity bill

    46. prestigio

      scp 106 has broken out of the facility at gate A,fire the H I D turret imidiatly do not let it across the bridge!

    47. maymay ip

      A crack in space and space time

    48. Ardan Iaquinta

      I Like Nicola Tesla He's My Favorite Scientist

    49. HadesGaming

      This is the kind of videos that make professions man..

    50. Amy Dunphy

      elon musk

    51. Amy Dunphy

      elon musk

    52. Thestargazer56

      “Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?”

    53. jacks krunking

      I would take this to a park and shot kids

    54. Mr. Rhythm

      3.5K mosquitoes thumbs this video down

    55. Mr.Clickbaiter

      good sound design

    56. subie flow

      its a really op melee gun?

    57. Tejas Tomar

      i have a tesla coil

    58. Faffy Waffle

      Ideal for home defense

    59. Saurabh Zaware

      Chidori by Destin Uchiha

    60. surfinalien

      So......we’re just a couple years from a working Wardcliff Coil, right?

    61. Sim Won

      3,5k people disliked this video?!?! imagine how their sad pathetic brains work.....wtf?!?

    62. Gamer64

      I saw this thing in Dr. Stone

    63. Rogelio Beltran

      He looks so young and happy in this video

    64. John Adornado

      This could be the most effective mosquito killer ever

    65. gr33n viol3t

      Creating a magnetic filed in the Shire of Northam and throughout Australia. Accessing the water lines to help generate this field. Magneitc field do the readings in Western Australia in Northam, Wundowie , Childow the highest magentic field world wide. Use of anti cloaking, drones, satellties , flashing lights to deflect vision (red and Blue) organge & white. Laser grids mini micro camflouge vehicles. large trucks carrying what looks like a sonic radar. These experiments must stop please help

    66. gr33n viol3t

      They can use the tesla gun to stimulate the body with unwanted stimulations. These experiments are being conducted on Australia Public without consent please help

    67. Yashodhan PRABHUBORKAR

      Real life senku ishigami has been found

    68. Floridacracker

      It's been almost 4 years since you originally posted this. Do you still read the comments? Either way, I'm going to throw this out there. Dad was an electrician and in the mid-70's he made a homemade Tesla coil to show us kids, We were all little ( I was about 10) and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Dad passed away 2 1/2 years ago and I sure do miss that man. So many interesting things he taught us. Thank you for bringing back good memories to me.

    69. Don Bellmore

      You have the best job in the world!

    70. Allen Han

      It also helps cause they are grounded. Im pretty sure if he was not grounded that electricity would shock him.

    71. Serai Resana

      This made me giggle myself stupid from start to finish, definitely earned the subscription!

    72. Andrew Martinez

      3:43 yep totally a bit bigger just maybe a centimeter but that’s it

    73. Grayson Tree Frog

      Just came here because I saw the thumbnail and wanted to say would look better with a beard

    74. ToxifTick

      is it me or does the tesla coil sound like a machine gun

    75. Nicholas Leclerc

      What if you could spray, like, ferromagnetic dust or spray or smth, that conducts the bolts in a more focused area *and at a longer range ?* OOOH !!! What if that secondary air gun was a *vortex launcher*, so that that spray stays concentrated, ans even just a little puff to economize its usage ? And you could send these vortex puffs as relays to guide your bolts in the right direction !!! *YOU COULD EVEN CALIBRATE/ADJUST THE SPEED OF THOSE PUFFS, IF YOU WANT THEM TO DRAW A CERTAIN PATH IN THE AIR FOR YOUR BOLTS* _A A A A R G H T H E P O S S I B I L I T I E S A R E E N D L E S S ! ! ! ! !_

    76. Trollnado

      7:35 it looks like a tree growing without leaves fast time-lapse and it turns white and goes backward.

    77. j s

      Who ya gonna call?

    78. Dan B

      Why does the yin and yang symbol resemble the magnetic field??

    79. Jeremy Barnes

      how do people dislike this stuff.

    80. Librado LaFontaine

      I LOVE this channel. I've always thought of science as fun and amazing, when you learn something new you want to share with those you care for Thank You for sharing this I'm enjoying this so much.

    81. Bob K

      That needs to be a thing on Halloween

    82. Duncan Ross

      i love you

    83. rodyrubber

      Really cool, but I'm a little bit dissapointed that nobody sait "acknowledged" in a fake-Russian way!

    84. Özkaangööllü

      İ solved how to make a light saber

    85. Jordan O'Neill

      i wanna see one that'll actually hurt like a taser!

    86. Melanie Yadgar

      Mark's video was so cute, I'm so happy for him.

    87. PyrkagiaTheHedgehog

      Huh. So Doom's plasma gun is just a tesla coil gun.

    88. Alan Heff

      How far can it reach

    89. Jonathan Nong

      real life wunderwaffe

    90. Jeff Jones


    91. the boat


    92. Obstacle Illusion

      Congratulations man

    93. MyHardyhar


    94. thegamerkid 345


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      I feel like this is more Hacksmith...

    96. Haralabos Haidopoulos

      2:26 Mario is right there

    97. Ryan Jones

      So wait, why is it not returning to ground? What is it arcing to?

    98. Lachlan Stewart

      I just liked it for the thumbnail!! Guess I'll go watch it now 😂

    99. Michael Doan

      Ok I need one

    100. Ben Rogers

      0:00 Hey it's BE-DESTIN