Help me INTERVIEW THE PRESIDENT - Smarter Every Day 150

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    1. The Card Boy

      I don’t like Obama

    2. Joseph Reneer

      What does the fox say?

    3. Sergey tinldw

      0:50 ugh, those plants are in a very messed up order and missing the Venus

    4. Xarus Man

      "There is no country on earth where something like this could happen" Why would say say/think that?

    5. Halsted Willoughby

      Who are you?

    6. Devon Orr

      Destin (if that is how you spell it).....FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!!!! EVERYONE, WE SHOULD CONVINCE DESTIN TO RUN IN 2020!!!!! LIKE IF YOU AGREE!

    7. Invalidfake

      Well, actually it did happen in Germany before :)

    8. iceagod

      A question: Why don't the president create money free from debt like others have before? So for example science, poverty, health and other important stuff can be subsidized?

    9. Marty Sana

      no other country where this could happen? really

    10. Zack Keenan

      He's meeting with Trump?

    11. Teddy Boragina

      There are many other countries on earth where things like that happen.

    12. thestral57

      "There is no other countryon Earth where something like this could happen" 1:38 . Hmph, I strongly disagree. Yes, it's a fantastic opportunity for Destin, but there is absolutely call for putting down the entire rest of the world down.

    13. yungSammers

      What are your thoughts on harambe

    14. Kyle Koh

      whatever you do dont invite trumo to your house he is the worst everyone just likes him cuz he is funny thats not how being preident works you have to take everything seriously

    15. Mr. Rum 'n' Cocacola

      Is Destin a Christian?

    16. Bryan Knox, Child of God

      you were played. he had people interview him he knew wouldn't ask him the hard questions.

    17. Rituporna Bharali

      Good video.....

    18. Rafael Bagott

      Would you consider sending Donald Trump to the ISS permanently even is it cost extra to lift his ego out of the atmosphere?

    19. Simon Samson

      I doubt that. puttin has a weekly TV show that you can ask him any questions over the phone while live on national tv

    20. Traboulmaker

      1:39 "There is no other country on Earth where something like this could happen" Guess Canada doesn't exist then

    21. Momma Yp

      Is michelle thicc?

    22. lightsidemaster

      Enjoy that interview while you guys in the US still have a cool president that can be reasoned with! I'd rather see Tywin Lannister as president than Trump.

    23. UpbeatMetaphor

      "No other country on earth where something like this can happen." Are you forgetting Tony Blair's seminal appearance on the Catherine Tate show? Because I'm trying to...

    24. Peter OByrne

      What do you mean by "There is no other country on Earth where something like this could happen"?

    25. YungWorldz

      This guy is a agent..

    26. JineOw

      Who do you hope whens the election.

    27. Cherie Alcorn

      Anything nasa

    28. Col. Walter E. Kurtz

      FBHO! ;)

    29. sebi iana

      ask him why he signs "NDAA Martial Law" which allows the United States military to act as a police force and they can arrest people without judgment, I know that the lawyer and a correct justice is a part of americans freedom

    30. Unknown Artist

      Destin I watched the interview you did with our President. I commend you on doing a wonderful job, and I congratulate you on being chosen as part of this ongoing SEprom series with the POTUS. Although I'm somewhat disappointed, and find some of this administrations policies unfavorable, I enjoyed the camaraderie you shared with the President. I found your questions refreshing, and my favorite part was when you named Obamium as a new element. I actually rewound the video several times to enjoy the reaction from the President which was absolutely genuine. He laughed pretty hard and his smile was very revealing. I believe he's gonna tell that story bout the fella who named him as a new element (Obamium), for quite some time. Congratulations Destin! I look forward to getting SmarterEveryDay.

    31. Gamer Tag

      I'd ask him how he feels being the biggest failure this country has ever seen. Ask him if he realizes the people of America KNOW he did it intentionally and is an enemy of the state.

    32. mazwt44

      Can't think of ANY reason why you would want to. What a horrible waste of our time..

    33. Gal Beeri

      it wasen't informative at all you looked like a fanboy

    34. Drake Magnum

      I'm so happy for you Destin! You deserve to be recognized for what you bring to the world.

    35. wavejumpinseadoo

      This I'm about to watch this happen in Canada on tv in about 30 minutes

    36. Matthew de la Madrid

      Controlled channel. Blatantly obvious.

    37. Saurabh Rao

      What on earth does one do after being the US president? Speaking at events can't take more than a day a month, and there's no way one can settle for a job, any job, after being the US president.

    38. clay collins

      Make space exploration a priority and explain to him why. That's really all you should do, open their minds man!

    39. Henry Reardon

      Normally, I'd be happy to go to the White House, but I wouldn't walk across the street to meet the current occupier

    40. fasfasdf1

      Question for obama: how are you going to deal with the climate change and what are the measures you will make without affecting the economy?

    41. ziv144

      What do you think about the situation in israel and how should we act to the treat in the south from Isis

    42. Vale Weinmann

      spanish subtitles please

    43. burnster321

      Woo Swoozie!

    44. bd flavors

      wish you would just kick him in the nuts. sorry about that but that's how i feel after 8 years of oppresion.

    45. Shannon Kendrick

      What's with the massive curving out towards the ocean 100% of the time when the shuttle is ferrying Scotty to outer space? Easy question. No?

    46. Kerem Karapinar

      Love your videos!! Keep it up buddy!

    47. David footballfield

      How does it feel like not being able to have a lone time outside of the white house? Will you still become the President of the United States if you can re-choose your choice? Maybe you (Obama) could have chosen to pursue a career in the NBA and become a infamous trash talker second to Kobe Bryant.

    48. Samuel Hoyhtya

      How he feels about mars

    49. Sean Lenihan

      Does it bother him that scientific research is taken out context so often to make headlines and companies do this to sell products that aren't really ethical. Like superfoods curing cancer for instance etc etc. (not a great example I know)

    50. Janick Maharajah

      ask: do you believe in illuminati??

    51. Gingie Plays

      I've got a serious question: Why doesn't the president or anyone of the federal government acknowledge the poison inside of the food system? I'm not being a troll or anything. I'd seriously like to know why this is.

    52. Daniel Farley

      How closely is the government and NASA watching all the improvements being made in reusable rockets? And do they plan to adopt the same methods so we can once again reach for the stars and prove to ourselves anything is possible?

    53. dogg zeddrk

      Everything about area 51

    54. Carlson Darlson

      Ask him what hes level is in GTA Online and what hes gamertag is.and wether he prefures PS4 or xbone. And also what GTA ending he chose: a, b or deathwish. I think these questions can tell us alot of the president!

    55. Bill Tran

      What are the most urgent global environmental issues and how will America act to solve that issue specifically.

    56. Bobby Peardon

      if he were a voter right now, who would he be voting for?

    57. odortiz

      once you got into office, why did it take so little time to take back your promise to repeal the "patriot act" and instead extended it and made it stronger?

    58. odortiz

      in a land where "all men are created equal," why am i not allowed to have access to the same tools that government officials are allowed to use, to defend their lives, to defend mine? considering the government and its police forces have no duty to defend individuals. (warren vs. Washington DC) example: Fed agents carry actual assault weapons, and call them "personal defense weapons" while a civilians assault-looking weapon is called "assault"

    59. odortiz

      why do you want us avoid painting millions of Muslims with a broad brush, because a few crazy extremists are murderous criminals, but want us to do the opposite, and criminalize millions of legal gun owners, because of the actions of a few psychopaths?

    60. odortiz

      how is it that forcing people to buy a private, for-profit product, to be used in a private, for-profit healthcare industry, is called socialized, but it has nothing in common with socialized schooling, where government buildings are used, and staffed with government workers? where's the freedom to choose private, or socialized, or to opt out altogether?

    61. Wolfgang25

      Hey Destin, are you planning something related to basketball? It would be nice to see slow motions of Michael Jordan's hang time. Thanks and God bless.

    62. Son of Christ

      I don't get it. why would you shoot a promo vid of your house on a set in Hollywood (LA) when you had to go to Washington? weird.

    63. The Soy Boy

      You should ask him what he thinks about Canada/ if he likes it. If you couldn't tell in Canadian.

    64. Daniel C

      I have a question. Does he play and sports, and if he does what sports does he play?

      1. Daniel C


    65. Managra Emordnilap

      Ask why we still use the electoral system when it can and has got in presidents the majority of the country do not want. It was the best we could do back in the day but our tech has advanced.

    66. Connor L

      Question: Mr. President, how will the US meet its ever growing energy demand. Will it continue to burn fossil fuels or are more nuclear reactors, and/or more renewable resource electricity pants (windfarm, hydro, solar etc.) being built to meet this demand?

    67. Jabed sheikh

      What about next video!!!!!!!?

    68. 3rd Gospel Heating

      Hi Smartereveryday, could you do a glass breaking by sound? That would be amazing!

    69. Bryan Calipay

      Pistol Shrimp!!?

    70. Anthony Gurizzian

      What are we gonna do about the Flint Water Crisis

    71. FanOfManyGames

      What would the government do if a guy attacked a school with a knife?

    72. Dan Dan

      Should have asked about fixing the patent system. Lots of world changing inventions put in purgatory by big companies who can't profit off them.

    73. Vale Weinmann

      i am from México and dont speak very much

    74. Rowmn

      Mr President , do you like meatballs?

    75. Wont Tell

      Ask Obama if he is satisfied with how the destabilization plans for the Middle East and Europe are progressing.

    76. Mole

      Please tell him to fund research for YOUNG scientist (NSF and USDA). There is only FEW highly competitive grants for super early PhD, but nothing later. We need more funding for STARTUPS!!! I would be happy to expand what I mean...

    77. chase1146

      So didn't expect to see swoozie in this

    78. Pablo Diaz-Buscio

      first of all Mr president are aliens real

    79. Joel T

      why is big agri not addressed in the same way renewables are considering it is just as ( if not worse) for contributing to climate change?

    80. Dan's Spot on the Tube

      Have fun hearing what his advisory team allows him to say! Meeting any president is about as eventful as passing gas in the REM state.

    81. Eric Taylor

      Mr. President, Science literacy is terrifyingly low in the US population. How do you think we should change the way science is taught in schools to increase science literacy?

    82. five 11

      10-12 mins lol wtf why not just 12 mins xD

    83. Michael Larson

      Upcoming mars mission

    84. Lewis Reid

      You chould ask: "What does it feel to wake up every morning and know that you are the president?" Also hello from Scotland!

    85. Robo Cop

      Questions, could Obama stop link cards so he could support America's public opurtunities. This may sound evil but please do it, America uses over 8 billion dollars n just link cards so please stop them. thank you.

    86. Marwan Razek

      I missed it :(

    87. caspar schaerer

      Yes there is another country in the world where this is happening: Germany ;)

    88. Destiny Caffey

      My name is Destiny

    89. Qscience

      Hi Mr Destin can you ask Mr President to help Kurdistan to help us to improve our colleges and schools because science is neglected

    90. Brian

      Why are my questions screened prior to this interview? Why did you make me relinquish editorial control.

    91. MrThreegifts

      To Obama: How long did the creation of ISIS take?

    92. Matthew Bird

      Question: As a resident of the North East, I see the effects of climate change every day. What laws or regulations would you pass to meet the COP21's goal of limiting global warming to 2ºC in the United States?

    93. Mwape Samala

      ask him if he can help you with the orphanage you take part in

    94. Ben

      That was a fantastic interview! Great questions and fascinating answers! Great job Destin! So impressed of Obama's knowledge in science and his rational thinking. Please do a review of the interview!

    95. kurolap

      No other country where this can happen? lol :)

    96. Joshua peter

      when do we expect man to go on mars...

    97. Florian Brahimi

      What was your reaction when you become President?

    98. Harry Huckleberry

      Ask Obama: Will you live in a gun free zone once you leave the White House to show people how safe they are? Lol

    99. jasonc_tutorials

      Tell him your buddha!

    100. Matthew Goodwin

      Serious question: Where's the beef?