HOLDING AN EXPLOSION at 20,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 156

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    I always thought firing from the center was the best way to do it. Turns out I'm probably wrong.
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    A Special thanks to Josh Lake at Pomfret school for introducing me to the concept of a transparent potato gun. It was his idea that spawned this video.
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    1. Ryan Robinson

      Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all , who delight in them.

    2. rebl vln

      I’m glad you don’t live by a Karen

    3. Kenneth Parao

      "BOGA" tawag dayn sa 'Pinas!

    4. TheJoblessFool

      Maybe you could see which way produces more propulsion with a chronograph and

    5. Роман Гребенюк

      Поджигай сразу с двух запалов.

    6. KHUx_X*€*N*♡

      Such beauty, such vicious force of nature

    7. HushNightBatday

      Very Cool! I need one of this! 😂

    8. Some random Guitarist

      It’s funny because during the slo mo his face looks exactly the same the whole way through

    9. William Nguyen

      I guess you can call that A *baked potato* xd xd dying rnballing rn so funny xd

    10. Katherine Poindexter

      the man who invented the potato gun not only had a whole lot of time on his hands but he was a weapons expert to boot..or just a genius who had a school project to complete.

    11. Neil Lundgren

      Saw this video for the first time. Video wasn't done yet and I smashed the subscribe button!

    12. Saša Todorović

      Very cool video. The footage looks unreal

    13. Gareth Jones

      Oh wow so beautiful

    14. BodyCamTrending #USA #Police


    15. Galih Tanu Dewanto

      How of multiple Ignition point ?

    16. Jens Kühne

      Would be interesting to build multiple ignition sources

    17. cyborggold

      Destin... amazing footage! It looks like you're using hairspray as your fuel, try Axe body spray. The hairspray eventually builds up and makes your chamber sticky and the breach gets hard to take on and off. Axe has better results for me and leaves no residue. Thanks for everything you do, I love watching your videos with my daughter!

    18. Anarchy

      Finally, a video I won't regret watching later.

    19. ᴊ ᴇ s s ᴇ

      the explosion looks like lava

    20. miomiro

      Imagine this effect applied when a lightsaber turns on. Would watch.

    21. NA Sound

      10/10 neighbor

    22. No Thanks

      It takes 7 minutes to get to the fire. Just shut up and show the footage

    23. OldMech

      Safety. You blew fresh air into the cannon that was on fire with an over rich mixture just looking for some air. Dustin, your face was inline for a Safety Video of the Year.

    24. Roberta Cristina

      that looks like a fusion reactor firing

    25. Alexander P

      Why would anyone dislike his videos, I learn so much and they are very entertaining.

    26. peter søndergaard

      What if you ignite the gas in both ends?

    27. Destinyz xdz

      If Only My PC Ran At 20,000 Fps

    28. Daniel Irvine

      You could build one like a recoilless rifle. Ignite the middle, have an open nozzle on the rear cap, this would also mean you don't need to remove the cap, and if you engineer it right it will give thrust forward to cancel the recoil of firing the spud. And of course give you lots of back blast :3

    29. Jonathan Guijarro

      Absolutely incredible thanks

    30. CrazEgirl

      I am Irish and find the exploitation of these potatoes offensive

    31. Froot loops enthusiast

      meet the demo man *tf2 intro plays*

    32. Shaikh Owais

      It was beautiful 😍

    33. Siggy Retburns

      Its like the expansion of the hot air actually blows the flame backwards a little.

    34. DreidMusicalX

      Pretty cool!

    35. innversion86

      awesome neighbor

    36. Jason West

      Please redo this cannon with a round spherical tank on the end. When you lit it in the middle the seemed to be a spherical wave expanding from the middle and you could possible harness more of its energy

    37. WeeStrom

      I'd love to see the first burn from the back in the same slo-mo and to know the avg. velocity differences. For science! (Sorry if this has been covered)

    38. Malevolent

      0:53 Lil Science Gremlin Laugh.

    39. Karl Pierce

      That's a controlled burn not an explosion.

    40. AMP

      6.17 did he just create plasma?

    41. Surreal Engineering

      You have one awesome neighbour!

    42. Orane Cole

      This channel is no good for me, now I'm addicted and need to get back to work, lol. Thanks for the great experiments you do, it's really a magical experience being able to see the outcomes of your ingenious mind. Continue inspiring the next generation to do the same! Cheers, Orane

    43. Thestargazer56

      PSALM 111:2 “The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.”

    44. The Fox 793

      There is now a non-0 chance of getting hit by a potato at orbital speeds,AT NIGHT

    45. conservat1vepatr1ot DL

      “Hey...smarter everyday...hold an explosion” 😀 3:26 ok that’s magnificent!

    46. OtherDalfite

      Does the blast igniting in the middle waste any of the explosion? I feel like you get more bang for your buck if ignition happens back to front.

    47. D M

      With a slight modification, you have a potato-shooting pulse-jet engine machine gun right there.

    48. Unnecessary Talking

      “Its completely awesome!” Is the best sentence i have ever heard

    49. Markinator 9000

      “Holding an explosion” Me with a grenade: “parry this you filthy casual”

    50. Don Bellmore

      I love your laugh through all this.... like a kid in a candy store 😂😂😂

    51. Jonathan Sherry

      One thing I'd suggest for your next experiment would be to add a small injection of pure oxygen at the back of the chamber after it's been sealed. You could probably cut the fuel in half and still get a much richer explosion.

    52. Jones Le Roy

      What if there’s just a family having a cookout and a potato just falls out of the sky

    53. T Nunn

      Compare fps

    54. Daulton George

      “We’ll go from the back first.” Well said

    55. Scott Borst

      That’s very neat the striker on the end seems to burn better compared to the striker in the middle but what if you put a one-way valve to let fresh air in near the end piece would it greatly increase the pressure?

    56. succes kidXD


    57. TH Alpha

      Your f***ing face just pisses me off. Please emote less dude

    58. RraMakutsi


    59. 60FPS

      would like to see an update since its been 4 years, also a combustion chamber optimized for that would be a sphere with the igniter dead in the middle and a barrel coming out of the side of the sphere

    60. Pablo Pun

      8:25 This is why I love Alabama. "It's your property you can do anything you want."

      1. Surreal Engineering


    61. Spencer Reynolds

      hot dog

    62. ryan page

      That 3rd slow mo video was crazy cool.

    63. Haley Weatherall

      Destin: “Its like 9 o-clock” Destins neighbor: “Only 110 Decibels tonight, he’s being thoughtful”

    64. Linus Tha

      You have to take 2 potatoes with same weight and measure their speed...then you know whats better

    65. pixilator

      What if there was a simultaneous dual front, rear and mid at same time?

    66. Treytrey

      You should put flour or baby powder in it and see if it does anything different!

    67. mortega16

      Looks like a fuse to me

    68. since1876

      So if you want to maximize the launching power, you need to be sure the projectile will stay in the launcher until just the exact moment that all the fuel finishes burning, right? If that's right, how can you achieve that?

    69. Abraham Weiss

      What are you spraying in? What is your fuel?

    70. Eric Stoltz

      What is the effect on multiple ignition points similar to dual spark plugs in an engine cylinder?

    71. Davi Almeida

      You know, that's really pretty

    72. Tungsten Kid

      Just to digress, what's the highest frame rate that slo-mo cameras are capable of? Maybe the universe itself has a "frame rate" which would result in blank frames at intervals where the universe possibly doesn't exist, wow?

    73. Richard Flaherty

      Looks like you are Twang & Bang'n!

    74. Michal Rysanek

      What if you had multiple ignition points, rear, middle and front?

    75. Tyypa

      those slo mo’s are so relaxing

    76. Seppo Koivula

      Would be interesting to know the speed of potato in both ways, middle ignition vs bottom ignition.

    77. NegativeJam

      I think I prefer the back flint igniter, looks cool imo

    78. Kewlkid 2

      while cool, I would also agree with you in the fact that you initial hypothesis was wrong. By looking at the highspeed and watching the potato you will see that if you used the middle spark the unburned fuel actually starts pushing the potato outwards due to gas expansion before the flame is anywhere near it. You would also see that by doing it with the flint sparker from the back the flame itself burns not only faster but also keeps the gas from expanding so much where the potato is forced outwards beofre the flame reaches is.

    79. Bill Dickson

      08:28 This is a nice neighbor telling you he's not happy! Have some respect, don't make noise even though he says it's your property do what you like! Go somewhere else, out in the woods; don't make noise.

    80. Michael Black

      You need to add a little pressure to the tube so you can increase the oxygen content. Put a valve on it and just give it a few more PSI.

    81. Pat Hurley

      From this to a super sonic baseball launcher

    82. landrec2

      The slow-mo audio effect is a nice touch, sounds cool.

    83. Daniel Mdc

      That look awesome but dangerous as well. That pipe couldn't explode?

    84. Crazy Jake

      What's the distance of the potato?

    85. Crazy Jake

      Back Draft.....

    86. variety channel

      When you point it up it looks like your shooting an artillery cannon

    87. Edward McClung

      I made a nearly identical cannon when i was 16 fifteen years ago. If you ever fire it with nothing down the barrel at all it's like... twice as loud i swear.

    88. Maliki Higgs

      Do a video on pulse jets

    89. Maliki Higgs

      It looked liked the whole thing turned into a pulse jet for a few frames like this if im right and like this if you should do a video on pulse jets

    90. J.A.Ratt85

      So it was trying to turn into a pulse jet.. What was with the white hot spots though?

    91. Steven Leck


    92. Knockback Playz

      I use my potatocannon to launch rockets

    93. snow warriors

      this should be in a movie! hahaha (slowmo) noooooooooooo you will not escape

    94. Earl john Quita

      Here in the Philippines where call it Boga

    95. Moon Mullins

      What would happen if you had a "one way" valve on the back of the gun. So it could draw in fresh oxy from the rear? Just curious.

    96. Parker Teeter

      I am surprised that his neighbors did not call the police with how much the potato gun sounds like a gunshot. 0:50

    97. Mike Watn

      I usually skip forward in videos. Almost did till realized it was you. Every ten seconds is something of interest.

    98. A V

      I thought potato guns were considered destructive devices by the ATF? Sense they can potentially fire projectiles thru fire/combustion of fuel larger than .50cal? (I.e bombs and/or IEDs) Am I mistaken?

    99. Jim-Jim Mann IV

      I didn't know I needed this so much in my life!

    100. Benjamin Hill

      How am I only seeing this video series this fall??? Awesome Content!!!