Hovering a Helicopter is Hilariously Hard - Smarter Every Day 145

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    1. Raymond Meyers

      I’m a helicopter pilot. Like anything else, hovering just takes practice. It seems really hard at first but it only took 2-3 lessons to get it down and then it seemed as easy as riding a bike.

    2. NicoJ

      its like recoil control

    3. SledgeTime

      It's not that difficult. Why are you trying to crush future pilots' dreams. Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it's difficult for others. Jerk.

    4. The_MLG_Pizza

      where are them "came in my recommendations" comments at

    5. Mary Lagua

      I would let the expert do it first for safety.😊

    6. Ben Migliore

      Imagine being a stick enjoying your day and some random helicopter stomps on you TWICE

    7. Adge Wang

      The new helicopters should implement a system where you can control the entire helicopter like a normal game... Just have a screen with a mouse and some WASD keys Lol.

    8. kilroy987

      ...1 foot off the ground

    9. Carlos Araya

      love the nervous laughter. 😂

    10. Amen Lkr

      Hd mbjbv

    11. Robert Lafnear

      You should watch FlyingMAir as she blows off cherries in Washington with her R22.

    12. David Garcia

      Waaay back in flight school, after learning the basics in the T-34, we headed to Whiting Field for rotary wing training in TH-57s. The instructors would take us to outlying fields near Milton, where large squares were painted on the ground. I can't remember any student winning that 'case of beer' from the instructor if they could keep the bird in the box on the first try. But bit by bit over a period of a couple of hours....cyclic-collective-pedals...and in that order and one on top of the other...it finally clicks. Nothing was more satisfying than after moving on from this stair step training and additional knowledge, to actually look forward to full auto rotations from altitude, cut guns while in an air taxi. Nr is LIFE!!! So much energy stored in the (rotating) head. That knowledge confirmed when after shooting a full autorotation, engine still at idle, and the instructor has you THEN pick the bird up into a five foot hover. Best when done on a cooler day when you don't have a full bag of gas...but it could be done. Awesome memories.

    13. Pfffffft

      After over 140 fatal crashes in recent years, Robinson helicopters are banned in my country for being unsafe.

    14. king james488

      also the ground effect makes it like 1000x more difficult than just flying a helicopter...

    15. Jake Jones

      Like flying an airplane. The throttle controls altitude and the elevator controls airspeed.

    16. CloudIncus

      Just press "X". Much easier flying with M&K

    17. some dude

      3:54 I was in the middle of solving one when he said that.

    18. SirWes

      I know this is old but Battlefield 1942 DC Combat mod Helicopters taught you this but harder lol.. Constantly I mean constantly working the controls.. Tail rotor, power, side to side tilt and forward and back tilt.. Obviously I don't know the terms but it took people weeks and weeks to get good at it. Man I miss that because when they came out with BF2 and onward they were just watered down casual gameplay mechanics. I knew people that practiced for months and still couldn't fly them in Desert Combat mod.

    19. michael__N

      My instructor just said to me don't do anything, react to what the Helicopter is doing .

    20. Jerson Cristuta

      The organic look dentsply stop because mark roughly repeat at a wet store. sassy, fluttering spy

    21. Roger Barraud

      Very Kewl! Well done! I saw the Chihuly collection on tour in Hamilton, New Zealand around 1990 - well worth seeing! :-)

    22. Fish R.

      Hang on while i google how much this training costs.... i have always wanted to fly a heli.

    23. Moacir Silva

      I’m flying helicopters for over 40 years and certanly can say thay you got skills to be a helicopter pilot if you want. Congrats!

    24. Billy Joe

      "It has it's up and it's downs" LOL!

    25. damag3plan

      So all that work I put into Battlefield 4 should still help though right?

    26. tootired76

      I have learned to hover and fly radio controlled helis. I never had the advantage of sitting in the pilot's seat and all controls were normal. I bet I could find the hover button on a full size Robinson in less than 30 seconds. I bet I could solo a Robinson in 2 hours or less of instruction!!

    27. Michael Unrau

      I went for a discovery flight last year. So much fun! The controls are extremely sensitive! I was able to fly it but not hover. I was told it takes 3 to 5 hours to learn to hover.

    28. Its a me Bitch!

      Me who can solve a Rubicks cube in 50 seconds: Filthy

    29. diplo

      5:00 is the exact moment i understood how stupidly amazing is the concept of helicopter.

    30. Austin Ashe

      Dude I know you probably won't see this but I appreciate that you take the time to make these videos. They are very informative and you always explain the information simply so that everyone can comprehend. I also love that you include a Bible verse at the end of each video as well. Keep up the good work!

    31. Michael Tian

      rubiks cube = helicopter

    32. Flying Journalism

      Just push auto hover and it's done, no video necesary!👌

    33. 251rmartin

      Rocket League players watching this: We feel you man, aerials are hard af to control.

    34. Jiang Xu

      So, this is basically the flying version of bicycle.

    35. NFSHeld

      I take it that more advanced helicopters do more automation for you, e. g. if you want to go up and raise the rotor speed or angle of attack for the main rotor, they also automatically change the other parameters to stabilize everything?

    36. wes mantooth

      Michelle: *"Oh, just so you know, I'm a little bit more hands off."* Destin: *"So that basically means if I get myself into a pilot-induced "oscillation", there won't be any help?"* Michelle: *"You're gonna have to figure it out on your own."* The double entendre's were flying too, that day.

    37. wes mantooth

      It's a balancing act kind of similar to flying a drone. If you lack decent hand/eye coordination in general, it's gonna be very very difficult. Unless you're able to find an instructor who's willing to commit to some heavy hours.

    38. KaneTechTips

      lol just press x and use autohover noob

    39. Vanessa Anita Basua

      Psalm 111:2🤍🙏🏼

    40. Shamas

      My instructor told me treat the aircraft as a women. Be gentle

    41. bear532

      I can fly a helicopter in Rust so I’m sure I can fly a real one too.

    42. lupusdei 08

      Try flying rc 3d helicopters. They can litterally fly in any direction and orientation (upside down, side to side. .) Lots of hand eye coordination plus the thinking of opposite steering from a fixed position. SEprom 3d rc helicopters and you will see how crazy it can be

    43. VorticoseComb1

      Well now I wanna fly a helicopter

    44. Braun Reinhold

      I held my first Hover in a R22 at three Hours, can't explain it but what seems impossible just suddenly clicks.

    45. Alex

      I was convinced when I had the opportunity that I could hover a helicopter, it was so hard! The only thing I can approximate it to was balancing a spinning basket ball on my finger, very hard. And that would only cover the cyclic stick! Once you add collective and rudder, it’s like doing a Rubiks cube and balancing spinning baseball on your finger!

    46. Jerome Claessen

      Don’t helicopters always hover? 🤔

    47. mrhypnagogia

      The 60s batman tilting of the camera tells you its Destin at the controls lol

    48. OkiKnox

      Wish I could try. I know id be a natural.

    49. neuvocastezero 1

      I believe it. I can't even make it through the intermediate course in GTA 5.

    50. diox8tony

      Even my small RC heli is as simple as "up to go up", "left to yaw left", it has software that counteracts all coupled movements for me. Making it exactly as you would expect, (like a video game). And I assume military or commercial planes/helis do this to a certain extent as well. It just easier and pretty simple to implement. Of course for training you would want pilots that could fly manually with all the coupled movements, but you wouldn't want them to have to do it in all situations (200 passengers, dangerous combat zones).

    51. Mane Solanee

      Where the full length video riding it?

      1. Mane Solanee

        Specifically the one where you can see the beach and ocean!

    52. Leonidas

      Or just be rich or come from wealth. 🤷‍♂️

    53. srinitaaigaura

      F-35 : hold my automatic hover mode.

    54. HAWKWIND

      I basically learned to fly helicopter by flying rc. I learned 3d smack flying. Can fly inverted, tic to, piro flip... got pretty good. Been awhile now.

    55. T.J. Sortino


    56. TabbyclawProductions

      Now I wanna learn how to fly a helicopter

    57. Paul Saini

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    59. Wing Kwok

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    60. Akotski1338

      Hovering a helicopter is way easier than riding a backwards bike

    61. David Buckley

      I did 80 hours in planes I no what u mean about the buz once u get it u get hooked just wanna be in the air all the time

    62. Mignotfound

      I thought the first instructor was airforceproud95 for a while

    63. Seth Javorsky

      Why do they tie a peice of yarn on the front though?

    64. rubiks6

      "Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them." - Psalm 111;2 (ESV) Great verse, Destin 😀

    65. Guat Agel

      Is the instructor control reversed? I think it is, at least in one dimension.

    66. BigRalphSmith

      Actually, hovering a heli can be ridiculously easy. It just depends on the kind of heli.

    67. sdfsd sdfsd

      The quirky home intriguingly murder because ray naively coil before a pink iran. cautious, mammoth interest

      1. BigRalphSmith

        ??? Google translate definitely failed you on this one.

    68. Bobby Lamm

      My right foot is better than all of you

    69. Kamren DCS World

      I will never understand why these videos get dislikes. This content is AMAZING!

    70. Steve Hughes

      I flew a Robinson R22 the controls are so sensitive its almost like all you do is think about it and it moves. Hover not so bad just getting used to torque pedals not easy on first try.

    71. Tore Gerstenberger

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    72. KB3M

      Proud to say I hovered a Schweizer 269 during my 30 min introductory flight. The repeated failure to land on the trolly at the end of the lesson didn't make for a satisfying end of lesson and I eventually stopped.

    73. Tech For Kids C


    74. Alula Russell

      Makes me remember flight school. The hover was the deal breaker for many students. Once you got it, you felt like King Kong.

    75. tryAGAIN 1987

      Student Pilot: "You have the craziest job in the world..." Helicopter Instructor: "It has its ups, and its downs..." Pundemonium. Best one I've heard in a while hahahaha.

    76. James Boone

      I've always loved helicopters 🚁 but know nothing about flying them. Very interesting 👌 👍

    77. Jakub Dabrowski

      It reminds me playing DCS Gazelle simulator for the first time.

    78. Stuart Warren

      In a previous job, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the coolest chopper jockeys in the world. Even when a student came in hard and wrecked the landing gear, it's OK, we're driving a desk for the next few days filling out paperwork. Absolutely nothing bothered them. Many were from the Vietnam war era and had been pilots there... it takes a special breed to master helicopters.

    79. The epic B17

      the propellers on a helicopert are to keep the pilot cool not to fly the helicoper i say that cuz when they stop the pilot starts swetting

    80. Rocky 56

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    81. Haily Doe

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    82. Kevin Francisco

      The best experience I had for practicing to hover a helicopter is an RC helicopter hahaha

    83. Anorkhil

      if you got shitloads of money to spare! visit st.petersburg clearwater " and i mean money to buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn "

    84. Xavier Creeper

      Pfft, in unturned we just use left-shift

    85. Capn Hotdog

      just dont press any movement keys lol

    86. AXreXter Sniper

      I don’t know why but he has the same watch as I have

    87. Jason Perry

      Yeah... Michelle definitely has much less trust than the other instructors... Her hand barely left the vicinity of that stick anytime you were close to the ground.

    88. Hanspal Singh

      “It’s like trying to stand up on a bicycle while standing completely still”

    89. DarthRevan

      This is like me trying to learn how to fly a helicopter in rust. Lol. Lots of impacts later and I about got it down. Lol

    90. Rick Polar

      So cool always wanted to learn to fly. Helicopters make me super nervous tho even tho I know they can be safer in crash scenarios w experienced pilots

    91. Scott Olesen

      "Today on Smarter Every Day we will see aircraft crash investigators at work."

    92. alec zhong

      Harrier Jump Jet

    93. TYRICE Holliday

      Live this video. Clear water is such a beautiful place. Go to the indoor go cart track that's there. The lady was a great instructor hands off and let you learn. Love all of your content. Thank you for all you do. You are the reason I went into engineering ♥️

    94. Faris Fauzan

      OMG the same type of heli crashed in my neighborhood and two died...

    95. Theo Schutz

      Was the Huey more difficult? Especially increase throttle physical push pedal to keep straight?

    96. NvTwist

      4th control system of... throttle. Make a change there requires changes to another or possibility 2 control points.

    97. joseph mother

      and that perfect solution is called the Final Solution, wait

    98. kid kid

      Me in gta 5 for the first time flying a cargo bob

    99. Bec Taddeo

      Not as hard as hovering an airplane

    100. Martin Pickett

      I took lessons in an R22 in Honolulu, Hawaii a few years ago and had the hardest time hovering until the instructor told me to look at the horizon - Bam! It was so easy after that. Why didn't you tell me that at the start??? And moving the controls is like driving a car at 70mph, you don't move the wheel drastically to change lanes you make a slight turn of the wheel.