How Do Birds Work? - Smarter Every Day 234

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    Publicerades den 7 månader sedan


    1. stephen kierein

      Hey, Destin! I hit you up on Facebook messenger via the smarter every day page. Ive noticed something peculiar happening with a hole in a hose. Its doing this weird thing where it wraps around the circumstance of the hose in a laminar type flow. I thought you might be able to help me math it out to see whats going on here. I sent you some videos through Facebook, and I have uploaded a video of it on here too. Its the only video ive ever uploaded, so finding it should be easy. If anyone at all can help me figure this out via comments here or on my video, I would greatly appreciate it! Lets get smarter every day!

    2. Goku 4

      There's a thing about birds that's most interesting other than flying, and that's they have their own court like rules , especially crows ,if they found a crow guilty, it'll get attacked just like police works in our system. So,they have a systematic way to make decisions.

    3. Noily


    4. David Jones

      Thank you for making every day things awesome again. Your joyfulness is contagious.

    5. Nolan Yamada

      So basically, more proof that birds are created by the government?

    6. Prateek Parashar

      Ha, Wife: Whatcha did today Destin? Destin: Oh, I was just chasing birds in car. Wife: Ok, so nothing weird, thank god.

    7. Living with MS

      Can’t remember if I said this before... I wonder if a school of fish operates under the same thinking. They move similar as a group.

    8. Aaron Householder

      Sandhill Cranes. Thanks, Nebraska. :-)

    9. Nitin Vyas

      Destin: Let's try to figure out how birds work. A random guy around my area where birds flock around a temple: They're getting married. Me: Getting scratches at level 7 in my brains.

    10. Maxwell Weber

      Birds aren’t real

    11. Benjamin Curley

      1 view = 1 birb

    12. Nicholas Alt

      2:38 Suck on that, video compression algorithm.

    13. Parth Patel

      Yes, real programmers use Vim ❤️

    14. Bobby Rios

      Destin, If you need a new idea for a video. How to scare 100s of birds (grackles & dove) away from your trees. I've tried flashing lights, bird distress sounds, fake owls. They are very loud & create a big mess. ECC 9:10

    15. Laquan

      look like fish in the sea!

    16. Kim Chi

      I love birds!!!! Thanks for this amazing video.

    17. Daniel Kintigh

      "Man the drug problem in this town is getting really bad, some dude came in our store rambling about birds earlier today"

    18. Ty921

      3:27 @CorridorCrew just used a software that uses that to simulate a flock in a video they just did.

    19. Prod. Hxrford

      bird law

    20. KronosProGaming

      So my Whooping Cranes come down to Alabama for the winter, thats cool!

    21. bleukreuz

      What's the reason they do this and stays on the same area?

    22. Robert

      Another awesome and really interesting video on a phenomenon which we all have witnessed at some point, and now we can appreciate it that much more with how beautiful and precise it is. Everything gets even more amazing to witness when you have the science behind it in your head and you start to not only understand it, but simply looking at it and knowing how much more complex it is, its awesome. And I just also have to quickly mention that keyboard which Ben was using (thank you for introducing us to him and his channel btw), it is pure ASMR with how fast he types, the satisfying clicks each key produces, and also with it being an old-school one which sort of puts you back in the 80s and 90s (and earlier time periods) with how amazing and intriguing the technology was back then, but still doing very complex things. As I said, great video as always Destin :)

    23. Serv V

      "Ben eater" and the dude on "Stuff made hear" - are my idols - everything I want to be and become

    24. Apophis392

      5:23 ohhhhhhh... That is so pleasant. Dude!

    25. Jacob Alley

      it reminds me of swarms of fish

    26. mortega16

      They also make their decisions off electro magnetic fields. They can sense a bird next to them

    27. Just A Bit Of Rye

      It sounds your trying to tell us at a program within a simulation. Smarter Everyday Confirmed, it's a simulation.

    28. Ryan Anderson

      A flock of Starlings flying as one entity is called a ‘murmer’

    29. pntbal

      "They're making decisions based on math" reminds me of Tim Penning's talk, "Do Dogs Know Calculus?"

    30. Роман 008

      Gets shown 4 vars = simple system. Seems right

    31. joaago1

      big birds: allways one flock leader. The flying "V" formation. small birds: no one wants to be a flock leader, the flock itself is stearing the ship. I think the boids algorythm should contain another parameter that states that "if in lead, reduce velocity" or something so that one bird is not in the lead over a longer period of time.. Maybe?..

    32. BuckIsland Outdoors

      Love wheeler. Such an amazing place

    33. Approximately Balut

      The boid algorithm is cool but it does not model the way the birds also separate, the regroup again.

    34. ShockWave

      It’s just all the government drones grouping together to find out what to spy on

    35. k0jik

      those birds move beautifully

    36. Kash Sattar

      I wonder what would happen if you added a parameter that worked as a predator and they had to avoid it.

    37. Kash Sattar

      They remind me if underwater swirls when you have a heavy wind or storm and the water underneath sways back and forth.

    38. Catherine Parker


    39. St White

      Thanks. As always worth my time.

    40. jay

      You guys know birds run on batteries right

    41. Alex Darr

      Birds aren’t real. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    42. PlasmaBG

      Keyboard ASMR!!

    43. Bobby Rodriguez

      hey there, just wanted to give you a side note, birds do not urinate. they just do a number two blend. kinda funny a kid discovered this.

    44. Jayden Cheshire

      birds arent real

    45. Stephanie Stanton

      Destin: “Birds are making decisions based on math.” Me: “I know. Birds aren’t real.” Too much time on Reddit 🤦🏻‍♀️

    46. sscswimmer1

      A true Hackermans keyboard

    47. Miky ॐ

      F I I I I V E !

    48. AnotherSoul Just

      This video far exceeded my expectations!!

    49. Hereinliesthetruth

      I haven't watched yet, but this better credit Dawkins at some point...

      1. Hereinliesthetruth


    50. Roger Grow

      I love me a good murmuration.

    51. bahaul fahmi

      can the algorithm calculate which is the bird leader?

    52. Javier Bonilla

      Millions of tiny dinosaurs flying synchronized and doing math...

    53. Sterling M

      "It's all just math" can never actually be applied to anything natural. Math is an entirely man-made concept that doesn't exist in the natural world. We shape it to the world not the other way around.

    54. Broken Mic

      Pick a bird and watch the descisions it makes. My bird: *develops a methanphetemine addiction

    55. Jasper Chow

      Further proof that birds are programmable robots by the government

    56. Samurai Nuts

      Let's watch the birds SEprom's compression algorithm: no

    57. pooblaw

      Does this happen in bats too?

    58. Eric Fitzgerald

      I've observed that small birds aren't just trying to fly close to other birds, but I often see them mirror the flight characteristics of the birds around them -- "This bird flapped, so I'll flap. Oh, this bird is gliding, so I'll glide." I'm not saying the other algorithms are wrong -- I just think their attention shifts from group to individual to self. The way they mimic another bird affects the outcome of the group... maybe?

    59. Kipper Klank

      I wonder if Ben eaters 6502 computer can calculate the bird algorithm

    60. b2ooo

      TCAS working at 300% xD

    61. Enrique Abed

      In the book "Synchrodestiny by Deepak Chopra" he describes this phenomenon as birds being connected to this higher intelligence that humans have lost contact with. There is intellect which is our ability to learn things, and then there is intelligence which I believe animals have much more than we do. The author also describes synchronicity when you think of someone and then you get a call form that person. It is a very interesting subject to wonder, because we are usually our biggest enemies. You are a big inspiration of why I want to start my youtube channel and share knowledge in my native language. I admire you a lot, you have sparked my curiosity with your humbleness and your amazing way understand things and sharing knowledge.

    62. Mr Darth bob

      Destin, you have one of the greatest channels on SEprom. Your positive attitude always makes my day better. And your fascination with things most people consider ordinary is wonderful. I've talked to several people who wish magic was real, your channel really seems to capture the magic in the world around us. Thank you.

    63. Lion of Judea

      Destin, Your editing and timing has gotten masterful since I frst started watching you... Thank you! ☺✌


      What the flock?!

    65. NoPillCaddy

      There's something inside this algorithm's behavior that reminds of John Conway's "Game of Life". I'm not a high end mathematician but that was the first I thought of when I saw this.

    66. RowBEAR Tow

      Fish do the same thing. Water being a three dimensional medium. Herds of ungulates do similarly in two dimensions....I'm just sayin'...

    67. Riccardo Decrema

      At 2:07 the group look like a giant bird


      check out Beautiful Boids on Itch

    69. MrKeysersoze1981

      Are birds doing math or have you used math to explain bird logic?

    70. VGR Xuan

      Destin: Every bird is making their decision, based on math SEprom captions: Every bird is naked, based on math

    71. Simon Prescott

      9:44 yeah it’s no longer presented to you as a 3 dimensional mass but rather 2 dimensional. The ground sets limitations on the different vectors the birds can take.

    72. Adam Park

      3 parameters? Could there be a 4th missing parameter? Like the wind direction and strength at different parts of their path?

    73. Alexander Pensavalle

      What about a 3D boids algorithm?? that math must be nutsss

    74. Marc Sheldon

      Well, um, this is gross, but really cool/weird...I run a rear loading garbage truck(get out of the truck at every stop vs. Side loaders you see in most neighborhoods) I get to see ALOT of maggots in the summer...when a bunch of them hit the ground, they all generally head in the same direction! So weird!...Destin, wanna play with maggots and figure out why?

    75. Mark Heilmann

      Having flown formation in jets in the Air Force, watching hundreds (thousands?) of birds doing this has always been a fascination for me. What are their references? What is their separation "criteria?"

    76. Meats Meats

      SEprom compression was struggling during that bird-tage lol

    77. Javier Flores

      Love your videos! Haven’t seen all, yet! Do you have one with your background and how you started? Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    78. Paul Smith

      The starlings are incredible It is called murmuration

    79. Guy M. McDonough

      The behavior of the whooping cranes is very similar to that of flamingos, see BBC series. Nothing to do with Mathematics. Everything to do with Mating.

    80. PatrickFABethke


    81. Nicolay Hoven

      Definitely reminds me of schools of fish.

    82. benjamint444

      "Like a fluid" so geese flying in a V are the Laminar flow of birds :D

    83. Budabaii

      "areas of high bird pressure" The birds out here are rather... dense.

    84. Mary Lagua


    85. Jacob Berlin

      Extreme Bird Watching 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Michael Bay, Explosions!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    86. Dhruv s

      but why are they doing what is the reason ??

    87. Ubersaur

      Cranes are also a lot less likely to have a hawk or falcon grab them out of the sky so they do not have to be as maneuverable as a starling. Cranes are a lot more vulnerable while on the ground, however, so it would make sense for them to stick together like herd animals. I wonder if other herd animals do the ground version of boids algorithm?

    88. Keegan Jay O'Neill

      Fun fact : the shots that are more close up to the mass of birds made my video stop because the compressing of the video has a harder time generating images that have a lot of change one after the other (must've made the bitrate skyrocket and I have low bandwidth)

    89. Leon Johansson

      Another descriptor for this bird flocking action is Allelomimetic behavior.

    90. SHOKO

      Exposing the government

    91. AngryPotato

      "Areas of low bird density" :D From now on when I see clear sky I'll try to say, that I observe very low bird density :D

    92. MaQuGo119

      Title in Spanish is really bad.

    93. Peter Sobocki

      it would be interesting, if it was possible, to track 1 bird within the flock... As the flocks divide and converge, do they stay within 1 group or do they seperate and merge with another?

    94. Philip Bacani

      High bird density vs low bird density

    95. david molenkamp

      They make that shapes because itch individual birds want to be in the middle of the folk where there the most protected from other predator. The larger birds are big enough so that they won’t be attacked bij predator birds.

    96. Jerry Jerome Anderson

      I recommend the book PREY by the the guy who wrote Jurassic Park. Michael Crichton

    97. KESENO

      So you're trying to tell me there isn't a smidge of just natural social behavioral patterns that causes them to orient like they do? Look a bees for example, very highly social insects.. that's all mathematical algorithm? 🤔 hmm i guess social behavior after all is a natural algorithm based off subconscious calculations like instinct maybe? lol idk

    98. Tahir Maqsood

      The key phrase here is what he says toward the end: "It's pretty cool how powerful a system you can create with just a few simple rules."

    99. Pietro Moopy

      Every winter I see this in my yard, they pick this one huge oak tree and sometimes spill over to surrounding trees. You can hear when they gather, so I usually just go outside and wait for them to take off. They don't fly away immediately but stay in the vicinity of the tree for a good 5 minutes or so.

    100. Heniovsky

      0:14 it should be macro organism in subtitles