How do Chameleon Tongues work? (In Slow Motion) | Smarter Every Day 180

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    Read these papers on the Chameleon Tongue:
    Power at the tip of the tongue:
    Evidence for an elastic projection mechanism in the chameleon tongue
    Functional implications of supercontracting muscle in the chameleon tongue retractors
    The Mechanism of Projection of the Chameleon’s Tongue
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    1. Lelouch Alzahrani

      You look like Popeye in the thumbnail

      1. Chris Charrin

        @SmarterEveryDay Thank you for sharing that.

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      3. The FearGrizzly

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      4. Michael Denny

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      5. Your F.B.I Agent

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    2. Roalfa

      That cricket screaming "HEEEEEEELP" at 6:58 just cracked me up! Also, WHAT THE HECK?! Emily's TRANSLUCENT CHAMELEON is soo awesome! Loved this video so much!

    3. atan_ jojes

      you amazing, but.... 🤮

    4. Mary Lagua

      Destin?nice explanation :) great to occupy the kids mind.

    5. Manam Setty

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    6. Manam Setty

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    9. Colin P.

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    10. Shadow_Crancer TM

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    11. SAM 014

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    12. Akash Das

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    13. Joe Mofo

      I wanna see this Popeye pic that used the be the thumbnail. Now it’s a chameleon with a very graphically phallic-looking tongue hanging out of its mouth 😂

    14. Develop Point Entertainment

      I kind of feel bad for the crickets. some got these torso crushed by a tongue going 16 miles an hour, and some got their heads crushed as well. RIP crickets.

    15. The_Phantom_nova

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    16. Gobbyano07ss

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    17. kaylibb

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    18. joelmchase1

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    19. Jan Mark Harbers

      Why does it say in the subtitle "watchmojo is cancer"

    20. Chris Page

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    26. Tevin Carter

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    27. DjTecko El sonido

      Watched it already on slowmo guys bye

    28. Paul Muhrbeck

      1.38 how to kiss a chameleon

    29. Esteban Besaccia

      If I'm not wrong, most of the thong is actually an elongated mouth-floor.

    30. Sean Ferguson

      +1 for slow motion sound effects

    31. Jesse Aviles

      Watching this while i was eatimg want a very good idea .

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    33. Oh Yeah Yeah

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    42. Sathvik S.

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    43. Revan DB

      Fun fact: chameleon tongues extend fully in 1/20th of a second, which is about the same time an image disappears from your brain. To humans, it's basically instantaneous

    44. Heather Maillet

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    45. Iodine

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    46. Heather Taylor

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    47. Jacob Sherk

      This really reminds me of the atlatl or spear thrower used by ancient humans for hunting

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    49. blue sausages

      when you were in slowmotion and the crikets toungue came out i was like tHaT lOoKs pAiNfUl

    50. blue sausages

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    51. gingerbread 59

      4:03 thats not how u spell chameleon C H A M E L E O N

    52. gingerbread 59

      I'm only doing this for stoopid homework ☠☠☠😡😡😡😠😠😠

    53. Jon Anderson

      Hey Destin, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for everything that you put out. I discovered the NoDumbQuestions podcast a few weeks ago and I’ve been binge listening ever since. I’ve already listened to the some of the most recent episodes, and now I’ve gone back and begun listening from episode 1. I’m currently on episode 19… and that’s what brings me here. I’ve seen this video before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it another view. p.s. My daughter just received her 6th kiwi create and we both love them. Thank you for introducing me to such an awesome concept. Also congrats on 8 million subs!

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      The tongue appears to "grab" the cricket by collapsing around it immediately after impact. I always just thought it was just like those sticky elastic hands that I used to play with as a kid.

    62. Bada Boom

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    92. The Jack of All Trades

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