How do you make a Virtual Reality Glove? - Smarter Every Day 191

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    There are tons of things I had never considered about how difficult it is to fool your brain into thinking it's touching something it's not. I think the most important technical issue to overcome is timing. Much like how your brain can understand hearing someone's voice AFTER seeing their lips move, but not the opposite... the lag time of the sense of touch is an important thing for your brain. Another thing I hand't considered is the "rise time" that has to do with internal stresses in your fingers. If you conceptualize your fingers as water balloons around bones, you can understand how the internal pressure of your fingers rise the harder you press something. This type of information coupled with the "Sensory Homunculus" make for some incredibly fulfilling thought experiments.
    The temperature question is something I'm particularly interested in. Using a colder fluid to model a room temperature fluid because of the heat transfer equation is a fascinating area of scientific problem solving. If you think it through, everything about this boils down to differential equations. How much heat is leaking out of the hand, and at what rate, through what contact area?
    Sensory / Cortical Homunculus
    Two Point Threshold
    I asked HaptX for a blurb to explain their company. This is what they came up with:
    HaptX is a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in San Luis Obispo, CA and Seattle, WA that builds advanced haptic technology. Their first product, HaptX Gloves, brings touch feedback to VR with unprecedented realism, enabling a new category of industrial training simulations. Founded by Jake Rubin and Dr. Bob Crockett in 2012, HaptX won’t stop until you can’t tell what’s real from what’s virtual. Learn more at
    If you're interested in working for them, here's a link:
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    1. manthan Patil

      Company before review : we need to keep secretes company after review : we need to go open source

    2. Levi Carpenter

      I loved this video. It has a mystery to it. It's as if we're trying to figure this out as well, and not just you, Destin. It really gets your gears going. I wouldn't say "no" to more like this.

    3. Brazen Speculation HashTag DeepThoughts

      When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; what is man that You take thought of him, and the son of man that You care for him? - Psalm 8:3-4

    4. Mohammad Faisal

      peltier with very small heat capacity material...

    5. Andy Jame

      Can’t wait to see this when it’s much more developed and ready for the general consumer.

    6. Bolecular Evan

      Hot or cold, they could be water proof and just pouring water onto your hand and since you have a head set you would not know

    7. FAlSe

      "I don't think VR will take off." Funny thing about that is that it's wrong.

    8. Anthony

      SmarterEveryDay what's that remote looking light with the cord running down the wall? It looks so cool

    9. ENDERSTIXgaming

      ok so I have gamer hands. basically my fingers curl due to constant typing and using a mouse. would this affect how the software can visualize my hand?

    10. Iman Aziz

      Facebook patient this consept

    11. Jerry Unsane

      You extended tech that Kurweil did years ago for the blind.

    12. The Campbells'

      This is so crazy! Before I even knew the subject of this video,,, I searched the Nintendo glove online. I'm not crazy about buying pointless stuff, but as I grow in my adult life, I want the things from my childhood, and am willing to pay to have them in my personal museum! Obviously the Nintendo glove is nothing like what you're wearing here,,, but in a 90's world,,, it's the glove to own. We are pretty much the same age, and I have to believe that you appreciate my endeavor!!!

    13. Shamrith Ponlingam

      maybe they use peltiers for hot and cold. and they are pretty instant

    14. Rohan Dayalwal

      AI and modernization have made huge progression in the past decade in almost every field.... But there's still lot potential in the field of textiles. With the combination of other technologies. I'm sure textiles can come up with amazing products!

    15. Dmitry Belugin

      May be they can use Peltier modules to do thermo stuff in this glove?

    16. S N

      Really appreciate your videos!

    17. DewBren

      I wonder if the heat is a pad. I can’t remember the name of them but they’re talked about on electrobooms page but one side heats up while the other cools and can change with the polarity of electricity

      1. DewBren

        I’m meaning in the future if that’d be able to be implemented into the glove for temp

    18. Kirby Pua

      The amount of technicality that comes into touching something is insane

    19. Marc Sheldon

      Just watched this...can't imagine where they are now two years later...mind blowing stuff....very cool

    20. Jesus Turrubiartes

      ya talking about baseball im in if not im still in

    21. Jeff Bob

      No ones cares about electrical engineers Here’s an electrical engineer

    22. Recon

      My DNA, Stay Back Secret American Super Spy. You will nevaaar have my genes. After being a fan so long, I have concluded that Destin is some kind of SEprom Spy. Who else gets to do the things he does hehe?

    23. Recon


    24. Jack Pilcher May

      You took away the massive genitals on the sensory homunculus?

    25. Clip

      This is a really cool idea. Missing some things though. There's nothing to stop your hand from going through a virtual table, for example. You would need an entire arm unit for that. Maybe have a unit with both arms, chest and hands. This makes me think a lot about the mechanics of the body.

    26. Juan Sebastián González Urueta

      4:04 Are you winning son?

    27. Michelle Hofstetter

      That voice crack though 13:01

    28. Radioactive Gamer

      0:21 , I LOST A DOT

    29. Radioactive Gamer

      0:16 , I FOUND A DOT

    30. Shark35

      "Is that a goal" I don't know why the question, but I also don't know why they couldn't answer. Of course that's the goal lol.

    31. Shogun

      Don't go with 23 and me. They might keep your DNA data for them

    32. michal versluis

      is the 23youandme available outside of US?

    33. Jimmy Craqcorn

      I can only imagine what these guys must look like when testing how everything feels. Like a bunch of guys on drugs haha

    34. Wille Korhonen

      Peltier plates for thermal sensation is my guess

    35. Fallen_Exceed

      Anyone else Notice that the dragon is a ripped model directly from elder scrolls 5?

    36. Ian Snipes

      The guy in the blue flannel looks so uncomfortable

    37. luggi lu

      That awkward moment when the ceo of a rocket factory can give you more detailed information on the production and product than someone making a video game controller

    38. Akotski1338

      I’ve never been so mesmerized by my sense of touch. I can’t stop touching things

    39. Simply Space

      12:27 You upset me Destin 😂

    40. rishik mishra

      I don't really know much about tactile feedback but just wanted to ask if magnetic repulsion would be better in the tactors instead of using hydraulics ,it would save the space and could be faster

    41. Loki

      7:24 something is missing here and I am disappointed

    42. Nate Cousins

      This is easily the best Smarter Every Day that I have ever seen.

    43. Thomas Lehmann

      Awesome, let's create the oasis!

    44. Richard Piazza

      What was the black dot doing there on the left side of your shirt in the start of the vid 0:15

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    46. Josué Rincón


    47. There&JackAgain

      How do they control each individual tac?

    48. Ethan Manzi

      Okay, so..... it is 2020, bro. WHERE ARE MY MAGIC GLOVES? I want to be able to pet the dogs I see in games!

    49. Peter Gambier

      Thanks for this Destin, imagine what a whole suit of those sensors would be like.

    50. Morne Kleingeld

      Hello, I would like to know instead of using air in glove and use all the space in glove, wouldn't it be easier to just use electromagnets and a plate of iron in pads to give the same effect? Using electromagnets instead of air pads it will greatly decrease the size of the glove as well as make more room for move ability in the glove. Also by using electronics instead of air pads the hole thing could be run from your home without the worry of air leaks.

    51. Michael Schmidt

      @18:12 I LOVED BEYOND 2000! That show pretty much inspired the medical science nerd (any science for that matter) that I became. I love working in medicine. I thoroughly enjoy physics and chemistry. Such fascinating stuff on the horizon.

    52. h3lix86

      doesnt matter how secretive they are now. as soon as they release it some company in china will reverse engineer it and sell it for a quarter of the price.

    53. CiPoint

      They probably use water-cooled Peltier elements.

    54. Strapon Divine

      7:18 if the sensory homunculus was actually illustrated correctly then it would have some really giant genitalia.

    55. Svidadtv

      "Nobody cares about electrical engineers." Being a student of mechanical engineering I can totally relate 😂

    56. maddog

      I love how at 7:21 they had to leave out genetailia and made the animated photo "Smooth" down their, because if it was realistic we all know how that animated guy/girl would look... lol

    57. Adam

      It bothers me that you're sponsored by 23andme, do you not have issues with the privacy aspects of it?

    58. Kevin Jo

      Hahaha! So according to the sensory homunculus we do not have a single nerve ending in our reproductive organs or nipples, or did they just leave that out so not to make all the focus about those parts?

    59. veggiet2009

      Thank you for providing the captions because I couldn't quite make out the name "tactors" I thought it was either "tappers" or "tackers" lol

    60. Talon-28

      IDEK why he reminds me of Matt Damon. But wayy smarter.

    61. Lóránt Farkas

      If you people really determined on it i suggest to make it slimmer, because how it is right now, it's next to useless.

    62. H B

      'do you create your own language for the glove' Adam: *looks down in dissapointment at the lack of computational jargon*

    63. Strange Times

      I think, this Technology will only work with Nano - Technology and probably even with a Quantum Computer

    64. Tyren Lippelt

      13:03 the voice crack tho 😂

    65. Robert Sharp

      I love VR, but things like this are exactly what i feel VR truly needs to be "mainstream" ... VR has so much potential for the future.

    66. Fisk MacTaggert

      it sounds like they use techs for the temp control

    67. OC-K1NG

      Destin, do you think they might be using Peltiers for the hot and cold that way they could switch relatively fast.

    68. Yeshwanth Nature lover

      Can you say about smell detector

    69. Nicolai Hansen

      Still not able to replicate the feeling of picking up a ball. or cylinder and squeeze it. so that you would feel the actual object that you are holding. Either way this is freaking amazing.

    70. Deqod Pr4l

      I like how at 7:07 he smiled so big when Dustin said I dont even know what that means

    71. C.I. K.

      This is incredibly amazing. I wish I was intelligent enough to do work like this.

      1. Abdallah A.Raheem

        I believe if you started. Step by step you could build sth like this.

    72. Rohit Krishna

      Am I the only one who thinks the Electrical engineer look like a younger Sylvester Stallone?

    73. Nosknut

      When i realized they had high density temperature feedback i was at tears This is so beautiful it makes me happy to be alive

    74. Whyplazh z

      Basically Penn and teller talking in code to the contestants

    75. Matjaž Čeh

      Whos FDA and why would i care what they allow. They killed off Wilhelm Reich and Violet Rays and weed and shrooms. So infact, this means this is not good.

    76. dawid mroziński

      chcą po prostu zabawne i wirtualnie świecie :)

    77. Nibelung Valesti

      That homunculus is missing the most nerve-dense part of male body...

    78. that e36 dude

      Is there actually an up and down in space. What do we have as a reference. Random alert

    79. iplayzzz

      Do you know if they use AI in their software (or plan to) so that they can anticipate user actions and prime some kind of secondary bladder to provide a lower latency to activating the tactor when the user performs the anticipated action?

    80. KingWisp

      As someone who’s wanting to look into this as a career, what kind of education would a job at haptix require?

    81. Phi-Net

      Thank you Destin, I'm writing a research paper on haptic feedback, the failures of the past designs, current innovations, and the future of the industry, your videos have helped a lot for digesting all the research. You are officially a source for my essay.

    82. David Rutitsky

      Destin thought he broke something at 4:09

    83. alkoia

      they could use thermoelectric pads and just switch the polarity to produce hot or cold sensation, so they don't have to deal with hydraulics!

    84. Alex Tveit

      Have watched this video probably 4 times over the year since it was released. Just love the content and how the interviews were conducted. Please please continue to do follow-ups and similar videos

    85. shad covert

      "we are sacks of watery meat stuff". -Destin 2019

      1. Michael Hodgden

        "Ugly, giant bags of mostly water" -Star Trek

    86. Daniel

      HaptX needs to work with the prosthetic industry, to enable them to improve the lives of amputees.

    87. John-Paul Parker

      What I like about these kinda videos is how intelligent you are, there's no way a LOT of people could hold a technical conversation with boffins like this but you hold your own, we can see the brain ticking over and then you surprise them with your questions and assumptions on how the hardware is working. You could see that with their facial expressions and looking at each other for approval haha.

    88. Rosa I Guess

      23 & me gives your info to the cops

    89. genralpompeyo generalpompeyo

      Great vid!

    90. Enthusiastic Gamer

      "We're sacks of watery meat stuff." - Smarter Every Day

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      2050 news: man dies of hypothermia from VR game

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      Seeing Dustin think makes me feel smart

    93. Ouchie

      Interesting that you have to censor the air feeding ribbon

    94. TacticalStoner

      These guys are way to protective. Technology moves so fast this is already old news. I understand they dont want people to copy them but dont have dustin come interview you then because he will ask and you guys go erm can i answer that makes you look dumb.

    95. Lego Sushi

      "Nobody cares about electrical engineers... I'm with Geoffrey, an electrical engineer."

    96. morning1500

      Hi, Destin. I THINK I have an answer for the thermal interactions... Peltier junctions. If current flows one direction the hot and cold sides will be one way. Reverse the current, and they flip over! Thus, you'd have one side of the junction touching your hand, and the other some kind of heat sink. This is where just a steady flow of water would be sufficient... you don't have the lag of the flow, or lags in changing the temperature, etc... the Peltier junction is against your hand, and can change very quickly, depending on the current flow and direction. By changing the "attack/decay/sustain/release" of the current, they can make the temperature change quickly, slowly, etc, and adjust your perception. NOTE: I have NO CONNECTION AT ALL with the folks at HAPTX, this is just MY THEORY about how this works... based on the limited information given here, and my own GEEK factor. :) Just FYI, I absolutely LOVED this video and the one before it... these are AMAZING and are my favorite of all the "Smarter Every Day" vids. :) God bless!!

    97. 45shfifty

      Peltier modules for heat change

      1. morning1500

        I just saw this comment AFTER posting mine. ;)

    98. Felipe Furze

      We don't care about you Jeffrey

    99. Matt Kelly

      Gotta give it to these guys they went well out of there way to your answers and that struck me as very cool

    100. Gregor Tidholm