How does a whip break the sound barrier? (Slow Motion Shockwave formation) - Smarter Every Day 207

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    The awesome German Paper:
    University of Arizona paper:
    History of Shock waves:
    April Jennifer Choi is a Mechanical Engineer and Professional Whip Artist from Peoria, IL. She has a Master's Degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics as well as several Guinness World Records in Whip Cracking. April is also a well known Fire Performer and you can check out what she does on Social Media through these links.
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    1. Malik McPherson

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        @SmarterEveryDay it’s “not thanks bruh” it’s “thanks bro” bruh is for “bruh why did you do that”

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        I have watched this video 3 times since December and I have not been able to figure out that you didn't use the whip to hit the sub button.

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      Huston jones bring it on lol

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      Works like I would have guessed it

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      Imagine getting hit in the eye with that...

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      The subtitle didn't work in portuguese. : ( Alguém Brasileiro aqui?

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      I'm not a sub, but she begs to differ

    7. Scott Lowson

      If you take a bath towel fold one corner at a 45 degree angle, hold the point and then roll the towel into a long cone it's what we called a rat tail. I've put a tiny dent in a metal locker, exploded house flys with this wip and the crack sound is impressive. Is it possible that I was breaking the sound barrier?

    8. Serg Che

      Such a beautiful study of such a simple mechanism :)

    9. Aiden Williams

      I highly doubt that all of the speed of the whip comes from conservation of mass, it just gets faster way too quick and it doesn't add up, can someone who is smarter than me explain why its going so fast?

    10. WarBerJr02

      Could you get a bigger schlieren mirror?

    11. Paumonsu

      That voice...

    12. Chris Dumas

      the fact that you put a captain planet reference in there at the end ... I laughed. then I wanted to smack you up side the head

    13. 工地Nucleushope631 - ace

      Mom breaking speed of sound to kill me

    14. ElectricMudPuppy

      My hypothesis: when the end of the whip reaches the full speed it goes past Mach 1 and pokes the sound barrier hence the wake leftover on the mirror

    15. Fw Wryh

      Bruce Lee actually described his punches as a whip. He wrote about ''retraction''. This means you return the punch faster than it leaves. Truly mind-blowing at the time and even now. He practiced it by hanging up sheets of paper and striking it so it made a crack sound. He also stated that you only need two inches of penetration to severely damage someone. For example two inches into the eyes. Two inches on the side of the jaw or into the throat. He is an absolute genius in the world of Martial Arts and fitness.

    16. roux man

      ah finally a device which we could hold with our bare hands that could break the sound barrier with a flick of the wrist

    17. Ayoub El Asry

      What happens on a microscopic level that allows the whip to break the sound barrier? Good analysis though

    18. Steven Losey

      Whip recreation with the phone charger had me LOLing

    19. Azhan Nizamani

      i'm getting smarter everyday 😂

    20. jason voorhees

      "She's good with whips" Me: "Continue"

    21. Rod Rolo

      Its like when a car crashes

    22. Prateek Gautam

      Here we go again, have to learn one more thing in physics class now😔

    23. TIP TOP

      Можно так сделать ремнём из кожи.

    24. spolo123

      Can Destin capture some schlieren effect with two cameras? I'd love to see this in cross-eye 3D honestly

    25. Barbarella Carpenter

      her slaves must be terrified

    26. Apoorv 2208

      You are just increasing the syllabus of students.

    27. Justin Macasinag

      I’m really thinking what alternative we can send spaceships up into space without using rocket fuels or bombs or springs and is very low cost using only mechanical energy... maybe a catapult whip dynamics is the answer.

    28. Amogh Kudva

      So whip dynamics huh another subject for masters

    29. Armando M.

      it went so far .... hats offf

    30. Стас Дани

      she sounds like a transvestite


      Bruh moment this it the type of guy where if you watch one of his vids you wanna subscribe

    32. Mitchellman33

      She looks like she really knows how to use that 😐

    33. Nigel Jacques

      9:05 - yeah i can relate to that with the vacuum cable, pressing with foot to auto roll up the cord and having the plug end bounce around and then whip at high speed into my ankle... ouch!

    34. Dick Head

      The whip being dragged by the shockwave must be related to bernoulli's theorum.. surely

    35. 110th Armored Regiment Administrator

      Bruh that is not a woman

    36. Yol Riin Lask

      6:16 who else here is reminded of Simon Belmont?

    37. Ueki Aoky

      Baki-dou 76 bring me here, and wow this is amazing

    38. A_ L_ M_

      Your vacuum doesn't hate you it's just whip mechanics.

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      1:19 she was neglected 😂😂😂

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    42. Koda Clark

      Should team up with Mark Rover

    43. Chris - Trail name: Thumper

      Would this be the same principal as the kitchen towel snap I usually get hit with from the wife? I'm thinking that's more of "at the tip" crackage. Thoughts?

    44. The Multi Technologist

      I wouldn’t want to be her student in those old days....

    45. AzmanZQ

      So, where’s the nae nae?

    46. SimplySimon

      I discovered as a 7 year old kid that the the tip of the whip goes faster than the speed of sound at the moment the tip goes for that last „turn“. And that was 29 years ago, without a camera. I thought this was common knowledge.

      1. Shiv Jariwala

        Yes I thought the same also before watching this video

    47. José Enrique Roca

      Only the coolest guys love the SR71...

    48. Thomas Bradshaw

      *Excited/nervous sweating* so much.. science 🥴

    49. Bryan Adams

      Air maneuvering ... dragging an object at a suitable speed regardless of size or shape, would break the sound barrier... a very interesting thought

    50. bansheezs

      why does the end of the wip suddently speed up just as it passes the speed of sound? Is the sound barrier actually pushing back on the wip and when it breaks it has pent up energy from pushing the sound barrier?

    51. Matthew Bacon

      Hey I live in Huntsville, Alabama!

    52. HenkeEdge

      Rockstar Executives: -We need this whip-dynamics for RDR3!

    53. cgwworldministries

      It's like when a balloon pops, when the wave is broken, you might want to try different wave timings and when to stop the wrist etc to get the loudest possible snap.

    54. GreyBeardNH Arg

      Wouldn't it be the angular velocity of the whip is increasing as the diameter of the coil is decreasing?

    55. NDiana Jones

      when i see people with purple hair or aNY OTHER ODD COLOR IT YELLS,liberal

    56. brandon oneal

      So the tip of the whip is like bruce lee tightening his fist the moment before impact

    57. Tyr Odins

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    58. SaucyBegger25

      I don’t know if she is or not but as soon as she started talking I thought that’s a guy 👀

    59. Dana Munkelt

      So if ke=1/2mv2, then as each section has less mass, the velocity must increase to maintain/transmit the energy?

    60. IOwnASpoon

      Any one else try to break the sound barrier with their hand?

    61. Jeff Stone

      My question is which whips produce the loudest cracks, leather or synthetic or ????

    62. Jeff widjAIWDJAWd

      sign me up

    63. TROLLI BD

      thanks... i already knew. you can tell by just using a whip yourself. my precious lifetime.

    64. Jacob Dailey

      This guy makes boring stuff interesting

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      just noticed shes eating pizza when their looking at the footage

    80. Juan Ageitos

      just make sure to include the part that almost anything can be used as a whip so the dynamics must work even if the weight and length doesn't decrease further along. So cool!

    81. G W

      This was a lot of scientific study just to explain the exquisite pleasures taken from my sessions with Mistress Mercedes Midnight, S&M Dungeon Goddess.

    82. DinoDonnieV

      I'm surprised you didn't get the slow mo guys for this

    83. Cristian Mihai Cojan

      I think it has something to do with tranferring an amount of energy to the whip's weight, wich becomes lighter with every inch, and alows it to tranfer faster and faster, until it reaches the bent just in front of it; that whole amount of energy accumulated,then pools the remainig piece of the whip with the speed of sound (or even faster) as it was ment for a bigger weight )at the begining of the movement). Or soething like that! :D


      she TOO nice wit that whip lmao

    85. Ness

      so the sound barrier can be thought of as a pool of water, and a whip breaking the sound barrier would be the whip hitting the pool of water

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        @Nick C Your incorrect gender pronouns. That's all. No worries.

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      but why?

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      really great work! You should totally publish this!

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      A12 is the successor , not the predecessor of SR-71. Just for the record .

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      "whips are kid of cool, let's do a cool highspeed video...." ... ... "wait that looks unexpected ... You know what? let's make a full blown research project with highspeed, position tracking, math and all bells and whistles and publish our results" You just gotta love science sometimes ;D

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