How Engines Work - (See Through Engine in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 166

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

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      1. V-hhひざまずいて

        Car nerd where u at

      2. Shyam Tripathi

        This was awesome man.Please post a video about SONIC BOOM.

      3. CelestialWolf

        8:28 " Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Pslams 111:2 " Destin cool man !!! :D

      4. Jason Everett


      5. Poj Dia Vaj

        SmarterEveryDay o

    2. Kunal Shukla

      You are doing great work man!! I always wanted to visualize how engine works and a transparent engine that's so awesome man! Science need more people like you! Love from India!

    3. adyplayzb3

      Note the ‘wasted spark’ on the exhaust stroke just before top dead centre - simplifies the ignition points they are on a crank lobe as opposed to running at half engine speed on the cam shaft.

    4. DIY Channel

      Hi everyone, I am looking for a diagram or an explanation of the 2 stroke engine that was used in motor bikes for racing. The engine has 1 or 2 exhaust valves that shut off to hold more in the compression stroke. This is different to the power valve. Thank you

    5. Egyptian Gold

      Woowwwwwwww. The more you know🌈

    6. Alejandro Franchini

      2:23 Why are there no propane gas stations for propane-powered cars?

    7. Lesego

      How does it rev

    8. Blaaeeke

      How beautiful, their accounts have 100k, 50k and 25k subs, perfect relations

    9. Nathan Devins

      suck smash blow go

    10. Adrian Ulbrecht

      His engineblock...............jeez

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    12. Goddahx

      2:56 You’re welcome

    13. Randy Anderson

      O_O dats cool

    14. Joel Mwaura

      A great video. Thanks guys!

    15. MrKfq269

      Cinnaminson is right down the road from me.

    16. tristan 123455

      those multiple engine mods are actually quite common for racing where I live, they usually take 2 or 3 125cc moped engines and weld them together.

    17. Gregies Pot

      Awesome guys ....we designed a 6 cylinder Chrysler side valve to run on petrol vapour and it operated efficiently and virtually no’s on you tube if you want to have a look ....cheers

    18. Emily Qi

      you should tell them to work as mechanical engineers they have amazing minds

    19. Dominik Uetz

      is there a reason that the spark plug goes off in the intake phase?

    20. V Raj

      Wonderful job guys.great teamwork and great insight. Thanks

    21. DaylightDigital

      How on Earth do you record high speed audio?

    22. _ADI _


    23. Hunter Ansorge

      Gunsmithing but cars! Subscription earned.

    24. joseph sdfsdfa


    25. M L

      What a thing of beauty !!! Very educational.

    26. TralfazConstruction

      Makes me appreciate how the valves have to close tightly in order for everything to work properly.

    27. Roi -_-

      Jeep TJ Wrangler!! good stuff Dustin! great video btw!

    28. Harshitha M.K

      I'm murali from Chennai I saw your video it's really good I saw my magination by your video

    29. Dillon Mann

      So amazed right now....

    30. 27warewhare

      Everybody gangsta till the glass heads shatter

    31. Tony Stark

      Awesome man i would love to work with them love mechanical engineering

    32. Volomette

      me who's 12, can't drive, and doesn't really like cars: *iNtEreSting.*

    33. Antiquarian

      OPENS DOOR - Everett - DESTIN ! Destin- Hey what's up I'm Destin. :D :D :D

    34. Jennifer Gonzalez

      This is the coolest thing I've seen all day. Probably all week.

    35. yıldız güneş

      İts awesome

    36. Vivek Thomas

      u r awsome thanx for this video

    37. Johns Memes

      good explaining daddyyyyyyyyyyy

    38. At The End of The Puppet Strings

      👍 Them acrylic head don't last long. Do they ?

    39. Aru B

      Mad skill flex

    40. bouncingsoul777

      I wonder why the spark plug was firing when it was not on the power stroke?🤔

    41. Brite 3AM

      If I was a teacher I would use your videos to teach my kids

    42. Charlie Robertson

      I havent exactly turned a key rather than press a big black button on a go kart (not rental)

    43. Robbie Marx

      There amazing

    44. Ananthu kR

      Absolutely amazing vid

    45. Kingdrakk Gaming69

      Looks like the back of a yugioh card

    46. Jeffry Daniel

      this video is soo Awesome

    47. Md Osaid Hassan



      Thank you Very much I learned about engine's today

    49. alexander horvath

      Smells like freedom lol

    50. Roshan Kindo

      Very Knowledgeable ❤️❤️🔥

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    53. Ken Cangi

      Hopefully this doesn't sound like too much of a dumb question. It's clear how the power stroke pushes the piston down, although what pushes it down on the intake stroke? Is it momentum from the previous power stroke.?

    54. TheDoctor


    55. Emmanuel Duru

      Wow! Wow! And Wow!

    56. duttu006

      Good one

    57. bevil45181

      Pretty cool..

    58. Nalini Kumavat

      Super Nice

    59. Nukula Ravi

      Thanks very much

    60. John L.V

      People in the past made the combustion engine without seeing what happens inside

    61. Michael Edwards

      Great video. Ingenuity and craftsmanship at work there for sure. Much respect.

    62. Pu Du

      Smells like freedom lmao!!!

    63. AR K

      Absolutely loved it

    64. dukesarx

      i now know the reason for pull starting engines

    65. Mhairi Campbell-Fowler

      a great video. Americans talk very fast for us Brits!!! but, I enjoyed this. Very human. Very instructional. Thanks. :-)

    66. Abhishek

      Hi, Can anyone answer a question for me: As it is visible in the video that the intake valve can open only by going up here and the exhaust valve can only move downwards to open, So when the power stroke happens (3rd one) then why only it pushes the piston and not the exhaust valve also( as we don't want the power to be lost from exhaust but only to be used to move the piston down) at this stroke but instead it is opened in the next stroke? I want to know how it is achieved: 1) preventing exhaust valve to go down in 3rd stroke and (2) what drives intake and exhaust valves? I'm a computer engineering so don't know much, only read about these interesting things in first year for basics😅.

      1. Redtooth 75

        The intake and exhaust valves both open into the cylinder. Pressure in the cylinder pushes the valve harder into its seat which makes it seal tighter. The part the runs the valves is called the camshaft. Its essentially a circle with lobe on it. As it turns the lobe will push the valve open and closed.

    67. Austin Lester12

      I know what’s goin on inside my motor I build drag racing motors all the time

    68. firasse #

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    69. Roel Joseph Cruz

      This is one of the greatest informative video i've ever seen. Outstanding job man.

    70. The Poseidon

      OMG. Its Just Breathing. These Many Days I really wanted to Know this. No Physics Teacher Explained me This. A very Useful tool for explaining to Educational Geeks. Thank You.

    71. Pete B

      Destin. Love your stuff, but please can you not call the controlled combustion an explosion. Detonation in an engine is an explosion and is bad (sometimes called knocking or pinking). Thank you. Keep up the good work.

    72. John Wyn Francisco

      4:05 Where's the fuel injection? Edit: omg they used propane hahahaha

    73. adam courville

      They aren’t explosions. They are controlled burns and in fact, if there were no exhaust opening, there would be no loud popping sound that we associate with explosions. It is the sudden release of high pressure gas that makes the sound of an “explosion”.. Explosions (detonation) will destroy any engine fast. But I do give him the benefit of the doubt that he is aware of this and just used the common though false description that most people think of when describing an engines sound.

    74. Hondatech9

      Thank you. I’ve wanted to see this for a long time as well.

    75. Matt Thomas

      wow thanks for sharing

    76. mauro acevedo

      did u visit jason zimmerman from cinnamonson nj?

    77. David Lee

      It is NOT an explosion! There is a huge difference between combustion and detonation. Under the wrong conditions detonation of the fuel/air mixture can occur, but it is completely uncontrolled, makes very little power, and if it goes on long enough it will destroy the engine. Engines are designed around a known, controlled rate of combustion of the fuel. Any engine with "little explosions" going on is not only useless for doing any work, it's not going to be an engine very long.

    78. Raghav Shukla


    79. Ried Jacobsen

      It is not an explosion. It is a controlled burn.

    80. Nathan Yu

      Who actually knew how a engine work when they’re like 10

    81. John Lo2t3n

      2:56 for those who can't wait to see

    82. sure

      There's a lot of Everetts that do amazing work and I hope to be one of them

    83. technomage gameing

      I actually have a motor scooter that runs on propane do a search for progo scooter

    84. Surya Teja

      Beautiful scene❤️❤️

    85. Andy Indica

      Now show us some nitrous going thru?

    86. Andy Indica

      Them two guys are legendary

    87. Yey M8

      Hank Hill?

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    89. Yippee Threeeight

      Freakin' cool! You should clean your engine compartment once in a while though. ;)

    90. A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name

      Smarter everyday? More like smarter every time i wanna watch lol

    91. Ladybug Fly

      Thank you for doing this educational video, im a woman and have no idea what is a spark plug and how does engine works. Now i feel like im smarter now😄 in not ignorant now.

    92. Lewis Heilig

      I ordered one of those FS/s100 at engines offline on the first it hasn't came in yet for some odd reason but it's a clear top and it's actually manufactured that way it is so cool dude all right brother I'll holler at you in a good way

    93. Marwari Rai

      awesome sir

    94. scivics

      there are so many things wrong with this vid. 1 near the end he said all pistons fire at the same time... they dont they fire at differt time like a i4 that fires with two pistons at a time. they must fire at differnt times or the engine willl be unbalanced and there will lots of vibrations

    95. scivics

      there not eplotions there computions

      1. 2359Rob

        What drugs have you been taking, and can I have some?

    96. Jaya Lakshmi

      Does he have any SEprom page.can you please share it

      1. Jaya Lakshmi


    97. Loïc Leung

      3:48 - "allowing a FUEL-AIR mixture to be drawn into the cylinder !" MY QUESTION IS... When the explosion is made , does it burn the PETROL as a GAS or as a LIQUID ? (Please answer me) (I think it's not liquid but how does it become GAS ?)

      1. 2359Rob

        The fuel becomes atomised and mixes with the air.

    98. Sheepo 0211

      This litt a spark plug in my brain

      1. Sheepo 0211

        Pun intended

    99. elpapiangel

      I think you should make more videos on engines and vehicles!

    100. Maxiiiman2

      How about a two stroke engine