How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) - Smarter Every Day 216

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    1. Hugh Tran

      DANG IT!! Y'all are my favorite kind of people! I should have been an engineer. XP

    2. Exo Hauler

      Mass kinetic energy squared equals Awesome!

    3. Exotic Butters

      i just imagine the ball hitting a plane- is that bad?

    4. Danger Dane

      Am i crazy or does he look like j-roc

    5. ShockDragon Has No Last Name

      I know who you are talking about. That was a good glitterbomb trick

    6. Yt swetz

      You need a disclaimer at the beginning for head phone users get ready for a lawsuit

    7. Iris Dunn

      Mark Rober at the store be like: “I’ll take your whole stock of watermelons”

    8. Bigwu

      Speed is the answer to total destruction.

    9. bidoof -

      *anything can be a liquid if you throw hard enough*

    10. Dean Kivela

      Mark Rober at the store be like: “I’ll take your whole stock of watermelons”

    11. Gray Ulmen

      This is what happens when two smart people come together They say: I’m bored today let’s make a canon

    12. Felix Zamora

      Who else just skips to the cool part

    13. Patrick Leahy

      13:30 / And that's what killed the dinosaurs; the killer golf ball from space . . LOL!

    14. Keith Jaxel Flores

      13:17 When my brain thinks too much

    15. Geaux Preaux

      You guys are amazing!

    16. ImadethisaccforFunkeirao

      Wow ok I'm subscribing every time I watch your videos I actually do learn something

    17. Mubasshir Hossain

      “For me, this is pretty decent contact” Hits the thinnest shot in history**

    18. Haily Doe

      12:35 this guy legit played a minecraft cave sound, not the golf ball being destroyed. Thought I wouldn’t notice eh

    19. Aashu Jha

      13:18 Maybe thats what happens when an asteroid hits any Planet.

    20. Boris Бритва

      Бля че тот гусь орет напостой!!

    21. Adly Ariano

      I wish you 2 make more videos together ❤

    22. Sandy ortins Hounsome


    23. Sandy ortins Hounsome

      14.00 do be funny

    24. Itzsagoralwaysforyou1 Itzsagoralwaysforyou1

      12:35 this guy legit played a minecraft cave sound, not the golf ball being destroyed. Thought I wouldn’t notice eh

    25. Japheth Mirafuentes

      7:57 the same with shear and strain diagram from mechanics of materials

    26. Abbie Marshall

      “For me, this is pretty decent contact” Hits the thinnest shot in history**

    27. Jim Kelly

      try other things to go threw

    28. TheAverageplayer

      4:54 got em

    29. jonki leshi

      12:35 this guy legit played a minecraft cave sound, not the golf ball being destroyed. Thought I wouldn’t notice eh

    30. Philip Breau

      I'd like to see some kind of traction strip added inside the tube to induce spin on the ball as it travels down the tube. Launch it to see the magnus effect. Perhaps add a turbine to pre-spin the ball before launch. The magnus effect would be as impressive as the launch.

    31. Ron DUCK

      Cool video fun to watch thanks keep making videos

    32. A gaming channel

      12:54 We get a golf ball going like stupid miles an hour

    33. Mario Baltaretu


    34. foxy MOTO

      Watermelon was horrifying and amazing

    35. Allen Roblin

      This how club mfgs test their clubs.Golfs ruling bodies set the standards for clubs and if clubs are over those standards They are deemed illegal. Ball speed rebound off the club etc.

    36. Mareli AyalaMartinez


    37. Brown Curry

      when the golf ball hit the club the golf ball finally got its revenge "all of those years being smacked around I'm coming for ya "

    38. Katherine Poindexter

      check out the "Porch Pirates" video if you have not is hilarious.

    39. ricky kariuki

      noone: stepsisters in 'porkhub' 13:18

    40. The Bird

      13:19 your stomach after eating 1 bean burrito

    41. ricky kariuki

      1:04 how trump plays golf lmao !

    42. YourPalHDee

      Surely this could be a 2 minute video

    43. Izz Danish

      3:23 woo yea baby

    44. Florida Cooking

      All fun n games til someone loses an eye

    45. Mutant

      The dislikes are from people who's ball's' got blasted

    46. LasTCursE69

      The International Space Station: ALERT! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!

    47. Kane

      7:10 childish😂😂😂😂

    48. Francisco Garona


    49. RaeStalgia

      Is it just me,or does that thumbnail of the golf ball look like the Coronavirus dunked in bleach.🤷‍♀️

    50. AJ Griff

      So how many cumulative average golf drives would it take to equal the force of that one impact?

    51. Keighan Macneill

      Me Watermelon react: IT EXPLOOOOODED!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯

    52. Sean Koenigs

      There’s water melon where ? No no the question is where isn’t there watermelon?

    53. Sean Koenigs

      Please tell me he puts 2 or more balls in

    54. ninja legend

      13:22 Melon boom

    55. Shroom_

      6:58 Golf Pog

    56. Drunken Angel

      I bet Donald Trump can hit a golf ball harder!

    57. Huseyin K.O.

      the ball gains a great gravitational force.

    58. Backroad Junkie

      Did he ever bring this to Demo Ranch? 50 BMG vs. Golf Ball. What could go wrong?

    59. Minehead Blockfeet

      6:10 i could see the ball without slowmo

    60. Michael Cloutier

      You need to hit a side of beef with that thing and see what it would do, or maybe some ballistic gell.

    61. Victory Uzoma


    62. ZambieZan2

      You guys seem soooo happy during the preparation phase. That alone deserves a like.

    63. JEEP CREEP

      The watermelon run immediately reminded me how insignificant I am. 🇺🇲

    64. DarkNite TGN

      I don't know why but explanation of physics makes you think that something is happening for a long time like this: 0:19

    65. Hernan Labur

      Hi, it's a very interesting video, thanks for sharing the experiment. here's an idea, hitting the golf ball to a non newtonian fluid.

    66. The Legendary Z

      These videos that talk about how hard can you hit balls make me really uncomfortable lol

    67. Thomas epic

      7:28 fire!

    68. Matt da man

      At 7:27 there is a flash at the bottom of the ball

    69. christopher voyce

      Great video because it was both informative and entertaining!

    70. Badrul Afif Ikmal

      I know how hard the ball is. I have an accident with golf ball before.

    71. Brian Johnson

      You're problem is your using metal drivers use wood THAT will be cool ! Be sure to have some tweezers on hand!

    72. Emily Brentz

      Mark Rober at the store be like: “I’ll take your whole stock of watermelons”

    73. Peter Crilly

      I watch Mark Rober he's so cool!!!! You guys should watch him

    74. Peter Crilly

      That's crazy!!!!!!

    75. Peter Crilly

      I'm with you dude!!!!!!

    76. Bronco 53

      For such smart guys, they certainly don't seem capable of very basic back-of-a-napkin energy calculations. So, you're going to fire a golf ball at 500 mph. That's 733 feet per second. A typical .45 ACP bullet has a muzzle velocity of only 800-1000 feet per second. A typical .45 ACP bullet weighs around 230 grains (0.526 ounces). A regulation golf ball is 708 grains (1.62 ounces). So, you're going to fire a projectile (which may have a catastrophic material failure that causes it to shatter into shards), that weighs over three times as much as a large pistol bullet, at speeds VERY close to that of a pistol bullet, INDOORS, with only a blanket or tarp as a "safety backstop" to keep if from going through the wall if it misses or glances off the target? That is incredibly stupid. If you had even done the most basic of energy calculations, you would have done this on a proper shooting range setup. At least, if you had a lick of common sense. Of course it went through a watermelon. And of course it had enough energy left to perforate the blanket and tarp behind it. It was literally more energetic than a pistol bullet.

    77. Carrie Harris

      Normal people buy golf clubs to play golf. These guy buy them to destroy them with 500 mph golf balls.

    78. Chris Gilbert

      There were a few objects that flew past the camera moving way faster than the golf ball was, for example, the blue piece at 13:29.

    79. Eric Y.

      13:18 absolutely vaporized the watermelon

    80. PEPEdela110

      people at Wilson ULTRA not liking this video very much.

      1. jonki leshi

        13:18 the ball entered another dimension

      2. Emily Brentz

        The military:"it could work" Enemy tank:"is that a golf ball?!" The military:"we achive penetration"

    81. Kalibori

      They totally should have used a neon ball. Would have been way easier to track by camera.

    82. Screw the cabal


    83. Ishwan Dhanoa

      The golf ball became a third of its width on the first one and it was fine

    84. Joe

      WARNING: Mr. Watermelon was harmed in this video. Viewer discretion is advised.

    85. Nicholas Nugen

      I've always wanted to see a golf ball launched into orbit. Now I have

    86. Dexerion

      The watermelon was insane nice finish.

    87. The 8-Bit Nerd

      Rip Mr. Watermelon.

    88. Prod. Tropical Starlight

      all i got said R.I.P Golf Balls and Watermelon

    89. Russell Peterson

      I did not expect the watermelon to react like that, I thought it would just tear a hole through it.

    90. LmaoImNotBad

      13:19 having an opinion in 2020

    91. Jesse Valdivia

      that was awesome!

    92. Jonas Mokum

      Are you able to make an vacuum gun?

    93. Alberto Fernández Bienes

      the experiment execution with the watermelon was my favourite. hehehe

    94. JP Noll

      let herman munster hit the ball

    95. Hamza Bare

      The collab we always wanted.

    96. Eric

      At what swing speed would the golf club face fail? Would there be a difference in failure speed for the ball and club if the club were the one moving that fast?

    97. Harold McBroom

      Instead of focusing on where "things" are going, to determine your own path, focus more on what can be done in areas where no foot prints have been. Right now BigTech is migrating the populating slowly away from desktop computers, to dumbed down mobile devices through a process known as "cross-platform" compatibility. They are doing this, not because it's where WE want to go, but because they think they know what's best for everyone else, and when they control the tech, and no one else is creating competition. BigTech is what's destroying this Country. Do things your OWN way, and don't worry about following someone else's path. American ingenuity got is where we are, BigTech will destroy it all in record time.

    98. Shoriwa Shaun Benjamin

      Bet Tiger Woods watched this

    99. Sam Hall

      the way the golf ball broke the driver!!!