HOW ROCKETS ARE MADE (Rocket Factory Tour - United Launch Alliance) - Smarter Every Day 231

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Thanks for watching this video. I'm glad you're here. If you feel like this earns your subscription please click here: How this happened: I messaged Tory "If you ever find yourself with an open lunch I'll buy. No cameras, just rocket geek chat." A few months later he changed a flight one day so we could grab lunch, but he also carved out a couple of hours before lunch to give me a personal tour. He's as cool off camera as he is on camera. He allowed me to ask any technical question I had, and I never even got close to the limits of his understanding of rockets. His technical prowess is something I aspire to. We made a video on the second channel where I interview him about more specific things about rockets, as well as how he feels about competitors. 2nd Channel Interview with Tory about rocket engines, competitors, and business philosophy:

      1. Super Yacht Chef

        FACT! We have proof that Baron Trump was fathered by Don Junior because Melania has a long standing 'no sexual relations' contract with the President Trump!

      2. Eric Green

        Probably my favourite episode ever! I appreciate the CEO's patience with your many comments and questions, cuz I would've had just as many!

      3. Cedric Monson

        Are you going to ride on rocketship for the first Vulcan launch

      4. Eric

        ⁹9⁹99⁹999⁹999⁹9⁹⁹99⁹⁹⁹⁹9⁹999⁹99999⁹9 9ish 9th st m

      5. Mark Anderson


    2. King Sonic

      again and again the incredible video ever...we look more smart now

    3. jonki leshi

      this has got to be the hardest tutorial ive ever watched

    4. Mukhtaar Muhammad

      if i find all this exciting should i go to school for it lol?

    5. Bruce Eaton

      A CEO who knows his stuff and seem like a nice guy. Might be a decent person to work for.

    6. Cvlt of the Pop Culture

      Wow, that was an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing it with us. And what a humble, down to earth CEO Mr. Bruno is! He appeared to be genuinely interested in this whole tour.

    7. Day Day


    8. blaze jennifer

      15:26 "Don't tell anybody" =4 Million views on it

    9. Amota Ataneka

      would be really hard to top this one Destin, i watched most of your videos, and they all amazing but this one is something else. awesome CEO of a huge factory explaining every detail to a genuine enthusiast. lucky employees working for him, we all lucky to have you dedicating your time to really making us smarter everyday, from wherever we are. I've been watching yr videos from Townsville, Australia, from Tarawa island in Kiribati and from Hawaii.

    10. James Peters

      thanks I learned a bit.

    11. James Peters

      This is how Elon Musk's rockets are better and cheaper, he is flying 40 rockets, he only made 10 and reused them.

    12. Satendra Tiwari

      Love from India

    13. jun reyes

      very Nice tour on the Factory,But my Question is to the CEO. Why they dont Wear A Hard Hat or Proper PPE for there own Safety. in case of Accidents,

    14. Manny Aguilar

      I just found your channel (Nov. 23, 2020) and I am so happy I did. Incredible tour, amazing CEO, fantastic channel. Please keep doing this stuff.

    15. Adham Abousalem

      Every company needs a CEO like this. The guy is so cool, and humble, and actually knowledgeable about everything going on. You can tell hes not just a million dollar baby. He has a really passion for what he does. So freaking cool.

    16. Annette Snyder

      Honestly i was more amazed that the CEO literally knew every single little detail and step of the process, awesome

    17. r

      Great CEO. If I ever need a rocket I'll go to ULA xD

    18. Everybody's Pour

      I subscribed after watching a different episode (1,000 mph baseball), this episode and everything aeronautic related, specifically space, is a love and dream of mine. Currently watching "...Delta IV launch...". Thank you so much for your channel.

    19. Gene Godbold

      Most people do not have a sense of the numinous that extends to...rockets. ("...almost a holy experience")

    20. NumberableCube45

      Thats my sister

    21. stacey goldfarb

      how rockets are made (use your imagination cuz they cant film anything interesting)

    22. Ray Gunawan

      At CAlPoly, we have to take machining, welding, casting, forming, sintering, classes.

    23. A 90's Kid

      25:33 ohh its pressing now?! Machine : plays dark knight theme.



    25. yoni yacobi

      Thanks! I can't put to words the excitement I had in watching this video, so I will leave it at that - THANKS DESTIN!

    26. Tsugo _

      The CEO seems like a cool guy

    27. Greg Bayley

      The MC said the rocket technology was not avilable to the general public. “On contrare “. I worked at one of the OEMs in the 80s that was the first company to use solid propellant gas generators for PASSENGER airbags that were introduced in the 1989 Ford Continental. There were many companies involved in the 1980s effort to put airbags in vehicles which turned out to be the technology that continues to this day. Safety finally sold. GM tried in the early 70s but they offered an optional system and dealer marketing support was abysmal and corporate was not much better. This effort was lead by Ed Cole. It was a one man show. He didn’t get much corporate support so the program died. In the 10 off years a small group of engineers across town (as few as 2 in a bad sales year) kept looking at ways to enhance upon airbag design. Previous suppliers were helpful but skeptical. Eaton had made a big investment and got thrown under the bus. They declined to participate. Many small rocket motor and speciality devices companies were interested. Military and aerospace budgets were being cut. I got to visit places that 10 years previous I could only see through binoculars. I ended up with a design responsibility for a component that could be made common across many application. It was an electro explosive device. Where do I start? I got a lot of help from many of the suppliers to the military and aerospace industry and used a modified existing design and my engineering spec was patterned after military specifications. I would be asked, “how do you know that the spec is good enough?”. My response,” I used an existing spec developed for MAN RATED SYSTEMS that would go into orbit and to the moon”. That seemed to be adequate. It was a great experience. I got to meet 2 scientists from the Franklin Research Center when it was in Philadelphia. Their claim to fame was hardening the electronics against electro magnetic and radio frequency interference. They had some wild tests done at White Sands Air Force base. They would get a radar dish pointed at a vehicle equipped with special instruments and irradiate it with 100 watts/ meter squared which was considered the upper level of human tolerance at the time. Measurements would show if any of that power got into the airbag wiring. A little bit did but not enough to initiate or degrade the device. Old engineers love to tell their war stories. With us going back into the rocket business we get a whole new generation of rocketeers.

    28. Gerald Wagner

      In 10 years of watching SEprom this is one of the best things I’ve seen. So interesting and it’s great to see how passionate and engaging Tory is.

    29. Sum Dood

      I was angry because I thought time was being wasted in questions and then I realized that the video is an hour long and I’m not angry anymore

    30. Randy Milles

      Imma make a roket

    31. Keith G

      To be able to enter / film and discuss what I would call "secrete" processes was amazing! I have seen many things in my life but to witness all that this video contains is a privilege - Thank you for all your efforts!

    32. netdog713

      very very cool

    33. Jeffrey Boarman

      car still on the moon

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    35. Jeffrey Boarman

      Aluminum melts at 1700°

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      Wanna feel old? Sharkboy and Lavagirl are parents now (and their daughter is played by Vivien Lyra Blair aka Girl from BIRD BOX) WE CAN BE HEROES releases globally on Netflix on New Year's Day

    37. bad.

      that pressing is amazing :o

    38. Clifford Morgan

      This CEO is literally the definition of the phrase "If you do what you love you don't work a day in your life".... I love it

    39. Kni

      Glad ULA has a CEO that only knows business

    40. michman2

      You are living the dream. Keep them coming, we love every one of them.

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      This is just flippin cool.

    42. Anthony Angus

      I just love watching two intelligent people talking! Your questions and observations were on point and his knowledge and ability to communicate his answers in a well thought out sentence was a pleasure to watch! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to learn something new. Well done!

    43. Jake Shire

      like a child in a sweet shop. im so jealous of you for getting to do this lol

    44. Tore Gerstenberger

      37:35 that’s why you can’t film it “What part” “That part” points camera at part “This part” “That part” “Ok”

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      What a cool guy

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      The earth is flat

    47. Sean O'connor

      Hey Destin, as usual amazing video ! I'd be really interrested in the ecological side of a manufacturing site. What are the processes put in place to limit the ecological impact of a site like this one ?

    48. Press Damian Gamer

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      Reason the company doesn't hit capacity. Rockets are being made, before space x, Americans would use Russian rockets for alot of there space missions as it was cheaper, funny they don't say that, maybe there embarrassed 🤔

    51. Demandings

      Lady was shook at 5:19 😭😭

    52. blagas85

      It's nice to look at the CEO who has so much knowledge about what is produced in his company.

    53. Kinnai

      I'm a bit late to this video, but Destin, I thank you very much for this video. I'm currently studying Aerospace Eng., which has been the dream of my life but I was feeling a bit intimidated with the workload and subsequently lost a bit of my motivation... But this video has helped me erase that from my mind and carry on. Seeing all the amazing things that people can build and that will help us get us, our satellites and experiments into space, is very very inspiring. I hope you keep making great videos like this! Have a good one!

    54. Spencer PhilippineDream

      factor of safety as low as 1.1 blew my mind. it makes me feel like a bird getting in the way would be catastrophic.

    55. Yasmin Phillips

      37:35 that’s why you can’t film it “What part” “That part” points camera at part “This part” “That part” “Ok”

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      this has got to be the hardest tutorial ive ever watched

    57. Алексей Генералов

      Arconic??? I was working there,

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      Wow, what an amazing video, although, I found what was on Tory's right hand ring finger. I've always wanted to see a master mason. ;-)

    59. Danny Mckenzie

      I guarantee you that with 2 days of dedication I could crunch the numbers, and from nothing other than what I have learned about geometry, trigonometry, and chemistry, I could tell you within probably 100 pounds how much that thing weighs.

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      9:31 "Can I touch this? I'm gonna ask you that, everytime" 20:59 *Proceeds to touch it without asking* LOL

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      I absolutely love how he talks this guy up at the beginning saying he’s a rocket scientist and all without saying he is one him self pretty much. He’s a nuclear missile tester and never mentions it

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      The CEO: "wow this guy is smart...he got what im wonder he get smarter everyday..."

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      Yet they are way behind and super over budget...

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      ULA? lol, skip

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      This CEO is literally the definition of the phrase "If you do what you love you don't work a day in your life".... I love it

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      I am just fan-girling right now and I just am so excited about this video. I can literally watch this a million times and never get bored of it. Thank you so much Destin and Tory for making my dreams even better!

    73. Super Yacht Chef

      FACT! We have proof that Baron Trump was fathered by Don Junior because Melania has a long standing 'no sexual relations' contract with the President Trump!

    74. Jerry Rowe

      Ace Ceo. Cool guy indeed. Keep up the good work smarter everyday. From Jamaica west indies

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      Things like this exist and people still think that the earth is flat, I wonder what this ceo guy has to say about that

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      This is inspiring .....Tory is the man...

    77. amanda c.

      Every company needs a CEO like this. The guy is so cool, and humble, and actually knowledgeable about everything going on. You can tell hes not just a million dollar baby. He has a really passion for what he does. So freaking cool.

    78. Ennar

      That was an __awesome__ tour, thank you!

    79. Just Bricks

      15:33, he’s so happy with his rocket chip!

    80. Asta

      I guess rockets are made of stainless steel now. 😊

      1. blablubb12345

        The original Atlas was made of stainless steel back in the 50s and the centaur stage still is.

    81. 6 7

      Is it possible to become a mechanic and assemble equipment without special education? For example, based on your experience and knowledge, if you are well versed, For example, restore, tune or assemble equipment, create? fitter assebler

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      1. Daniel Lacroix

        "These are sharp edges so be careful" immediately touches edge hahahaha

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      Big boss Tory Bruno CEO sounds British or just that old school people from the south talk that way?

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      Destin and Tory........two of my favorite people on SEprom. Loved every minute of it. A couple of fantastic mentors.

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      You are looking for my comment

    92. JR R

      8:46 Not isentropic but isotropic. And a lattice of that type is not isotropic but quasi-isotropic

    93. Denton Fender

      Love rockets. Made many rockets as a teen using many different engine structural materials (cardboard tubes, conduit tubes, plumbing pipes, even Aluminum foil) , and various solid fuels made from home products such as matches, powdered sodium hypochlorate used for disinfecting swimming pools, Chilean saltpeter, sulfur, charcoal (black powder), and even sugar. Interesting show.

    94. Zsolt Pal

      jaw dropped at the first minute and stayed down all the way. geek heaven!

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    97. Duriel

      Hey if seen that video now first time cause i not really know your chanel for so long. Im from Austria and in the company i made my apprenticeship i made parts for Ruag Aerospace. And i finde it very exciting to finde out now nearly 5 years later where my parts maybe have gone to.

    98. Edwin

      so lucky to get to do these amazing experiences, thanks for sharing!

    99. siuol chris

      @SmarterEveryDay Talk about living the dream! Amazing, even though I am watching from home I still feel as if the experience was similarly magical. I hope my kids watch people like you and have their Imagination expanded. Great video!!

    100. bhuvan raj

      As an aerospace engineering student, this video has everything that I would just have to imagine when listening about it in class as different subjects but now it's a very nice compilation of those in a real life process of application. I like how the CEO is a chill, enthusiastic person with such passion for what he is doing ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for this ☺️☺️☺️