How to Build a 4K Editing Computer (More cores are not always better) - Smarter Every Day 202

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    4. More cores doesn't mean it's better for you!
    Side note: The fast rendering capability of this new machine actually let me eat dinner with my family on the first night I used it. This is incredibly important to me.
    A special thank you to Puget Systems for allowing me to visit and for helping me
    I asked Jon to put together the specs on the computer I spec'd out
    Amdahl's Law
    Moore's Law
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    1. Darthane

      As someone who has worked 15 years in the computer assembly and sales industry, I can confirm this is the best way to build and sell computers.* What's that star for? Because some people won't listen. Some people will demand specific parts, demand a specific price, or have no clue what they actually want. When someone would ask me for a gaming PC, instead of asking how much they want to spend, I would instead ask what resolution and what games. A computer's specifications should start and stop with the task it will be put to. Glad to see other companies are taking this ethos to heart. Stay awesome! edit: Oh, nice to see them using quality cases. I built my latest PC into that exact Fractal Design case, and I agree that they are as quiet as quiet can be.

      1. Elion119


      2. Elion119


      3. Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

        😂 this is perfect for the 3080 and 3090 drops. This comment and this entire video

      4. Laz _

        ​@Mike Exactly the opposite. We want people to get the most for their money or budget. That's why choosing the right components is very important.

      5. touristguy87 other words, "I'm butt-stupid but you should respect what I say anyway because I've been doing this for far longer than you would ever want to". No intelligent, rational, logical person defends their decisions by how long they've been making decisions. That is the hallmark of irrational, illogical thought. Not realizing that after 15 years makes them an idiot. Irrefutably.

    2. Andrea Paolino

      Moore's law was never a law. It's always being just a marketing-dictated trend


      *3:33* *"if you have multiple whores"* 😌😁

    4. Kurt manlapaz

      Intel have lesser cores but stronger amd have alot of cores but weaker

    5. 김다희

      “It bugs me to be away from my family” “So I just landed in Seattle”

    6. Елена Савинова

      SmarterEveryDay : "Anyone can assemble a computer" Me : except The Verge guy

    7. Fox Fantastic

      all that and you didnt show us your benchmark, or tell us what parts were used, or even explain why more cores are not always better

    8. Sam Aditya

      You are the reason I love Engineering and the reason I will become an Engineer

    9. 马玿TennisGuy

      Lmao I did a masters focused on a specific parallelizable algorithm for a task that is usually not thought of as being possible to parallelize. The number of times I screwed up that word is in the hundreds

    10. Kevin Sugia

      Fantastic fun, informational video as always, Destin; thanks! I never would have simply intuited that more cores wasn't always better or why that is (among other finer details stated). I love knowing more about such things :) :). And shout-out, also, to Puget Systems. I recently saw a couple videos wherein they gifted the SEprom VFX channel Corridor Crew with one of their custom computers and what the results of them using it were........and just wow, WOW. You guys definitely were smart to invest in this field (workstation optimizing through customization rather than just for gaming), and are also an asset to your society in helping move such technology forward. From what I've seen on SEprom at least, you guys at Puget seem like standup folk, and I hope your business continues to thrive!

    11. YeshuaAgapao

      Can't you just let renders run in the background, AFK?

    12. Yeldl

      Time it takes for destin to render his videos is how much time it takes me to download a game.

    13. Candy Bar Moto

      Jesus! I learned more in 3 mins of this video. Then I have all day researching computers for 4k Editing! I love your Channel Destin!

    14. Collin yan

      You dont need to be at the computer the entire time it renders

    15. Lulzaf

      im so disappointed that i didn't get to see the specs

    16. Paraboemba

      Typical intro to make videos longer and to motivate whatever you are doing in the video. Also typical: it doesn't make any sense. Render time does not keep you away from your children. it takes !! hours for you, do it while sleeping or playing with your children. You don't have to sit there and hold the mouse when rendering.. and of-course the stupid intro leads to an add later on... SEpromrs don't respect their audience

    17. Mohammed Shaik

      Or he could've just tweeted a message to Linus


      I would also like to know the specific components of your prior computer, but more importantly the specific components you have in your new computer. I'm mostly curious about the CPU and GPU. From there it's not too difficult to find a motherboard that supports them, the fastest RAM for that mobo and cpu. One very important aspect of computer building that is true of all computers is the cooling system, which is actually the process of removing the excess energy (Heat).

    19. Deadrock.TV

      I hope he didn't put the computer on the carpet

    20. Jerry Santos

      If that little boys comment did not tug at your heart, nothing will. Great synopsis video. I saw the full versiin. Both are awesome. Thank you.

    21. Andy Spark

      Ummm...more cores ARE better for editing..... I think you misunderstood. That may have been true at some time. But now, all decent renderers are designed to use multiple cores efficiently now..

    22. ANiKET

      The gaming mouse though at the desk


      do a give away of computers

    24. Mark Nielson

      This should have been a collaboration with LinusTechtips.

    25. PlatinumEagleStudio's

      I hope you know there's WAYYYYY better CPU's than the one you got in that system now right? Did you upgrade? I hope you did, otherwise your render times will not be faster.

    26. Jimmy Jefferson

      So whats the specification of the new PC??

    27. Dreiback

      Actually the best processor for rendering is the threadripper 3gen 24core. At least Linus TechTips said its the best for their editors but this thing is quiet expencive But No Hate to them and you

    28. AllDayErDay

      I’m curious what the specs are

    29. CJ

      i need to Chat with Jon direct, How do i contact Him?

    30. Jeffry Redmi Note 5 Pro

      Reduce 11 hours video rendering down to 2 hours!! It's just crazy fast!! Well done Puget Systems.

    31. Justin Psycho Monkey Johnson

      And then amd released the 3000 series processor.

    32. Sahil

      Would rather watch LinusTechTips for this.. you got it fundamentally wrong!

    33. Siddharth M

      Linus ?

    34. mohith ceemalpati

      report for animal abuse lol

    35. Rhyme& Reason

      Shooting and rendering 4K is a waste of time IMHO... most people can't afford to download and play that kind of bandwidth all the time and on a typical computer screen it's wasted pixels... I won't go above 480p myself.

    36. Kentucky Ranger

      After weeks of research, I'm going to have Puget birth me a system next week, YAY!!!! Looking at many different manufacturers, while the rest offer some awesome systems, I really don't want an RGB light show, I want a system that renders my video projects! I'm also on a tight budget, so I'm definitely not looking to spend new car money on a system, LOL! The system I have configured with Puget is more powerful that the others, and over $1,000 less! How? I don't know... Why?? Because they care??? All I know is this, I used to use Seattle Film Works for my camera film back in the 80s, so why not go back to the Seattle connection, for my photography and videography needs, LOL! Anyone remember Seattle Film Works? Anyone?... OK, anyway... I can't wait to het my baby home, and start creating some awesome videos!

    37. Dante Campbell

      You should also talk to Linus @LinusTechTips or even Jay @Jaystwocentz

    38. Sulaiman Daoud

      FYI this will cost you about $3700 if you get all parts on Amazon.. if you have better deals let me know

    39. Jake Barn

      You know the guys at puget systems must love it when they put so much work for this computer for some guy to go “I like the back, there are so many ports” 😭😭

    40. getstuk

      Would have been nice to see the render time of that project before/after your PC upgrade!

    41. Layla Love

      maybe get a ryzen 9 it is better at rendering only saying less time the better and if your for intel your going to say intel Another reliable SEprom channel by name Tech Yes City has demonstrated H. 264 4K Video rendering performance of Ryzen 9 3900X besting out any Intel CPUs to end the rendering video file in 272 seconds compared to 315 seconds by i9-9900K

    42. Michael Phoenix

      LEGO Not LEGOS there is no S Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    43. Brendan Scullion

      I have built my own computers for years and the hardest part is component matching. I enjoyed this episode as it confirmed what I spent a decade learning. Well said sir.

    44. Yatish38

      You could have just called Linus😁

    45. Niel Durano

      Kid: "so does this mean your gonna eat dinner with us alot more?" Me: that's just sad man 😢

    46. Kunal Bagaria

      3:19 Holy mother of, what the heck is that in the background.

      1. Ad Addv

        I am very confused. What are you talking about?

    47. ON

      Me: laughs in Final Cut Pro. Let’s be honest whether you are team P.C or Team Mac premier pro is quite bad when it comes to rendering.

    48. RandomTechS@#T

      Look at the Noctua coolers I trust anyone who uses Noctua cooler

    49. Wajd Tohme

      It bugs me that you were comparing a 9th gen Intel processor with a first gen AMD processor. Like, yes, core count isn't everything, but you should at least attempt to understand those "whatever" numbers if you're making a video about it.

    50. Markus Fury

      The 4k explains a LOT. My GPU goes NUTS when I play your videos.

    51. Digitalhunny

      @SmarterEveryDay - You're extremely intelligent, BUT why would you wear your shoes inside of your bedroom & ON your bed?? Don't you of all people know what is on the bottoms of your shoes? The carcinogens from stepping on concrete, asphalt , motor oil, fecal matter, urine & all nasty stuff outdoors. Why you gotta freak us out at home?

    52. Dan Kondratyuk

      I need help, I want to edit videos and photos and want to know what do I need to be able to edit 125 fps slo mo videos and 4k videos?

      1. Tech Genius XP

        Watch Linus Tech Tips.

    53. Lucas Bousser

      Threadripper 3990x is out now ^^, and there's some good old graphic cards like rtx 2080ti, rtx titan or even rtx 8000. See you in a bit, where you are gonna need to upgrade it again.

    54. Ron Lambert

      Noooo did you see that thermal paste!!! Wtf that is not how you put that on. A dot man a dot. Not a giant x from corner to corner.

    55. Jonathan Garzon

      Try a purple bed and you'll drop Casper in a night

    56. Abi Farraz

      i think the more rendering time, it's more give you more time to enjoy life. It's all about perspective and how we manage it hahhaa :D

    57. shin1300

      *See's someone applying thermal paste with x mark* Me: That's cool imma start doing that *Instantly applied too much thermal paste.*

    58. Heller

      I'm not a pro in video editing, but you should buy NVIDIA RTX 2080 ti and instead using CPU, use GPU CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) it's parallel computing for GPU,, and only NVIDIA cards support CUDA computing, no AMD, no Intel.

    59. Charske Vlogs

      whop renders and watches the screen for 20 hours

    60. Bong Ordaneza

      7:37 Owen Wilson?

    61. David Layne

      Just buy a Mac broseph, Adobe always crashes on windows anyway.

    62. CrazyProf

      "Now we optimize the bed for sleep" thank god he said "for sleep".

    63. Blank None

      Wait, did they tell us the specs of the computer or am I missing something?

    64. BlockListed

      SED: More cores are not always better. AMD: I'm gonna pretend I didn't here that, but anyway here is the new TR 4990X With 128 Cores.

    65. Alceu Diniz

      Why to spend so much time editing a 4K video if 90% of the viewers can’t even see it? I mean, I admire your work and dedication but SEprom already lowers down the quality of the video and not everyone has a 4K display to appreciate all of that...

    66. Lukas maraula

      wait nevermind this ain't taking into account about ryzen 3rd gen

    67. Don Bino

      Wow I didn't know you had to physically sit there and watch the video render for it to work.

    68. B4D-W0LF

      WOOOOOT 11 hours down to 2? :O That's amazing. I am glad you got that system! you might be able to do more videos, too, in a day! :D

    69. Maxi

      My friends just ask me. Worst thing is when they don't know what they want to do on the machine

    70. M.Streicher

      Calling extra cores "dead weight" is just stupid, they don't hold you back.

    71. korgul jr


    72. RUN ATN

      quantum computer please

    73. Purnomo Putut

      01:51 02:37 I want one

    74. Nhiexel Visualz

      I need this! Nice build

    75. Kolomi HD

      Just buy apple

    76. ChrisTheWalrus

      Not to sound daft but why not just set it as a background process by lowering its priority and running it in the background while doing other things and sleeping? Is it risky to do so?

    77. Stand Alone

      3970x: hold my beer!

    78. Katori

      3990x says hello

    79. Post-Left Luddite

      One year later and I'm wondering how bad he regrets getting an I tel CPU

      1. Ed Gravity

        @Asanda Ndimande Overall Ryzen works for me since its more efficient in most task. I have it at home, but in work apparently no. Premier just works well with Intel (Quick sync). And for simulations we need that AVX512. So power/performance Intel will still be the solution, until software devs optimize them to Ryzen.

      2. Asanda Ndimande

        @Ed Gravity Ryzen would like to challenge that.

      3. Ed Gravity

        if he's using Premier, Intel is better option, power/performance wise.

      4. Deepak Sabu

        Problem about AMD is its own scale. Optimisation is a key factor when talking about specific use cases. So as AMD is much small than Intel, their optimization through drivers is at such slow pace. Thats why people swear by Intel for certain applications.

    80. Skaatje

      Render at night, go to bed. Wake up, all done.

    81. Leonardo352

      As a computer nerd, this all seemed so obvious to me 😂

    82. Charlie

      How come you can throw cars but alinity can’t

    83. ANDEE c

      That guy put to much thermal paste

    84. Reqwix

      Hmm What To Do When Your Video Takes 10 Hours To Render? GO TO SLEEP!

    85. TYler_ SChecter

      Imagery? More like clownery

    86. Slyger

      But you don't need to be at your computer during rendering...

    87. Banana in Pyjama

      Get a better cpu then

    88. Matevž Šimnic

      More cores usually means more power for programs that can use as much of them as possible (8 core CPU, use 8 cores), but 8 core procesor with faster cores beats 12 core one with slower cores (it depends how slow are they).

    89. liquidX lucidity

      Didn' specs....*twitch*

    90. Yann Landry

      switch to Mac, You'll never have any rendering time issues again ;)

    91. Spam Can

      M O A R C O R E S What took you so long to get a real rig? Time is something you can't get back. I'm actually surprised you didn't do homework and just spent more money thinking that's how it worked. And you didn't even tell us the specs (in the video at least!) Also lol @ calling a lazy Susan a dolly.

    92. cookierad3r

      Should have asked Linus

    93. dntExj0ny

      Yes. More cores doesn't always mean it's better for you, but it certainly was for him with 18.

    94. Junryl Cabanero

      hope you share your pc build here :)

    95. Raven Lawrence

      Im happy with my 3900X :3

    96. BOBO

      Mac pro

    97. conner guinn

      Why ain’t they using 3000 series ryzen?

    98. MusZico13

      Well,the table has turned now.

    99. Thoughtful_kid

      I don't know Destin but I wouldn't just set in front of my PC waiting while it does its 9 hours rendering

    100. DavidYT Blue

      Just get a good CPU and GPU and done