How to Drive with One Arm (AND NO LEGS) - Smarter Every Day 158

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    Publicerades den 4 år sedan


    1. Donald Sams

      O man... waaay to short!! I wanna see more so i can learn more!!!!

    2. Pete Corsi

      Honestly, how in the world can any piece of trash give this video a thumbs down? The fact that people are bothered by this video, is the reason I think most people are ignorant dicks.

    3. bman 94

      Lol "punish cripples" isn't very pc. Or is it..?

    4. Doc Holliday

      "this is where we punish cripples" Best line in any smarter everyday

    5. Elijah Robertson

      Anyone else accidentally go to Proverbs 4:27 instead of Proverbs 4:23 and realize 27 makes more sense than 23... No just me ok

    6. Ana Maria Tofan

      That's extraordinary

    7. Alexandra Patashnick

      I am watching in 2020!

    8. Queen Carter

      Oh man this guy is so effin cool!!! Props to you dude, your self confidence is great, dont ever stop being your funny self! Thank you so much for this video. Peace&Love&Light ☮☯️🕉

    9. that shitty snare sound from st. anger


    10. black horse

      Duuuud. Just get Tesla and problems solved

    11. Nicholas Coffey

      There should be a handicap space for gas pumps.

    12. Joshua Charlery

      Getting Smarter everyday!

    13. Hawk eye

      Oh my goodness really I have friends at church that's paraplegic wonderful guys father God really made a big difference in there life God bless everyone

    14. Josh Jeantet

      Thank you. Roll tide

    15. DJ Deckard Cain

      2020: Just get a Tesla. :D

    16. Innovation Bhooshan

      so has david made that car by himself so that he can drive it or are such cars sold. I want to know this because, If there are no such cars sold then I would like to take up this as my next project.

    17. Re Argiro

      Wtf! It’s forbidden to drive with only one arm in Switzerland, but by watching your video i understand the importance for a person who lost a arm or even more! My respect!

    18. Steve Z

      love your work. really. thanks

    19. Answer by Accident ?

      what is the lighting thing behind you near the map

    20. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment BlackHorse

      He can use tesla so its safe for him to drive

    21. Jack Aris

      Anyone else see that white claw in his car?

    22. Amar Singh

      thank you nice and motivated video I am handicaped. person. Amrendra.singh gkp up

    23. Why Umad

      This is where we punish cripples

    24. ChiTownGuerrilla

      Awesome dude.

    25. adam ray

      You're a breath of fresh air from all these other youtubers who just want to show that they can play a video game. Thank you for being you, and thank you for trying to educate the world so the movie Idiocracy doesn't come true! You're the best!

    26. Dutch Boss

      work on cars for a living, currently have a customer with one foot so they have the gas pedal on the left side of the brake pedal.. SO HARD TO DRIVE!!!!!!

    27. Nicholas Villeneuve

      You should not be allowed to drive like that I feel like it’s a liability to the safety of other folk on the road. No offence to this wonderful man

    28. EW

      audibooks voicing sucks pretty bad from my brief visit, didnt even bother with the free credit

    29. Mac Doodles

      "I wanna take your truck apart so bad"

    30. GNEsmond

      I wonder were he gets his arm and claw, because that's identical to my armless dad's arms.

    31. MercLife

      “Magic” hits truck... 😂

    32. scrapboy13

      My ant is a paraplegic from a car accident and she has kinda have the same control but 2 controls so 2 sticks and she went into a bad place and she is now getting the help she needs

    33. Eshi

      Him: I drive with no feet, and one arm. Dustin: HAHAHAHAHA

    34. Mason Wetzel

      Travis was in the hospital with my big brother

    35. J. Cheek

      This is AWESOME!

    36. MajorTomOO

      PLEASE!!! Make a separete video about this gym! I am so intrested!

    37. Hope King

      I can't wanna see more of this

    38. Jeramiah Cook

      That wus to most smooth add of all time

    39. Ray Duerksen

      Watch the documentary Murderball.

    40. Macks Power

      So when you get into a really minor fender bender, can you drop the prosthetics and flop onto the ground, rolling around and screaming with three limbs missing, 'cause I think that would be a really good/bad practical joke.

    41. RizzlyPig

      Next "How to Drive with No Arms (AND NO LEGS)"

    42. Drew Leo

      Why do I kinda feel... disrespected for Kenny?? Lol I mean they may very well be close friends and Dustin is probably being extra for the filming purposes... but I'll never talk to a person with disability the way he's talking to Kenny at the beginning.. like he's some exhibit or something lol

    43. Peter Gilbert

      Once I saw the whole side of a truck go up and the floor slide out and and down and a guy drove a wheelchair onto it and it lifted it up with him in it.

    44. Quan Nguyen

      Destin love your personality. Your videos make my days better.

    45. Ben Sullivan

      Destin, this video has really helped me focus my ambitions - I am currently a college student studying mechanical engineering and I knew I liked cars and wanted to do something with cars, but car design just seemed too boring, and I think that working to design systems for cars like this to assist the handicapped to be more independent and making cars more usable for a wider range of people is something that combines three of my favorite things: helping other people, heavy duty problem solving, as no two people have the exact same injury and different systems work better for different people, and my liking for cars and vehicle design (Plain old vehicle design seemed too boring for me, so designing these systems is really something that stuck out to me as super interesting) So thank you very much for sharing this, I saw this video a while ago, but hadn't thought much of it until a family friend who is losing his mobility had his car outfitted, and designing these systems is what I realized I wanted to do, so thank you.

    46. Ricardo Pesenti

      This is awesome. But shows how much we still have to do in bionic limbs.

    47. Dale Rapisura

      Basically the guy use two hand

    48. Cuber

      Haha sike noob xd noob kid

    49. gujwdhufj ijjpo

      5:43 the zombie the crawls on the ground bro. Freaky.


      *This is where we punish cripples LOL!* You have no idea how uplifting it is to find out that political correctness hasn't reached everyone and made everybody insane and taken away their sense of humor!* Kenny's abilities and attitude are such that it makes me ashamed forever complaining about anything.

    51. Bonzi INC.

      I’ve shook Travis’ hand, but being the joker he is, he made it pop off...

    52. Damián Kňazeje

      SmarterEveryDay is great channel because it takes lower than 10 minutes and you even learn something

    53. Timothy Rodowicz -Ursine Games-

      You're way too invasive and a bit rude.

    54. tuban body slammer

      I feel like Destin would be fine in any social situation

    55. Abdullah

      +rep i love u dude

    56. Casper Andersen

      get that man a tesla!

    57. Square

      I don't get why people say growing limbs is unethical if it can make the lives of people like him so much better

    58. [Dallas]

      punish cripples

    59. TracersBooty

      Joe Swanson should have this

    60. F-22 Raptor

      my friends mom drive with only her arms cause she has no use of her legs.

    61. progamerj08 h

      Woah I'm 2 years late

    62. Mark Tuminaro

      Destin, I’ve recently found your channel and think you’re awesome. Then I saw this video and it totally shook my concept of who you are. Thank you. As a guy with a service related injury, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this video. We owe everything to the men and women that have gone and come back a different person, whether mentally or physically. For you, seemingly a rocket-quantum-mechanic-physicist to give this video a platform, you’re a much better person than I ever gave you credit for. Thank you for being humble and kind. God bless you and your family. Thank you for being who you are.

    63. Orange picker


    64. Fishstick Daddy

      He is so happy I love it so much

    65. Jack Fitzpatrick Rice

      What a legend

    66. A Racoons Wagman

      You shouldn't drive Ok I haven't watched it yet

    67. Sam

      That's right! People living with disabilities don't need our pity - just our support so we can get them on their feet again.

    68. hello

      you do have to be a boy though

    69. Morpheus636

      good job saying "people with disabilities" and not "disabled people"

    70. RuiJSONunes

      You got me smiling :)

    71. Zenmasterme

      I Have 5 Joints Replaced!! I have more titanium in my body then the Terminator!!! But Kenny just lifted my Spirits more then any Dr Could!!! “Kenny” Keep On Trucken Bro!!

    72. AlexTheNut11

      May god bless this human being :(

    73. Raymundo M

      Youre in dallas????!?!?!?!

    74. RurRug

      He is such a good guy :)

    75. Joe Rinkel

      So based off of what he said. It’s cheaper to make his truck look better than to replace a part that would make him feel bad about himself

    76. Cinabutts

      I actually wanted to see more about the gym 😂

    77. ParaVet

      I might have to go check out that gym next time I'm in dallas. I have my own home wheelchair gym but some of that stuff looks fun.

    78. Connor Garza

      Dude I love how they don’t treat them any different. Because the worst thing you can do to someone with a physical or mental disability is treat them differently. Great video I’m definitely subbing now!🤟🤟

    79. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

      I think I will continue to treat cripples like cripples and normal people like normal people.

    80. oli james

      that helps a lot more learning about that gym do u no if there is one in England

    81. Rational_x

      This man has only one limb and can still drive better than I can..

    82. RLingate

      please!! send that hand to bigclivedotcom!! :D

    83. Martin Finnerup

      0:21 Need a hand? XD

    84. Jon Rickens

      im new at this channel and i like it

    85. Davide Da Col

      Such an awesome dude

    86. James

      Just buy a google auto driving car, and everything is solved

    87. Yousef Abdulla

      I have one eye one leg one arm also have brain tumour and epilepsy and drive also mu car is not modified

    88. Charlotte katakuri

      I feel sorry for this man

    89. Michael King

      as a mechanic, pulling those cars in the bay is difficult, he's developed fine motor skills from large muscle groups. that's amazing. slight and strategic movements from large muscles are extremely difficult

    90. Ermilo Castro

      What's the science behind roping

    91. Uncle Verum

      I am eternally indebted.

    92. Jasper Brown

      4:43 no I didn't.

    93. ben murphy

      Why does he drive such a big car

    94. Frank Gonzalez

      I have a brother who's a paraplegic and I tried to drive his truck by using the hand controls only. It takes some getting used to kind of like when you are used to driving an automatic and then go to driving a standard car.

    95. TrevorG

      That guy is a badass

    96. Austin goodwyn

      they paid too high a price. Erin Romel a German general from wwll captured a few thousand British soldiers and said to them "gentlemen you have fought like lions but were led by donkeys." honorable men going to die for a senseless war. much respect to you.

    97. Fun With Reefing


    98. jmr1068204

      Kenny is an inspiration. His attitude is so positive. He's got the "it has to be done, so I get it done" attitude without any whining or complaining. We could learn a lot from him.

    99. Alador

      What happend? ;O

      1. topfuel7997

        Alador IED explosion

    100. Bikerchris

      My dad has the same throttle/brake linkage, I've used it and thought it was quite hard work, but well worth the freedom. His also had an indicator stalk on it which was clever.