How to Fight Fire or Flooding on a Nuclear Submarine - Smarter Every Day 244

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    Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
    Another note: The Navy did not ask me to provide a link to their website (or do anything for that matter), but I’m going to provide a link because I want smart people to become submariners. The US Navy continues to provide stability and security in ways no other organization on earth does. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here:
    There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
    The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meet who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch.
    Fire onboard a submarine is a big deal:

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      A huge thanks to the Navy for letting me film the series on board the USS Toledo. Matt did a great job of explaining how they handle fire and flooding on board. I just wanted to give a healthy shout out to everyone out there who should have recently received a Smarter Every Day baseball ⚾️ for supporting on Patreon. If you haven’t received a baseball yet, it is not too late. I made this page to explain the process:

      1. Lars Schröter

        Why don't they train with blindfolds? That would make the drill more realistic and also more exciting.

      2. Daniel Mtz

        Ytattoo to tititrttyyitttyititi one so. OYo o. O. I. A. P. I. Ight p. the i. I. A. Yo Ight ph. P y. Yo. Ig. I. Ig. O. P out. P. I. P o. I. I. Ooo. O. O. Up o. U. Ooo. P I. L. A. P I p. I soup o. Ooo. P o. Yo. I. Pops. Ps. P up. O o. O oOp. Op. P. O. P. Ok. O. I. Yo. So. So. O. A. Ooo o o. I. Ok. O. O o. O. A. O. Yo yo. I. P. U. O. U. U yo. O o u. P. O so. P o. P o. P. U. O. O bc. Op. O. O. L. O. U. Yo. Oh. No. O. P y. O. P. O ya. O o u. O o. P. U. Ti. P. O a. U it. L o. O. P. U on. But. O. P oh. Ok. P. L. Yo. P. U. O. Y o. Up. O. P. U. Up ou p. P. O y. O. U. P. Or l o. I. P. O. Yoo. U. U. O. O a. Op Polo. L. P. O. I or. O u. P. Up. U. U. U. P. O. O y t. P. O. Ou. O ou. Ooo. Op. O. P. U. Yo. To. O. U. P. U. O. P. P ou. O. To or. P so o. P. Y. P. O. P. O. A. O. Up you. P p. Y. P. O o. P. U. P. O o oh o. Ohio. U. Yoo. O. P. Bc is. It’s. Yo. P. A. O. O. O o boo ya wanna see you in town z

      3. Chulhee Park

        Just wanna let u know theres a typo in the site. It's supposed to be It not I

      4. wallace badur

        you shuld meet mark rodder

      5. Pat Hurley

        Thank you for being such a great man in these incredibly divisive times

    2. Arthyu Alagao

      Wow, Amazing

    3. lord chanka

      I did training one day on a field trip and i guess that they changed what they used because what we had was nothing like what they had.

    4. Nathan Cook

      This channel has given me more respect to people at force than the little we all know that goes on around these places

    5. Dhairya Pandya

      21:49 that guy in the background really angry cleaning Destin's mess

    6. Eilon Omer

      Wow wow wow wow..that’s was great video.... thank you for that’s are the best!

    7. Maxwell Edison

      The Eng on my ship was 6'4", ~300lb of muscle, played football at the academy. But at his heart he was a big nerd and would always try to hype us up for drill days like: "Its LARPing yall. We are gunna suit up, play pretend, and LARP. Lets kick some casualties asses"

    8. Sim El De Saj

      Słabo zna anglesskki ... ale to domena twego kraju

    9. Ryan

      What sort of firearms/ammo are on a sub?

    10. Ryan

      0:02 That fried whale is smoking it's joint the wrong way

    11. Jacob Cline

      I really love the comradery on these ships. Everyone works together with a common goal. Very nice to see.

    12. Mads Hansen

      loved it, great guys all of em

    13. Ink

      The firefighters are literally just pyro

    14. Taeminie Leeu

      That man dashi ran to call code red, good job dude

    15. Kelley Engineering

      Destin, I'd love to see you do the Sub Damage Control trainer in CT.

    16. Collin Best

      The video is very amazing and very action

    17. IMPULSEplayz

      image if the fire was under him that guy would be tapping on his bums lol

    18. Stephen F

      Thanks for making these Destin

    19. music king

      It looks so funny to see grown army men play with a hose and scream at each other.

    20. Shota Toriumi

      Can't imagine the thoughts going through my head if I woke up to a hushed voice on a sub saying "This is where people sleep!" xD

    21. SleepLess

      Underwater firemen

    22. Dustin Farnum

      I'm obsessed with this series.. can't wait to see more.

    23. Carlos Daniel Santos

      It's so weird when there's no fire.

    24. Demoli56 Hatake

      16:17 just a touch lol

    25. TheGingerOrange

      Why can’t he go film the engine room?

    26. Marcin Łukasz

      Why there is so much wood and plastics, if fire is biggest hazard?

    27. Michael Barrett

      Great as always, thanks.

    28. Lukas Bryant

      That is so cool watching them do the exercise! That's amazing!

    29. Peter D_law

      Imagine having this dude with the camera in your face in the submarine .. annoying

    30. MightyN0ob

      So when is Destin going to be sent to the ISS for a Deep dive?

    31. Jbone Bone

      why doesnt the so called space station have these type of test just in case something goes wrong up there

    32. Dylan Martens

      Love that you're repping @olanrogers with the "It's a Monday" shirt Destin!

    33. dominichokage

      Personally I am very impressed by how the crew treats the fire drill. It's always a serious thing.

    34. Litch

      Fantastic ep.

    35. azhari

      "I thought in the Navy, if you were short, then you..." What?? Your head often hit the floor?

    36. Rod Manhammer

      "Fire in the engine room, FIRE IN THE BILGE!!" Shout out to Rotten Groton.

    37. Hasan Raiq

      This is gonna be the new map in among us

    38. Anirudh Singh

      21:09 Yeah, so can I feel that? Good Grief!!! . . . That's what she said

    39. Anirudh Singh

      The woman's face at 18:17. I made that too.

    40. Blurberrybrown

      More of these series, please!

    41. Soft Silence

      Just open a window lmao

    42. Sebastian Lund Nielsen

      I know it's not the point of these videos, but you are doing some serious recruiting for the US Navy I bet. Makes me wanna join up, and I'm not even American.

    43. twowheeler1000

      Interesting that they don't have clear indicators of rang on their uniforms. Like stripes on a shoulder

    44. John Stafford

      Amazing video and Series! I was wondering how they pump the smoke off of the Submarine if no air can be exchanged in or out. How is it scrubbed from the air? Thanks!

    45. thomas kimball

      That mythbusters intro lol makes me remember

    46. john miglautsch

      Thought you might enjoy - Why Cigarettes Go Out on a Sub? from Quora, Dan del Sobral Updated October 26 I will try to keep this answer fairly non-technical, but there’s some pretty cool science going on here… We monitor and control the atmosphere pretty closely on submarines, as you might imagine. This is a simplification, but we are worried mostly about CO2 (we don’t want it to get too high) and O2 (we don’t want it to get too low). For fire to burn, the oxygen percentage needs to be above about 16% (sea level is about 21% oxygen). On submarines, we have a huge incentive to make it difficult for fires to burn, so we wanted to keep oxygen percentage as low as possible. However, what your lungs care about is the “partial pressure” of oxygen. Partial pressure is the pressure attributable to the fraction of the gas in question, so it’s a function both of percentage and pressure. You can actually suffocate breathing pure O2 if the pressure is low enough, like at high altitudes - this is what’s so hard about climbing Everest - climbers can’t get enough O2, even though they are breathing pure O2, because the total pressure and partial pressure of O2 is too low. At sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is 760 mm of mercury, the “partial pressure” of oxygen is 160mm of Hg (21% of 760). If I recall correctly, the atmosphere monitoring system on my submarine listed 140-160 as the desired range for O2 partial pressure. In order to reduce the *percentage* of O2 (to reduce risk of fire) but keep the partial pressure of O2 within the normal range, what we would do as Officer of the Deck (OOD) is to increase the pressure inside the sub by about 10%, while maintaining the partial pressure of O2 right at the lower limit. So, for example, if we were at 860 mmHg of total atmospheric pressure instead of 760mmHg, and at 140mmHg O2, the percentage of O2 would be only 16.3% - and it would be really hard to light cigarettes. Did the O2 partial pressure drop below 140, further reducing the O2 percentage so cigarettes wouldn’t light? Occasionally? Sometimes it would liven up a boring midwatch to have an irate smoker storm up to the control room and complain about not being able to smoke. Since I was in the Navy when smoking was allowed onboard, we tried to maintain a balance where a cigarette would burn, just not very well, to limit the risk of large fires. A good chunk of the crew couldn’t totally wrap their head around the idea that they could still breathe even if a fire wouldn’t burn, which created all kinds of psychosomatic symptoms that folks would complain about.

    47. yossi Birstein

      First of all I really feel the need to thank you Justin for giving me the opportunity to see something that I as a simple and Israeli citizen would never see in life

    48. Renzsu

      I'm loving this series, I'm an industrial design engineer and it's part of my job to imagine all the correct and incorrect handling of a product I'm designing (whether that's a stroller, a phone or whatever) and I just love seeing how everything (seemingly) has been thought of on a sub like this, from the efficient use of space to the indicators of the pressurized air and communication like the non-verbal communication. I just keep going "ohh that's good :D" It would be very interesting to do a video on the design of military equipment and vehicles, to show how they deal with various scenarios and human factors. Design is often a matter of compromise.. to design one thing very well, you have to compromise on another, and sadly design guidelines are often based on real world tragedy. I understand that it would probably be difficult to gain access to these people, but man it would be cool to hear from them.

    49. Pinking

      Love how the "Commander" just...mutes...people...

    50. [REDACTED]

      Nice hiss.. -SteveMre

    51. Rob Kemp

      Russians watching 👁👄👁

    52. Apres Midi

      is engine room restricted area for visitor?

    53. Man D

      Smarter every day will you please do a video on fracture cones well Flint napping I would love to see images of fracture cones and I think you would too.

    54. Jaskaran Shekhon

      I was here when youtube crashed

    55. AJ Dexter

      Great job guys👏🏻💪🏻

    56. Naiden MT

      1:09 "very rapidly and aggressively attack the casualty" I never thought I'd hear that in my life

    57. Shawn Sanchez

      Any submariners watching on Veteran's day with their DD-214 blanket safely wrapped around them?

    58. Oliver's Adventures

      I thought casualty means injured person

    59. LexPy

      I'm blown away by the respect in there! It's almost palpable... And it doesn't even seem to be a hierarchy kind of thing, it's just respect for a fellow being... that's really impressive and nice to see!

    60. theAsocialApe

      My older brother was a torpedoman on SSBN-608; he was my hero, so I'm digging this series.

    61. Paul Redinger

      Do it blind folded

    62. Ice Karma

      Sigh, 20 seconds in, and with my residual hearing I can already tell there's errors in the captions... and I can't even volunteer to fix it any more. =/

    63. Ice Karma

      Just curious, when did you learn watercolour painting? Before, or after, the COVID-19 pandemic? =D (Gonna guess before, since you look like you know what you're doing... although my artsy mother seemed to pick it up incredibly quickly; gosh, I wish I'd inherited even a little of her artistic talent...)

    64. allen liu

      The russians and chinese watching this video: write it down write it down hurry we need to gather as much information on these american submarines

    65. aaron hancock

      I was in 'A' school with Matt Charlton!

    66. Supersabre

      How do they vent smoke out?

    67. Mitchell David

      This is like so bizarre but it's still pretty cool. these guys spend alotta time underwater on that ship that would kinda drive anyone crazy. Wonder how they stay calm and not fight each other and loose their minds deep under the ocean. You must have to suppress the knowledge and feeling of being super deep in the ocean in a huge metal tube lol

    68. Nurlan A

      The crew seems very tired.

    69. Danny Jansen

      Did Techtronics allready buy this great invention?

    70. Nick Foote

      Submarines are so insane. So much technology compacted into one space.

    71. Charles Parmele

      Been there done that. Served on SSBNs from 86-97. In off-crew we would have to attend fire-fighter trainer and the DC wet trainer which simulated a flooding casualty. Short guys in the wet trainer had fun. lol

      1. Charles Parmele

        We used OBAs back in the day instead of Scot air packs. And OBA used a chlorate candle to supply oxygen as they burned.

    72. Standard AI

      Just so everyone knows everyone that goes through Navy boot camp goes through simulated fire training like this as well as training to stop leaks in a room filling with water from a leaking pipe while moving munitions out of the leaking room.

    73. Jeffrey

      The UK's royal navy has a simulator that floods to train people for repairs on a sinking ship. Does the US have anything like this to train its submariners? Second question, is that a soft serve ice cream machine in the background at 21:53 ?

    74. Amins Eldirawi

      POV: You're having a nap on a submarine and you hear someone whisper "This is where people sleep"

    75. Øyvind Fjørtoft

      that is legit

    76. Jason Plante

      I imagine augmented reality could be very helpful in these drills to help simulate fires, smoke limiting visibility, and more

    77. Goalie

      I can only imagine how many times a question was asked and the response was “op sec.”. I’m amazed and thrilled they answered what they did, and also understand what they didn’t. Great collab, hope we can see more in the future!

    78. Amanda Powell

      Best NJROTC field trips: USS Buttercup (Damage Control) & Firefighting School!

    79. fiskfisk33

      Isn't that musical thing in the intro a Mythbusters jingle?

    80. Manish D

      14:54 Crew's mess movies. Anyone wanna guess what movies they got there.

    81. s

      USS Toledo -- hello from Toledo Ohio

    82. James Shelton

      Like 90% sure I've met MMN2 Laney somewhere lol.

    83. wian bason

      thank you

    84. OutspokenRed

      Dude... seeing that this submarine was called the Toledo and then seeing the mudhens tag in the background just puts the biggest smile on my face

    85. Bad Wolf Media

      3:03 in, already missing instructions. Tighten the bottom straps first, work your way up!

    86. Payudas

      How tall was that guy towards the end?

    87. Dave Davey

      I’m sorry the fire drill looked so spec ed

    88. Hasan Raza

      Nice effort

    89. Kunal Jain

      I hope they charged the NFTI

    90. Mike Lohmann

      Half hour video felt like 5 minutes because it was so fascinating! Really cool how accommodating this crew is!

    91. Ncc1702's Channel

      Submariners the OG belter

    92. Martin Clausen

      Deffinetly one of THE BEST videos you have ever made

    93. Greg Lialios

      *Russian submarine near the US sub* "Hey it's me Destin and welcome back to smarter everyday"

    94. whodatdere

      That was super impressive guys!

    95. Vadim Kononenko

      Is that John Diggle at 2:41?

    96. Buck Crockett

      @SmarterEveryDay I noticed that there were no women on board the sub. Is gender segregation normal in the Navy?

    97. IRMacGuyver

      floods on a submarine aren't a big problem. Fires are much worse. Cause then you have a fire and a flood.

    98. Bill Van Raam

      Interesting in extinguisher training we always taught instead of hitting the fire with one extinguisher at a time if there are multiple extinguishers hit with everything thing you got instead of giving a fire a chance to grow, of course there was generally an option to exit.

    99. phoenix21studios

      does the navy use IFSAC or PROboard, or just basic 20/150/400 ????

      1. phoenix21studios

        I got my answer. The military uses a DoD wide certification system that also has reciprocity with the IFSAC

    100. Ninjapex

      When everyone has a proper relationship with time the world will become a much happier place. I am very passionate about getting this sadly unique message into the world. The world is struggling and thinking it's running out of time. I have personally watched people in their mid 70’s adjust their mindset and enjoy decades of happiness, so you can imagine my frustrations and passions to help 20’s, 40’s and 60’s to understand they can start the process right now! Reply with your age .... lets light up the comments ❤️