How to Install 150 Year Old Hand Hewn Beams // DIY Project - Smarter Every Day 186

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    1. Gamefreak

      8:23 those few seconds where everyone realizes “hey, that’s pretty smart. Why aren’t we doing that” lol I loved that brief silence

      1. Harmless Bird

        Gamefreak $

      2. Random Mcranderson

        Screws are usually much stronger in tensile capacity than shear - sometimes 50% or more. So they're much stronger driven from the bottom.

      3. Brent Long

        As someone getting into woodworking, I really appreciate this video.

      4. Kevin Klika

        "*brrrrtttt*... Liiiiike it grew there!"

      5. Mrcaffinebean

        Gamefreak there’s at least one of those on every project!

    2. Do What Makes You Happy

      "people come here from ALL OVER the world" - Shows a map of America lmao..

    3. Micah Curry

      0:00 I'm telling you that is objectively the best intro ever.

    4. Thomas Ralfenson

      just google Woodglut :))

    5. Sophia Low

      I did it with the Stodoys plans.

    6. Austin Lake

      Now I know where to propose one I really think it will be the only question capable of getting my future bride to leave that store once I take her there.

    7. Sophia Low

      I know you can find solutions to this problem in the Stodoys plans.

    8. Derek Placeholder

      So you didn't really recycle this beam, you just turned it into a piece of kitsch. It's not structural; it's decorative.

    9. Mary Lagua

      It does look cozy

    10. WastedDad

      feels like i watched this yesterday

    11. Mary Lagua

      It’s beautiful ..

    12. That one Guy

      It's not square with crown mold that would bother me soooooo much 9.29

    13. Marcus Wardle

      Why do Americans think this is ‘so awesome’! Here in England there are loads of these places. I needed some doors for my place, looked online, find a place, went and bought my doors.

    14. Mary Lagua

      It’s beautiful. :)

    15. ratel

      its cool but def larping

    16. Craig Grunenfelder

      the out of level edges on the beam against the crown modeling would drive me nuts. I wonder what people will say in 80 years when someone is taking apart that house for reclaimed wood.

    17. Rhyme& Reason

      That place reminds me of Hippo Hardware in Portland Oregon.

    18. Dik Burns


    19. Terry Alldredge

      Randomly found this video while searching for methods to install old beams. I live in Cullman, grew up playing sports with Kolby, my grandparents lived a few houses down from Garland's family and I couldn't contain my excitement when your camera displayed Southern Accent's front door. Small world! Great video.

    20. José Villa

      Hello fresh is so fresh he got rid of his refrigerator

    21. Brandon Crider

      so that door was free and they sell it for 1k, i need to get in on that ;)

    22. Awdhoot Kanawade

      I have same beams in my house those 3 beams are taking all the weight of roof

    23. Josh John

      Was there a reason they didn't just router that beam out instead of going to all that trouble with chisel and circular saw?

    24. Derek Dacus

      How did you love woodwordking and not get into timberframing?

    25. mac spelle

      so it´s all just fake!

    26. Scotty Catman

      "That'd be too easy" I love saying things like that when someone simplifies an overly-complicated operation

    27. Marcus Robinson

      thanks i hate it.

    28. EzerArthiom

      Such a carnage to watch those old beams to be cut from inside

    29. Matthew Hart

      "I thought you've been here ten times already"💀

    30. engalvan

      Looks stupid. Instead you are using a real item for a fake purpose. You just payed more for it. Doesn’t look like it belongs.

    31. broe5010 broe5010

      Those are as old as Canada!

    32. Nathan Morcos

      Why is this SO COOL? I love it!

    33. Bartosz Kołodziej

      8:05 well jokes on you because my kitchen actually has beams that are a part of the sealing [we were renovating an old shop]

    34. Shannan Schisler

      woodprix is nice for that.

    35. Alexander’s Adventures

      These folks are really COOL!!!

    36. ofdlttwo

      I so appreciate your admiration of old milling and construction. I don't know that I would make it "fit" in your house but I truly appreciate you sharing. Please do more video's like this. I would love to share some pics of a small 8' x 10' recycled "she shed" I built for my wife. I think you would dig it.

    37. Xan Cee

      southern humor is so hilarious

    38. Roy Singh


    39. Nate Law

      han hune

    40. Kevin Allen

      Love it! We did the same exact thing in my parents house with beams we got tearing down a huge barn

    41. mbossman2

      What kind of wood is it? Tree.

    42. bau m haus

      Hey Destin, maybe you could continue your woodworking series and showing how a house using such techniques would actually be made? Maybe if you d ask some amish if they d agree showing how they do build those? Or maybe other such old technique and ways to work stuff. I mean this is really interesting.

    43. Dustin Nielson

      After years of loving your science, physics and facts (as much as I respect your beliefs), I felt a little disappointed to hear you go to church - I'll get over it, just feel like there's a difference.

      1. Dustin Nielson

        Religion is like those beams - decorative - not structural.

    44. Cade Miller

      RIP cullmon tornadoes are headed straight toward them

    45. Ga Wa

      The thing about Hello Fresh is that I would need them to deliver to my house.

    46. Fri3nd's

      My old home in my home country Lithuania is 230+ years old with still original beams and rooms. When ever I visit it, it always seems fascinating and cosy even though a lot of paint is already covering most of the wood due to its age, I mean at this point my dad who is a really good builder had to put metal frame poles to hold up the house a bit better since every time there is a storm you can see the houses wobble due to its age.

    47. uk53781

      My Grandparents house is coming up to 275 years old, yet even that has a fake beam that my dad helped put in in the 80s.

    48. Hello Sweetheart

      10:40 so much waste with plastic bottles and bags it's not supposed to be this way people. Our planet is becoming a dump so is our oceans. I'm so glad I live in Michigan where the water is fresh and people don't throw excessive amounts of garbage in our waters. Life isn't supposed to be so busy that you can't make time to plan and prepare your dinner for God's sake I hope I made at least one person realize how important it is for our next generation of people to avoid wasteful things such as a premade meal👍

    49. Hello Sweetheart

      10:40 so much waste with plastic bottles and bags it's not supposed to be this way people. Our planet is becoming a dump so is our oceans. I'm so glad I live in Michigan where the water is fresh and people don't throw excessive amounts of garbage in our waters. Life isn't supposed to be so busy that you can't make time to plan and prepare your dinner for God's sake I hope I made at least one person realize how important it is for our next generation of people to avoid wasteful things such as a premade meal👍

    50. InSaNe GaMeR

      Great reflexes 8:13

    51. jimbobbyrnes

      the problem is when something looks structural someone actually tries to use it as structural

    52. Min Z

      my god making videos can be paying, good job

    53. Baba Ayman

      WTF, those nice beams put in as decoration.... Your friend took the easy way out, it would have been possible to put those in as actual support beams

    54. thenamethatwasntaken

      I hope there aren't many earthquakes where you live! That mantle piece is cool, but I feel like those beams are going to crush something in that room one day.

    55. Ethan Crouch

      I didn’t know you had lived in Cullman, that’s really cool.

    56. ivyanatomy

      Shame on you Destin for recommending a company that blatantly rips off their customers by charging $10.00 plus dollars for cheap meals. You need to be "Smarter" yourself once in a while. Thanks to your fraudulent plug and misleading plug for your sponsor I can no longer trust you or support your sponsors, after learning of yours and their deceptive business practices. $40.00 for a two-person dinner, seriously? Please get a clue and begin filtering your sponsors, if you haven't already. I, for one, would have been much "Smarter" for not subscribing to your videos. Mark my word - it won't happen again.

    57. kashabash

      My Hand Hewn beam is only 149 years old...wdid?

    58. omzig18

      I live in an old house from the 30s and when I tore out the bathroom floor ( it was rotten) I found the main beams were 16x16 hand hewn cedar i wish i could do this with them but they are holding my house up.

    59. shin1300

      I always thought woods are fragile building material, but seeing those beams & doors came from 1800's I have a new appreciation for them

      1. Archer

        We have a lot of old barns, like the one those beams come out of, were I live. When one gets torn down, they remove the roof, all the wall boards and doors, till it is just a skeleton of beams. Then they have to use tractors and/or semis to pull the beam frame to make it collapse. Today's lumber can't hold a candle to the old wood.

    60. xian01000101

      Borax is used as a poison to insects, I have made borax baits for ants and roaches with jelly and borax. The borax will kill the insects and other insects may eat the dead ones killing them too. Also hugely helpful, borax is a great fire retardant used by old theaters on curtains and wood.

    61. Sigurd Kalles

      i like that he says that "people come from all over the world" and then shows a map of america xD

    62. Donut wallet

      im going to wallace next year for robotics and i live in fultondale you should try to do a video about kamtek i do robotics maintenance there

      1. Donut wallet

        its an automotive plant

    63. eduardo gonzalez

      That place must be dry af to keep that in good condition

    64. Kyle Kowalczyk

      I love seeing the wide variety of interests and skills on this channel. Not only do you work on cutting edge rocket tech, but can also bring new life into something hand made from over 100 years ago.

    65. Kastrinatisharatanay

      as an architect I'm absolutely horryfied

    66. Os

      Borax is harmless to humans huh? Guess you find out something new everyday

      1. Lo Tek

        *"in this application"

    67. Henry McCausland

      you are almost as good as linus from ltt at segways

    68. Matthew Calle

      i just realized that i grew up not that far from you i in walker county

    69. Grant Erskine

      My crackhead step-dad had a house that looked like that antique shop, just with more scrap aluminum.

    70. AirsickCashew

      please don't tell me hes calling it a mortise and TENDON

    71. Spruce Wayne

      Man, you're my hero!

    72. A Casual Escaped SCP

      That transition was smooth as slightly wrinkled sink

    73. Nannette Battista

      Enjoy woodprix woodworking instructions.

    74. Seerat Kalsi

      Alabama 100?

    75. Stacey Lee

      Is your fridge missing in this video?

    76. Junior DONY

      USA- 150 year beams . . south INDIA- Hold my roof

    77. lasser

      Living in a 150 year old house with lots of hand hewn beams out of the 17th and 18th century everywhere which are REAL structural elements this looks a bit superficial to me. But ok, different strokes for different people… But there would have been better ways to do the botching ;-) Do a better job in measuring the ceiling next time and use the already existing holes and checks to fasten the beam. And a wooden nail is slimmer on one side and looks beated on the other…

    78. Eric Taylor

      You should check out the Old Faithful Inn. The oldest part of the building looks like a rustic old cabin but it is actually a modern (if a 115 year old building can be considered "modern") steel frame building. But all the steel is clad with wood taken from the local pine forest.

    79. Eric Taylor

      8:13 Nice catch.

    80. Shehan Saleem

      Wow, Antique Wood looks Awesome

    81. AnFer

      Thank you, I may need that some day 😂😂

    82. John

      so many things wrong with that. But! lust for looks, right. lol

    83. Kilr Debario

      borax is an endocrine perturbator just so you know

    84. Ben Searle

      Your wife honestly looks like she could be your sibling

    85. Josh Chappell

      Where's your refrigerator?

    86. Hi? Lol

      Destin:slabs? Me:thinks of Minecraft

    87. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

      T.V so high it would give neck pain....😕 I loved the fan though and fireplace wood!

    88. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

      beam fell on Batman in Batman

    89. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

      why you need a tons of weight hanging on your wooden roof with screws in a wooden house with kids? it looks posh but I would not risk so much weight hanging.

    90. John Stutz

      Well Hello Fresh

    91. John Chamy

      swag..... UP! xD

    92. Sammy

      I love when Destin's accent comes out

    93. L

      Initially I thought this video is about removing these old beams from your house

    94. Mätä Matthias

      I have about 280 in my home... i want to remove them

    95. ittotaq

      That catch though lol

    96. Lorentari

      As an engineer from Scandinavia what blew my mind the most about this video is when you said you go to church - I did not see that one coming..

    97. Vern Black

      Destin you are the best! I’m so happy to hear that you go to church

    98. A O

      That notching had to be nerve racking. Great work.

    99. Jake Bake

      codys lab is great

    100. CBC

      My architect senses are offended.