How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246

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    So what about the Pizza Recipe?
    There's a thing called the "Armed Forces Recipe Service"
    It's not your Grandma's Cook Book
    Open this document and Ctrl+F for
    "MEAT, FISH, AND POULTRY No.L 165 00"
    I didn't know what "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce was. Here's an amazon affiliate link:
    There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
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    Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I don't know why... but this was one of my favorite videos from the Deep Dive Series. It's so... personal and real. I had no idea that food is literally THE limiting factor on a submarine's ability to dive. Also, I had no idea meals were such a big deal for morale (Ice Cream on Waffles totally works by the way). I have an email list here if you'd like to get an email when I upload a video: Thank you to those who have recently chosen to support Smarter Every Day on Patreon ( ) . You're awesome, and I hope you have received your baseball! I've been seeing a lot of posts on twitter of people showing me photos of their baseball and it's awesome!! If you have not received your yet, please check for status updates! I'm grateful for your support and hope you really enjoy this one. The next video is both amazing certifiably insane, so please look forward to that! Regards, Destin

      1. HS

        When on deployment or in are focused on your task and very little else. Small distractions of familiarity or comfort....are magnified in importance. In layman's terms....what the everyday citizen takes for a luxury for us.

      2. vlk

        can I get the recipe looks mad good feed'

      3. David Elkins

        On NR-1 they had frozen TV dinners to eat.

      4. OYXOT TV

        Loved the honesty and the complexity of the ship and its crew.

      5. Filiolus

        Amazing/quite an interesting video topic. Thanks for covering it

    2. Snappity

      North Korea watching this video: NOTE IT DOWN! NOTE IT DOWN!!

    3. Snappity

      Imagine the cook just locks the door while Destin was in there and audibly say: “You’re our fresh meat now.” Followed by an overlapping chanting

    4. IdahoAir

      God bless these folks serving on these U.S. Navy subs. I think that would have been a very interesting career path.

    5. Mars S

      Your kids are going to make you so proud...

    6. Fargo West

      I always wondered if they watched Down Periscope on submarines..

    7. Vito's Vids

      Man to think the chefs have so much stuff to keep track of. Mad respect to those folks. They heart of the men is in their stomach, the morale has never been higher. I can now see that pizza will be in space sooner or later.

    8. Rex Roselo

      Nice now all i need now is a submarine now where can i find a cheap one hmmmm

    9. Jarylle

      We gotta make Gordon Ramsey inspect that fridge.

    10. Christian Svendsen

      The people on that sub seem super cool.

    11. Liebray of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

      J-roc has come a long way since Sunnyvale trailer park.

    12. Uncle Ned

      Yeah, having good food is bare minimum for submarine crews. They don't even get the benefit of long duration space crews being able to look out a window. Their whole existence underway is measured by clocks and meals. No day/night reference, no temperature changes, none of the stuff we take for granted here on the surface. It's very isolated with minimal to no interaction with anyone or anything outside the sub itself. In many ways, these submarines are a good model for how interplanetary trips will be handled once those start happening because of similar levels of isolation. However, again, the deep space voyagers can still see the stars out the window, submariners have no windows. Nothing to see that's not in the submarine.

    13. Eric Huntington

      Where dose the smoke go?

    14. Patrick Keefe

      I'm getting claustrophobic just *watching* this video!

    15. Richard Johnson

      Our service men and women deserve the best.

    16. Ralph Turner

      I hope the crew gets some vegetables and fruit. All the food you've shown us is pretty unhealthy. Deep fried food... even pizza is not particularly healthy [refined flour, and lots of salt].

    17. reverse_boss1

      Like your cut g

    18. billys bikes

      im really interested in the shape of subs and how they try to create a laminar flow to reduce drag. like why are they round at the front and pointy at the back and why they are faster submerged due to less (cavitation? suction? water lift? not sure the correct term) that is created on the surface but is not present when submerged! some really crazy maths from what i can work out you cant actually simulate you have to build a model to test as you cant predict what each molecule of water will do effectively!? i have only looked into it for 10 mins on google but i thought you would be the guy to delve deep into the physics.

    19. Dmitri Ruban

      Do they use Corelle plates for eating?

    20. swotrucker

      Love the video dude!

    21. ShowALK

      "Can't grow food" Couldn't UV lamps help grow small amounts of food? Of course, you'd need more nutrients for the soil (or hydroponics) eventually, but that could extend lifetime somewhat.

    22. Ron


    23. 737- Aviation

      I have a question what was the thing behind the pizza called ‘bug juice’

    24. Ryu50767

      everything taste like chicken to these dumb g.i. joes anyway. i didn't eat pizza for years, I gain some knowledge and standards as I grew up I guess.

    25. Steve Blixt

      Seems like making a pizza IN a submarine would be a lot easier to do, since you wouldn't have to deal with all that water which could result in very soggy pizza.

    26. Range Ryder

      only subs have deep fat fryers now?? I didnt know that. I was on a DDG and we used those all the time. Why did they get rid of them? It cant be because fire safety because youd get rid of the ones on subs first if that were the case.

    27. Afro Duck

      meat only my man


      North Korea left the chat....

    29. Salty Jo

      Wow... great to have fresh bread and fresh pizzas. These guys are underrated . Should be appreciated more. Eat well, serve well.

    30. Gaming With Illuminati

      You can tell how rare for them to see a new face by how excited they are

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Amazing video man

    31. Yashwant R

      13:32 he is like my school teacher nagging lmao

      1. Yashwant R

        @nieooj gotoy ye please enlighten me

      2. nieooj gotoy

        Anyone else wondering what “Bug Juice” is?

    32. Javi C

      08:45 this guy is us literally

    33. EmeraldMiner

      Is it just me or does Tyler Sokane (the side cook) look a lot like Harry Melling?

    34. Bad Boi bears

      Underwater deep dish

    35. AngelTheVoo

      This is actually super wholesome

    36. AngelTheVoo

      This looks so amazing!!! I never imagined that people in submarines baked things from scratch! That’s wayyy awesome!!!

    37. Pad Padangz

      7:08 - dude, I've worked in tighter spaces than that

    38. LightShaymin

      thank you sir now i have to buy pizza

    39. Marcus Medina

      🇨🇳 be like 😲🤤😭

    40. Steve Meehan

      I was a cook on the USS NATHAN HALE SSBN 623. Back from 83-87. I wish my kitchen was that big. We had pizza night too. Thanks for the memories. MS2/SS

    41. Geoff Kirk

      That food looks delicious that would deffo boost morale

    42. Ethan Ward

      Literal Pizza Time

    43. telaphoneman1


    44. Sillyzombie666

      OK IM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW at the start of the video i said out loud...the only things i know about subs is from the movie down periscope but i bet if they said that to them they would be pissed.....during their movie night...they are watching down periscope... thats awesome

    45. Sillyzombie666

      does it happen ...noo nooo the back YES YES YES

    46. Dustin Nesbitt

      Anyone else wondering what “Bug Juice” is?

    47. Tryin toohard

      6:43 that mans arms are very very different sizes

    48. Robert Kroeber

      Whats behind this "Radiation Area" door?!?

    49. CracklyPeach

      they eat good! as they should. good to see.

    50. Arthur Levitsky

      Do they eat subs on a sub?

    51. Ba

      Are they still keeping you hostage in the sub, Justin?

    52. Boxable Socks

      NEXT: put gordon ramsey on the boat and have him make something

    53. W0lF

      5:49 180 people?! I thought submarines were kinda like a 30 person operation lol

    54. Reavermyst

      "Are we allowed to say that" Well the officers want to be fed right?

    55. TheWatchingEye

      Imagine hiding from Corona in a submarine

    56. Ken Mandu

      But is it all you can eat?

    57. Alex Thompson

      No one else seems to be saying this, but the "Blade Cafe" is probably named after Toledo Ohio's local Newspaper The Toledo Blade.

    58. Jacob Opstad

      I'm glad to know that the people working on submarines are getting good food.

    59. qopoy dnon

      7:06 "one of the most challenging things is space" bumps his head whilst saying it

    60. Mohammed Abdul Mannan

      The new among us map

      1. qopoy dnon

        They have better food then me

    61. Michael J. Penney

      This is very fun to watch. I was in the Marine infantry for eight years. So, it's fun to see what the rest of the team is up to while we are focused on our mission. The entire military is fascinating. We each have our own methods for tackling the mission. In the Corps, we didn't have nearly as high quality chow. We mostly ate Meals Ready to Eat, MREs, or Tray Rations, which are steamed trays with prepared meals. On my final tour to Afghanistan, I was embedded as an advisor. That meant only eating Afghan food the whole time. It's all about high fat intake to keep your brain moving while weight falls off the body. I went there 235 and came back 189. Just different from being on a submarine, that's all. They wouldn't want to walk through minefields. I don't want to be stuck inside with no light underwater for a month at a time. The U.S. military is the greatest team effort on earth. God bless each and every one of them. Semper fidelis - ALWAYS.

    62. Jonathan Wilson

      I can't believe they actually allowed people to smoke on submarines until somewhat recently (mid 2010s I think). Second only to a spaceship in outer space, a submarine deep under the ocean seems like the last place you would want to allow people to smoke.

    63. A R

      My best guess without watching the video would be - in an oven.

    64. MN SHP

      why cant they grow food, they have a huge amount of energy and water on demand ?

    65. Craig Townsend

      I really hope you are just talking about Pizza as in the food.. the US Navy are known to be Illuminati Pirates who feed of little boys (pizza) - Let's hope you are a good freemason, not a dodgy illuminati.

    66. ACIDDxGxnzTerz- #01

      Tf halpen to the first guy hair

    67. Peter

      Submarines are scary AF dude lol.

    68. cisco32544

      Anyone else wondering why there's a "CAUTION RADIATION AREA" sign in the kitchen? 10:32

      1. HoboGrifter

        The other side of that wall is the reactor

    69. Robert Maheu

      interesting that the chef have to ask to enter chiefs eating area. In the Canadian forces the chefs are top boss of a mess and technically outrank everyone but of course a fine line to officers as privilege's only go so far.

    70. Marshal Jim Duncan

      What happens if the freezer breaks down?

    71. Skyler Smith

      Just a tad bit of radiation goes a long way, especially in a submarine and maybe even your pizza.

    72. Joey Toon

      For all the "what is bug juice?", people. Bug juice is just kool-aid. Just the government off, off, off brand. Came in a brown packet and said something like "unsweetened cherry drink", or whatever flavor you were looking for.

    73. Basti

      seems like the biggest threat to us navy still is scurvy and diabetes... now for real, do they eat some fruit or vegetables at least some times?

    74. John Meerabux

      Why not just get the common ingredients for the Carolina Gold BBQ sauce? They are available in most places of the world. Even Worcestershire sauce isn't listed as ingredient in all recipes so no brands required.

    75. iG W

      cool man.. unbelievable how everything fits and is orchestrated in a submarine.. that's some great team

    76. Lukas Emile

      They have better food then me

    77. jffry890

      Did the LT fall asleep on watch or something? Looks like he had a few bad run-ins with a razor just the day prior.

    78. Robert Jimenez

      Thank you!

    79. X X

      if a person dies inside a submarine where is the body stored as long as the submarine is still on tour?

    80. The Swartz crew

      Thats a ridiculously large clock for such a small room hahaha

    81. Marko Grba

      Wow. Awesome. Thank you for the video. Has the food always been that good or not? I just smiled through the whole video. So glad those lads have great chow down there. Amazing. Pizza from scratch. They eat waaaay better food than I do at my job. Such a morale booster to have a proper meal. At my job, some workers resort to bringing their own food to work.

    82. Freudfan

      Chiefs easy life

    83. hunter suggs

      What happened to that dudes hair?

    84. QuantumBraced

      Honestly, after so much pizza, mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers, I'd be craving a fresh tomato...

    85. QuantumBraced

      It would be cool if they served subs...

      1. nieooj gotoy

        there with a huge ceremony. I got him to autograph my copy and he wrote an entire paragraph to me. One of my most prized possessions from a true american hero.

    86. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

      submarine food might be "better" that doesn't mean it's good

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Great episode. As a former Surface Warfare Officer, I always love seeing how the bubbleheads live. And I love that you're plugging Thunder Below. Great Book. I got my copy as

    87. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

      let me guess, they use an oven? did i win?

    88. Spark Frost

      Still fine on submarine than satellite n space... 😂🤣 the food i mean

    89. w b

      Just think of how wasteful all of this is. We are paying these guys to do effectively nothing. I don't feel safer knowing that these frat boys are just cruising around with weapons that could end humanity. We could use those resources to take care of our own people instead of perpetuating a cold war with imagined enemies.

    90. 2aesthetic4me

      What happens when you´re under ice in an submarine and get something unexpected like an heart attack or maybe an stroke?

    91. mohd nor

      How they tost trash

    92. G K

      3:20 That dude in the back is reminding me of Orange is the new black...

    93. Manish Singha

      The whole submarine looks so claustrophobic. Very narrow lanes to walk, tiny dining space. Hats off to the sailors who live there for 30-40 days at stretch

    94. Michael Anthony

      Where's the tossed baby arugula salad with a light vinaigrette?? This vessel should be renamed the Ron Swanson.

    95. chipmunk3k

      im curious as to the water they desalinate do they keep some on the ship in a pressurised container? or do the desalinate on demand ?

    96. The numbskull

      this is something we all need to know

    97. XxACO11xX

      What kind of gaming systems do they have on there? He mentioned they play madden and watch loads of TV while eating. Seems awesome LOL

    98. Lemon

      Peter Parker would be proud.

    99. Robert Heinkel

      I have seen walk in freezers, but can honestly say I have never seen a crawl in freezer!

    100. Gearloose

      Of all these videos, that thing at 7:04 puzzles and scares me the most.