How to MINE OPAL gems in the OUTBACK - Smarter Every Day 164

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    Opal can be created by plants!
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    1. northern banter

      I like him 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Cody Caldera

      This guy is incredible, it’s like he’s known you for 20 years “I’m going to go get an axe pick, you busy?”

    3. frederick dion

      his good to be with he can be my uncle grandpa

    4. David Vader

      Destin: “Diamond, sapphire, or ruby... are just a colored rock.” Me: a geologist no

    5. Adrian

      έ τον καρντάση

    6. PLATINUM 08

      Minecraft youtubers be like: sO i dId sOmE mInInG oF cAmErA....

    7. Helmholtz the Mule Watson

      This really is some dumbshit though. People are dying so someone can have shiny sparkle.

    8. Prem Bhatta

      In every video no need to say (hey it's me dustin) just come on the point.😁😁

    9. Tim Sullivan

      "Where you live - Alabama? Ah...THAT'S why you don't know!" LOL!

    10. Sharif Selim

      Ohh boy, That old man accent should be used as character voice in call of Duty Mobile...

    11. Dogeinator

      He's so funny

    12. Quaff

      did he just show a dead person?

    13. pantelis portantaris


    14. pantelis portantaris

      omg the guys sound greeck the miner

    15. maymay ip


    16. William Swedin

      I realize this video is pretty old and my comment might be missed by him, but you really should look at labradorite and indonesian moss agate if you want to see more mind-bending minerals.

    17. Charlene Woods

      Bruh... 1# Rule NEVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN

    18. Alexander The great

      Dude wtf I'm from Greece top

    19. bjeweled21

      Love, love Georgie!

    20. Sharon Lewis

      Lmao, “where you from, Alabama”. Who knew shafts from tunnels. He’s sharp as a tack.. gotta love him.

      1. Sharon Lewis

        One thing I’ve noticed with these opal miners have in common is, at the moment they hit colour they seem to have a surge of adrenaline. One miner said at that point they don’t feel tired, and their pain goes away and they keep working that area with their hearts racing. Sounds like a natural high. Wish you could have got that rush when he found that colour, I bet it’s inexplicable.

    21. Shahmeer Adnan

      Destin: is from Alabama also, his wife looks like him suspicion intensifies

    22. Jae Lou

      Aww Georgie is so precious 🥺 I love old men who are like him. Just sweet funny and like “ehh I just climb out”

    23. Accubond 300

      I am convinced this man should be famous. "You can still do it?" " What I put the rope for?"

    24. muhamad firdaus

      that (dad) joke hahahahahha 5:40

    25. nrpyxd

      Ngl he kinda sounded like Lightning Mcqueen to me at 9:28

    26. Austin Gready

      this brings a new meaning of ¨granpa strength¨

    27. Unbox Perfection

      this is the funniest episode yet

    28. Rey Parham

      “Can you still climb the rope?” “Well, what do you think it’s for?”

    29. Cryptos Cryptos

      this old guy should have his own show

    30. ZenithXL ಠ_ಠ

      That old man is really nice

    31. Marina Simmons

      "You can still do it?" "then why i put the rope for?" He is a character.

    32. The Beast

      Gorge your crazy man !! 😂😂😂😂

    33. NCSludgefactory

      Wish you did n hour of this for more details especially when it came time to cut and polish it and the worth of it, regardless this video got me pretty interested in the subject

    34. 15x

      mans has the space stone in the thumbnail

    35. Scout Ops

      My birthstone is an opal

    36. tswrench

      Hopefully, Georgie is rich.

    37. Mitchell Jack

      I like the guy, but you should have got an Aussie accent

    38. JamesQFA380

      When I heard outback I was like I know there are some remote places in America but I didn't think they were that remote. I didn't realise it was the Australian outback. The Australian outback is remote, come visit us again! - Australian viewer.

    39. Ghola

      "where you live? Alabama? Ah yes that's why you don't know"

    40. Tish Smiddy

      Thank you 💕 love Opals

    41. Allen W

      Old guys like this are a gem themself. They too have a high value.

    42. Ollie Wallace

      And old Greek man who's been living in the out back since the 60s . I'm surprised there wasn't more swearing TBH.

    43. Umar Vayani

      Each opal cost in a range of 30 to +50000 dollars depending on the purity level(carat), the job is indeed profitable but it is also dangerous and needs some mining experience.

    44. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God..

    45. rTk

      you're not my friend, you are my brother my friend

    46. Hamm Squad

      Thanks! Very helpful!

    47. Dice Blue

      Official petition for Destin to release more of the footage from this - we need a behind the scenes 👇

    48. Dice Blue

      8:30 "you busy?" destin, stuck down a hole... uh not right now...

    49. Dice Blue

      6:24 - why he's greek, you're safe

    50. Dice Blue

      5:40 pure gold


      Should have gone to lightning ridge, that's where the real opal is, black opal 👌

    52. whotknots

      While serving as a police officer in the region from 1996 to 2004 I mined opal in my spare time. Gadassi became a valued and trusted friend and mentor who would no doubt remember my close friend, police colleague and mining mate and I as George and Mick. As you no doubt learned for yourself from his remarks like 'yeah or what I put the rope there for?' Gadassi's sense of humor is as dry as an outback summer and his intense, almost limitless energy is analogous to the explosives he uses to mine. Have no doubt that Gadassi can swarm up a safety rope so fast he virtually pops out of a shaft like a cork. On one occasion while prospecting old claims his generator broke down so Gadassi climbed a regular shaft freehand without the benefit of a safety rope. When he did so that time he startled the heck out of Judy who was waiting at the top of the shaft he originally went down when he walked up behind her. He is kind, generous, wise in the ways of life and men, as sharp as a razor blade and tough as the chisel on a jackhammer (as a young man he was a sergeant in the Greek army). My mate George and I enjoyed the hospitality of Gadassi and his late wife Judie at their home in Coober Pedy on numerous occasions. Gadassi helped George and I in many ways from advice on mining from safety to geology and guiding us with regard to pegging a claim. (The shaft on that one was 100 feet deep) He also classed the occasional bit of opal for us and all the while generously imparted his almost limitless knowledge and understanding of all things related to opal. You could not have had a better guide and mentor during your stay in Coober Pedy than Gadassi, he is a bit of a local legend among people who know gem quality in men when they encounter it. (He wasn't joking about the ladies either and I assure you it is a subject he takes seriously indeed.) If he is your friend, be certain that it is for life.

    53. Mysterious Gamer

      5:37 The man is too OP

    54. Kyrox Productions

      They are searching for opal at height 13...

    55. Scott Polk

      best guide ever!! Georgie is the man!!!

    56. William Custodio

      1969 nice

    57. toygun48

      All i wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman...

    58. shane haws

      Yet all over the PNW if y poi u know where to look you can find opal.... and you dont nes a passport!

    59. Silver Scythe

      I'm surprised the place isn't strip mined yet.

    60. Shredders Copal

      My name is copal

    61. Rafael Gerk

      Its wonderfull to see that u dont plan everything and are very openminded and ask people if u could join. Sorry for my bad grammer.

    62. Anna-marie Levinson

      My birth stone a opall

    63. Random Gamer

      Weres george we miss him...

    64. Will

      Georgie, even though we’ll probably never meet, your vibes are impeccable and marvelous

    65. MrKangdon

      He is saying "kala" (Greek for "good") not "colour". lol.

    66. MrKangdon

      "If I couldn't, why would I put the rope?" You really walked into that one, Destin.

    67. richardj ellis

      Why don't they mine shafts like they do with coal, silver, copper etc etc.? Why keep drilling single holes down to the level they need to be at.? Is it because it's not capable of holding up.? Would it collapse if done like the other methods.?

    68. richardj ellis

      I don't understand how the hole got bored larger at the bottom.? I've got lots of different types of drill bit, but none can do magic tricks like that one has.🤔.

    69. Nikolai Shriver

      The great courses is actually a really cool service, my GF had access to that for one of her classes and we ended up watching a ton of cooking shows. One of the few video services worth paying for. This video was awesome lol

    70. Theodore Hellen

      Υασου α ρε φίλε!!

    71. Theodore Hellen

      Omg I would have totally translated for you! What’s was George’s last name?!? Would love to know if my grandma knows him!

    72. snmo noob

      not only women like pretty things on their ears :l

    73. Mary Lagua

      They are beautiful!!

    74. Watson Harrell

      Jesus loves you brochachoz

    75. Samuel Varner

      8:46 am i in a dream

    76. Raymond Sims

      You were in a hole, by yourself, with no way out. And he came back for you. He's your friend! lol That was awesome! One of the best episodes!

    77. Some Dumb Ozzie

      Going from a major city to Coober Pedy is not only like visiting Mars its like time travelling, time stands still out there, nothing much has happened for millions if not billions of years.

    78. Skinny to the feet

      This old dude is funnier than most comedians

    79. Happy Tripper

      It’s like mine craft just holes to the bottom of the map all over the place

    80. Christian

      3 years later and I've now bought a gem cutting machine and I am saving up to take a trip to Australia to mine opals myself. Thank you

    81. Ben Scott

      Georgie is the true uncut gem

    82. Waffle God

      Dream job

    83. Gretchen L'Hommedieu

      I would love to take a Great Courses class. But this video old. I wonder if that offer is still available.

    84. Matt Majcan

      lmfao when you guys talked about pegging

    85. Joseph Gaines

      To bad George couldn't be in more videos. That guy is great!

    86. Jacob Mire

      That man has esp

    87. Lëë Sin Only

      5:30 ahahhaha

    88. Alerxz twist kid

      he is still strong and active at that age

    89. vrindavan sanap

      What if stuff starts falling in?

    90. boncret

      Greeks are the best!

    91. SpetsnatzLegion 336

      Georgie is an all-round great guy. Yes I know it’s an understatement I just couldn’t figure out the exact way to phrase his awesomeness.

    92. _ Abdu

      Its okay to watch in 1.25x

    93. Alpha4Sierra

      Occupational Health and Safety workers are sweating watching this video lol.

    94. Jaime Leogárdo

      I watched a show with Mike Rowe a few years back, and he complained about all the flies in this place - looks like nothing's changed, seeing as how the dude has flies all over his face close to the end, despite maybe 15 years going by.

    95. B B

      Georgie is brilliant

    96. William D Smith

      Australia is a strange place, filled with some very odd people. Unfortunately, they are a dying breed as the pampered ones slowly take over.

    97. Seppe Cornille

      Still one of my favorite vids, keep up the good work!

    98. Chris Rockett

      Georgie is awesome!

    99. Andreas Zis

      I love that old man, τον λατρεύω

    100. Jarrett L