How to record Slow Motion Sounds (Exploding Tomato at 60,000fps) - Smarter Every Day 184

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    Publicerades den 2 år sedan


    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Checkout the Behind the Scenes video of Gordon making the sounds. It's pretty ridiculous.

      1. Carson Feathers

        LIES ALL LIES :D

      2. Jēkabs M

        So the sounds are fake..

      3. Wintermute

        Not to be nitpicky but, this should be titled "How we do Foley for High Speed Videos" NOT "How we record sound at 60k fps." I don't think it's clickbait but, I'm disappointed it wasn't about capturing sound at ultrahigh sample rates... But it was still a good video!

      4. Chris Pearson

        @SmarterEveryDay can you blow something up , while shooting the projectile slo-mo camera at it (timing it just at the right time). That would be really cool!

      5. Devin du Plessis

        SmarterEveryDay hey that’s Reaper! 😁👌🏿

    2. Albert Michalec

      It's all a lie! Everything's a lie!!!

    3. Goku 4

      If you turn on the auto generated subtitles , it'll show "Demon sounds here" & " Stirring Macaroni" 😂 at tomato explosion around 7:00

    4. How to Suck at Gaming

      so the answer is: foley.

    5. Sabi1234567890Asdf

      Not so fun fact... In canada all fireworks are illegal unless you are between oct 26 12 am and Nov 1 12 pm. (Unless you are licenced). I have never heard of anyone bring charged but it's in the criminal code.

    6. Allie So

      thankyou ..Awesome !,,

    7. blueboyblue

      An M80 is like an 1/8th stick of Dynamite. It goes off like a cannon. That was not more than an M80. You don't want to be withing 6ft of an M80 when it goes off.

    8. Vikas Gaiwal

      Finally it's became birthday orange 😂😂

    9. Roberta Cristina

      no i dint enjoy because the tometo sound

    10. Sharc Blazer

      Yeah I figured the sounds were faked, slowing down sounds makes them distort.

    11. MrKfq269

      When I was a kid, an m-80 would take your fingers off and then some. I don't know what that was at 3:25. M-90? Yeah ok. Maybe an m-.005.

    12. Jeffrey Skaggs

      I found it interesting that your "blink reaction" didn't happen until that stray seed hit your nose... I know you can tell how many ms it was between explosion and blink and it may just be normal reaction time but it just seemed like perfect timing as far as the "blink"/"flinch". Appreciate your videos!

    13. #41337

      Using fake sounds is tantamount to using photoshop to spice up the slowmo footage. It's anti-science in the name of popular appeal.

    14. Michael Zdanis

      He's a foley artist. Sound design has been made this way since the dawn of sound motion pictures.

    15. T G

      I would love to hear what the actual sound slowed down sounds like!

    16. Alex1 Popovich

      i have the same multitool as him

    17. Five Head

      I guess I shouldn’t have watched this

    18. Andrew Granger

      its funny lol that M-90 only has 50 mg of flash powder in it lol a real m-80 had between 3 to 3.7 grams of flash powder in it lol you would NOT want your face that close!!! lol

    19. Helvius

      Im never gonna be able to see slow motion footage the same way again after hearing the audio is fake '>v>

    20. Tim Farrell

      Isn't this essentially what a Foley artist does for movies?

    21. unfa

      Awesome sound work! I'd personally do a little less reverb though :D Thank you for sharing your process, Gordon!

    22. Rogtilop

      That sudden Gavin Free legit scared me

    23. Ayush Agrawal

      Plot twist: Gordan is HowToBasic.

    24. kubilay celiker

      So it’s fake?.. great.

    25. Cargo_Vroom

      How about an honest title like "How a Foley Artist Works"

    26. Robert Bennett

      How to record FAKE sounds to seem like there was sound to begin with.

    27. Ctrlas Altas

      why fake slomo? huh.. :(

    28. lookwhoscomin

      Skip the bs and go straight to 5:15

    29. Light Ning

      M80s back in the day would take your hand off. Don't know what that little bang was that you made.

    30. Shalome

      *demon sounds here* was a nice touch in the captions haha

    31. Private Name

      Its called foley. Big budget films have foley artists. Its really interesting stuff. For example: all the punching sounds in Indiana Jones were made by hitting a pile of leather jackets that was lying on a bed with a baseball bat.

    32. cy-one

      "Psychoacustically that is what we want." Now he's just making up words >.

    33. Beastly

      that orange looks like a lemon?

    34. Vikram Bhat

      These sounds could be used for horror trailers

    35. The Game Challenger

      Bro that was awesome!

    36. Dylan Craig

      "Tomatoes don't sound like tomatoes on film, you gotta use oranges." "What do you do if you want something that sounds like an orange?" "Eh, usually we just tape a bunch of grapes together."

    37. koke mendez

      Does anyone else feel so dirty and betrayed after watching this video?? :( ... alsjdlaksjd .. JK love you videos, please... PLEASE!!! keep uploading this great content so we can get smarter every day (you upload heheheh ^^ )

    38. Dazdigo

      So it is fake movie effects. Bummer. Would be more impressive jacking up the record frequency and sync it to the video.

    39. ProHortiCo

      I am curious though, what would it actually sound like if you took the original actual audio and stretched it out to match the speed of the high speed footage....? Surely there are ‘high speed’ sound recorders?

    40. Luca Baldati

      YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN RECORD AUDIO AT HIGHT SAMPLE RATE with a good MIC AND AFTER THAT SLOMO WITH PITCH in the audio editor. The result is a really perfect natural sound and not fake.

    41. Arch Stanton

      I'm now going to have to watch slow mo videos on mute, this is knowledge I would have been happier without 😁

    42. WTFgary

      Folly artists ftw!

    43. jameson beck

      This is ASMR

    44. Tommy Nguyen

      Technical reason = grocery store closed :D

    45. James McNair

      @Gordon I use reaper as well! what plugin or program are you using to match up the sounds with the images? Great soundscaping mate! Thanks!

    46. Carson Pearce

      “We’ve got a gun... we’ve got some stuff here” The most American thing I’ve heard for a long time... and I live here!

    47. K W

      Hey is this the way they record the sound of planets?

    48. Abraham Hannafan

      Dude I feel both betrayed and entranced by this... I never realized the sound were manufactured!!! Totally amazing!!!!

    49. Lestat Smith

      That is awesome

    50. Ben Bakker

      On the slow motion of the candle, the sound of the bullet hitting the board misses, I think

    51. Vlogging Master

      His brain is compressed

    52. Skrivbordslampan

      But WHY doesn’t slow motion sound work?

    53. jonathan jc

      If you play that sound sped up to real time, does it sound like the original sound?

    54. TheNerd484

      The fact that the sound is fake makes me absolutely despise whenever slomo sound is used in your videos.

    55. Hoovie Doovie


    56. runnerkidal

      Can you be a tad bit more humble.... So much air, in the head

    57. carl h

      mhhh, an M80 can blow up a metal mailbox, you were playing with some overrated firecracker. you would be deaf from the decibels of an M80 in an enclosed space

    58. Watson Harrell

      Jesus loves you brochachos

    59. Bigfun421

      For a show on sounds, 7:09 - 7:15 the most bestist subtitles ever!!! (Edit) already committed below... nice!!!

    60. 이동찬


    61. Bruce Ghent

      Dr. Harold Edgerton recorded sound 70 years ago when developing high speed strobe photography.

    62. Chris Smith

      I didnt know demons liked macaroni.

    63. PhonieZGaminZ

      take that tomatoes

    64. pelican antics

      I like the morin khuur in the background lol. I want to know if he accompanies himself with khoomei.

    65. Matt Cournoyer

      I've seen m80s, there MUCH stronger than that. You don't want to have your face anywhere within maybe 5 feet of them!

    66. Fonzy Brookestone

      Why not use real audio recorded from another mic source, and slowed down?

    67. That one guy

      You should have sung happy birthday as the fuse was burning

    68. Cyphlix

      How to record slowmo aounds: You dont.

    69. sebastian zúñiga

      short story shorter: You've been cheating on us!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Great work though. Here, hold my like.

    70. fishermen of light

      This was great! Thanks for sharing.

    71. marines0001

      not a real m-80 fire cracker in a big tube ha ha ha

    72. Hebrews 5:12

      So the sound is make believe. In other words; we don't know what sound really sounds like at 3/4-of a million frames per second.🤔 Disappointing.

    73. Gary Seal

      Lucky you are not in Australia. That tomato could be classed as a weapon here.

    74. tigergreene

      TL;DW: the sounds are fake

    75. B Laws

      Tell the truth now. You have a really really slow Foley Artist. :)

    76. Nareji

      My life is a lie.

    77. Johnny sun

      We've Been Tricked, We've Been Backstabbed and We've Been Quite Possibly, Bamboozled

    78. Ahmto Brkm

      I can tell when i hear an orange and that's an orange ABSOLUTELY NOT a tomatoe

    79. Santhosh surya

      Indians are laughing

    80. Rejected

      the phantom exterior like fish eggs

    81. Wolfy Wolf

      That is way cool, it's fascinating to understand how it is added later.

    82. Septrom Nation

      Oh boii

    83. The Duke

      That was not an M-90! I used to buy whole grosses of M-80's in my younger days. (60's and 70's) That Boom was barely a big firecracker! When I saw him so close to that tomato I cringed! A real explosive the size of an M-80 or M-90 (I didn't know they made M-90's, M-100's yes) would have caused severe injury at the distance he was from it. An M-80 was a quarter stick of dynamite!!

    84. Dynasty1K

      Haha yall just need a supercut of the behind the scenes weird editing stuff like this and itll be a hit. That reaction gordon had from squishing the orange was awesome!

    85. Josh H

      Wow... i never really gave the audio a second thought, amazing!!

    86. cobrasvt347

      Dare you to put one of my homemade firecrackers in a tomato and hold your face there. Lol. Warning: you will not have a face left !!!

    87. Martin Marti

      The reason i didnt take tomatoes: error 404 tommato in fridge not found

    88. King KOALA

      I feel lied too XD

    89. Luke G

      His face dimples give the impression he knows something you don't. In a good way..



    91. Jeroen Mathon

      You guys are the definition of mad scientists/engineers, i love it!

    92. mnhorsewoman

      "Slow tomato sounds" 😂👏😆👏🤣

    93. kotori87 gaming

      I saw this when it was first published. How did it just pop up in my feed again?

    94. Hybridism

      People who say record normal sound and play it slow 🤣 yeah who needs phantom cameras why not use my phone and just edit the footage 50,000 times slower genius, fast camera speeds is a scam

    95. Kieran Grant

      This is easily my least favorite video on SEprom. Not because it's bad (it's definitely not), but because I can no longer watch slo mo video without knowing that the audio is just totally made up.

      1. That one guy


    96. Sarah Marchuk

      That was awesome. Your videos are always so interesting and educational. Your laugh at the end with the banana preview reminds me of when my husband watches one of our favorite comedy shows like Friends. You crack me up

    97. Grasshopper K

      6:40 Anyone else expected squished orange sounds?

    98. Makenzie Stieber

      That slow tomato exploding effect sounds like something straight out of an Alien movie

    99. oReaper

      The sound is a paid actor

    100. Noah Stuart

      Destin at 1:07 how did you manage to splatter the ceiling?