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    1. Foxwood Astronomy

      This is Gordon the developer of Solar Eclipse Timer checking in with you. - I want to thank everyone for the comments here as well as the great reviews on the app stores, I appreciate it! The comments that indicate an understanding of the difficulty in developing and delivering an app to the public are noted. It does require a passion for the subject and the project. The comments that discuss the fact that this video and my app have made you even more enthusiastic about this eclipse are special to me, those are gratifying and an inspiration. My goal is to make this eclipse successful for people! I want everyone to enjoy the partial phase phenomenon, have exact timing for photography and eye safety, look for shadow bands and look at the 360-degree horizon. That is what I designed my app to do, "talk" you through a solar eclipse!. - Destin is a great guy and it was really fun doing this project with him. I appreciate the opportunity to make solar eclipse education, one of the Smarter Every Day series of videos. He is a very talented video editor, he made this a very educational video and told my story about developing a "talking" solar eclipse timer in an entertaining way. He works really hard on the Smarter Every Day videos, I saw the dedication first hand! I can't thank him enough! - I also want to mention my programmer, Tony Boster, also from Alabama. We started this project last August. Every development idea I came up with, he made work. Destin has an international following, so in the past 48 hours, we had downloads in many foreign countries. Some Android phones that were running a foreign language as the primary language caused some crash issues. Tony figured them out and fixed the problems and we released 2 version updates for Android in 36 hours. He has worked hard to make sure we had a stable app for everyone around the world. If anyone needs a US based mobile device programmer for iOS and/or Android I highly recommend Tony. Contact him via The link is also located on the information screen of the app. - Thanks, Gordon

      1. Solar Eclipse Timer

        @Corey Tyson Hi Corey, Dr. Telepun here. I am glad you found this video! You need to be thinking about April 8, 2024, when the next total solar eclipse with be crossing the U.S.. Watch the eclipse educational videos on my SEprom channel called Solar Eclipse Timer. Thanks

      2. Corey Tyson

        This is awesome! I know I’m coming to this video late, but I remembered Dr. Telepun’s name from a surgery I had when I was a little kid.

      3. Solar Eclipse Timer

        Hi, if you thought the timing was off by 2 seconds, you were probably witnessing an effect of the lunar limb profile affecting the actual contact times and the shadow timing. The calculation for the contact times based on coordinates to 5 decimal places is accurate to within 0.2 of a second. Thank for your report. I am glad the app helped you enjoy the eclipse!

      4. Todd Brown

        See my comment below. The app made all the different in the world. THANK YOU!

      5. Swuxify

        Foxwood Astronomy ii

    2. Mary Lagua

      Alabama southern hospitality.

    3. firebearfl

      Well, I didn't see any snakes when I had the opportunity to witness the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse, but it was nonetheless a fantastic life experience.

    4. Dominic Deluca

      "Here's how to give up your exact location and your exact genetic makeup to the general public."

    5. R.K. Moudgil

      😐😐😐 But ...... ..Where is the eclipse ⁉️

    6. Adrian the genuine

      I remember August 2017 near St. Louis I seen total eclipse for like a minute

    7. P.A.D

      In Argentina and Chile We are very excited about the Solar Eclipse of 7-2-19

    8. Wiktoria Heinz

      This is so cool! I couldnt go to the US for this event, but these videos are as close to front row as you possibly can get! A million thanks, or better several millions of these thanks!!'!!!!

    9. Jim's Thoughts

      Thanks for sharing this! I looked for the shadow snakes at the 2017 eclipse and saw them both before and after the eclipse, and moving in the same direction as the moon across the sun. I hypothesize that they're caused by the very thin atmosphere on the moon. I would love to test this during the 2024 eclipse.

    10. Twist TheSobriety

      There's no Black sea on the map 3:02

    11. Justin Harden


    12. Michał Wójciak

      Ok, what I can think of when I think of creation of theese bands? Wheat field. I can see similar bands in a hot summer day, only very small. They are shadow of transpiring water vapor which is bending the light. You can see them over the field as a mirrage. Or moving air. But same thing is happening near furnace, the air is trembling. So my guess is that theese bands are mirrages of the surface of the sun on the surface on moon which we can still see.

    13. Stan .Rarick

      Twenty, even thirty, years ago, eclipse aficionados were using computers to automate their cameras to control shot sequencing, aperture settings and shutter speeds (including bracketing).

    14. Jeff Heslop

      Hey so we didn’t get the full eclipse, I believe it was 80%. Why did it still look as a full circle. With the proper glasses you could see that it was just a sliver that was not covered

    15. Chris Musix

      I also saw the shadow snakes. I was unimpressed with those. The eclipse itself was amazing! Even saw solar prominences using a telescope.

    16. Can Orbay

      Hey Destin! i watched the total solar eclipse in 1999 from turkey, my country and i honestly have to say that my mind was more blown by the shadow snakes than the eclipse itself because you kinda know what you're going to get with the eclipse, i mean at least you know what it looks like but i did not know anything about the shadow snakes and i was like "is this a thing?" or "what is this thing?" now that i have learned that it is rare and we still don't know how it happens i feel very lucky!

    17. Brendon Nyenhuis

      I watched this in my science class and I live in brentwood that church is right next to the YMCA always go to

    18. Sun Shine

      Schlieren effect

    19. johnny green

      i just have to say, you rock for including the fireworks at the end

    20. Michael Camp

      It took me so long but i was able to ss your snap code😂

    21. Vanguard

      Hello I come from a a different galaxy and I have been among your species for sometime. The message I have for you and told to give u is this’s was a cool ... during this phenomena visual light from this combined energy the sun and moon (totality) Is made up of intensity,”” frequency and vibration which forms the reality you experience in the third dimension? In this situation shadow snakes. You will experience a totality of this energy manifesting within the 3D physical plane giving you a taste of the 4th dimension. As the infinite universeLet me give further examples The shadow beings some of your people experience during what you humans call the witching hour at 3:16am have been increasing in frequency of occurance to your people may experience shadow beings approximately . visits from the shadow beings hat man otherwise known to your people as hat man and and also shadow snakes and other forms and also hits the equinox of this dimension and rea

    22. Damien Acres

      To night is a lunar eclipse/blue moon/red moon/yellow moon

    23. Ryan Dupuis

      I heard it from you first

    24. M3CH1N3

      Destin loves his family

    25. Rainier Mabaylan


    26. Stefan F.

      Destin, thought you might be interested in this, I wonder if this can explain the snake shadows.

    27. WolfGang

      it's not a doing idea to look directly at the sun in a total eclipse.

    28. J D

      Just my luck the day of the eclipse I was at basic training and they wouldn’t let us go outside by orders of the brigade commander. We just kept on with m4 simulations.... ONLY FORT BENNING.....

    29. Libo's Workshop

      "Solar bands" looking like snakes makes me think of the Equinox on the Chichen Itza Pyramid. During the Equinox, the shadow of the sun going down the pyramid, looked like a Quetzalcoatl (Chief Aztec god, represented by a feathered serpent) descended the base of the pyramid. Maybe they saw it back in the day and that's why Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec god?.... That was very cool!

    30. CallofDoody

      IPhone. -_____-

    31. Prasad Gopi

      i wanted to buy 23andme but it does not sell that in India

    32. cxle

      I️ literally live next to that hospital

    33. Rhonda Brethorst

      I am in California Missouri and seen the ripples or waves on the ground. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me.

    34. Arpit Singh

      Where is the video of shadow bands ??

    35. Brandon Deemter

      thank you Destin you truly are an inspiration, because of you I went to nashville from chicago and totality absolutely made me speechless

    36. Shawn Johns

      The totality for the 2024 eclipse is almost directly over my house...

    37. Karl Meier

      I found a book that describes the cause of the shadow bands. It is American Eclipse, by David Baron. On page 181 he says, The cause of these ripples is the same that makes stars twinkle -- currents of warm and cold air that bend light as it passes through the atmosphere."

    38. Justin Brown

      Aye I live in hendersonville

    39. Stephen Cihanek Photography & Cinematography

      Here are my shadow bands: Note that the waves at C2 are moving 90 degrees off from the waves at C3. Any idea why?

    40. 8bit72HAC

      I couldn't watch the eclipse cause I was at work the whole time :( I was so sad

    41. Jagdeep Singh Shergill

      Destin! Love what you do... Could you not emulate an eclipse.. Say with a model of a moon right in front of the Sun, but smaller... And film snake shadows?

    42. mhart ian cruz

      make video about if earth is flat or not

    43. Swiggity Swag Turtles Are Rad

      It's so cool, because this place is less than a mile from my house, and to see it on a well-known youtube channel is so cool!

    44. ZHAMPER

      Can you tell me what are we itche

      1. ZHAMPER

        Way we itche

    45. Allan McClure

      your channel is great. such a wide variety of topics.

    46. Firsh

      If you were standing right on the edge of totality (in that parking lot) on actual eclipse day, would it mean you'd experience 1-2 minutes of Baily's beads? It's weird to have the luxury to willfully NOT be in the totality path (perhaps after one sees a couple of eclipses in their life), so one can play with positioning to see an extended version of whatever other eclipse-related phenomena you are aiming for? Like your ISS transit spot (that luckily coincided with totality path).

    47. Natasha

      I was soo sad I didn't see shadow bands. It was amazing viewed it at a great spot in TN

    48. Bts Fan

      My school sucks we had to "" learning " inside a classroom about math

    49. Kevin McIntire

      Here is a video I was able to get of shadow bands/snakes.

    50. Scott Haun

      this video inspired me to make the 6 hour trip to SC. it was amazing! we had a little over 2 minutes of totality. my wife and kids were skeptical but already want to plan for the next one! we saw some shadow bands but weren't very visible on the video i recorded.

    51. Ankur Debbarma

      We appreciate Dr. Gordon's contribution to this. It's noteworthy to see someone so intrigued about outer spaces and keeping the profession alongside.

    52. David Jessee

      We had totally at Clarksville TN.. it was so impressive . My mother n law downloaded the app. Wich made her even more annoying.. the cadidiz were fooled.. got great photos of shadows through the trees.. looked like clouds on the ground...

    53. Manuel ortiz

      I just saw a video of Shadow bands. I wouldn't describe them as snakes but shadows like the ones you see at the bottom of a pool moving fast. Like whatching a river stream shadows (if river streams bottom where flat and uniform like in a pool)

    54. David Sampson

      I got a pretty good video of shadow bands on light concrete. That was neat to see! I had forgotten to look for that when choosing a viewing area, but God provided it :-)

    55. Ömer Faruk Kuş

      dude where is the black sea on the map :O 3:05

    56. Betsey Smith

      Just wanted to say thanks for this video! I live in the path of totality and was only mildly interested before watching your video. Your enthusiasm helped me become more excited. We watched your video once again while waiting for the eclipse then tried to watch for shadow bands. I just finished watching your follow up video where you are watching the eclipse. I too was too busy living it to take any pictures. I have 2 total! But it was such an amazing feeling, I will never forget it!

    57. Shrikant Deshpande

      It was an very horrible attack.

    58. James Firmiss

      I wish I had seen this before the eclipse. I actually saw the shadow bands and didn't know what to make of them until later -- I wasn't even sure how to look them up because I wasn't sure what to call them.

    59. Susan Schieber

      Destin, is there any way to send you a photo. We saw something like shadow bands, only it was "sun bands" seen in the shadow of trees. We saw it in both Cincinnati, OH and South Bend, IN. Would love to get your input on them.

    60. Jan Kragt

      I'm fascinated by the details, but found Destin a little unkind and patronizing toward Gordon at 12:45 or so on the video. Treat older folks at least as well as you treat your kids Destin. They have more to offer and you may appear as silly to them as vis versa

    61. Dan Brellis

      Just returned from TN after my first solar eclipse. Wanted to thank you for this video that taught me about shadow snakes. We watched on the hill at a winery and my group was the only one with a big white sheet. We saw them! They were huge and amazing and we freaked out. I wanted to make sure to experience them fully so I didn't film or measure or anything but next time I will make sure. Thanks for this video, it made my eclipse watching that much more powerful and fantastic.

    62. Carolyn H

      Hey Destin! I saw shadow snakes!!!! Thanks to you.

    63. Todd Chamberlain

      Best part of the whole video... 1:30-1:34 I mean, the rest of it was awesome - but that 4 seconds was SPECTACULAR! :)

    64. dubaiedge

      shadow bands! saw 'em on the roof at my feet on monday. i was in Rexburg, idaho. i filmed the eclipse, but didn't film the bands. they were like gray snakes, ethereal, crazy. almost like swimming pool shadows but real thin.

    65. Darby Smith

      I bought his app - it was awesome to have during the eclipse. We also got to see the shadow bands!

    66. Philip McNiel

      I saw shadow bands VERY well (would've been EXTREMELY easy to record, if I'd been ready), in Lebanon, OR, which is somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the way from the edge of totality to the center, so it wasn't right in the center--not sure if that helps with the shadow bands or not. (It would be ironic if shadow bands turned out to be more common or longer-lasting when you aren't in the center, with how everyone tries to get to the center.) Everyone says white, but I saw them clearly on blacktop. It may be that shiny dark (but not pitch-black) substances such as asphalt are best for viewing them, because a highly-reflective white surface will look light-colored even in the dark shadow bands. I'm not sure, but that may make the contrast a bit harder to see. p.s. They didn't look like snakes to me--they looked more like the bottom of a swimming pool, except that the lines of light and dark weren't quite as sharp.

      1. Philip McNiel

        p.s. I couldn't see the Bailey's beads or the detail of the totality itself because my glasses don't give me as much sharpness as I would like (I think I have an irregular component to my astigmatism--meaning that it would require custom-made contacts--but an optometrist would never notice it by saying, "Which is better, one or two?")

    67. MarcoPhotoVideo

      Total and complete failure on the Eclipse app!! It only works if you are within cell signal. If you're out of range it's completely useless :( Thankfully I planned ahead and memorized the times. Huge waste of money :/

    68. Jaime Ray

      I observed (2017) Totality in Eastern Oregon (Malheur NF) along Center Line at approximately 4,300ft above the sea. When the sunlight decreased sufficiently and the temperature dropped (rather rapidly at my location), I felt a gentle breeze begin to stir which increased slightly over a 15 minute span and before leveling off. This 'Eclipse Wind' could have been caused by cooler air dropping in and rapidly mixing with the existing warmer air that had pushed to escape - in the general direction of the umber perimeter, correct? My personal experience of this Eclipse Wind was that it was markedly different than the generally windless conditions throughout the pre-eclipse morning hours and ahead of C1 and that I personally could not detect any specific direction where the wind was going to as it was more like gentle gusts that seemed to occur in a random fashion rather than following any specific pattern or direction. Unfortunately, my perceptions and enthusiasms were, for a prolonged period, captured and detained by the other phenomena such that I was not able to return to evaluate the wind on the backside of this eclipse (C3-4). The Shadow Bands were quite mesmerizing and eerie to say the least.

    69. geniegogo

      So, anyone have any updates yet? I saw the shadow bands. We were filming the white painted part of the asphalt in the parking lot and we saw them with our eyes but the smartphone camera didn't pick it up ... then I left the camera on the dark asphalt and I believe it recorded shadow bands! They were moving in the correct direction but shows as shadow artifacts on the video (poor quality though). We saw totality in TN.

    70. bobibiboo

      I saw a post on 9gag with a picture of what appears to be shadow bands. here is the link:

    71. Daybird Aviaries

      I'm so glad I subscribed to your channel.

    72. Jay-Cee Herr

      I had AMAZING shadow bands in SC!!! failed to get a good shot

    73. TechOverload x

      Didn't know you we're from Decatur man. I grew up there, Danville, Hartselle and Decatur area. Still have alot of family there. Haven't been back in several years. Stuck in South Carolina at the moment. Eclipse sucked here, lots of storms moved in and didn't see any of it.

    74. Jack Morhaim

      Hey, do you want a video with shadow snakes? how do i send it

    75. Aggello 7

      "Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens, because the nations are dismayed at them, for the customs of the peoples are Vanity." ... Jeremiah 10:2-3

    76. WindBlade ツ

      1:19 ted mosby

    77. Sonny Knutson

      +SmarterEveryDay "They have a tonne of Hypothesis"* Not Theories :) You should put an annotation on there to correct this because everyday folks are so very confused about Theories and Hypothesis in Science. A Theory is proven and a Hypothesis is not :)

    78. BeardedBarley1

      Why did he not tell you about the crescent-shaped shadows that the shadows of leaves became before and after totality while the eclipse was taking place? And then they changed the direction the crescent shape was in when the moon began to travel, what appeared to be, to the other side of the sun. It was an absolutely phenomenal effect. We saw the shadow bands on the light concrete, too, but our cameras did not pick up on it at all. We live in Wyoming but dealt with the mass heavy traffic while traveling to Torrington, Wyoming so that we could see both diamond ring effects. Where we live, we would have only seen the eclipse at 98%. But we wanted to see the full effects of totality. Boy, did we ever! It was spectacular. No regret here...though the drive home in all that gridlock traffic was more than horrid. Lol.

      1. BeardedBarley1

        The sad thing was that no one else where we were, which was in a beautiful park-like setting under the shade of leafy trees among many other people, seemed to know about all the other effects of this solar eclipse like the serpentine shapes and the crescent-shaped shadows and the TWO, not just one, diamond ring appearances. So our family there were all goofy and happy and loud about it because we were so elated which had the odd effect of being contagious among the other people all around the park. Hahahaha! We showed many the shadow bands and the crescent-shaped leaves. The nice lady who shared her shaded leafy tree with us was so glad she did. Lol. So we all shouted at the sight of the first diamond ring while everyone else wasn't sure how to behave about it. But it had the effect of causing EVERYONE, then, to shout joyously when we did at the sight of the second diamond ring effect. It was like a huge party! Great fun! I'm so glad we decided to rough the traffic. God is Good!

    79. bkzwolf

      DESTIN (I apologize if I spelled it wrong) I have a question. How is it that you can catch the eclipse projected through a pinhole? I don't understand it. If the light of the uncovered portion the sun is hitting the entire hole, how is it then that it projects the image of the eclipse?

    80. gtownescapee

      Thank you for this video. Your enthusiasm for freaking shadow snakes set off a chain of events that led to me, my wife and kids, and most of my extended family (10 of us total) traveling to witness the total solar eclipse in SC. We even made t-shirts. It was totally awesome!

    81. n5sdm

      Destin.....Shadow bands = schlieren photography.... think about how you set it up and what it does. I see it almost every day naturally. Contact me and I will explain.

    82. deziredtr011

      Swear on everything I saw the “shadow bands” but I didn’t know what it was it was awesome

    83. aripockily

      And as it turns out, the super precise thing Destin saw was the ISS.

    84. subven69

      Respected surgeon by day. But by night what is he?

      1. Rebekah Ingram


    85. Jeff Leigh

      Shadow bands before and after totality in Ketchum, ID...very very cool.

    86. Rebecca Winders

      Destin, I need to contact you because I think my friend captured the shadow band on film!!!

    87. Bryan McDonald

      I GOT TO SEE THE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Jason Spray

      Thank you so much Destin for this video, and thank you Gordon for the amazing app. It amazed my friends with it's accuracy, and if it were not for you and the app I would not have even known about shadow bands, let alone get to see them and tell my friends about them.

    89. TheHaggardNerd

      Hey Destin! I know this comment is a little late... but I just wanted to say that thanks to this video and the Solar Eclipse Timer app, I was able to greatly enhance my friends and family's eclipse experience. Thank you so much for sharing this! Also, I was able to capture some shadow band footage if you'd like to check it out. I don't want to link here and be counted as spam, but feel free to swing by and check it out. I'll leave the eclipse video as my main video for the rest of the month. You'll find the event times in the description of the video. I love your channel man. Keep on being awesome!

    90. day sleeper

      Thanks so much for the helpful information in all of your solar eclipse videos, and thanks to the makers of the app! Due to being prepared with what to look for, and the timers and prompts from the app, our family had a great viewing experience!

    91. Massimo Giovannetti

      Can't wait for the follow-up video Destin! Hope you caught great footage of the shadow bands!

    92. suzanne holbrook

      This video is why I made the effort to drive to totality and it was AWESOME!!!!

    93. Aristocob

      Thank you for all your research into this and for introducing us to Dr. Telepun and his app. It worked flawlessly and without it would have totally missed both sightings of the Shadow Bands! We traveled from High Point, NC to Georgetown, SC and though we were fearing storms and clouds the sky was perfect during break all the exciting moments including totality. We were joined by our son, our favorite daughter-in-law and their three kids and though the 30 mile drive back to our cabin in Murrell's Inlet, SC took hours we all ogre that it was TOTALLY worth it! Thanks again, and thanks for all the hour of "educatainment"! Scott

    94. ljfinger

      I saw the shadow snakes clearly and recorded them (very low contrast as expected). To me, they looked exactly like poor atmospheric seeing looks like through my telescope. In other words, my hypothesis is that the sun's last sliver is acting as a distant point source and is being refracted by the atmosphere creating wiggly shadows.

    95. Ben Messinger

      Destin & Gordon, thank you for making my family's eclipse experience unforgettable!

    96. Robert Bass

      Dustin, we saw the shadow snakes before and after, but they do NOT show up on my video. I tried. And Gordon, your app was GREAT! You can hear your countdown and notifications in our video. :-)

    97. William Crane

      The app worked great. A weather shield would be nice too. In the end our sky's cleared enough just before c2 and got high wisps just before c3. Saw Bailey's bead, beautiful diamond ring but no shadow bands. We did see a bunch of bright flickers all over the sky. Some were less random and as the sun came back we saw they were planes but some were only once with no navigation lights. I suppose they could have been reflections of windows. They weren't streaks like meteors. Reminded me of movies showing WWII "window", aluminum foil chaff. Any ideas?

    98. Tim Maddux

      You don't have to know it's about to happen. We spotted these completely by accident. I think we lucked out in that we watched the eclipse from our driveway in Oregon, and the bands/snakes were clearly visible on the asphalt, concrete, and my brother's white rental car. I did an informal poll here at work and of a dozen or so people, only 3 had seen it, and they were all watching the eclipse while standing on a man-made surface like we were, or near a plain object like a grey or white car.

    99. myurgil

      I did not see any shadow bands approaching C2, but I did see them after C3. I noticed later on (looking at my photographs) that the solar flares were at the sun's 3 and 5 o'clock. They were totally obscured at C2, and exposed at C3. I'm not sure if people in other locations saw the same thing or not (I was in Tennessee), or if there's any correlation or if it was just coincidence. I did use this app yesterday - it was awesome. Everyone around me appreciated it too (I connected my phone to a Bluetooth speaker so others could hear).

    100. Im4Ferrari

      I saw the Shadow bands just before Totality @ 34.501450, -82.992973 (8/21/17). Amazing!! Thanks to you, I knew to look out for them.