How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Hey there! This one was a lot of fun to make! Ever since the lawn mower video I've been wanting to do this, and I've been working on it all week. Thank you for those of you who support us on Patreon! You bring stability to my family's life. My goal is to be a light during this time. I know the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I wish you and your family peace and love. Spread the love and help others where you can. Look for the positive stories of people coming together in unity and try to amplify them. There's a lot of disinformation at the moment so if you recall what we learned together in the social media disinformation series, think twice before you share something! Warm Regards, Destin

      1. Shane Bat


      2. Süleyman Tüfekçi

        Hey Destin, is that a Hamilton on your wrist? :)

      3. Zach Allard

        What's your thoughts on doing a video of hydroseeding? I think it will fit in nicely with this series.

      4. Syed Akbari

        I really appreciate your uploads. Thanks for all you do!

      5. Dont Matter

        Are you j roc from the trailer park boys if not you his twin on god

    2. Griselle Gracidas Garcia


    3. Mario Baltaretu

      I tough the weed is smoked

    4. Drakonus

      Why did the chicken cross the road? *W E E D E A T E R*

    5. MidnightMarrow

      Seems like the line is getting stressed as it hits multiple times, probably built up heat which explains it's extra noodle like appearance at the tip of it and it just pulls apart. Because to me it looks to act similar to something in the early stages of melting and softening up. Either that or the cross sections within are breaking with every impact and simply weakening to that point it pulls apart.

    6. Charl Jacobs

      Now find a way for the line to roll itself uo onto the spool. I swear i have actually thought of doing it the old way again.

    7. Jeffrey Lufkin

      we call it a trimmer

    8. Aaron Pallares

      My dad says weeder

    9. LineL2

      is it just me or does it seem like hes over thinking this like for me the stuff hes realizing was just common sense

    10. Thesocer Kid23

      Alabama for life

    11. Rice Eggs

      I call it a whipper snipper

    12. The Original Key Player, Parker Winder

      twisted square is best

    13. 9u1ck 5c0p3r

      "Thousandths of an inch" Sorry. I dont use eagles per burger³. What is that in mm?

      1. bmwild19

        Google says .095 inches = 2.413 mm. 95 thousandths is a standard trimmer line diameter here where we measure in furlongs per fortnight

    14. Labazmo T. Timo

      The white flowers nooooo

    15. Shepherd Wilde

      im pretty sure weed eating is called edibles

    16. Don’t Care

      Weed whacker sounds funnier lol

    17. Tate Cottnam

      More than 6 milloion people watching someone cut grass

    18. Blair Holmes

      What are different ways of saying this tool, in Australia we call it a whipper snipper

    19. ImAGuy123

      it’s weed wacker my bro

    20. Roberto Reza Orozco

      Why are you doing scientific experiments with imperial measurements? That's is so f@ annoying! What the f@ is 0.095 of an inch? That was the reason Germans sent you to the moon.

    21. Moar

      after that mess about a video about microplasticpopulution? otherwise nice vid

    22. Overxpossed

      SEprom needs to fix their 'weed' algorythm.

    23. István Frank

      Durva,hogy a fűszál súlya elegendő ahhoz,hogy a tehetetlenségéből fakadóan egy ilyen tompa "bumszli henger" is elegseges legyen, hogy eltépje.

    24. Lettuce

      I'm hearing a minecraft sound effect when the grass gets hit

    25. Crazy Alex 7667

      We call em weed wackers In NJ

    26. nkaii barthlett

      though it was a weed wacker

    27. Erasmo DeLoera

      who else thinks he made a video of this cause he was lonley about weed eating by himself

    28. Giska Erman

      what if you use a cable tie with a size of 4.8mm x 400mm or something else

    29. ChesterSnap

      Man, the way it cuts grass is almost gory

    30. Milo

      Ban slow motion pest control killing.

    31. SquintyGypsy

      Wtf is a weed eater its a whipper snipper

    32. Classic CJ

      I feel like I'm the only one that calls them weed whippers.

      1. Classic CJ

        @Paxton550730 wdym?

      2. Paxton550730

        Also that's somehow racist

      3. Paxton550730

        Yeah you are

    33. Will B

      It's a strimer not a weed raper

    34. Jake Hanson

      They're called strimmers but love from the UK all the same ✌️

    35. Spixel Gaming

      this channel has turned into a budget slo mo guys]

    36. Иван Соломенцев

      7:56 finish him!

    37. Peter0028

      As you noticed, longer the cutting wire exposed, slower will be the engine catching revs. The engine will have similar behavior as more weight at the flywheel was added. But in this case you are not adding weight (the wire was there, inside the reel), but moving the wire out will be subject to aero drag force and slow down the engine. If you get used to it you will be able to understand when your wire its too short or too long just listening at the sound of the engine revving reacting to a good throttle squeeze.

    38. alsolute zero freeze

      I have the same exact popper thing on his phone

    39. Cloud Snipe

      I live how something like weed eater wire effectively turns into cooked spaghetti at high speeds

    40. Love Music


    41. João Vitor M. Roma

      Curiosity test!

    42. winder zhao

      “Guess what?” W E E D E A T E R

    43. ob1KENob Junior

      Bruh. I subscribed to this channel the day before yesterday and im already on my 5th video.

    44. Pussup

      4:05 i still can hear the line sound, but softer

    45. maartje vijn

      Idk why but the slowmo just looks like an angry octopus

    46. kolton kramer

      Moment of silence for all the line that got cut in this video

    47. Benjamin Boonen

      wait why is he wearing 2 lav-mics???

    48. Tomas Mockus

      I am a weed eater 🤦‍♂️

    49. Elliott Loughland

      its called a whippa snippa

    50. Heng Sze Shing

      The grass is getting some serious slaps

    51. ctdieselnut

      A power equipment dealer near me told me if you remove the guard on a string trimmer, every inch longer of string than stock makes the engine run 10-15°f hotter. This is why they wont do warantee work on a trimmer with the guard removed. With that being said, I'm a landscaper and most guys remove the guard to run slightly more line and to get around objects easier. Buy trimmer, run for a week so guard looks used, then remove. If it goes back in, replace guard. I fix everything myself but this is common. I buy new ones every other year anyway.

    52. Jonathan Schillace

      Did you measure the thickness of the line cutter inside the weed "eater" or weed whacker or weed slicer (however you want to call it)? I think that the thickness of the blade or strip of metal inside the weed eater has a different effect on it causing the line to break as a tension break instead of a sheer break. Could the flexibility of the wire determine if the line breaks from the weed eater? Would the weed eater line have a tension break or sheer break if the metal wiring was a non cylindrical shape (meaning that the wire had straight edges instead of it being round)?

    53. himenkill


    54. Nimbus MUTANT

      This was uploaded on my birthday and I watch smartereveryday every day

    55. Hal Phantom

      Is that string material biodegradable or do i slowely fill my yard with bits of plastic over time?

    56. Ethan Letzer

      I find it quite interesting that different parts of the country call this tool by different names. In my part of Michigan we call it a weed wacker. Go a little farther down and it's a weed whipper and you call it a weed eater! What other tools are this way? Like is a lawnmower called a lawn eater somewhere?? Idk just a weird thought lol

    57. -slowpoke

      this is just so satisfying to watch...thanks again 🙋‍♂️🙏

    58. Mason

      *weed wackers

    59. CrashedMC713

      I think its impressive that in slow motion the grass straightens back up pretty quick

    60. rafaelSM

      Patriarchy is curious

    61. Cat

      The slomo jump rope sounds made me laugh

    62. Jim O'Hagan

      What if it's not a tension or a shear break but actually heat from stress causing it to melt? Almost looks like that. Also, weed trimmer line is extremely flammable and becomes hot dripping goo when ignited... so it's plausible!

    63. deffdefying

      A weed eater otherwise known as, a weeter.

    64. sean

      It's 12:30am and I can't f*cking stand how interesting this is

    65. Daebak Siot

      SEprom:hey wanna watch a weedeater did some combos to grass?

    66. Arnav Salkar

      6:20 amazing

    67. vlad

      Woah the cutting the grass effect is so cool

    68. Nara Shikamaru

      Here in the Philippines we call it GRASS CUTTER

    69. Gaming_With_Sloppy

      *weed eater*

    70. ItzLeembo

      Him: 62,000 frames per second SEprom: No 60.

    71. Abdul Karim Utak

      When you live in a country side then you can smell the cutted grass 😓

    72. Merle Ready

      It is called a weed whacker... if nothing else, this video proved that. I never once observed that weed whacker eat a weed, I did notice that it whacked a few. The north wins again ladies & gentlemen!!

    73. ricklfixit1

      i have a suggestion maybe you have done it but i haven't seen it cutting or shearing edges like snipping things with "nail clippers" side cutters watching the point where the material separates is the sound it makes coming from the blade coming together or the material separating

    74. Mitchell Jack

      These are the questions the government needs to answer

    75. Evain Grexr

      Its a whipper snipper😡

    76. David Rogers

      Hes high

    77. Cal Creegan


    78. optimizer _____

      To me it's just pretty straight forward science 😉

    79. Palamontus 10

      THIS IS A PROBLEM... if that much plastic gets broken every time you cut the grass then the concentration will become pretty high over years... hopefuly our goal is not to cut fences :D

    80. Morten Nielsen

      So, I was just starting the video thinking I could do other stuff while it was running in the background - I mean, weed eaters how interesting can that be?! Apparently I was wrong - I will now look at my own weed eater with renewed interest (and I want a high speed camera too). Keep up the good work Destin.

    81. H S

      how about weed smoker?

    82. Aldo Maesa Girimantara

      11:12 thumbnail maybe

    83. BRUTAL [meow] gaming

      I see your wearing raycon

    84. Kevin Melanson

      Weed wacker

    85. M Dunstan

      Oh no I am from Australia and we call it a wippa snippa

    86. LinkinPark4Ever1996

      In the slow mos, how can you isolate the engine noise from the wire whipping noise?

    87. Kenji Boey

      I see weed, i clicked

    88. v mintss

      It's called a whipper snipper

    89. Gamey Geemer

      It's cutting your gas with an Explosion powered whip

    90. KidGamer69


    91. Oskar Kalisz

      Why would u eat weed if u can smoke it dog

    92. Dancing in the 80s

      Veggietales was right all along!

    93. dew.3

      That's a whipper snipper

    94. Andrew Grant

      Don't do this at home, ya know, all that stuff. LMAO

    95. Cal Thompson

      The slow motion wrapping around the fence makes it look like a twizzler pull and peel.

    96. Stratz

      It's a whipper snipper in Australia

    97. HamuGames

      Can we please watch paint dry in slow motion?

    98. Kyric Johnson

      Why do you have to have a trigger man for the high speed camera?

    99. Sébastien C

      10'20 "feels more like science if we take some measurements" *measures in imperial system* -_-

      1. Narhwal Lord

        It's still science no matter what system is used lol.

    100. Dilawar Lutfi

      Every single Jose died after watching this video. So much torture to a landscaping tool they couldn’t take it anymore 😂