Jungle Pilots are Superheroes - Smarter Every Day 152

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    Made in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates.
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    I was inspired after reading the story of Nate Saint to use my technical abilities to try to help others. It changed my life, really.
    Checkout this link to see what MAF does. They've also agreed to give you a free copy of the "Jungle Pilot" audio book.
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    1. Raymond Ha

      Really cool video Destin! Your videos are so well produced.

    2. Super Powers

      10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. (The Bible verse he put at the end)

    3. Mary Lagua

      Fly snakes that’s funny

    4. Alex Agiovlasitis

      What direction does time travel???

    5. Daniel Rist

      they basicly land on ski slopes. insane.

    6. SloppyDog

      Amazing work they do!

    7. SamuelandPaige Schuster

      To provide prosthetics to people in need

    8. Mc Lizabeth

      Stop talking about the Gates. They’re evil

    9. N K

      Good luck on the pilots license i am also a student pilot

    10. Seth Miller

      My super power for good is to stop world hunger \world peace

    11. Nathan Gehman

      0:12 I thought that was me in the background at first

    12. Don Embrey

      Gates is more dangerous than any risky airwork😬

    13. Nathan Lofgren

      Thank you for making this video! I was named after Nate Saint, those 4 men where heroes! "A man is no fool to give what he can not keep to gain what he can not lose". Jim Elliott. I love your content and always look forward to reading the verse at the end!

    14. B Storm

      imagine just 4 years from this video people now believe Bill Gates is using vaccines to control the world.

    15. Yad .A

      I feel bad for the animals that are forced into the underside of the plane

    16. John Solano

      July Year 1c (Covid19) and this put a smile on me. Thanks

    17. Yigzy .-

      Superman doesn’t get his powers from krypton he gets his powers from the radiation of the yellow sun. That’s right I’m A Nerd! Hahahaha

    18. Matthew Gailey

      "You either land or you don't" technically a crash is still a landing

    19. Christian Rivera

      0:46 is that a champ?

    20. Greg Baes

      Batman didn’t learn his superpowers Batman bought them

    21. Jon B

      this was cool to watch. it took me back to my childhood. i was an mk. my dad used to work for sil and maf used to fly us out to the jungle all the time when i was a kid. my dad used to make 2 or 3 trips a year with maf into the jungle.

    22. Rc Xc

      Thanks for sharing this. An i hope to see an update of you becoming a pilot.

    23. {AWG}Darkbolt

      EHHHHH HEEEMM!!! super man did NOT get his powers from Krypton! he gets it from our sun (earth) Kryptonians do NOT have powers on their own planet period....and now you are smarter everyday :D love this channel but i had to correct this!

    24. Miles Lundgren

      Did Destin get his pilot license yet?

    25. Chickent_Nug

      noice I live in idaho

    26. Jotto999

      Bill Gate is like a meta-hero


      Bill Gates is part of the AntiChrist...

    28. Chris Scars

      Destin is a national treasury.

    29. Josh B

      Great video I have enjoyed being a Private Pilot since 2009 F.B.O Grand-ledge Mi, ID: K4DO

      1. Josh B

        Did you get your Rating? please reply!?!

    30. Kyle Crawford

      Superman gets his powers from our yellow sun, Kryptonians didn't have powers on their planet due to their red sun.

    31. Joshua Charlery

      Getting smarter everyday???

    32. butlergl

      My brother was a bush pilot and flew in Mozanbique and northern Kenya. I grew up as a missionary kid in Congo and I have flown with some of the best bush pilots in the world. It takes a special breed to do this and do it for any length of time. In fact I have flown with a number of MAF pilots in Africa.

    33. Aaron Fraijo

      My super power was the fact that I spent 10 years in the USMC, where my platoon, and I went around the world liberating people from the throat hold, that governments would have on their own people. I left in 2003 after I was wounded in Afghanistan.

    34. Friend Deming

      I'd love to see more content via Aviation related if possible. Great message and encouragement as I'm trying to wrap up my Instrument Rating. Clear Skies!

    35. Adam Facey

      @smartereveryday destin, please do more aviation videos. ~ a viewer that has gained more inspiration and reached more goals than you might think. Thanks to your videos! Honestly!

    36. paraglidingnut26

      I'd be like Bill Gates, and other elitists, who vacation at "Rape Island."

    37. A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

      2:32 im just waiting for this guy to say "Uh, now eventually you plan to have dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour, right?"

    38. diggy dice

      If I had become a pilot I would've loved to so stuff like this...... whatever was needed that might provide a payday w/o breaking any laws? Bush Pilots are amazing to watch & the Alaskan Pilots are quite a group. They save ppl every winter by dropping food/supplies that otherwise might not get there? Cool video, for sure

    39. jrgfox

      I did this on ghost recon wildlands.

    40. Nick

      I’d like to fly to those 197 dislikes and give them some food, A knuckle sandwich

    41. Eric Manneschmidt

      Though I have probably seen the majority of SED vids, I had missed this one. In addition to MAF, there is another group of flying superheros, Rural Area Medical (RAM) headquartered out of Knoxville, TN. They do everything from delivering and/or dropping meals from the plane to bringing in professionals to run a short clinics to treat everything from people problems to animal needs. They were started by the late Stan Brock (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom) and have a fleet of aircraft and serve around the world.

    42. {AWG}Darkbolt

      SUPERMAN does not get his powers from Krypton! he gets his powers from earths sun! people on Krypton do not have powers! ONLY on earth! and now your smarter everyday :D

    43. navid asadi

      hey destine. i am a mechanical engineer just graduated, in Iran. I see all of you videos from first one to this one. I enjoyed it and i learn. thank you very much. but now i jealous of you!!(:

    44. Paul and Kim Barton

      Hey Destin. Thanks for the video on MAF. I worked with them in Ecuador...actually as a missionary anesthesiologists with the hospital in Shell, Ecuador. Many of my fellow missionaries there were MAF families and my kids went to Nate Saint memorial school. Anyway, great to see your report on the daring and courageous work they continue to do. Truly a superpower! Blessings.

    45. wdwwadwafwefae

      Yeah no... im a welder. Which IS a technical skill. No welder would ever fly to a shìthòle country to administer vaccines

    46. Richard Smid

      His son answered yes sir?

    47. AbundantLife

      Pretty cool, go for it Destin!

    48. Eric G

      MAF sounds like a really great cause. I love how your channel is so easy to bounce around on topics. Not everything jumps out at me as something to watch, but often I click and end up finding the episode interesting.

    49. Joshua Bird

      I would want my super-power to be shade balls.

    50. Kaleb Barbour

      Holy cow that was an amazing video! Thanks Destin

    51. LifeGeek

      I'd be really interested to learn why the planes don't use parachutes, or at least drogue chutes on landing. If you're committed anyway, why not deploy something to help you slow down faster? Would the chute get damaged by the runway? Would it be hard to repack? Is it too unreliable to depend on for landings like these? I'd love to know!

    52. Ben

      Pray for a friend of mine, who's dad became a MAF pilot a few years ago. He hasn't seen any of his friends for years.

    53. Cyber Eight

      I lost it when he said pigs had chickens

    54. Mom Noll

      I loved the book Through Gates of Splendor. Steve Saint’s book, The End of the Spear is fantastic as well! I just bought it on Audible. I highly recommend it for everyone, whether Christian or not.

    55. indyjons321

      If I remember right, up in Sandpoint, ID there is a company called 'Quest' that made a plane specifically for missions like these.

    56. Can Dechert

      Im chuffed to bits!

    57. poetic disaster

      Many blessings to you , and all the pilots who do this!

    58. Hansen Pansen

      The Gates. Vaccinations, Super Heroes... It all fits together.

    59. Jose Ruiz

      This is truly amazing! Watching your videos are inspiring and hope I get to find my true passion and help others! Thank you for all your videos !

    60. Isaac Christie

      In the thumbnail that older guy looked like Leslie Nelson

    61. Andrew Liu


    62. Todd Cooper

      God! What a horrible way to stuff those life stocks in like that!Try to put Chris Farley in there and see him how to react. Brutal.

    63. Johno

      i’m in australia and when i went to a air show in melbourne there was maf booth were they talked about this stuff and it was amazing can’t believe they you reached out to them it gave me an insite to maybe by dream job

    64. Austin Tremble

      Idahoan here. That place it near my house.

    65. Emad Haroon

      Why did I only watch this now and why did I cry

    66. DDT DDT

      well done dudes

    67. Gary B Wood

      Some how i missed this vid years ago and it just popped up. Did you finish your PPL? I see your in a 162 for training. Love those little planes. They are little sports cars compared to a 150 or a 172.

    68. Darrell Wiegand

      My super power would be flight also. I lost my medical because of too many kidney stones

    69. Vern Black

      Destin I love your positive attitude! GOD IS GOOD and your laugh is contagious it's awesome

    70. Timothy Miller

      This is pretty epic, I actually know MAF's lead mechanic. Pretty nuts seeing MAF on smarter every day.

    71. David Wilkie

      Bush Pilots, Flying Doctors and Vaccines for kids, plus occasionally wrestling crocodiles or porkers in the baggage compartment. Might be true heroism. If there's a skill or technique to reccomend it's that Teachers restrict themselves to communicating observables and reserve the suspicion of probably not knowing everything relevant. "Half of what you see, and nothing that you hear", was my parents generation's motto. Applying it and admitting cognitive bias takes "Superheroic" thinking skills.

    72. crucci

      Snakes on a plane 🤣

    73. v12tommy

      That is awesome about the pilot's license. I've been studying in my downtime to get my commercial drone pilot's license, and figured there wouldn't be a whole lot left to get an actual pilot's license other than hours behind the stick. I'd love to get a small bush plane someday, like a Carbon Cub. I don't think I could do what those guys do, but I figured as slow and fuel efficient as it flies, I could help with back country search and rescue, which is fairly common in the mountains out here.

    74. hobojoeshopcow

      how do you fit a pig in there? 2:40

    75. Angeline Ting

      I loved that book by Elizabeth Elliot too!

    76. Eric Taylor

      6:00 Anytime the airplane comes to rest on the ground, that is a landing. If the airplane is twisted into a tiny, smoking ball full of dead pilot, this is not a good landing. If the airplane is a twisted smoking wreck but the pilot isn't hurt, this is a good landing. If the plane is undamaged, it is a great landing. But all three are still landings.

    77. Eric Taylor

      Why is the plane going "baaaaaa"

    78. CadillacJak

      Superman got his powers from the sun not from Krypton

    79. Niklas Olsson

      Great skills if you want to work for Pablo Escobar :D

    80. The Spectator

      Pilotes are no superheroes as your title may say. They are just fly the planes as intended.

    81. Liam O'Byrne

      Thank you so much for making this video and bringing awareness to MAF and organizations like it who use aviation to help people and spread the gospel. I am currently in my third year of training at Moody Bible Institute's school of Aviation in Spokane, WA which in five years gets you a BS in Missionary Aviation Technology, your A&P Aircraft Mechanic's Licence, your Private, Instrument, and Commercial ratings, and over 35 credits of Biblical Studies. If you are interested, I'm sure you could contact Moody Aviation's leadership about making a video about how we train to do exactly what you show in this video. Thank you again for what you do through your creative filmmaking, passion for knowledge, and unabashed faith. I will be praying for you and your work. If you feel led to do so, I would greatly appreciate your prayers as a go through these years of intense training at Moody Aviation.

    82. Cody Grasha

      Why does he flash his Snapchat at 1:13 during the cut to the office thing? Edit:headquarters not office

    83. Vishak

      2:48 Animal abuse.

    84. Steve the Pirate

      superheroes, that's a strange way to spell 'insane' Some jobs require a certain amount of crazy to get done.

    85. Churba S

      "You either land or you don't" I disagree, I figure you land one way or another. It's if you're taking off again after that's in question.

    86. Ashley Cobb

      I know I have mentioned this before on another video but I love the way you intentionally include your son and invite him to be a part of your adventure. Good stuff dad!

    87. Grickery

      I know it doesn't matter… But, Superman actually get's his powers from a combination of Earth's lesser-than-Krypton's gravity and the energy produced by our sun.

    88. TRLWNC1

      Look up Juan Brown at the "Blancolirio" channel to learn about VSTOL racing. It is Very interesting to see a comparable hint on their wing!

    89. Jonathan Rogers

      My dad is a pilot and mechanic with MAF. When I was young, my family lived in South and Central America and he flew to various small villages in Cessna 206s like N6233Z in the video. He's been supervising volunteers in the machine shop next to hangar for a number of years. I looked for him in the background, but he seems to have escaped the camera's gaze.

    90. Andyadventures #11

      superheroes? they are paid for that....stop celebrating normal things...doctors that go there in 3rd would countries helping for free are "heroes"...stop saying bullshits

    91. SlickStretch

      Power for good?? "Gonna take pollution down to zero!"

    92. JC

      Bill is amazing. Anyone who donates a majority of their money to philanthropic ventures is, IMHO

    93. Ru Bartolotti

      Rats ! You came to Idaho !! I live in Boise and would have loved to meet you. I have an interesting thought experiment I would like you to cogitate on. . email me , if you like. (mutchdan@gmail.com)

    94. Noah Witte

      If your in West Michigan (Grand Haven) we should go fly!

    95. Kaiserland111

      I absolutely loved when Destin said every skill can become a superpower when used to help people. I just got my degree in Chemical Engineering and have no desire to work for rich executives and greedy shareholders doing something that doesn't make me feel like I'm improving the quality of anyone's life. I would love to do humanitarian engineering but it seems impossible to find a company that both pays well and allows me to help poor or disadvantaged people in a significant way. This video is giving me the motivation to keep looking.

    96. Oldschool Gamer

      Oh, hey, these are the guys i wanted to fly for when i was young and wanted to become a pilot. Awesome people.

    97. HONK HONK


    98. /^\inutemen/^\edia

      Your comment about tipping when braking hard.. you really only need to worry about that on taildraggers.

    99. Terry Boehler

      Nate Saint....basket on a rope.

    100. Michael Skinner

      Logic reason, and the ability to stand back and think. That is a superpower