Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153

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    This technology is a fundamental breakthrough in manufacturing. This is a big deal.
    Ambiance and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery who also did the outro music.
    These are called "Polymagnets" or "Programmable Magnets" or "Printable Magnets" or "Printed Magnets".
    People asking for the spring latch can get them here: catalog.polymagnet.com/spring-latch-demo.html
    Here's the Polymagnet homepage: www.polymagnet.com/
    The magnet I used in the pull test demo was part number 1000425. You can find it in the interactive catalog here: catalog.polymagnet.com/
    I want you to spend some time with Maxwell's Equations:
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    1. smuckle schmuckler

      This has to be a game changer, its been 4 years since this video released i want to know if this tech has been applied in a meaningful way

    2. dan skyba

      Have they figured out how to do it with an electromagnet yet? That would really be a game changer for security

    3. wet paper

      That kid probably get bullied at school

    4. Soldier boy


    5. GH057

      This is sooooooo cool!

    6. RIVC

      You already know that kid going places with those glasses and haircut. Bruh some people people in this comment section may even work for him one day who knows

    7. ¡Carajo!


    8. S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷

      jarretts hair is a crime, shame on the parents... sheldon watch out

    9. Ayush Agrawal

      that million fps video.....

    10. Julian Vera

      Garrett needs another haircut get him a blow out and a combover at least

    11. Slightly Boring Gameplay

      I love how when he sees the thing the kid did with the magnets his mood changes and he gets super interested in it

    12. Gregory Loomis

      Could this change the way we generate electricity or launch vehicles into space without the use of flammable propellants?

    13. Ryan Cahill

      Shocks for cars?

    14. Anthony Ballog

      more elctricity from smaller magnets?

    15. Benton Benton

      Garrett gets bullied.

    16. Aspen Earnest

      wait could these be used as a sort of replacement for some joints if someone had say a degenerative joint disorder?

    17. 游戏害客GamingHacker37

      This can make a train rail that make the train floot on the rail and still stick with the rail ! What an brilliant invention!

    18. Cuberynth

      Garet with 2 R's and 2 T's has more social skills then me

    19. John Thomas

      I wrist watch these avery dae butt I jus seam 2 git dumbur. 😉

    20. SovanDai

      Can anyone tell me the most economical way of creating a magnet in house will all available options?

    21. chipmunk3k

      high speed low friction rail here we come ! thats all i could think of while watching this video

      1. Woogoo336

        I don't think passive magnets can be strong enough for that.

    22. Bruce Corson

      Could jumping from magnetic field to magnetic field help in space travel?

    23. Jesse Haetta

      Magnelev trains going next level

    24. Froot loops enthusiast

      everyone really be fascinated by the magnets while im here still wondering howd that guy draw lines so straight

    25. Hafiz YTc

      That is the biggest nerd ever

    26. Vladimir Froom

      I've done that and thought nothing about it, it just makes sense

    27. Tom L

      this could be used to make a superconductor hoverboard skatepark possible

    28. Tyler Nero

      I wonder how long the printed magnets last e.i. magnetic pixels changing polarity

    29. Operator BeygX

      Garrett looks like the definition of a smart sophisticated yet party pooper child.

    30. Skedge

      this is so attracting

    31. Keegan Hoelscher

      Garret has some cool Knickerbockers!

    32. Pencilbender

      "he's going to show me something most people dont get to see" meanwhile 10% of the earth's population has seen this video.

      1. Tashi Rau

        Well its 0.1% but you got a point.

    33. Garrett Kindle

      Hi my names Garrett

    34. Shyam Sundar

      Video -revolutionary magnets Comments- kids's hair cut

    35. William Jemeyson

      2:01 selfish plug I see lmao

    36. Blue Skies

      I have two vids only, take a look and tell me what's happening

    37. Chris Ackroyd

      I was working with multi pole magnet (ceramic type) as CB aerial mounts back in the early eighties! ...’plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose’!

    38. MARK BROWN

      who else is watching this in 2020 and realises that this could lead to levitating vehicles like omg dude :D

    39. winder zhao

      You know he's serious when he starts at five and actually says zero

    40. Cre8iveOne

      Can this technology be used to make better power plants? Better car alternators? Better electrical power generators?

    41. J Man T Wild

      Build a rail gun and launch a smarter everyday baseball ⚾.🤔

    42. Dewayne Mizzell

      Everybody thinks we’re dumb in Alabama. Yeah, not so much

    43. John Doe

      I dont care what anybody says.. magnets ARE MAGIC

    44. Grargle Jobber

      > 2016 > I think this is a game changer Hello it is me from the future just stopping by to tell you that the game has as of yet not been changed.

    45. Himanshu Lilhore

      How they are able to create magnetic monopoles ?

    46. Cara Furry

      IV always wondered if you could have a south pole and a north pole on the same side, I wonder if planet's can be simular? Probably not as precise as the magnets, but I wonder what a planet with a north and south next to each other would look like 🤔 Or a hover craft...

    47. Ricardo Nakayama

      4 years ago... Nothing changed? 😭

    48. Shalev Messalem

      Couldn't you use the spring magnets for stuff like hover trains?

      1. Joseph Bennett

        There are such things as maglevs in existence already , the trains run on magnetic levitation instead of wheels touching a rail.

    49. Jackson Greville

      "that's going to change doorknobs forever!"

    50. Jeffrey Boarman

      Is there a market for rare earth magnets are for sale

    51. Travers Niemi

      Bullys are magnetically attracted to that poor kid because of that haircut.

      1. Rajkumar Borah

        But he looks cute !!

    52. pooop stink

      Lol garrets hilarious lol what a berd

    53. Jesse Peekstok

      jesus he is rude

    54. scud

      Seeing those printed magnets reminds me of magic rune enchantments that we usually found in games/mmorpgs it's blows my mind imagining what amazing things can be created with those designs

    55. IRON60 BITCH

      Printable magnets will change the world

    56. Bob Ross Ultra Instinct

      This kid remind me I suck in math science social studies ELA drama art music reading swimming and existing

    57. Noah Quillin

      when u said most people dont get to see this: everyone watching this will get to see it XD

    58. XxTryhardkidxX

      Wow satisfying

    59. Joe Bann

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    60. BC Aquino

      Alabama looks nice, why are there so many memes of alabama incest and inbreeding?

    61. Ctrlas Altas

      wow I want dat right now! :-O

    62. bóbr dziki

      This is awesome 😮

    63. Granatwerfer7

      Not tryna be mean but this kid prob has no friends

    64. The Gamer Squad

      looks like legit magic in slow mo

    65. Frankie Rzucek Jr

      Such a smart little kid. Mom needs to pay to have his hair cut tho. That poor kid, she definitely cut it with a bowl on his head. Lol. Poor guy. It only 10 to 15 bucks mom.. take him to get it cut lol

    66. Aaron’s Collection

      That bowl hair cut.🥲

    67. Zeke the freak

      Insane it seemed satisfying

    68. Carmine

      dangerus parents... pls stop using pots

    69. FART AND RUN

      Does it help you if i only klick on the sponsor link anf not buy anything couse im poor atm hope it helps you if not sorry i would love to help

    70. Grackle2012

      I can feel that room full of engineers wincing when he calls a ball bearing a marble. lol.

    71. Mad Mercury

      Brah that's so cool, I mean not only did they discover a thing. But they were also able to stand in a room with superiors without losing their focus.

      1. Mad Mercury

        This takes more than just confidence in the experiment but also trust in yourself to recreate it. Kudos.

    72. --

      I thought everyone did this with magnets as a kid but guess i was wrong.

    73. Fity Bux

      Are they violating any floppy drive / hard drive patents? Because it seems they are doing something similar.

    74. MadJamYT

      Garett is the kid that tells you salt is sodium chloride

    75. Anthony plw

      Miss this man, youtube recommended hurt my heart but also helped me feel today. ♥️

    76. notytgames

      Science is magic its just not named magic its named science

    77. Norm Caissie

      This was 2016 so what have they done? An update would be great.

    78. Eric Keane

      From someone in Ireland, America literally has every store you can ask for. "I want some magnets", just go to the massive magnet shop up the road.


      He does sponsored content the right way

    80. Beth Maldonado

      the kid looks like hes about to tell shrek to do the roar

    81. Marshall Milholland

      If you put the magnets on the rejecting part you can make a hover board

    82. shamit basu

      go to the time 2:01 you see his snapchat

    83. Lorenzo Chavez

      So, In theory you could make alternate magnetic fields, in such they could make anti-gravity generators with an infinite number?

    84. A Disappointment

      Garrett's social life was probably ruined by this video

      1. Kylerthegamer

        @A Disappointment oh no my name is Kyler oh the pain make it end

      2. A Disappointment

        @Kylerthegamer ok *kyler* , good luck with that

      3. Kylerthegamer

        Grow up. I wish we could live in a world where showing your face on the internet won't get you laughed at or recognized in a negative light in public, but we can't have that because of people like you.

    85. Aoi Kemono

      I fail to see the ingenuity in this. Can't you already do this by arranging smaller magnets? It's probably useful for special applications where you want to keep a uniform piece of metal. The magnetic force isn't going to be strong in any case.

    86. Bertrand Yeung

      焚局面 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果醬 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果醬 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 如果 崩 如果 如果

    87. Ranmon F

      He was so weird around that kid

    88. Lean Thals

      an absulute game changer indeed if it can keep it magnetic stucture intact over time, im planning of buying such machine so can make optimized perma - electo engines. Also how did this manage to get under the radar for so long? XD

    89. mushenji

      This is truly awesome

    90. Catherine Joy Silvano


    91. Uzair Durrani

      "So if it's not magic, how does it work?" With the same thing every seemingly magical device works with: M A G N E T S

    92. Stephen J

      Freaking nuts, i wonder about the applications in fusion power.

    93. itsaDonut

      The first time I saw Garrett I settled on a truth I hate garret

    94. Sam Heywood

      I never expected a nerd to present magnets

    95. Declan Jones

      Am I actually getting smarter though? Maybe more knowledgeable but not necessarily smarter hahahaha.

    96. Peter Jaspers-Fayer

      So now it's 4+ years later; What game has changed?

    97. Ancient Builds

      Now all they need is to make a globe of Maxels, put it on a scale, and pass a pulsed vertical current up it. Prepare to be seriously surprised.

    98. Amol Seal

      Anyone remember arcxel

    99. Trevor Carlisle

      Garrett is cool

    100. Registered NooB

      Omg people could use this to pass along secret messages