My Sister Got Malaria ....(And I Didn't) - Smarter Every Day 167

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    Publicerades den 3 år sedan


    1. LGD Jackal

      When do we get more no dumb questions?

      1. MrT 06

        I like your icon remember eat your cereal You know him?

      2. Seeker Goldstone

        @meri I think it means that there is no such thing as a dumb question... If you are asking a question, you aren't being dumb. What's dumb is NOT asking questions and Not learning.

      3. Ole

        Cohen Kureluk it just means destin trusts you to figure out yourself which the stupid questions are 😅🚀

      4. RC Gaming


      5. A Dog

        I believe that there aren’t very many dumb questions. One example of dumb question: can i betray my family and conquer the world?

    2. Mary Lagua

      Malaria is dangerous. Thanks for sharing.

    3. Charlie MTB

      He should make a video ‘’my sister got COVID...I didn’t get it

    4. Brian Landeen

      I spent a couple of years in Benin and Togo, two other West African countries in between Ghana and Nigeria, and I got malaria four times. Not very fun.

    5. Honklerton

      Malaria is no joke.

    6. Erwin van de vegte

      Bill and Melinda Gates check....... they gave kids wrong medications in sudan ----now thousands have polio //also in sudan they use again thousands as rabbits for covid vaccinations ....first give them than try to redo it ..................these people are worse than joseph mengele

    7. Sharad TheCuriousTardigrade

      Now do a video for corona

    8. Plasmodium Vivax

      I have long been interested in parasitology , hence my username .

    9. John Kistler

      Can we all agree that mosquitoes are just the most annoying and useless insects out there? I mean, surely we wouldn't miss them if they all disappeared?

    10. Jason Myneni

      Isn’t the bill and Melinda gates foundation being tried for crimes against humanity?

    11. Tomas Sunrunner

      Mango worm territory!

    12. Max Cai

      I mean like those rockets were for the greater good... But how did they make it past airport security?

    13. Sushi Mamba

      Had malaria in West Africa too. It ain't fun.

    14. ReapAcid Gaming

      “The world is getting better” People watching this in 2020

    15. Tiny Ford

      I love this channel, so this comment is not aimed at saying something bad to Desin. But while watching this I couldn’t help but think these amazing guys take their own time to come help these people, and within 10 years these people will blame them for making them more western and hate them for helping. Being from Africa myself I can honestly say that the worst thing about helping our people is that they will hate you for helping. Africa is different from the rest of the world for exactly that reason, other continents show thanks, our people show entitlement.

    16. Garth Whittaker

      2020 is nothing on malaria then then. Good goals for the future. love you all

    17. Samuel Lawrence

      1:30 “I smuggled explosives internationally”

    18. Logan Feszczyszyn

      Is that stevo1kinevo?

    19. Komikks

      6:32 didn't age well lmao

      1. Pharrzide 77

        Not really the world is still getting better just cause bad stuff happens doesn't mean it's not getting good

    20. Food Fanatic

      I love how he admitted that he smuggled rockets into the country. Lol. Man's got Street skills 😂

      1. Pharrzide 77

        I doubt they even care

    21. Disgruntled Egghead

      Very interesting given the toilet paper flu going on three years later.

    22. Carter W

      if you dislike you are a monster

    23. Nyrdie

      I remember having malaria once The game was called farcry 2

    24. Skaatje

      Don't get me wrong, I love science, but what if no one dies anymore? Is that something science is thinking about? And then I don't mean space and getting away from earth.

      1. Pharrzide 77

        Unironically enough the less people die the less people are born so realistically if no one dies our population would balance out

    25. Tanish Garg

      My worst experience with any disease was getting malaria and typhoid at the same time

    26. Tickleshits

      revisiting during covid and lol. gates predicted the future.

      1. Pharrzide 77

        He didn't predict it science did, we knew a pandemic would hit us since the 1990's but everyone ignored it

    27. Natnael Habtamu

      malaria is also a big deal in ethiopia bro. i get it in campus like 3 times in one semister. good job bill and melinda in saving the world!!!!

    28. Bilbo_Swaggins420

      This warms my heart 🥺

    29. {AWG}Darkbolt

      i bet she didn't listen to fake news CNN and took hydroxychloroquine cuz ya that's whats it is for

      1. JS Lavertu

        Yes, Hydroxycholoquine is a treatment for malaria. No one claimed otherwise. What it ISN'T though is a treatment for Covid19.

    30. goteverlastinglife

      Interesting! Watched during the pandemic 2020.

    31. Angel Castillo

      Hey Destin i think you might wanna rephrase that "world is getting better" comment lol

    32. aaron stelmach

      Thats not steveo tho

      1. Pharrzide 77

        Different steveo

    33. Master Ability

      SEprom algorithm is funny !

    34. NAGUIB 1910


    35. Bruce Mace

      Why wasn’t your sister taking anti malaria pills. I took them in the ‘80s went all over Asia into high malaria risk areas. And never caught it. In fact no one did who took the pills. Don’t remember the name of the drug. But it work.

    36. Oleander410

      I have thalassemia, which is typically described as a blood disorder, but it actually also protects me from getting malaria. Sickle-cell anemia does this too, but it is VASTLY more detrimental to oxygen delivery in the blood.

    37. Jason

      Malaria is no joke. It killed more soldiers during WWII than combat.

    38. Jcjc Ucjvj

      Padan muka

    39. R4RYDER

      Thumbnail 1000

    40. Ernesto Robles leon

      Omg please don’t do that?? Don leave like that !!! I need to know what where that things in the pound

    41. daviddaboss

      Tripophobia 5:45

    42. T.J. Goldwater

      Spoiler: he stayed home

    43. Jeffrey C

      Just so you know...You have a ghost in the house. Check out the rocket moving in the upper right of your home screen shots ;)

    44. Micah Curry

      7:15 not looking to start a debate but pretty sure that doesn't account for abortion.

    45. Edward Barcello

      The kids reaction to the rocket. Priceless.

    46. itsXaver

      I dont understand why malaria should be dangerous. You can buy the medication for 5€

    47. Hello Sweetheart

      This family is so unique and great I'm not worthy I'm not worthy

    48. Zakari Ward

      I have had malaria at least to times.

    49. Isaiah Colon

      Your channel is my favorite to follow. Cool science and heart. Thank you doing what you do.

    50. wdwwadwafwefae

      Wife so fat lmao gross

    51. wdwwadwafwefae

      "Its pretty neat theres rocks"

    52. viljar amdal

      when you said Steve-o i thought of jackass Steve-o and i was really confused

      1. GreenSphinx

        viljar amdal I thought steveo1kinevo

    53. Chris Scars're telling me things are not as gloom and doom as proposed.

    54. Ron Weasley

      Briley got malaria? Was that brand new key briley??

    55. Wedson Lopes

      nice video!

    56. Richard Peralez

      The more smarter I get.. The more dummer I feel... Only because knowledge is Infinity.. In other words.. No matter how smart we feel.. There is always something to learn....

    57. Raise

      go watch your first video. is that you or is that someone else?

    58. Chris Sappenfield

      I feel bad for those people in Freetown. They got massacred in the 90s

    59. TechTom

      who ever expected getting malaria in africa.........

    60. Jon Paul

      I have had malaria, (in 2002) It is really not a fun experience... Fun fact, carrying the gene for sickle cell anaemia makes you immune to the disease, which has provided a great example of natural selection where the majority of locals now carry that gene in its recessive form and thus dont get malaria

    61. X H E A D

      Now she can Know De Way

    62. Joshua Hunter

      Favorite SEpromR! Thanks Smarter Everyday

    63. Federative Mapper Holiday

      Maybe somebody should've vaccinated her.

      1. KasenesaK

        Sad fact, Malaria does NOT have a vaccine.

    64. pforce9

      You smuggled rockets into an African village and set them off? Well done Destin!

    65. 1974woohooman

      What i thought when i saw the title "My sister got malaria. (And i didnt.) HAHA LOSER."

    66. DDT DDT

      Dude you’re really inspirational. Well done keep it up

    67. Wayne Salvador

      Love to see you do a video on all the African Water Projects.

    68. ther1rida ther1rida

      God bless your sister

    69. Tim Jon

      Why wasn't she on malaria prophylaxis?

    70. Gimbo Bimbo

      Please please do not take my comment out of context . But if we tried stop diseases like malaria , or aids , or whatever , then its only going to get stronger , and that has been proved a long time ago where bacteria and pathogens and diseases always find a way to adapt and overcome the medicine which is making it more lethal and maybe we are making a huge mistake that we might not solve in the future . Im not saying let the people die or let them suffer or anything on that matter , im only saying that if you are going to kill a disease , do it for good , that it doesn't have any chance chance to ever come back .

    71. Nils Johansson


    72. fredEVOIX

      going to Africa who is constantly at war to show them rockets ? so american...I'd have you know that people from countries that know war do not like rockets and explosions at all

    73. Santiago Smith

      Hahaha. Destin! We don't have huge amounts of Zika nor Malaria I'm Colombia. Unless she went to the Pacific or maybe (just maybe) the Amazon.

    74. Eric Taylor

      my Grandfather had it twice in the 1940's. I bet you can't guess what he was doing.

    75. Patrick

      PowerMove: Smuggle rockets into south africa and build a rocket with the US flag on it

    76. Riccardo Cacchioli

      why didn't I liked this video yet? weird, It's the third time I watch it

    77. Wiktoria Heinz

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Partially for a very interesting and educative video. But what I REALLY APPRECIATED was that you didn’t “crop” the success rate diagram (or made it exponential/logarithmic) in order to get even bigger numbers and “success ratio” (I’m Swedish and I don’t know the exact English word), but I think you know what I mean. ”Wanna-be-staticians” who want their curve figurer to impress by not eg starting a diagram at zero. But you didnt! Thats a true sign of serious research brain 👏👏👏👏

    78. My Life on The Peninsula

      Next Video: My sister died and i didn't!

    79. Edgunsuk

      Obviously nothing personal but you cure malaria its the end of the world .Discuss....

    80. James05

      Next video: My brother got an std and I didn't

    81. DoubleView

      did he just admit to smuggle an explosive device onboard a plane?

      1. Hellfire missile salesman

        DoubleView probably not

    82. Nunya Buisness

      As a mosquito control technician I can tell you mosquitoes are by far the greatest killer of mankind. Slight correction to your video destin. Males and female mosquitoes both seek flowers for their primary food source, however females only find a blood meal after having mates with a male. They need the protein to lay the eggs. Not whenever they can. Most people don’t know control districts even exist here in California. We know we are doing a good job when we don’t make the news. Love you videos keep up the great work

    83. Sebastian Sebastian

      The title: Me:WHAT A FLEX

    84. Cozzi

      STEVE-O?!?!?... Oh, that's not steve-o... lol

    85. Pyrald

      7:20 Wait until this research is done by 2020, we might see a spike...

      1. DeadPineapple

        *vaccinate your kids*

    86. Tahoe Jones

      Enabling the overpopulation. Terrific.

    87. Henri's Blog

      why do i feel an itchy prick on my leg while watching this video?

    88. HeyItsClay

      @2:21 - 2:23 laminar flow!

    89. Pousketie

      And that’s why you must stay hydrated kids

    90. Nick Cipar

      3:02 looks like Cheerios

    91. ShaneNotSean

      I _casually_ got sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates, and _casually_ went to Africa and my sister _casually_ got Malaria.

      1. Sushi Mamba

        ...and it was all good fun too.

    92. comedy_ goldman

      Mosquitoes:* exist * Maleria: its a me, malerio

    93. Luis Alberto Valladares

      Hi, Destin, have you ever listened to Jim Humble or Andreas Kalcker about Malaria and MMS?, I recomend you to study as much as possible, so you could increase the slope of that graph to CERO in just months or at least help them to reach that point before millions of people continue dying. Thanks s lot.

    94. Sn0wboarder2390

      415 people are rooting for the malaria.

    95. Chuck Norris

      remember when malaria was deadly

    96. David B

      All due respect your sister Reagan is much better looking than you or your father lol 😆. Another great video teaching me something I never knew. Malaria is scary to think about, after learning about the progress our medical community has made to battle I feel much better. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Gates for helping the world with other things than makings billions from the computer and software business. Thank you SmarterEveryday!

    97. Bucks N Trucks

      Mosquito's and wasp's, Would launch nukes just to rid the Earth of them.

    98. RC Gaming

      It is cool!

    99. The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium

      You should check out the hydrophobic properties of those mosquito rafts! It's a force field pushing away water droplets- id love to know the chemical or structural mechanism!

    100. Rylan Delap

      So were those things in the water mosquito larvae or not?