Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 86

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    This is the camera we used for the ultra-high speed shots. It has the "FAST" option.
    You absolutely have to check out the stuff Cal Makes. We're just goofing off in this video, but the guy is some type of glass wizard genius. It would make me happy if you bought something from him and he felt like the audience appreciated all the time he donated to this video. He basically gave me 2 entire nights of his entire shop.
    I feel like we're friends at this point, and he is open to the idea of doing more videos in the future and teach me more about what he knows about glass. Let's make it worth his time.
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    This video involved about 2 months of research, and me reaching out to several individuals. I would like to thank everyone who took time out of their schedule to contribute to my wacky research. A big thanks to the following people:
    My wife and kids. I'm sorry this took so long and I wasn't the kind of active father I want to be during the 5 weeks it took to make this.
    Dr. Martyn Poliakoff for getting me access to documents which details experiments on the Prince Rupert's Drop by the Royal Society (behind a pay wall)
    Being able to calculate the failure front velocity of a Prince Rupert's drop is a pretty big deal. For years this was a scientific mystery. High speed camera technology is only recently fast enough to provide data like this. Thanks to Vision Research for letting me use the V1610 to try to unravel this mystery for the public in general.
    Rob Kuefner for reaching out to me and offering to convert certain equations into LaTeX format for me.
    Dr. Jeff Evans from UAH. A friend and neighbor who just happens to have a PhD and be an expert in fracture mechanics. Thank you for helping me by pointing me in the right direction in the early stages of my research. It's time we hangout again.
    Brian: thanks for letting me use your green screen and telling me about Orbix in the first place. I stayed up there til about 1 or 2 am two nights in a row acting stupid in front of of the camera all alone. Now that I look back at that footage without the context of this video, it's all very strange.
    Thanks to Loïc Samuel for taking time to make the custom TNT Degradation graphic!
    P.S. There was some old guy walking around the track at the park when I was filming me jumping on the bridge railing. I'm pretty sure you kept walking until I was done just to make sure you wouldn't have to take me to the hospital if I broke my leg. I'll never meet you again, but I'm grateful for this kind gesture you didn't know I noticed.
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    1. Barbell King

      Would it be the same if the glass was dropped into oil or other liquid? Or temperature? Would it make it stronger?

    2. Victoria Eads

      @ 4:00 so weird, yet so accurate. Essentially, the drop is kind of laminated....but with an Achilles heel.

    3. Victoria Eads

      Glass is amazing. When I was 9 years old, my parents took us to the Corning Museum of Glass in Elmia, New York. I was DONE. I've been utterly fascinated by glass and by extension material science ever since. So, obviously, I have degrees in Linguistics and culture. (Shrug) I'm weird.

      1. Victoria Eads

        Elmira, NY. SIGH. Autocorrect.

    4. Mathis Baumert

      Question: A Prince Rupert drop is formed by pouring molten glass into water. The basic physics of a difference in expansion due to a temperature gradient being present is nicely explained here. Would you achieve a stronger Prince Rupert drop if you would increase that temperature gradient aka pour the molten glass into liquid nitrogen?

    5. M Lab

      Is that safe to hold that with bare hand while exploding?

    6. Bruno Giusti


    7. Bill Does Stuff

      Hydraulic Press Channel crushed a few of these and the best one of that size you used, broke at 29 tonnes and change. The medium sized ones, break at over double that, 67,000kg.

    8. Cody Murphy

      DemolitionRanch posted up a video shooting a glass globe and commented about why shooting it on one side would actually chip/crack the opposite side. thought it would be cool for you guys to get together and get some slow mo of the shot and the awesome physics going on behind it!!!

    9. M.H. Bravo

      3:55 No hate... but from chemical view, glass isn’t a solid, it’s an undercooled liquid.

    10. Shamil Tokhtarbaev

      ??????????????? 😯

    11. Mumby Hits Drums

      That was amazing! I learned something today!

    12. Deaf Streamer Sam

      I love the nerdy expression on his face when he says "Goggles up!" then pulls his goggles down onto his eyes.

    13. Eric Salidbar

      Talk about a money shot at the beginning!

    14. GOHAR ALI

      Imagine it inside your ----- and then cut it's tail oUch.....!!!

    15. Lillie

      Imagine somehow making one of these suckers a mile long and watching the failure front in real time over the span of one second.

    16. Lee Brown

      So what you think the cavemen called them when they were shooting at him with just arrows when they were just called icicles big icicles and small icicles hey this guy comes slapping name on the icicle and you lose your mind it's a Prince Rupert no it's a f****** icicle

    17. John

      This was so neat!!!! What a great video. Thanks!

    18. Throatsinger KatieLynne

      It travels at almost exactly one imperial mile per second. That is so cool 😃😃😃

    19. digital subliminal messages

      S R B ...👆/ Haa.

    20. Steve D

      Looks like a great way to make colored frits for glassblowing.

    21. Ruchi's Video gallery

      Nunnu khara video

    22. Randy Watson

      Make your videos at least 60 fps.

    23. ZօӀҽɑղ ADγ


    24. Glowy Fist

      What was the name of the music?

    25. Strange Jmaster

      I'm not totally sure about this but I think it Deflegrated and not Exploded, but I don't really know...

    26. Billy Shakespeare

      Its all the fire energy locked inside it from the quick cool. That’s my hypothesis anyway. Trust me I’m an expert.

    27. Kyler Shea

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    29. Andrea Zoli

      Unbelivable, this was 7 (almost 8) years ago This means I was 12 when I started getting smarter every day

    30. DarrenGoodmanGlass

      Amazing Video, Thanks for your inspiration! If you ever need another glassblower and studio to donate time for free to educate others, I would be happy to open my studio to you anytime. Happy Holidays

    31. Flash001USA

      It's because of videos like this why I really like SEprom.

    32. 1075twist

      Great video.

    33. Andy Christ

      warum ist der titel in deutsch, aber das video in mir einer unbekannten sprache? da dachti ich, ich würde mir einlehrreiches video im deutschsprechigem raume anhören und mich so weiter bilden, aber nein, ich verstehe kein wort in diesem video. wenn der titel auf deutsch ist, sollte das video auch deutschem ursprungs sein ihr kackfressen

    34. CareTaker

      Very cool. Would love to see these bust under water to get a better sight maybe?

    35. John VanAsselberg

      I know this was from several years back, but if you check these here's a thought experiment. I was thinking about this awhile back. They use hollow glass spheres with 5/8" thick glass on deep sea UAV stuff. The idea of a quick quenching the outside compressing inward while the glass on the inside slowly pulls into tension. How would that work with a glass bubble 5/8" inch thick, 1/4" thick, or 1/8" with a 1-2" diameter of a spherical preheated aluminum mold maybe and the glass could be instantly cooled somehow, dropped in water or what have you. How strong? I saw your vid of you shooting Prince Rupert Drops. How tough can glass be???

    36. Roger Park

      You should film one exploding in an aquarium. No fish of course.

    37. Bath Minchew

      The smooth pillow commercially man because jellyfish remarkably trace like a calculating berry. shrill, volatile semicircle

    38. Cre8iveOne

      How about incasing a drop in transparent rezon then break the tail?

    39. blazingduos


    40. Theo Winthrop

      why does this be awesome when american

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      How can i repose that to make a medium that can make a new recording?

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      These are batavia Tears !

    44. deepak s

      pls try making it out of liquid Nitrogen. Ive never seen a video. expect it to be much stronger.

    45. Benjamin McCarley

      That’s just crazy cool!!!

    46. MyUnquenchableThirst

      showing some love for the Leatherman Wave on the chemical detonation wave slide at 4:50

    47. c.a. jones

      Cal Breed!! Hello!

    48. hunter suggs

      What’s the point in it tho?

    49. Briar Hood

      What a beautiful balancing act. Yin and yang in action. It's basically an expression of nature.

    50. Shane Sommer

      Fun fact glass breaks at mach 4

    51. joseph jackson

      The whole hand alarmingly play because guatemalan etiologically divide among a valuable frost. filthy, smooth debt

    52. matthew abbott

      truly one of the best channels on youtube :)

    53. Sumanta Munda

      If we nick the tail inside the water i think it will be easier to capture in slow motion

    54. William Lindon

      I am also a huge fan of the song in this video! I'm going to download it now!

    55. amory blaine

      Amazing video!! I wanted to see in slow mo the reaction of the drop when hitting the cold water.


      Can u cut the tail off while your making a drop?

    57. Inglory Bastard

      I absolutely loved the explanation with all the mini you's

    58. N

      Who are an amazing content creator in addition to great teacher. Wish people would model their teaching after you for real. It's incredible what you can learn when you slow down something.

    59. Bakerf Ftoo

      Watching 3 min ads to support the great effort you do it's the best way I can support you I'm poor xd

    60. Thejimmy Jimmy

      science is SICK...

    61. Phani


    62. Avalan

      When you realise that the velocity of the failure front is just a fraction of the speed of light. And the speed of light at the scale of the universe is abysmally slow.

    63. Jarthen Greenmeadow

      2:29 Beautiful.

      1. Jarthen Greenmeadow

        1.03 miles per second! Amazing.

    64. Evan Taylor

      What happens if you make a prince Rupert's drop but you double side it. As if you make 2 heads connect, would it still shatter at the middle or would it shatter anywhere. Or if you do 2 tails, would it shatter at one end then go to the other?

    65. Nonkel Jef

      I love how you're casually holding exploding glass without gloves.


      Imagine those shards in your eye

    67. Moe Idris

      Sweet home alabama

    68. Duckie

      Anyone else thought the thumbnail and name was talking about water?

    69. Israel Amar

      Did you try do it inside water?

    70. Israel Amar

      Did you try do it inside water?

    71. kishan samadhan by dyal


    72. Barbara A. Mertz RN CCRN

      THIS is what the internet SHOULD be about!! Great Vid!

    73. ᄁᄌ

      What is your engineering???

    74. Lonewolf Therapy

      Can you cut a Prince Rupert's drop with a fine hacksaw or diamond blade without it exploding? Cutting it with a knipex is a very sudden impact. Would be interesting to see how it reacts to hammer punch, if the tail was removed first. Nice video and editing, btw!

    75. dakz lacrimosa

      It’s like a bug in the matrix Should be patched in the next life

    76. 三日月ブライス

      I feel bad for the guy that has to clean all that glass up

    77. Corban Faulk

      if it explodes when the tension breaks, could it be turned into a bomb if it was larger?

    78. Deepak raja

      if the shattering happens coz of the tail what will happen if we cut out the head and smash it?

      1. Corban Faulk

        you could not cut the head off without it breaking.

    79. Maxx Karma

      Smart. I am breathing in glass.

    80. Owen

      And to think light travels roughly 180,000x faster...

    81. Khor Mun Huai

      wow, that is nearly Mach 5 ...

    82. Brian Pippin

      What if you were to sand down the bigger part of the drop then would it explode or stay like how it is?

    83. George Bailey


    84. Gerald Usaf

      If the properties are due to shape and not material, have you experimented with a drop made out of carmelized sugar or molten rock?

    85. Xunburn

      maaf kang destin telat 7 tahun

    86. Ragnar

      Where is the music from or how is that kind of music called? Please help!

    87. Tree Alone

      I cant see whats happening in the last 20 seconds because of squares showing up n the video

    88. rob robert

      Dude, dont put interesting content at the end if you are going to cover it up with links to other videos. Now I'm curious what happened in the fish tank. Also, what would happen if you reheated the outside layer?

    89. im300kmh

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    98. Lord of Electrons

      Many years ago I was employed as a scientific glass blower this is where I first encounter these. I made many of them smaller ones seemed even more indestructible. As one may expect the quality of the drop varies with the glass type used. Low expatiation glass like Pyrex is poor while a much higher expansion lead glass yields good results like those seen in the video.

    99. Random League Facts

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