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    What I really like about this project is that it taught me to think about the world differently with respect to physical objects. I now sometimes think about the outline of physical objects as if it's a line. The specific area of math that you use for things like this is called "Parametric Equations". I had a lot of great conversations about this stuff with Hansi and Jerobeam. I was very impressed by their intelligence, and also very thankful that they took their time to share these special things with me. I know they'd really appreciate it if you'd reach out to their website and purchase OsciStudio as well as some of Jerobeam's music. Even if you don't have an oscilloscope, purchasing the software will obviously help them continue to do what they love doing. Hansi showed me a very interesting thing he's working on involving ray tracing. It was fascinating.
    Here's the website you want to go to:
    Direct Links:
    Download OsciStudio Here so you can draw 3D objects in Blender
    Download some Oscilloscope Music here:
    Check out Jerobeam's channel
    Math is the secret to all of this. What I really
    Parametric Equations:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      TORNADOSAURUS REX. Those shapes are the waveform visualized! I'm super happy that you decided to watch this video. Consider sending it along to someone who loves music/art/math/computers/Blender. OScilloscope Music blew my mind when I first saw it. hope you enjoy this video half as much as I enjoyed making it. Jerobeam and Hansi are super intelligent guys and I learned quite a bit from them. I'm considering dropping another video from my visit with them. Supporting their arty by buying OsciStudio from Hansi and music from Jerobeam would be pretty awesome. Their stuff can be found at: oscilloscopemusic.com/ If you enjoyed this and would like to contribute to more content like this, becoming a Patron of Smarter Every Day is the #1 way to help. www.patreon.com/smartereveryday . If not, no biggie, I'm super glad you took the time to watch!

      1. drsquirrel00

        Any chance of a 192khz wav of the final part? Playing the YT video through it doesn't work well enough.

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      Excellent video. I tried to reach out to Jerobeam to ask if my Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope would be able to display his artwork (that way I can purchase it to use on mine if it is compatible) just yesterday. This is exactly the information (and the man himself).

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      The visualization with the circle and the sine waves has nothing in common with the fourier transformation. The fourier transformation is a representation of frequency over time. There is a good video from the channel 3Blue1Brown about that. The demo in the scope shows only the relation between the sine functions and a circle.

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      This takes me back to my mid-70s electronic music professor in college -- a man named Joel Chadabe, who (like these guys) knew a wide range of stuff. I remember him creating Lissajous figures on an oscilloscope with inputs from a classic Moog analogue synthesizer. Great stuff!

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