Peru Orphanage Update 2017 - Smarter Every Day 183

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    1. Mary Lagua

      Big heart ❤️. Helping the unprivileged is the best you can do to anyone.

    2. Yaboy

      I have a very strong feeling you love Jesus

    3. Aman singh

      Was he cameraman JOHN???

    4. Helen Logan

      Ur awesome

    5. Alexander’s Adventures

      Did anyone else see Mrs SmarterEveryDay mirin her husband after that video? That was friggin wholesome af!

    6. Asta

      Destin....I just subscribed and was watching your older videos. Gob bless you for your faithfulness.

    7. Me TU

      OH please don't say this is a religious experiment...

    8. David Allen

      This simply broke my heart and helped to re-establish the humanitarian love we all should share. My church builds simple homes for familys in need all over the world. "Above ALL else there is Love". God bless you guys. Keep doing what you do.

    9. Steve Z


    10. Rosa Fonseca

      I wish I had someone how looks at me the way she looks at you Destin. You guys are more than just some SEpromrs. You guys are god himself. Extending your hands out to help those in need that have unfortunately never had the opportunity to feel love, compassion, and comfort. Let’s make Never Forgotten Global!

    11. iñigo barredo

      It is definitely awesome what you guys are doing for those children. Also, while I keep watching more and more smartereveryday, I realise how good your marriage is, you guys look at eachother in a way that is so real. Congrats!!

    12. Achiles Redemptia

      just realize no update 2018, hope everything goes great 💕

    13. Michael A

      You're truly an inspiration to be the best person I can be!♥️

    14. HampTamp

      Seeing how many views you get on your other videos, this hurts. atleast there is about 300k(as of this) of us that care. keep up t he good work. As a sidenote, elon musk's SpaceX just got apporval for 7.518 satellites that will bring internet to everyone on the planet that has a connectable device. The world is changing, by you, Elon, and some few others. Make this a virus that can't be deleted and I'll finally be happy. Thank you

    15. Bryan Agostini


    16. Siavoush Avesta

      wish i had money to help, sadly im 19 and living in iran one day maybe

    17. Vektor

      The most important thing - what was it that Destin had behind his left ear?

    18. CYMANITE - Production

      well that did get me to cry abit , so happy though

    19. InSomnia DrEvil

      im just sad when i see what money could build and then i realize what money is actually spent for... wars, military, corruption :C

    20. Vedant Karandikar

      The job of a videographer is to make quality video and convey the message. I bet everybody was touched. But however good the videographer is, you cannot induce happiness, satisfaction and the filling of bliss that the children had. I suggest you watch it again and see the happiness in their eyes. Good job Destin, Not Forgotten and the SEprom community.

    21. AF History

      Referring to your comment on CGP Grey’s Q & A, which I just replied to check it out to understand... You don’t need to answer that anymore.

    22. Terri Harper

      Way to get my eyes watering in the morning. T_T Drinking coffee mixed with tears.

    23. Jericho & Ban

      Part of my family is from Peru (:

    24. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

      Great work.

    25. elnubnub

      I am just curious about 1 thing they have girls too ? is there a reason why there's no girl ?

    26. dlghwns

      how does a video like this have more than zero dislikes???

    27. United Digital Solutions

      dip sh83 none of us built this this is great news but F#*! you I didnt donate to this so stop associating yourself with this

    28. Jonas Kapitonas

      God dame cult

    29. Clayton Hull

      800 plus pepple were so tearful that their eyes missed the like button.😭

    30. Dustin Whitehair

      You are a wonderful person Destin , a wonderful couple!

    31. KaiXaven

      The people that dislike this are the ones that burn down orphanages

    32. Elektrotehnik


    33. Nautilus Guitars

      Destin, you're a true hero, and one of the people I look up to the most. Your approach to parenting has had a huge effect on my approach to my stepchildren and my own future children. And efforts like this really show how truly compassionate you are. Thank you for everything you do!

    34. OscarMike

      Whose cutting onions.

    35. Jako Schwartz

      You guys are doing such a great job :)... keep it helping people and teaching us.

    36. raWr Fishing

      that tetris like thing in the background... what is that lOL

    37. Chad Tennant

      I have been making wooden toys that I like to send to orphanages around the world. I would love to do the same for this orphanage. If you think these toys would be a good fit for the children there, please let me know how I can contact you.

    38. Kevin Miller


    39. Understand Science with fun

      Please create a video on friction-induced vibration and show stick-slip friction phenomena in slow motion.

    40. M3CH1N3

      Destin is so caring Towards everyone his wife and evryone wow

    41. Shannon Bradbury

      Is it only boys? I didn't notice any girls and it said they were helping to grow good men.

    42. Fazlay Rabby

      You are awesome 💞💞

    43. TheyCallMe Alex

      you are a good man ...

    44. Jeremy Voels

      What if any of us would want to go see it first hand maybe stay help or anything

    45. Jonathan Williams

      Great bible verse for the video👍

    46. ORLY

      Hey Destin! Completely unrelated, but is this you?

    47. DA-GHOUL

      Justin Tara Merry Christmas I enjoy you in my life you guys are great even though you make me feel stupid a lot LOL hey if you're ever bored drop into Kill Shot Bravo Colt 45 Alliance motorheads the name killing zombies the game

    48. iPath23

      just wanted to say im not the normal smartereveryday subscriber i im not smart and dont have a special career i play fps games watch fail army and react videos and go to worldstar like 2 times a day but something about your videos and your voice makes you easily one of my top subbed channels you put life in a different perspective for me i wish i got to hang out with you for a day.. i wish you posted more often but i get it your videos are NOT easy

    49. A Huddle of Penguins

      Now that I know how to read the flashing squares behind you, you no longer can get away with recording clips the way you do. 😇

    50. Sefo

      My birthday is in December and this month is the best month every year this month holds something truly amazing and my birthday on it it is the best month. this month: my house is done in Turk(building starts in December 2014, and ends at 2018 December) my grandpas birthday(Sadly-Died) my birthday( Year2003-Month12-Day7) graduation day in the next year same month my father's birthday people getting helped by amazing people like us and you. ( I wish that i could send money but i cant cause i dont have a CreditCard account or any vank account)

    51. Voidmaster One

      I've got dust in my eyes...

    52. Squiffilect

      I've followed this project with you through the years... SEprom need to make a love button.

    53. b1aflatoxin

      Supercool Got love: (✓)

    54. MrTegidTathal

      It would be really interesting to me to have you learn about the Foster Care system in the United States. (Well really it is state-by-state) The work you are doing here is awesome and I know it is hugely needed. But as someone who has been a foster parent, I can say that it is really hard to know anything about the system ahead of time. In fact just about all you hear is about the bad foster parents. I know Smarter Every Day is generally about engineering or physics type issues, your recent videos about softer subjects made me realize there are a lot of things we could all become smarter about. Foster Care is one of those things.

    55. AinsleyH

      Where is the Russian frogman gun underwater video? It has been almost 5 years...

    56. Krichu Dayy

      You guys are awesome my mom was a orphan if it wasn't for a awesome adoptive parents my mom would of never been able to survive :) God bless you don't listen to the other people who hating haters gonna hate till the day we die. it is awesome you are doing this for orphans!!! i love the name Not Forgotten! Wow just so heart touching.

    57. Bryan Myers

      No girls there?

    58. the transforming salamander

      You shuld go back to the prince Rupert drop and try to make it shatter in a tub of water

    59. RosGuys

      Hey! I know you are very busy with dominoes, but does the thikness (radius) of a rope influence the energy loss when using blocks?

    60. Mexie Mex

      This is what I find so fascinating about Destin, so much of what he does is through clearheaded thinking, logic, and analysis of what is likely to be true and what is not, yet somehow he still buys into (and actively promotes) bronze age faerie tales. Cognitive dissonance is a very weird thing ;^/

      1. Lord Aceldama

        yep. call me a douche, but i can't, morally, justify supporting a religious institution. religion is child abuse. (and no, it's not a cop-out, i actually do spend money on a couple of secular children's charities. more importantly i donate my time to a local one as well.)

      2. Mexie Mex

        i.b. hemp cool, good for you for finding funny, I still say it's a pathetic ad hominem. And I never claimed "anything ancient must be wrong" I think that believing bronze age faerie tales are on the same level as thoroughly scientifically researched reality is very odd, but I disregard religious beliefs because it is nonsense, not because it is old nonsense.

      3. i.b. hemp

        It clearly wasn't meant as a personal attack - it was humor. And it was funny. If he was going to attack you, it probably would have been something to do with the hubris required to assume that anything ancient must be wrong.

      4. Mexie Mex

        Ryan McGrath it's actually a top hat in my profile picture, but even if it was a fedora your response has to be one of the laziest low-brow ad hominem attempts at an attack on somebody I've seen in quite a while, it seems your hat of choice must be the dunce's cap

      5. Ryan

        Maybe he needs to replace that baseball cap with a bowler hat or fedora to see your enlightened perspective.

    61. Torstein Gulliksrud

      Is there no way for me to give a one-time donation and not a monthly contribution?

    62. Tim Foster

      Good stuff. LOVE the emphasis on men! We work with the deaf in several countries in Africa. For those willing to help out, we strongly encourage them to read "When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting The Poor - or Yourself". Billions of donation dollars have ruined people all across the world. Many missionaries are behind this mindset, including people like Steve Saint, son of slain missionary Nate Saint. Highly recommended!

    63. TheGuruStud

      Bleh, spend money castrating fucktards before they have kids no one wants.

    64. Surya Ramakrishna

      Hey destin I wanted to ask a question which might have a pretty simple answer but I couldn’t find the answer online. “Why is it that once we learn how to ride a bicycle it becomes extremely difficult to ride a bicycle with training wheels?”

    65. Marc Wells

      Done. Thank you for being a light unto the world!!!

    66. melloe

      So proud to be a donor!

    67. Lindy Shea


    68. TimmacTR

      You have a beautiful soul and a beautiful family. This is an orphanage done right. The most precious thing you can give a child is a loving family. The family is the most important structure in our society and this is why we have to protect it, and give the responsibility back to parents and not to the state. God bless you guys.

    69. Jeff

      Thanks for sharing this.

    70. Mario Robles

      y'all doing an awesome job :)

    71. Renzo Ascarza Sotomayor

      Really touching video Destin, I'm actually in Peru right now and it's really nice to see those children growing and developing because that's not a given here in Peru. Keep up the great work!

    72. Eralp Çelebi

      Please somebody explain those dislikes. This is disgusting to see.

      1. Mexie Mex

        Brainwashing children into religion is disliked by many clear thinkers

    73. TomKaren94

      These two people prove that a strong marriage is built on shared objectives.

    74. Conscious Entity

      One way to know that it's legit is the children not staring at the camera.

    75. Drake Magnum

      Crumbs Destin! How did you make me start cutting onions?

    76. Music Stuff

      Your wife is beautiful,where did you find her😂😂😂😂

    77. The Virtual Scotsman

      Beautiful video. I can only hope to be half the man you are.

    78. John Braddock

      Such a beautiful ministry

    79. Zabawa w budowie

      Me too. I cried as well. You make a difference. More than you think. You make a difference in these children's lives but also in our hearts. It may sound shallow, but... you're awesome.

    80. ProbablyJerrrdd


    81. Egor Mishin

      like brother and sister

    82. Matías Sandoval

      I think your wife is balding

    83. Cam Hill

      wait why is there a bible verse at the end???

      1. Mexie Mex

        +Cam Hill, there is always a bible quote at the end of Smarter Every Day videos sadly

      2. Cody

        Cam Hill“Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Psalms 82:3 NLT Because he is Christian, and the verse is relevant.

    84. keylay

      This was a great video. Side note: since my son was born(3 yrs ago), we no longer curse. My wife and I were having trouble kicking the habit, until someone told us about substituting curse words. The word that we use as a substitute for the "F word" is Fuqua... Just like the guy's name in the video. Lol

      1. keylay

        Only we pronounce it FOOQUAH not FOOQUAI like he pronounces it.

    85. thewuf


    86. columbus8myhw

      In the section where he says "What do I want for these children? … Better fathers …", that's a mistranslation. *Buenos padres* should be "better parents".

    87. Marc Dion

      This is a beautiful thing you're doing, I hope someday that I'll be in a position to help. :)

    88. Dheeraj Menon

      Her forehead big af

      1. HypersonicPineapple


    89. Sam Evert

      I did nothing to help that

    90. Alex Yevdokimov

      While watching this I almost set my house on fire. It was full of smoke XD

    91. aPlanetaryCitizen

      you're so PC I can barely watch...

      1. HypersonicPineapple


    92. Sydney Pettitt

      Less world suck, nice

    93. Nick

      "YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT!" -Barack Obama, 2012

    94. César Chiappe

      I'm peruvian, and i'm so proud and happy about my country, but sometimes it really hurts when we don't do anything about out own compatriots. thank you so much for believing in this and made such an amazing work for these children.

    95. tonyziz

      Who tf dislikes this video?

      1. tonyziz

        Mexie Mex oh yes I totally agree it would be amazing if that wasn't the case. But sometimes we just need to set back and look at the amazing accomplishments this project has brought

      2. Mexie Mex

        tonyziz yes, indoctrination /is/ better than homelessness and the other constant threats that goes with it, but offering help and a solution to that *without* the forced indoctrination is better still. Think of how much more these kids could be offered if money wasn't being wasted on bibles and religious propaganda.

      3. tonyziz

        I'm not here to change your mind, what you told me is a valid reason to dislike the video, I'm just encouraging to look at the broader picture here

      4. tonyziz

        Mexie Mex in not religious and I don't like indoctrination either but growing up with religious values or "brainwashed" is far better then growing up in the streets where they're far more likely to be killed or become unemployable criminals just to survive in a country where unemployment is sky high. This kind of orphanage provides them a common ground. I grew up being indoctrinated as well (Italy) but it didn't do particularly bad. And if I had the choice of indoctrination vs homelessness I'd chose indoctrination many times over

      5. Mexie Mex

        tonyziz the religious agenda, instead of just helping for the sake of helping because help is need, religion, and religious indoctrination is being forced into the mix

    96. undefined Ganster

      wish more youtubers had a heart like you did , eveyone makes so much money and all they think about is themselfs

    97. joop1991

      Did you really film this at 4:30 am?

    98. Dudz Beatbox

      "That's amazing what soft music can do" almost died laughing hahaha

    99. Andrew Young

      You did a great job hosting P4A this year. That was a ton of fun to watch.

    100. sunstripe85

      Great video :) I voted!