Peru Orphanage Update - Smarter Every Day 163

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    Instead of saving for my kids' college, I make videos using the money I would have saved.
    The thought is it will help educate the world as a whole, and one day generate enough revenue to pay for their education. Until then if you appreciate what you've learned in this video and the effort that went in to it, please SHARE THE VIDEO!
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Please vote for this video at the PROJECT FOR AWESOME! Also, please consider supporting this orphanage on Patreon. As you can see, we're transitioning from construction to operational costs.

      1. Bts Fan

        SmarterEveryDay awesome

      2. bushcrafter365

        SmarterEveryDay, Hey Destin! I have been a big fan of your channel for a while and I love the concept for this school. I worked with young boys in the Bronx who came from broken families and I know the importance of a support structure. What I'm trying to say is that it's awesome! The second part of this is in regards to a question that I have been wondering about for a while now. I've always been fascinated by the miracle of the light bulb, because it is essentially sustained fire. I thought it would be really cool if you could show us what an old filament bulb looks like turning on in slow motion. Thanks again for everything you do! It's awesome! Your friend, Vincent

      3. Sulihin

        It looks like the vote link on the projectforawesome site is broken? Ends up with a 404!

      4. oforth

        he actually explained this better than i can in his previous videos... but basically, unlike in many places, the boys were considered expendable, so they are the ones who'd been in need of a new home

      5. Jessica Marina Rushie

        Where are the girls?

    2. Vincent Shell

      Longtime Watcher of your videos you are awesome I know you all the way back from when you were the chicken man just wanted to reach out so you make awesome stuff also there's this crazy thing with hot metal and water called leidenfrost affect

    3. Mary Lagua

      The child is so cute.

    4. Ww Ww


    5. Cody K

      Perfect verse to go along with a heartwarming and touching video

    6. Vieri Kristianto

      Wow! Go on and do the great works Destin. I am so glad to see this video. Realizing that God really has leads your work!

    7. webnomadx

      Amazing! Thanks for doing this! I'm from Peru and I'm not doing much to help the kids in my own country, so thank you for showing me how it's done! Definitely supporting this!

    8. Phi pancarta

      Thanks for helping my "paisanos"

    9. SpikeTheSpiker

      Hey dude, I've been a long time sub. I don't know why but this didn't show up as a video to watch :/ Glad you're doing great things take care.

    10. sokami mashibe

      *church donates equipment* "Nope, no religious agenda here, not at all. No really, we promise we aren't trying to indoctrinate desperate and vulnerable people into fairy tale lacking evidence and a cherry picked interpretation of the bible. We just want to provide food, after the sermon of course!". helping people is a good thing. Helping people with the expectation of being able to influence or manipulate young minds, is extremely disingenuous.

    11. iTz Insayyyne

      I just went to this orphanage with my church on a missions trip. This place is so cool and can't wait to go back

    12. ZimFalcon


    13. tommy karrick

      Could you imagine if one day the Not Forgotten thing sprawled out across tons of countries all over the world and helped thousands of kids? That would actually be incredible

    14. whatever

      very cool!!!! thanks!

    15. Arif Noorani

      Nice . . . Keep up the good work

    16. Hyperion


    17. Ben Walker

      I have been to Peru and have seen the areas most live in, this is luxury. You are doing a great work and clearly show that the efforts are going into the children's well being.

    18. Jerome Michiels

      Great work! Keep it up

    19. Alexander Rakzo

      gracias por lo que hacen , gracias totales.

    20. Alexander Rakzo

      Mi perú ❤

    21. Eduardo .v

      I leave in peru I want to meet you pre see you

    22. Eduardo .v

      I leave in peru I want to meet you pre see you

    23. Sluggy

      these kids will grow up to ruin dota 2 games

    24. Rafeeky

      These kids are so lucky to have someone so bright affecting their lives, You're amazing Destine, as a part of this world I want to say thanks mate :)

    25. Orlbardos Channel

      Dudes if you really want to know where you can find the best life education source , that is The Bible(the bible project channel it could help you too , they explicated the bible pretty cool). You can be the smartest human in this entirle world but in the end it will be useless because there are more important things in this world like knowing God and Jesus . Only this few things are the most important things that really count in your life . I may not be the smartest person in this world but I personally can die hapily with no remorse because I know that I did not lived in vain, i had a purpose . A very good personal question for you guys , "What is your purpose in your life?" only to get smarter ? Good education ? I'm afraid there are more important things than those and ofcourse education isn't bad at all but what about your soul , your life after you ? No one really likes to talk about it but don't forget that the time will come when every one will have its end. I wish you guys the entire luck of this world and try to be carefully .Your decisions will have an impact on your life , don't forget that .

    26. Muddy

      soooooo awesome!!! how could anyone thumb this down!!!

    27. shirish kirtiwar

      I recently saw a video where a car lifter broke a window glass just using solid glass and his spit. that little thing break the glass instantly.

    28. Giannis Maroulis

      Hey guys WONDERFUL job u made there i am so proud that there are people among HUMANS that do so Smarter every day staff!!!!!

    29. Jonathan Clancy

      Good work Destin

    30. Rick Asttley

      Thank YOU for helping our country!! That means a lot!! VIVA PERU! 🇵🇪

    31. Melodrama75

      To have an orphanage and say that it is a not forgotten project. I think that you forgot the girls in this area!!! What projects do you have for them?

    32. bobjones64

      I hate click bait but you should click bait this video. Look at it's views compared to the video above and below it

    33. lena jacobs

      Readily male pretty depression arm flash characterize fiber scholar ideology.

    34. Arno Weijs

      What is this background music?

    35. overshot grunt

      3:00 ... they gave it sand boobies (story if that sounds inappropriate)

    36. typhoon

      They're going to grow up to be feeders in dota 2

    37. Akash N

      Super Superb!! Super Superb!! Super Superb!! Thanks for sharing!

    38. fardeen khan

      Hii Destin , can you please make a video about how spider walks. Thank you.

    39. TheEpicAlejandro

      These kids are so happy. Good job guys!

    40. Brian Mcallister

      I can't get enough of your videos but I can't for the life of me click a link nor can I use your link to sign in to my Audible app any ideas

    41. Owen Chase

      This is really awesome. Wonderfull to see such Gods graces at work. Maybe you could do a video on why, when one looks at a light source (most notibly in bright light), they can see streeks of light emitting from the source. Its really bugging me and I thought maybe you might be able to answer it!

    42. Ryan Frandsen

      Hey Destin! First, I wanted to thank you for what you're doing with Smarter Every Day! Second, I have been fascinated by frictional welding: Rub 2 materials together with enough friction, they will weld together! It's used extensively in plastic welding, using ultrasonic sound pulses. Industry also use the technique to weld dissimilar metals with explosives! What I'm getting at it, is I think it would be a very interesting thing to investigate with the high speed camera! Thanks! Ryan PS The water droplet and the Cello was the next level of beauty!

    43. rionniel viray

      I like that kid in a Messi shirt!!

    44. Keith November

      This helps rebuild my faith in humanity

    45. Giovanni Brancatelli

      Dios te bendiga por tan bella labor amigo

    46. bassbaine

      I wish you guys could do this for Bolivia (my country of origin), but I understand perfectly due to the tremendous corruption in my country more than 90% of your budget would be used to bribe goverment officials just to break ground on the project. Sad because you guys are doing a beautiful thing for those kids in Peru.

    47. Tarun Singh

      Smarter every week:(

    48. Rude Potato

      I am going near there next year for a service trip through my school.

      1. TheRayDog

        As we've learned recently, Google specifically blacklists Christian themed videos in their algorithms. Truly a despicable company.

    49. Robert Keathley

      Is there a way I can donate but not on a monthly bases, I'm a teenager so I don't really want/can commit to a monthly donation but I really want to support the orphanage. I have a bank account so I can make a one time donation but not a monthly one. Is this possible?

    50. Parkour Max

      This is awesome, hey I have a suggestion for a video, it's actually a cleaning product called the verilux cleanwave and I want to learn how it works thanks destin you're awesome

    51. Cole Parker

      Is there anyway you could make a video on vinyl records and how they work? maybe showing an up close, slow motion video? that'd be awesome

    52. TheProCactus

      What a beggar! The bigger they get the more they beg. Maybe you would not need to beg if you didnt waste it :\

    53. CW AtWork

      Good work, Destin.

    54. José Carlos Marcelo Salcedo

      Hello Destin Let me say to You and everyone involved, Thank You so much !, and also let me wish You and everyone involved a Merry Christmas and Í hope You to reach done all your projects in this new year coming. Greets from Lima Perú, Thank You so much.

    55. Dare VasPaz


    56. ExploringWithLads

      Can you please start to do podcasts because I find you really really interesting

    57. Sicco de Wilt

      Why would all the Orphans be guys? I didn't see a single girl running around.

      1. Sicco de Wilt

        Mmm that is interesting how some cultures do that. Like China valuing boys more. But there logic is, boys will carry on the family name so we want boys. Terrible really.. i wonder what the Peruvian reasoning would be

      2. Xavier H.

        i think they value girls a lot more there, so not as many girls get abandoned.

    58. M H S

      I like hamburgers

    59. Jennifer del Amo

      que bonito! :-)

    60. Andre Van Graan

      I really think this is so amazing, such a worthy cause to support. My favorite part of every video is the Bible verse at the end, and every time it supports the topic of the video. Keep it up Destin and co!

    61. instrumentenfreak

      This is just wonderful!

    62. Rónán McIntyre

      Anyone remember which video it was where he talked about his cool clock up in the top right corner in his office?

    63. ftldftba


    64. Kenneth Stronach

      Love the video, amazing work! :)

    65. James O'Dowd

      I love this channel

    66. sara meachel

      Thank you for making these kids happy

    67. Milio


    68. Jason Sparlin

      I just lost my job, but as soon as I have a new one, expect a donation. This is a great organization that needs support.

    69. Jacob Harding

      boo you 160 people who put this down

    70. Avin Chavhan

      +SmarterEveryDay I think you should run for the president of the US, and everyone here knows you could be most successful one in the entire country. Your drive for curiosity is what the world needs combined with that neutral accepting soul. Like if you agree.

    71. Alex Reich

      Thanks for helping out with P4A again Destin! I voted for all the not forgotten videos. Good luck

    72. Adam the Alien

      Voted! I'd say DFTBA, but you already never seem to forget!

    73. oforth

      great having you on the stream again and thanks for keeping us updated.

    74. Roman Penna

      So awesome the amount this charity has done for Peru, awesome :3

    75. TheLetterFifteen

      Great cause! Happy Project for Awesome and DFTBA.

    76. Monk Of Dark Times

      I on the live stream

    77. untappedinkwell


    78. Grox2448

      The Project for awesome makes me feel like I don't have enough money for all the charities I want to support all at once. I'm gonna need a charity after this.

    79. samuel gebru

      the comment section made me sick... thankfully, our world is not mostly filled with people who criticize everything on their face(even a video with such a good cause). if that was the case, we should have been extinct long time ago.

    80. Will Swanson

      3:26 Nick Cage

    81. Katrina Eames

      One of my favorite parts of project for awesome is getting updates on the orphanage! I wish I could contribute financially myself, but I did vote for not forgotten on project for awesome!

    82. Ali O

      hope everybody has fun and has a good life

    83. Ea libiac

      I like very much your work.. !BRAVO!

    84. Cchan

      These kids are ruining our DOTA 2 games.

    85. zollotech

      Great to see this work being done. Love it

    86. titlefgt

      i had a dream about this guy :c he thought i had killed his doggos feelsbadman

    87. Dominik Hlava

      PLEASE :) ! PLEASE :) ! PLEASE :) ! MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT KOUNOTORI :) that new module on iss from japan ! :)

    88. Salimufari

      I have been following your channel for a few years now and as the name suggests I learn something on your channel every video. Many of the videos showcase phenomena I'm personally familiar with but haven't gotten nearly as thoroughly or clearly defined explanation. Thank you for the amazing work you do.

    89. J Luna

      You guy's give me hope

    90. Frank Leonardo


    91. Cat Guy

      Will u ever visit trump

    92. Ryan Fugere

      This is awesome. I recently went on a missionary trip to a village 4 hours down river from pucalpa, and then to the slums of chimbote and it was really life changing. The group I went with was called South American call.

    93. Κώστας Καραπαπαχατζηδιμιτρακόπουλος

      You make these kinds of videos every 12 videos XD

    94. Nate Brennan


    95. aNdreW ColeMan

      doing great job

    96. 7thChosen

      thank you for this!

    97. How I See It

      Is there a PayPal option for donations?

    98. Francesca Mele

      Are there only boys?

    99. actoutgames

      Great work you guys are doing!

    100. cronikproductions

      Well that was heart-warming.